2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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In the game, but also in this walkthrough, there are many references to Black Mirror 2 Reigning Evil. Actually, if you want to understand the game's story, you can't realy play Black Mirror 3 without first playing Black Mirror 1 and at least Black Mirror 2. Black Mirror 3 The Final Fear is the final installment in the Black Mirror series and the game continues where Black Mirror 2 left off. Just like parts 1 and 2, Black Mirror 3 The Final Fear is a standard "Point and Click" adventure game that you control entirely with your mouse. The controls of the game have not changed compared to part 2, so you do most actions, such as looking, talking, picking things up, with your left mouse button. Only in the inventory do you also use the right mouse button to get a description of the items you have collected in inventory. For more information about the controls, I refer you to the game manual or to my Black Mirror 2 walkthrough.

If you have played Black Mirror 2, you know that the main character, Darren Michaels, has discovered that his real name is Adrian Gordon and that he is a direct descendant of Samuel Gordon and the great-grandchild of William Gordon. Darren Michaels is also the main character in Black Mirror 3 The Final Fear, but to avoid confusion I will now just call Darren by his real name, i.e. Adrian Gordon.

Adrian Gordon (Darren Michaels) can die in the game on several location throughout te game. However, the game creates an AUTO-SAVE just before the moment such a "dying" part begins. If Adrian dies, you can immediately try that part again via AUTO-SAVE. However, the AUTO SAVE is always overwritten by the next AUTO SAVE. If you want to save all your SAVE GAMES, you will have to create your own SAVE GAMES because they will not be overwritten by the next save you make. You can save unlimited times in the game and you can give your saves a /title yourself. The game starts with a number of Prologue cutscenes:


Willow Creek: Black Mirror Castle

Adrian Gordon runs in panic through the woods with a burning torch in his hand.

Adrian runs and runs through the woods and he reaches the Black Mirror Castle, that's on fire.

The fire brigade is trying to get the fire under control and the police, led by Inspector Spooner, have also arrived.

The castle is on fire and the police have every reason to believe that "that American" is not only responsible for the fire, but also for the various dead people that have been found. Adrain tries to explain to Inspector Spooner that he was "the Order" is being chased and that his mother and sister have been murdered. Spooner does not believe Adrian because he has every reason to believe that Adrian is responsible for the fire and for several murders. Adrian is arrested and we then go back 12 hours to see how Spooner came to his conclusion.

12 hours before Adrian Gordon's arrest:

The police, led by Inspector Spooner, find Amanda Valley's burned corpse at the lighthouse.

Spooner then goes to investigate and first goes to the pub to talk to Tom.

However, Tom has a crystal clear alibi and tells the inspector that Amanda Valley was obsessed with the Gordon's. 

Samuel Gordon killed Amanda Valley's brother 12 years ago. Tom advises Spooner to take a look at Amanda's house. 

Tom also tells us that Darren/Adrian came and asked for a burglar kit.

6 hours before Adrian's arrest:

Inspector Spooner searches Amanda Valley's home.

The inspector finds some newspaper clippings and information about the Gordon family and he also finds information about Darren/Adrian. 

Then an officer comes to warn that the Black Mirror Castle is on fire.

 We are then back at the castle on fire, just as the confused Adrian arrives, still holding the burning torch.

Inspector Spooner, great detective that he is, comes to the conclusion that Adrian Gorden must be guilty of the death of Amanda Valley and arson. 

Adrian is arrested and taken to the police station and we end up in Chapter 1: Willow Creek:

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2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot