2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 3: Middle Level

The fisherman on the upper level has lowered Bleu Can on his fishing rod to the middle level. 4 rusty cans block the exit to the next level. To the right is a cardboard box and in there is a salesman. But the metal grate you have to cross to reach the salesman has fallen down. Above Blue Can hangs a crowbar on the electric cable. The cable hangs from poles. On the left is a puddle and above that puddle the cable is broken and hangs with the end in the puddle

Talk to the rusty cans, who will tell you about a thug that beat them up. 

Then talk specifically with the right  rusty can, who then tells about a fish that fell from the sky. The salesman has taken that fish

Those 4 rusty cans are blocking the way out of here but they are not about to go out of the way.....they are hungry so the want that fish that fell from the sky. 

If you try to move Blue Can over the puddle to the left then he will get an electric shock

A crowbar hangs from the cable between the middle post and the right post.

 Click 2 times on the middle pole and ...... Blue Can shake the middle pole and the crowbar falls down. 

Pick up the crowbar and then use it on the metal grate to pull the metal grate up.

Then go over the metal grate into the cardboard box of the salesman.

Talk to the salesman who has a 4-leaf clover  and a fish for sale. The 4-leaf clover  costs 1 coin and the fish costs 2 coins

Search through the rubbish pile that's in the lower right corner and Blue Can will find a fuse. Open the fuse box

 You are in the circuit board. There are 2 fuses on the board. 

Take the fuse that you have just found from inventory and click it on the board. You then have 3 fuses on the board

Now you must place the 3 fuses on the correct possitions on the board. 

You pick a fuse up and then place it on the correct possition on the board. Here is the solution

Exit the fusebox and then pull the lever on the side of the fuse box to turn off the power. 

Head back outside and walk on to the puddle. Click on the electric cable that hangs in the puddle and.....

....Blue Can now reconnect the cables that were electrifying the water puddle. 

........the wires  won't stick togheter if you turn on the power again. But for now you can go further on to the left, so do that.

 Blue Can ends op st the landry room and the casino. A guy is trying to get his thimble out of the water but he can't reach it.

 A broom is lying on the edge. 

Pick up the broom......Blue Can will end up with just the broom stick

Talk to the guy on the left. The guy wants to get his thimble out of the water 

Take the broom stick from inventory and click with it on the floating thimble......but the stick is to short to reach the thimble.

Knock on the casino door on the left, but Blue Can may not enter  because there is no electricity.

Enter the laundry room. There are 4 washing machines in the laundry room.  

Between the top 2 washing machines sticks an iron basket.  Above the bench is a poster on the wall with a magnet and sticky tape.

 Blue Can needs that iron basket and the sticky tape from the poster but he can't reach them. Click on the lower right washing machine and ....... 

Blue Can pulls the machine slightly to the right.  

Climb on the bench and then on the lower right machine and then take the piece of tape from the poster

Climb back down and go outside

Outside the laundry room  head to the right, to the puddle with the electric cable.

 Use the tape on the cable to now hold it together properly. 

Go back to the salesma again and use the lever on the fuse box again to restore power.  

Go back outside and left twice into casino, which is open now

Talk to the girl on the left......she needs a 4-leaf clover to beat the slot machine

Talk to the gay on the right .......If Blue Can beat his game then he wins a heavey weight

The guy shows his game, so click on it to play his game......

It's a get 6 in a row game and you must win it. You play with white cans and the guy will block you with red cans

You can make 6 in a row horizontal, vertical or diagonal

When you have won this 6 in a row game  then pick up the heavy weight

Leave the casino and go back into the laundry room. 

Put the heavy weight in the slightly raised washing machine and it will come down. 

Climb on top of the middle machine, via the bench and the right machine, and then click on the metal basket to kick it down

Climb back down and take the basket 

 In inventory combine the basket with the broom stick and you have a fishing net. Leave the laundry room. 

Use the fishing net on the thimble to fish it out of the water

 The guy is happy to get his thimble back and he gives Blue Can a red token.

Enter the laundry room again, and put the red token into the coin slot of left washing machine. 

Inside the machine's coinslot, move you hand in these directions by clicking on the arrows:

Right, Down, Down and take the yellow coin,........

..........Right, the yellow coin falls down, Up, Right, Down and take the yellow coin again, ...... Up to go out the machine with the yellow coin

Leave the laundry room and go right twice, back to the salesman. Give the yellow coin to the salesman in exchange for a 4-leaf clover

Go back to the casino and give the 4-leaf clover to the girl. The girl hits the jackpot and she then gives 2 yellow coins to Blue Can

 Return to the salesman and exchange your 2 coins for a fish

Go back outside and give the fish to the rusty cans and.........

.......The rusty cans now get out of the way and Blue Can can move on but .........

......another quake follows and Blue Can goes down to the lower Level.

Chapter 3: Lower Level

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot