Released in 2010 as: Black Mirror 2: Reigning Evil

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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The game starts up with the main screen where you can choose "New Game", "Load Game" and more such options.

First of all, go to the "Options" because there are some settings that you can adjust to your own preference and taste. In the options screen you can adjust some things. The screen has 3 tabs in which you can check or uncheck various things. So make your own choices here and then return to the main screen and click "New Game". Once you have clicked on "New Game" you will be asked if you want to play the game in "EASY Mode" or in "NORMAL Mode".

In ESAY MODE, the game gives you extra help such as the ability to skip puzzles and hints on what your next step should be. In NORMAL MODE you get no extra help, so no hints and no possibility to skip puzzles. The ability to skip puzzles then essentially means that the game has solved the puzzle for you. However, if you choose NORMAL MODE, then you can enable the option "Additional game help" in the GAME OPTIONS screen at all times to receive the extra help in NORMAL MODE. However, in NORMAL MODE you do not have the option to skip puzzles. You can then only get hints, after which you have to solve the puzzle yourself. So make your choice "EASY" or "NORMAL" and the game will then start with the intro movie: 

This walkthrough assumes that you are playing the game in "NORMAL" mode. In the EXTRA Menu you can replay the cutscenes and also view and play "Pictures" and "Mini-games". However, you must first "unlock" those "Pictures" and "Mini-games" in the game and you do that by taking pictures of all kinds of things in the game with Darren's photo camera. I don't pay any attention to this in the walkthrough, so if you want to unlock the "Pictures" and the "Mini-games" just take Darren's photo camera from inventory and see on each screen which things or environments you can take pictures of . If you have checked the EXTRA HELP box, you will also receive a number of announcements about this while playing.

If you move the cursor to the top right, 4 icons will appear. 

The Floppy disk icon is the Save/Load function of the game. 

The BM icon will take you back to the main menu screen. 

The Book icon opens the diary.

 The magnifying glass icon shows all so-called "Hotspots" in the screen

You can therefore open the diary via the book icon at the top right of your screen, or press the J or F key on your keyboard. You can also open the main menu screen by pressing the Escape key. With the magnifying glass icon you get to see all "Hotspots" in the screen, but you also get that with the H key or the Space bar of your keyboard.

 Left click on an active item to get a description of the item. If you left-click on the item again, you will receive additional information or you will perform an action, such as picking it up or using it. Only when you can no longer do anything with the item will it be deactivated. Right click on a person to get information about it. The items you pick up disappear into the Inventory at the bottom of the screen. In Inventory, right-click on an item to activate it or unpack it.

 You can save your game yourself at any time in the Save and Load screen. You should always have to give your saves a title.

A "New Game" starts with an intro movie

The year is 1969 and we are in the woods of the Black Mirror estate in England. It is really English beastly weather because it rains and it thunders.

A young man, apparently dazed and panicked, runs through the woods.

The young man is Samuel Gordon and he is the lord and master of the estate.

But it seems that Samuel doesn't remember exactly who he is and where he is because he wanders through the woods in a daze. 

Then Samuel reaches the huge monumental Black Mirror castle.

Where am I? Who am I?...Samuel seems to be thinking as he stares in utter bewilderment at the great house.

We then take a look at the house. Samuel's young wife, Cathryn wanders the halls looking for Samuel.

The light has gone out, so Cathryn has an oil lamp with her.

Cathryn enters the library and there she finds an open book, which she begins to read.

Suddenly Cathryn is shocked because Samuel enters.

Cathryn asks where he's been. Samuel has changed lately and he disappears every night.

Cathryn no longer recognizes the man she married.

Samuel doesn't say anything back, his eyes blurry, and then he pushes Cathryn aside. This causes Cathryn to hit her head against the desk.

The oil lamp falls to the ground and a fire starts.

Outside, Samuel comes to himself. He knows who he is again and most importantly....what he just did....

Full of remorse, Samuel stares at the house .... He wants to do something ... but it is already too late.

Part of the castle, containing Cathryn, is destroyed by the fire. We then enter Chapter 1

Part A: 1993: U.S.A: Biddeford, Maine

Chapter 1: Day 1.

Chapter 2: Day 2:

Part B: England: Willow Creek

Chapter 3: Part 1: Where is Angelina

Chapter 3: Part 2: In the Sewers

Chapter 4: Captured and Escape from the Secret SociŽty

Chapter 5:  Darren Micheals or is he Adrian Gordon

Chapter 6: End game, Angelina

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot