Baron Wittard: Nemesis or Ragnarok

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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The story:

Architect Baron Wittard has designed a building, the Wittard Utopia, which houses apartments, offices, shopping centers and leisure facilities, so utopia is essential a city under one roof. It seems like an ideal place to live, but just before the official opening, the building was already closed by order of the municipality because it would be structurally unsafe. That was 2 years ago and during the past 2 years people have gone to the building to take a look out of curiosity, but all those people have disappeared without a trace.

You are a photojournalist and you are instructed by your publisher to take a look at the Wittard Utopia. A magazine wants to bring a story about the Wittard Utopia building and it needs some nice photos for that. So your assignment is to shoot a few nice pictures and, if possible, to look out for clues about all those people who have disappeared in the building for the past 2 years.

But you are hardly in the building or the spirit of Baron Wittard lets you know, through a magic amulet, that you are the chosen one and that you cannot leave the building until you have found a number of special rune stones. The fate of the world is once again in your hands. To make matters worse, an evil Being would also roam around in Wittard Utopia, endangering your life and that of all humanity.

The game starts, it won't surprise you, with a ........


It is a sad rainy day when you are on your way to Wittard Utopia. Your assignment is to take pictures of the building for a magazine that wants to write a story about the Wittard Utopia. While driving, listen to the message that Kate, your publisher, has recorded on your voicemail on the previous day. Kate says that the Wittard Utopia building was a project of the famous architect Baron Wittard. This Baron Wittard has since died.

With the Wittard Utopia, Wittard has designed a postmodern city in a building. Just before the official opening, 2 years ago, the building was rejected by the city council and has since been abandoned. Kate also reports that there is no road that goes to Utopia. So you have to walk through the woods from the parking lot to get to the Utopia building. You park the car and get out and walk through the forest to the fenced and deserted terrain.

The fence is tied, so you climb over the fence into the terrain and get a call from Kate

Kate reports that everything has been nailed shut and that you just have to look for a smashed window or something similar to get in.

You now gain control of the game.

Game control

By turning your mouse you look around. You can also look up and down by moving your mouse up and down. However, you can also use the 4 arrow keys of your keyboard for this. To move forward, click with the Index finger in the direction you want to go. If you right-click in the screen, the screen "freezes" a bit. Then move your cursor up, to the top of the screen. 3 icons will then appear at the top left. 

Via the green "Menu icon" you open the menu screen where you can save. Load and close the game

However, you can also open the Menu screen by pressing the ESCAPE key on your keyboard. The middle icon is now empty but will become a map if you know where to find it in the game. However, you do not necessarily have to find that map. The right-hand icon is your film camera. Left click on the film camera and you will see that the battery is almost empty.

It is rather stupid to go out as a photojournalist with a camera whose battery is almost empty.

Let's hope that you will find an outlet somewhere to be able to charge your battery.

Chapter 1: Find an entry:

A: The forecourt of Utopia:

The "Letter boxes":

You have  arrived at the site in front of the Utopia building. Everywhere on the site there are abandoned building containers and machines. On the right, behind the welcome sign, is the first construction site. Turn clockwise to the rear of the site office. Behind the office shack you see  a low column that tries to look like a letterbox. So I call this column a "letterbox". On the column you see the Roman numeral IV (4) and a small red button. This is therefore column 4.

You get the magnifying cursor on the "Letterbox" so click on it to view it in close-up.

The screen "freezes" when you view something in close-up, so you cannot look around or up or down. Click with your grab hand on the red button and ....... well .... eh .... nothing ..... no matter how often you press this red button ... nothing happens. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen. Your cursor then becomes an outstretched hand with index finger. This is the zoom out cursor, so click to exit this close-up screen. 

Your screen is then normal again and you can turn and move again. Turn clockwise to the blue entrance gate and then click with your magnifying glass on the yellow / black striped belt that ties the 2 gate sections together. You will see the fence in close-up.

