2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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There is no dialoque in the game and hints are given in the form of drawings.

 You open the menu screen with your escape key. 

The menu screen has a number of icons, without further explanation. But this screenshot explains what happens when you click on those icons. 

You cannot save yourself in the game, but the game saves your progress automatically when you exit the game via the Exit icon. 

When you start the game again, you continue where you left off.

Chapter 1: Home

In this first chapter you first get some help on what to do, via a pointer arrow and via a few short animations. After that you have to know how it works in the game. Your inventory is at the top left, in the black border. In the inventory you can combine items to create a new item. To use an item from the inventory in the game screen, drag the item from the inventory to where you want to use it.

Blu Can is at home and dog Ruby is under the table. Ruby is scared because there has just been a violent earthquake and that is why Ruby has taken cover under the table. A stool has fallen over and there is a puddle of water on the floor near the door. On the left is a mop handle against the wall. The game now gives you some help in the form of a white arrow, which tells you what to do. The white arrow points to the fallen stool, so click on the stool to put it upright again

Once you have put the stool upright, the white arrow points to the mop stick, so go pick up the mop stick. 

The stick disappears to the inventory, top left

The white arrow then points to the kitchen cupboard, under the sink. 

So open that kitchen cupboard and ..... Blue Can then takes a mop from the cupboard

You will then see that you have to combine the mop with the mop stick in the inventory. 

So open the inventory and combine the mop with the mop stick to put the mop on the stick.

Then drag the mop stick from the inventory to the puddle of water and then click with the mop on the puddle and ......

Blue Can mop up the water with the mop. Blue Can wants to walk dog Ruby because dogs also have to poop and piss. 

So click on dog Ruby, but he does not dare to leave his safe place under the table. Open the front door and walk out.

Blu Can ends up on his outside balcony. There is a yellow ball in the chair. Grab that yellow ball and then go back inside

Drag the yellow ball out of the inventory and click it on the dog Ruby and .....

Blue Can throws the yellow ball back onto the balcony and Ruby goes after it. 

Follow Ruby outside and pick up the yellow ball on the balcony and ......

 Another earthquake follows and Ruby and Blue Can now fall down, and .....

Chapter 2: Upper Level:

Blue Can and his dog Ruby have fallen down a level. Another earthquake caused Ruby to fall even further down, but Blue Can did not. The shocks have also caused a ladder to fall down and on the ladder is a sofa on which an old man sits. The wife of the old man is despairingly looking at her sleeping husband from within the upstairs window. 

The sleeping old man on the ladder is now blocking the way to the fisherman, so Blue Can has to get rid of the old man and the ladder. In front of the sleeping old man is a planter with a dry plant in it. The double door is locked and you will never be able to open it. On the left is a fountain and a door. That door is also locked. There's a leaky drainpipe sticking to the wall near that door. Water drips from the drainpipe. Above the fountain is a cupboard on the top floor and above the ladder is a washing line with a clothespin stuck on it.

Talk to the old man on the sofa. You get hints about an alarm clock. The old man has thrown the windup key of the alarm clock in the fish tub.

 Blue Can needs the key to unlock the door, in the corner at the drainpipe. There's a fishing lure in the fountain but Blue Can can't take it out because his arms are to short. Somehow the water level in the fountain must rise to be able to take that fishing lure out. At the fountain go a screen to the left and......

.....Blue Can ends up at the sundial. The sundail is missing it's hand in the middle. A street sweeper is here doing nothing. On the wall hangs a paper with times. The door to the first floor is locked with a padlock. Around the corner of the door is a red valve and a pipe on the wall. There is a garden hose on the ground and that garden hose goes behind the sundial to the flower garden. To the left behind the sundial is a cabinet with flower pots. There are 2 flower pots on the floor in front of the flower cabinet

Talk to the street sweeper ..... He can't sweep anymore because he doesn't have a broom, it has fallen down to the middle level

Look at the paper with times and look at the padlock. On the time sheet you see that a pencil must be inserted into the sundial. The shadow of the pencil then always indicates a time based on the position of the sun. The padlock has 3 tumblers on which you must set a number code. Above the tumblers you see a blue dot, a white dot and a red dot

Continue to the flower cabinet and then pick up the 2 flower pots on the floor in front of the cupboard. 

The flower in the 2 pots has withered, they need water. The flower cabinet now contains 1 red flower, 3 blue flowers and 4 white flowers.

Go left, over the bridge, to the garden / greenhouse. 

Talk to the gardener.....He needs water from his garden hose to watering his plants

Go back to the sundial and continue to the red valve and the pipe on the wall. 

Then click on the end of the garden hose and Blue Can attaches the garden hose to the pipe. 

Then click on the red valve to open the water tap, but unfortunately ..... there is no water going through the hose  ....

Go back right, to the fountain and the leaking drainpipe, Take the 2 plant pots from inventory and click them on the leaking drainpipe and.....

The 2 plants grow and you have a a pot with a white flower and a pot with a blue flower

Go back to the sundial and place your 2 plant pots in the plant cabinet. There are then 1 red, 4 blue and 5 white plants in the cabinet

Walk back to the door with the padlock and zoom in on the padlock again. You can now enter the correct code on the padlock. The padlock has 3 tumblers. Above the left tumbleris a blue dot, the middle tumblerhas a white dot and the right tumbler  has a red dot. These 3 colors refer to the flowers that are now in the flower box. In the flower cabinet there is 1 red flower, 4 blue flowers and 5 white flowers, so the code for this padlock is then 4, 5, 1. Enter this code on the padlock and ...... The lock opens and the door opens.....

Blue Can then automatically ends up on the first floor. Continue to the right, to the cupboard at the end in front of the ladder. Click the cabinet and....

Blue Can pushes the cupboard, which then slides down the ladder, causing the ladder to flip over. 

The cupboard and the old man on the sofa are then on the bottom left of the ladder. 

The right compartment of the cupboard is now open and you now see a pair of scissors.

Walk back to the left and then click down to the street. Then go back right to the fountain, the cupboard and the old man. Take the Scissors from the cupboard. The left compartment of the cupboard is still closed, but at the bottom of the left compartment you see a square with 8 compartments. Click on that square to take a closer look..... It is a puzzle. You see the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. The addition must be 9 vertically and horizontally, but you cannot solve this yet because the number 5 has disappeared

Because the ladder is now the other way around, the passage on the right is no longer blocked but now the cupboard and the old man are blocking the door at the leaking drainpipe. So walk to the right and then go through the now unblocked passage and Blue  Can will meet the fisherman

There is a spool of string  on the fisherman's balcony. Pick up the spool of spring and talk to the fisherman. 

The fisherman would like to catch a fish but he has no bait

Go back to the street sweeper and back to the upstairs gallery and walk to the end again, where you've pushed the cupboard down. 

Now use the scissors on the clothesline, to cut the clothesline. The line and the clothespin will fall down. The clothespin will end up in the fountain.

Go back down and go to the plant pot. Near the plant pot is the end of the clothesline and the old man has the other one. 

Pick up the rope end at the plant pot and then click on the plant pot and ......

.....Blue Can ties the rope to the pot. Click on the pot again and Blue Can pushes the plant pot over the edge and......... 

.............this causes the ladder to flip over again and the old man and the sofa now disappear. 

But due to the weight of the cabinet the ladder comes down again......

Where the plant pot used to be, there are now some pebbles on the floor and the number 5 block is at the double door.

 Pick up the pebbles and pick up number 5 block.

Go back to the cupboard, at the fountain.

Click on the square again, at the bottom left of the cupboard. Place the number 5 block in the square and .......

You then must place the number blocks, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the middle, horizontal and vertical, so that the outcome is 9.

The left compartment of the cabinet will also open and the alarm clock will be in it. Take the alarm clock from the cupboard. Unfortunately, the winding key of the alarm clock has disappeared, so you cannot set the clock on another time now. Click outside the clock to put it back into the cabinet. The old man on the sofa has told Blue Can that he has thrown the clock key into fish pond.

The clothespin has fallen into the fountain and there's also a fish lure in the fountain. 

But to get those 2 items out of the fountain the water level must rise

Go back to the garden / greenhouse. 

Blue Can sees  that the gardener finds some stones and then walks to the left to throw those stones out the window. The garden then returns to the planter

On the left is a plantbox with reeds, and with those reeds Blue Can could make a broom for the street sweeper. But if you try to grab some reed stems, the gardener won't let you. So the gardener has to be distracted. Take the pebbles from your inventory and then click them, left, in the window ....... Blue Can then continues to the left and then throws the pebbles out of the window .....

The gardener then also walks to the left again to look out the window. 

Quickly ..... take the Scissors from inventory and click on the reeds to cut a few reeds

Blue Can picks up the reed stems automatically. In inventory combine the spool of rope with the reed stems and you then have a broom.

Go to the street sweeper and give him  the broom and.......

The street sweeper gives Blue Can the key for the door at the leaking drainpipe and he then sweeps a pencil from the bench. Pick up the pencil

Put the pencil in the hole of the sundial and then look at the sundial

....the shadow of the pencil points to 9:30 uur, so you need to set the alarm clock on that time.

Go back to the fisherman and.......The fisherman now retrieves the key of the alarm clock. Take the key

Take the alarm clock out of the cupboard again and put the key into it. 

Then click on the key until the hands of the clock are set on 9:30, so on 9 and on 6 and.........

.....the clock goes into the cupboard and the ladder now goes up and doesn't block the door anymore. 

Take the key, you got from the sweeper, from inventory and click it on the door and then go down to the Engineer

A blueprint is on the table. Talk to the Engineer who says that Blue Can must fix the waterpipes. The engineer points to the blueprint.

Click on the blueprint. You need to fix the waterpipes. Several solutions are possible. 

On the right are the pipe pieces that you can pick up and then click them in the boxes of the diagram.

You can then turn a pipe piece when you have placed it in the diagram.

It's not a difficult puzzle, but there are more then 1 solutions, here is how I did it.....

When done you get the OK and the engineer will restore the waterflow. 

Go back to the fountain and see......The fountain is now overflowing. 

The clothespin has fallen out of the fountain and the fish lure is now floating at the top. Grab the clothespin and grab the fish lure

Go back to the red valve at the sundial. If you haven't put the waterhose on the pipe yet then do this now and then use the clothespin on the waterhose to make sure the hose stays on the pipe. Then click the red valve again and.....Now the water goes through the hose to the gardener.

Go back to the greenhouse and see ..... the gardener is now busy watering the plants and does not look at the planter where the garden trowel is in. 

Click the garden trowel and ..... Blue Can scoops a worm out of the planter with the garden trowel.

Go back to the fisherman. Give the worm to the fisherman. The fisherman now has bait and fishes a fish from the pond.

The fisherman throws the fish back, but he has now lost his hook because it sticks in the mouth of the fish. 

Give the Fish Lure to the fisherman and .....

.....Blue Can hooks onto the fishing hook and the fisherman now lowers Blue Can down to the middle level .......

Chapter 3: Middle Level

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot