2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Bear With Me is a "film noir" adventure game. "Film Noir" means that the game is drawn entirely by hand in black and white tones. The game is episodic and it has 3 episodes. The episodes can be purchased at STEAM. The game is set in the fictional town of Paper City and you play as Amber Ashworth, a 12 year old girl. Each of the 3 episodes are rather short and they are part of a continuing story, so you need to start to play Bear With Me from Episode 1 then continue with Episode 2 and end it with Episode 3

Amber is plagued by nightmares and when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she discovers that her brother, Flint, has disappeared. Amber goes out to find her brother and she gets help from her trusted teddy bear, Ted E Bear, a rather grumpy and retired private investigator. During her search, Amber soon discovers that everything is not exactly fluffy in Paper City. There also appears to be a mysterious "red man" looking for Amber

You play Bear With Me entirely with your left computer mouse and you have an inventory in which the things that you pick up are stored. You can save and load whenever you want. Always have a good look around first and always investigate all hotspots. Click on a hotspot to open an action window, in which you can choose to view, take or talk. In between movies are presented in the form of a comic strip ..... you can skip this but why would you do that.

Because this is a STEAM game, so-called STEAM Achievements can of course be earned again. You can earn 27 Achievements, but I don't pay attention to this in the walkthrough. What I do want to tell you about those Achievements is the following:

Paintings and lamps are hanging everywhere in the house and there are also table lamps in rooms. If you look at all the paintings and lamps, you ultimately earn a STEAM achievement with it. 

You also earn achievements by simply doing the things you need to do in the game. You can also "earn" additional achievements in the following ways .......

  • Do not speak with Ted = achievement: Lone Wolff 
  • Finish episode 1 = achievement Excelsior.
  • Play episode  1 a second time = achievement Déjà vu.
  • Complete episode 1 without saving 1 time = achievement Caution To The Wind.
  • Complete your episode 1 within 1 hour = achievement: I've Got Places To Be.
    You can achieve this by shortening the dialogues with one click and bypassing the three comics.

Once you have achieved all of the achievement, you will still earn the True Detective achievement

On the Start screen, choose "New Game" to start with:

Bear With Me: Episode 1

Episode 1 is set entirely in Amber's house.

Amber's room:

Amber Ashworth wakes up in the middle of the night after another terrible nightmare.

Amber knows from experience that she won't get back to sleep, so she gets dressed and stares, a bit sleepy, around in her room.

If you click the gear icon at the top left, you will end up on the menu screen where you can save / load and leave the game. At the top right is your Inventory chest, when you click that chest your inventory opens up. You can view the 2 pillows on the bed. There is a drawer at the bottom of the bed. There is a large cupboard on the right wall and in that cupboard Ted E Bear has his office. To the left of the cupboard sits Millie, a toy giraffe, on the chair. Amber's desk is behind the bed. The desk also has drawers. On the desk is a lamp and above the desk are 5 paintings and a clock on the wall.

Click with your left mouse button on the bed drawer (Case), which is placed under the bed ...... an action screen opens in which you can click on a magnifying glass and a finger ...... Through the magnifying glass Amber looks at the drawer and through the finger she opens the drawer or picks up an item. Click the finger and ..... Amber pulls the bed drawer open. Click in the opened drawer and then click the magnifying glass ...... Amber tells that there is a battery in the drawer. Grab the Battery by clicking the finger ....

The battery disappears to the inventory, where Amber's Swiss Army Knife is already showing off. Walk to the desk. View the 5 paintings and view the clock hanging on the wall above the desk. Amber tells something about the paintings and she tells about the clock that it lacks his little hand. Also view the table lamp that is on the desk.

Then open the middle desk drawer via the finger in the action menu ......

Amber takes a broken magnifying glass from the desk drawer. 

Walk away from the desk. Under the window is a chest .....

Left next to the chest lies Glasses on a box and on the right next to the box a Plant stand on a barrel. View the Plant and get the Glasses

Open the inventory .....Combine the Swiss Army knife with the glasses in inventory to cut the glasses out of the frame.  Amber keeps 1 of the glasses  as a lens ......

Go talk to Giraffe Millie now

In conversations you get conversation options.....always use those conversation options ...... do not skip an option ........ Listen to what Millie says .......

Millie has come to warn Flint and Amber not to go to town, but Flint is not in his room. Millie says that a week ago a man came to Paper City and the man asked about Amber. This man is called the "red man" .....From the moment that the  "red man" is in the city many fires have broken out in the city. The residents of Paper City live in fear because of this.  Because the Paper City police are not very good at fighting crime, the mayor has imposed a ban on going out. Nobody is allowed in or out of the city anymore, but Millie was able to escape through the East Tunnel with the help of the Mugshot brothers. Amber wants to go find her brother Flint and Millie advises her to do this together with detective Mr. Ted E Bear.

Tell Millie that you will ask Ted E Bear to come with you in search of your brother. 

When the conversation with Millie ends, you dive into the cupboard and .......

Ted's Office:

Amber dives into the cupboard and you now see a comic book scene in which you hear Ted E Bear. 

You can skip these comic book scenes, but then you miss an Achievement .....

When this comic strip ends, we are in the office of Ted E Bear, Amber's partner in "crime". There is a conversation between Amber and Teddy in which you have to give Teddy an answer to his question at a given moment ...... It does not matter which answer you choose. Ted wants to go with Amber but he needs a magnifying glass.

Front right of Ted's desk stand a record player on the floor. The record player plays a record.....Turn the record player off via the finger in the action screen ...... you have earned an achievement with this. You can score a next achievement if you look at the box with action figures, which is in the right part of the cupboard ....

Ted needs a magnifying glass because he has lost his own magnifying glass. There is a bottle of glue on Ted's desk. Take the Sticky Glue.

Open the inventory and then combine the glue bottle with the broken magnifying glass and then combine the lens with the magnifying glass and Amber has made a magnifying glass

Then drag the magnifying glass out of the inventory and click it on Ted to give him the magnifying glass.

Now that Ted has his magnifying glass, he and Amber are leaving his office to the bedroom. Exit the bedroom through the door We end up in the

West Corridor:

Look around. There are 3 doors. The door at the back of the corridor is the bathroom door. Then there is the door to Amber's room and the door to Flint's room. There is a grandfather's clock between Amber's door and Flint's door. There are 2 lamps on the wall and 2 paintings. From the bottom center you can walk to the East corridor. An attic hatch protrudes into the ceiling. View the 2 paintings and view the 2 lamps. Click the bathroom door to peek into the bathroom ....... However, it is very dark in the bathroom because the light bulb of the bathroom lamp is broken.

View the attic hatch and also try to open the glass door of the grandfather's clock, which does not work

Also try to open the door of Flint's room, but it is locked ..... Ted then suggests to Amber to get into Flint's room by another way

Amber does not want to descend the stairs, so continue to the East Corridor

East corridor

In the east corridor are the doors of the office and the room of Amber's parents and here we also find Rusty. Go talk to Rusty. Ask Rusty everything you can ask him about the "red man", the city, the "yellow king" and about Flint and use all the other conversation options you get

Rusty has not seen Flint either. In the conversation Amber will smile and this will give you an achievement. After the conversation with Rusty, also talk to Ted and you will score another achievement. Also look here in the east corridor at the 3 paintings and the 3 lamps hanging on the wall. Also view the 2 plants, 1 of which is a tree. The bedroom door of Amber's parents is also locked, but the office door is not, so enter the office.


First look at the 4 paintings and the lamp, which are also hanging on the wall here. Also look at the plant, which is in the back right corner. There is a hole in the right wall. If you click the wall lamp you will hear one of the creators of the game. At the top of the bookcase are a few vases that you can view and also see a decorative plate there that you can view. A small key, hangs on the left side of the bookcase. On the desk is a globe and a table lamp and an Anubis statue. View the table lamp. You can rotate the globe through the finger in the action screen.

Click on the Anubis statue and then click the finger and ...... the Anubis statue falls on the ground .

Click on the Anubis figurine again to view it and ....... on the bottom of the Anubis figurine read Amber a number, write down his number: 107.

View the hole in the right wall ........

Amber tells you that you can go to Flint's room through the wall hole and she asks Ted to crawl through the hole. 

Ted refuses because there is a spider web in the wall hole.

There is a chest of drawers on the right wall. Open the top drawer of the chest of drawers and ......

Amber takes a flashlight from the drawer but the flashlight has no battery. 

Amber wants to ask Rusty for a battery, so leaves the office and.... something strange happens ....

.... Where Is He ...... is written on the wall with blood letters ...... Ted says it is a mirage. After this, Amber and Ted are back in the: 

East Corridor

Talk to Rusty again and ..... 

Amber and Ted ask Rusty for a battery. Rusty has a battery but he does not want to give it up because he's standing here on guard. Use the 2 options you get ...... Ted offers to take over the guard duty from Rusty, so that he can rest a bit. But Rusty first wants to see proof that Ted is a real detective and that proof is in Ted's office. There is consultation between Ted and Amber.

Ted's Office

Walk back through the bottom center to the west corridor and then enter Amber's room again. In Amber's room you dive into the closet to be back in Ted's office. After the conversation between Ted and Amber you have to look for Ted's old case file. Behind Ted's desk is a File Cabinet. Click the file cabinet and then the finger and .........

Amber immediately finds the old case file and puts the folder in inventory. Ted and Amber walk out of the closet by themselves.

So return to Rusty in the east corridor and give Credentials map to Rusty and ......

Rusty then gives Amber a battery. You now have 2 batteries, so put both batteries, in inventory, in the flashlight   

Now go back to the West Corridor and click on the bathroom door again and .......


Amber automatically switch on the flashlight .... Turn your mouse around to see everything in the bathroom with the light beam from the flashlight. Under the sink is a Trash Can and cleaning supplies and also a Duster. If you try to open the trash can, Amber refuses to do so and she won't take the Cleaning Stuff either. But Amber wants the duster, so grab the Duster

Look at the window ...... There is a cupboard under the window.

Paintings are hanging on the left and right of the window. On the cupboard is a bowl of Grooming Products and also Towels, jars of cream and jars of pills, but Amber and Ted have no need for them. Leave the bathroom and ...... you see another fata morgana and then we are back in the hallway.

Continue to the east hall and enter the office again


Take the feather duster from inventory and click it on the spider web in the hole in the wall .... 

Amber sweeps away the spider path with the feather duster and tells Ted that he can now crawl through the hole.

You now continue as Ted ...... So crawl, like Ted, through the wall hole to Flint's room .... 

you first see a comic book  scene ......

Flint's room:

After the comic book scene you ended up in Flint's room as Ted. The Mugshot Brothers are here too.

A level 6 sword leans into the cupboard. The bed is covered with a sheet and on that sheet is a red cloth. The sheet is tied with rope and the front bed post.

Take the level 6 sword from the cupboard.

The red cloth is too high up so Ted cannot grab that cloth. Walk to the front bed post, then take the Swiss Army Knife from inventory and cut the rope with the knife ...

... this makes the sheet fall down so grab that red cloth ........

Ted wants to talk to Millie about the red cloth, but first go talk with the Mugshot boys ........

The brothers are called Jimmy and Jon-Jon ....... there is a not so friendly dialogue between Ted and the Mugshotters but then you can ask these 2 criminal brothers questions via the options screen. Use all options and the brothers will give Ted the Parents' Room Key.

Walk back to the left and then dive through the wall hole back to Amber in the office. Ted informs Amber of everything he has learned from the Mugshitters and also tells that he has received the key to the parental bedroom. Leave the office and first go back to Amber's room.

Amber's room:

Take the red cloth from inventory and show it to Millie .......

Ted asks Millie if she knows what kind of fabric the cloth is ...... Millie thinks that this fabric comes from the uniform of a fireman.

Return to the east corridor and open the door of the parental room with the key and we enter

Parents room:

In the left wall is the door of the Dark Room. There is a table on the left wall. Above the table hangs a "Creepy Dude" painting with 4 small paintings around it.  On the bench, which stands on the right wall, is a photo camera and a large bag hangs on the large cupboard. View the paintings and the items on the table below. Also view the plant and the chandelier lamp that is hanging on the ceiling and also view the large standing table lamp. When you have viewed everything, click on the camera and then the finger and ........... Amber takes the film roll out of the camera .... The photos still needs to be developed, so dive into the Dark Room.

Dark room:

View the 2 lamps that hang in the middle of the rear wall. Move Amber out of the way, so that you can see everything well ...... On the left is a safe. In the left open compartment of the large counter is a roll of Duck Tape, take it.. The magnification device is on the cabinet, that stands at the right wall. There is a "Latent Image" in front of the magnification device ...... Take this "Latent Image" ....

Walk to the safe ..... Click the safe and then click the finger and then enter the code 107 with the number keys ..

.... the number that Amber saw under the Anubis figurine in the workroom .....