Click with your hand on the yellow / black striped belt and ..... well ..... you can no longer leave the site through this fence. 

Click at the bottom of the screen with the zoom-out cursor to exit the close-up screen. Turn to the right so that the blue fence is in your back. Further on, past the construction site, is a large orange excavator, a so-called Shovel machine. Aim the index finger at the excavator and then move forward 3 clicks. 

You are then next to the "arm" of the excavator and you now see the rearing Horse statue, which stands in front of the main entrance of the Utopia building. Go forward again 1 click and you are now on the "square" in front of the Utopia building. Take a look up to get an impression of the building. 

Look down again and turn slightly to the left. You see a concrete mixer and a very thick pipe. At the pipe are lampposts and 2 flower boxes. The middle lamppost is on.  Aim the forward hand at the lampposts and then go 1 step ahead. You are then close to the concrete mixer.

Do not advance any further, but now turn back to the digger arm of the orange excavator. Behind the digging arm of the orange excavator is another "letterbox" Go forward to that "Letterbox". This "Letterbox" has no Roman numeral, but it does have a red button.

This is "Letterbox 0". You can zoom in on the column again and then click on the red button, but here too the red button does not work. 

Turn right. You now see a square shaft for the left track of the excavator. Go forward to the shaft and zoom in on it.

The shaft is closed with a grid that you cannot open with by hand. 

Zoom out, turn around and walk back to the red crane arm, which lies behind the "letterbox 0". 

Then turn slightly to the left and go forward again to the concrete mixer, which is at the corner of the large blue container.

Then turn slightly to the right and aim the forwards again at the flower boxes and the lampposts, which are in front of the thick pipe, and now go forward twice. 

You are then at the 2 flower boxes. Turn to the left, back to the concrete mixer. Behind the blue container is another "letterbox".

Also have a look at this "Letterbox". The Roman numeral VII (7) is written on this column, so this is "Letterbox 7". Turn around. Letterbox 7 is in your back and you look at the building again.  Go forward 1 click, then turn slightly left to move forward.

Continue 4 clicks forward. You are then in front of the left side of the entrance of the building and at 2 wooden boxes. On the left, behind the 2 wooden boxes is a green waste container. Turn left and ...... In front of the big red container is "Letterbox VI" (6).

Turn around completely. You now look at the right-hand side of the "square" and you now also see the main entrance of the building. 

Go forward 2 clicks, to the gate across the street. At the gate you turn left. You are on the right side of the entrance of the building and you will also find a "Letterbox" here. Go forward to the window and then turn clockwise to the "Letterbox ".

This is "Letterbox 3" because the column shows the Roman numeral III (3). Turn right and see ..... further on, behind the rear lamppost, you will see the last "letterbox". Aim the forward hand to that "Letterbox" and then go forward 3 times 

This is "Letterbox 5" because on the pillar is the Roman numeral V (5).

Turn left and go back 2 clicks and then turn left and you look again at the red container where "Letterbox  6 stands

Go forward 1 click and then turn right and .... you are now right in front of the main entrance of the Wittard Utopia Building.  The main entrance is barricaded with shelves and also with a building fence. To the left in front of the fence is a large metal waste bin. Go forward to the gate and then look down and turn left towards the metal waste bin. Zoom in on the waste bin.

There are 2 leaflets in the metal waste bin. Take the leaflets from the bin. 

On the front leaflet. at the bottom, is the address of the Wittard Utopia and that is: 5735 Flat Head Plaza. 

The house number 5735 is circled, so it must be important.

Click on the back leaflet to bring it up. This is a brochure about "The Remains of Summer" in the Voyager Theater.

 At the bottom right of the brochure is a Clock with the Roman Numbers 1 to 12. 

Zoom out twice. So you have found 5 "Letterboxes" on the forecourt. 4 of those "Letterboxes" have a Roman numeral. The "Letterbox" behind the excavator has no number. All 5 "Letterboxes" have a red button and a flap. The intention is now that you press those red buttons on the "Letterboxes" of in the correct order

But what is the correct order? It is not for the fun of it that the house number on the leaflet of the Wittard Utopia is circled, so the order is, 5 (V), 7 (VII), 3 (III), 5 (V). I am assuming that you now know how and where to find all the "Letterboxes", so I am not going to take you back to them step by step.

Go back to "Letterbox" V (5) and zoom in on it and click on the red button.
Zoom out and go to "Letterbox" VII (7). Zoom in on it and click on the red button.
Zoom out and go to "Letterbox" III (3). Zoom in on it and click on the red button.
Zoom out and go back to "Letterbox" V (5). Zoom in on it and press the red button again and .......

You hear a buzz as if something is opening somewhere and ....... You get a call from Kate, your boss.

Kate asks if you also want to look for evidence that Utopia has something to do with the disappeared people from the nearby town. Then you hear a malfunction and the connection is abruptly terminated. 

Zoom out of "Letterbox V" and go, around the square, back to the "Letterbox 0 (zero)", behind the arm of the orange excavator.

Zoom in on "Letterbox  0 and press the red button and .... the flap of this box opens.

You are then naturally in the close-up of a sliding panel that is in box 0.

The Slider Panel Puzzle:

The panel has 5 sliders that you can move through a slot. There are red lines in the center of the panel. below the sliders is a red and a green lamp that are now off. You have to slide each slider exactly on the red line in the middle. On the left is a panel with 5 white buttons. With those 5 white buttons you can slide the sliders through the slots. At the bottom left there is a switch with which you can reset this puzzle to the starting position. You get 5 chances to solve the puzzle, then the puzzle jumps back automatically to the starting position.

Number the 5 white buttons, from top to bottom, 1 to 5. Then click in this order on the 5 white buttons: 2, 1, 4, 2, 4 and .......

....all 5 sliders are then directly below each other in the middle and the 2 lights come on.

You hear a buzzing sound again and naturally you go out of the close-up. 

Turn right and go forward again to the shaft and see ...... the grid in the shaft has disappeared.

Zoom in on the shaft and then click with your gripping hand on the metal ladder rungs to climb down through the shaft and......

.......  you end up in:

B: The Tunnel:

The light in the tunnel flickers a bit, so it  gets dark for a moment. Go 1 step forward and .... you hear a men's voice.

The man you hear is calling Alex and he says he has the Amulet in his bag. You hear that the man has been hiding for months in the sewer, beneath the Wittard Utopia building. So the man is very happy that he can leave here now that he has found the Amulet. You also hear the man tell that he has seen, through the surveillance cameras, that someone is walking across the outside area, looking for an entrance. So the man would have seen you. The voice suddenly interrupts the conversation and you can continue again ........

Go forward one step further and ....

The men's voice tells Alex that he hears someone walking in the tunnel. The man also reports that he is now standing in front of a door that is locked with chains and that behind him he is also hearing someone approaching him. The man then suddenly sees a very strong light and ....

Suddenly the flashing lights in the tunnel fall out completely and your screen goes completely black for a few seconds. But after a few seconds the lights in the tunnel go on again and you can continue. So continue 4 clicks forward. The tunnel is then blocked straight through, but you automatically turn to the right.

There is a pile of black ash on the floor. In the ashes are a pair of shoes and there is a flashlight and a leather bag. Say ...... would this be all that is left of the man you just heard talking to that Alex? Behind the teacher's bag is the door that is locked with chains and padlocks. Zoom in  and then pick up the leather bag. Click on the bag to open the bag. 

There are papers and an Amulet in the bag. Take the papers from the bag and view them.

You take the identity card of a Aaron F Ross from the bag. Aaron Ros was a cleaner in the Utopia building. Click the identity card away and you will see a newspaper article that tell about a gang of coastal robbers who are currently mainly stealing antiques related to Norwegian mythology.