........the safe opens and Amber automatically takes 3 bottles of developing fluid from the safe. Walk back to the closet ..... Take the Film Strip from inventory and use it on the magnifier. Then take the "Latent Image" from inventory and also use it on the device ...... Then click the magnifying device again and then the finger to turn on the device and ....

 Amber will then take back the now exposed "Latent Image" but this still needs to be developed. There are 3 white containers on the counter. 

Take the 3 bottles of developing fluid from inventory and empty them into the trays .... Then use the "latent image" on the trays and ..

.. the photo is being developed and .... it is a photo of the "Red Man"

Amber and Ted want to go to Millie for advice, but the door to the dark room has an automatic time slot, so they can't get out and have to wait. 

We leave Amber and Ted for a moment because you are now the "Red Man" and you are in the east corridor.

Save your game now if you want to have the opportunity to score ALL Achievement

As the "Red Man" you go to Amber's room. Millie is still in Amber's room and you have to choose from 2 options ...

Either you kill Millie or you flee through the window 

Both options yield an achievement, so if you want to score both achievements, choose Escape or Attack, then load your Save game and then choose the other option.

I choose the ESCAPE option. Whichever choice you make, Red Man escapes and then your switch back to Amber and Ted, who hear Mille scream. The door to the dark room is now open so return quickly to Amber's room. If you had attacked Millie as the Red Man, she's now lying dead on the floor. If you had chosen the Escape option, Millie will still be full of life on the chair and tells what have happened.

A nail is now lying on the floor in front of the coffin standing in front of the window (Nail). Get the nail. The window is now open and is kept open by a wooden block.

Take the wooden block from the window ..... the window closes again. Leave the room to the

West Corridor

Take the nail from inventory and use the nail on the glass door of the grandfather clock to open the door. 

Then take the weight with hook from the clock (Hook Thingy)

In inventory, combine the hook with the piece of wood to get an attic hook. Then combine the attic hook with the adhesive tape.

Go to the office. Take the Attic Hook from inventory and use it to take the little key that hangs on the bookcase

Go back to the West Corridor and then use the attic hook on the attic hatch in the ceiling and ........

Amber and Ted then climb via the attic ladder to the attic and meanwhile we see another comic book scene with Ted


Ted wants to talk to his informants in Paper City. He wants to trap the "Red Man" with the help of the police. Then he wants to find out what happened to Flint. The entrance to Paper City is guarded by police officer Brian Burk. To the right is a roller shutter desk and a candle. The roller shutter is locked. Take the small key from inventory and use it on the roller shutter desk to open the roller shutter with it. There is an inkwell in the roller shutter compartment.

Take the inkwell and also the candle

Now go talk with police officer Brian Burk and use all the options you get. During the conversation, Brian Burk's fake mustache falls to the ground.

Brian is not allowed to let anyone pass to Paper City. Only if you can show Brian an official permission statement from Mayor Mills he will let you through to Paper City ........ As soon as the conversation with Brian Burk ends, Amber and Ted will go back to Ted's office. Ted then calls the mayor's secretary to arrange such a permission statement. Ted, however, cannot speak to Mayor Mills because he is far from home and will only be available tomorrow. Amber and Ted decide to manufacture a false permission statement themselves.

Amber will provide a stammer to mark the false declaration with the mayor's stamp and Ted will ensure that the Mugshot brothers put a false signature of the mayor on it.

Go to the office and then, as Ted, go through the hole to Flint's room. Show the fake permission statement to the Mugshot brothers.

Talk to the boys via all conversation options and ...... the Mugshotters only want to sign the statement if Ted shows them proof that the statement actually comes from Amber .... Ted will go back to Amber to ask her for that proof . Amber gives Ted that a creators tool. Ted goes back to the Mugshotters.

So show the Creators tool set to the Mugshot brothers and they will sign the statement.

Ted then goes back to Amber. Back at Amber you will be Amber again.

In inventory, combine the Swiss Army knife with the candle to make it a stamp, and then combine the stamp with the inkwell. Then combine the ink stamp with the statement to stamp a stamp from the Mayor on it. You then have a legal signed statement

Go back to the west corridor and click the attic hatch again to climb back to the attic

Back in the attic you show the statement to Brian and .....

Brian opens the curtain to the south of the city. Talk to Ted for a moment and then go to City Paper ...

... Amber and Ted go through the tunnel to Paper City ..... 

another conversation follows between them and then they walk on to the city .......and.......

We continue with .....

Bear With Me Episode 2

2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Louis Koot