The article also mentions that architect Baron Wittard wanted to exhibit a complete Viking ship in the museum of Utopia. Click on the newspaper article and you will see a few pages of the diary of that Aaron Ross in your screen. These are 3 sheets of text. Aaron Ross describes on these 3 sheets that he, on behalf of a certain Elder Alpha Zerox, took a job as a cleaner in the Utopia building to look for an Amulet.

After much effort, Aaron was hired as a cleaner on the 1st floor of the Utopia building, where the apartment and the study room of that Baron Wittard are also located. If nobody paid attention to him, Aaron searched the apartment and Wittard's study, looking for the mysterious Amulet. In the end, Aaron found and stole that Amulet. In order not to draw attention to himself, Aaron decided to keep working as a cleaner in Utopia for a few months more. But his job ended because Wittard died in the meantime and the building was closed. Aaron never heard of that Elder Alpha Zerox again. Because the building was closed, Aaron was locked up and he even had to turn on the emergency generator to stay alive. That emergency generator is in the basement of the building.

When you have read all the papers from the bag, take the Amulet from the bag. The Amulet has a Face.

Click on the Face and ..... The Amulet disappears to your Inventory, at the bottom of the screen and the bag is placed back on the floor.

Zoom out of the close-up and .... The Amulet appears and starts talking to you ....

The Amulet tells you that you are the Chosen One and that from now on you are connected to the Amulet via so-called Etheric Energy. The Amulet also kindly informs you that you cannot leave Utopia and that a huge and unprecedented danger awaits you behind that chain door. The Amulet warns you that you should stay away from that chain door with your battles, that you absolutely must not touch that door. The Amulet says that you must enter Utopia through the ventilation shaft.

The Amulet then disappears to the inventory. To open the Inventory, right-click in your screen to "freeze" the screen. Then move your cursor down to the black border at the bottom of the screen and ..... the inventory items will be visible in the black border. You can then take items from inventory or view them.

In the left wall you see a large round ventilation grille. Well .... the Amulet said you should enter Utopia through the ventilation shaft. But don't you first want to know what happens if you still touch the Chain Door? Of course you want to know that. Go forward to the wall, behind the leather bag and then turn clockwise to the chain door.

Zoom in on the door and then touch the door with your hand and .... a strange red / yellow glow comes out of the door and blinds you and ...

your screen turns white because you drop unconscious on the ground. After a few seconds you will hear the Amulet screaming that you must wake up and so you come back to your positives. Well ....... "No harm done", but you now know that the  Amulet did not make jokes when it said that you had to keep your hands off that door. 

Turn around to the round ventilation grille and zoom in and click in the close-up with your hand on the round grille to remove it and ......

.... you crawl into the round ventilation shaft. Crawl 5 clicks through the round shaft. You have then reached the other end of the shaft.

Click on the grid to crawl out of the shaft and .... you are in:

C: Sewer:

The Amulet appears and tell you to go to the right, to Quadrant 73.

So turn right and walk to the white door. Click on the white door and ..... 

The Amulet appears again and says that a collapse has occurred behind this door and that this route is therefore blocked. So you have to go the other way. So turn around and follow the sewer pipe all the way to the blue door on the other side.

Click on the blue door and ..... you hit the other side of the door and the Amulet appears again.

The Amulet now tells that it is the spirit of Baron Wittard and that you are safe now. So from now on I call it Amulet Wittard. Wittard promises that he will help you as much as possible and further says that you must look for 10 rune stones. Wittard disappears to your inventory again.

Continue 3 clicks forward. The sewer pipe then bends to the right.

 Wait a minute ..... First look to the right here. You will see a red symbol on a white sign.

The symbol consists of 2 curved lines with a red dot in between ..... it looks a bit like an eye. 

Copy the Symbol. Turn left again and follow the tube further to the end, to the ladder.

Click with your grab hand on the ladder and ....... You climb up and end up in:

Chapter 2: In Utopia: Basement and Ground Floor

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot