2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 4: Lower Level

Blue Can has fallen down to the lower level and ended up in a dumpster. It seems to be some kind of factory where Blue Can has ended up. However, the workman who works here is broken into 2 parts. A black wire hangs from the container at Blue Can and next to Blue Can is a large screw on the container. Bottom right is the exit to go on to the next screen.

Pick up the black wire and then click with it on the screw to tie the wire around the screw  and.........

........Blue Can pulls himself out of the dumpster

Examine the safe on the left. The safe is locked and the lock consists of 3 dials with a pointer. 

This is how it looks when you start this puzzle

You must turn the dials to get all 3 pointers straight up at "12 o'clock" 

From the starting position:Turn the yellow dial 6 times. It then looks like this

now turn the orange dial 18 times....it then looks like this

now turn the green dial 6 times and........done and Blue Can takes a yellow disc from the safe

Click the workman's torso / legs to move it out of the way and then pick up a red button

Put the broken workman's head on his legs / torso to make him whole again.Talk to the workman to see what has happened to him

The magnet control is missing a red button, so click the red button on the controls and then press the red button and......

. ......The nut that was attached to the magnet will fall down, so pick up the nut. 

After Blue Can has taken the nut he stays on the platform and the workman pushes the buttons to hoist Blue Can up. 

Through the large round opening we then see 2 workers that are filling bottles on an  assembly line

When Blue Can has been lowered again, knock the red disc out of the pipe on the right. 

Then pick up the red disc and then walk down to the next screen, via the exit at bottom right.

Blue Can  ends up at the thug who is blocking the entrance to the bottle factory. 

Talk to the thug to ask him if he knows where your dog Ruby is. The Thug doesn't know but he has yellow coins

On the right it goes to the elevator and on top of that passageway stand a red disc, but Blue Can can't reach it. Above the shelf and the letterbox a leg is lying in the left fan. Those two fans don'work now. The Thug is blocking the entrance of the bottle factory so Blue Can cannot enter. Go a screen to the left, to the Shop.

The shop is closed because the shopkeeper isn't here. A guy with a pichfork is standing in the corner. The pichfork guy has lost one leg and he uses the pichfork as his second leg.  A suction cup lies on the ground and a second suction cup sticks on the wal above the one legged guy. The 2 suction cups are conected to each other with a rope. Pick up the suction cup from the ground, and you will end up with both suction cups and the piece of rope. 

In inventory combine the suction cups rope with the nut

Talk to the guy with the pitchfork and you see how he has lost his leg and how his leg has ended up in the fan at the thug. 

The pitchfork guy will then give Blue Can a picture.  

Return right, to the thug,  and there use your suction cups on the blue wall to climb up the wall to knock the red disc from the ledge

When Blue Can is on the ground again pick up the red disc and then enter the building on the right, where you will find the elevator

The elevator is on the first floor, witch is the middle level of the town, and in it stand the shopkeeper. If you use the elevator buttons then you'll know that there's no power.  Blue Can must restore power to the elevator.  The cabinet, on the left of the elevator, has the power controlls for the elevator. At the entrance stand a trash can

Search the trash can to find a crumpled note that mentions the colored discs that you have found. 

Blue Can will put the note on the wall here. Open up the metal cabinet

You end up in the Elevator power controll puzzle.

First drag your yellow and red discs from inventory and click them on the board

Now you must place the yellow, red and blue discs between the 3 silver discs in such a way that every discs wil turn. 

This screenshot shows how it must be

When done Blue Can has restore power for the elevator. 

Click agan on the elevator buttons and the elevator with shopkeeper comes down 

Blue Can goes up with the elevator and the shopkeeper goes to his shop to open it up. Up on the first floor you can go a screen to the right, back down with the elevator and a screen to the left. At the right door is a guard, but he's a sleep. Left of the elevator is a teddybear cabinet but it's locked. You need to solve a puzzle to get that teddy bear, but you can't do this now because that teddy bear cabinet is out of power

Try to go through the right door, but the sleeping guard will hear this and he won't let Blu Can go through. You get a hint about how to fool this guard.....

.....Blue Can needs some earmufs to put on the guard, to block his hearing

Head back down in the elevator, then go left twice and enter the shop, which is now open because the shopkeeper is now there

Talk to the shopkeeper and he will give Blue Can the earmuffs. 

Optional puzzle to get the yellow ball back

The yellow ball, that Blue Can uses to get doggy Ruby out of his home, is on the rope spool.  You can get the yellow ball back, but to get it you must solve a series of 9 riddles posed by the shopkeeper. These riddles are randomly generated but they are all logical riddles. You do not need to win the yellow ball back to finish the game, but if you want to score all the steam achievements then you must do this because if you not do this then you will not get the last and final achievement at the end of the game.

As I said before, these 9 riddles are random and so I'm not going to tell you the solution to every riddle ..... you can find the solution yourself if you use your brain and think logical. But you have to answer all 9 riddles correctly. If you give a wrong answer, you can start again, but you will then get different riddles. If you want to do this then click the yellow ball and you'll start with the first riddle.  You must give the correct answer on the question mark of the second row...... You must think logical to figure out each correct answer to each of the 9 riddles and then you click the correct answer in the bottom row of cans to fill it in on the question mark

I did all 9 riddles correctly so I got the yellow ball back.

 Whether you solve the riddles or not, go back to the elevator and take the elevator back up and  go to the sleeping guard.

 Put  the earmufs on  the sleeping guard and then open the door and go through it

Circus is in town. A painter guy is doing a painting of dog Ruby, who's appertly the main actor in the cannonball act of the circus. Buckets with red and yellow paint stand at the painter. From a manhole a guy pops up and that guy shoot at the balloons above the painter, with a slingshot. Every time a balloon snaps the painter goes behind his canvas to see what the hell is going on.

 Knock on the manhole cover to talk to the guy with the slingshot, who is hiding there. 

You find out that someone has stolen his teddy bear and sold it to the circus director.

Talk to the painter to find out that the salesman, from the middle level, has sold dog Ruby to the circus director

Enter the circus tent and ....... help ..... dog Ruby is in the cannon and will be shot if Blue Can does not free the dog. 

Talk to the circus director ...... it costs 3 coins to free Ruby

Leave the tent again. Blue Can doesn't have 3 coins, but we know that the Thug has atleast 1 yellow coin. We must steal that coin from the Thug.  At the painter stand a bucket with red paint and a bucket with yellow paint.  Take the nut, that you have attached to the rope of the two suctions cup, and then 2 try to dip the nut in the yellow paint bucket.......but the painter won't allow this. Wait for the guy with the slingshot pops up again to shoot a balloon again and......the painter goes behind his canvas again, so now quicly dip your nut in the yellow paint to make the nut yellow  

The nut is now yellow and looks just like a yellow coin. Maybe we can fool the Thug with this yellow nut

Head back left, to the elevator. Go down in the elevator and left again, to be back at the Thug.  

Use your yellow nut on the thug and........Blue Can lures the Thug, who thinks that the nut is a coin,  to the big magnet and.......

........the magnet operator hooks the Thug to the magnet and the thug drops his 2 yellow coins. Pick up the 2 yellow coins.

Go back to where the Thug stood. The thug no longer blocks the dubble doors, so enter through those doors. Blue Can is then at the bottle assembly line, which you see through the window. 2 cans are trapped in a hanging net. In the left corner stand a big bottle and in the socket is an electric extension cord. The net with the 2 cans in it is tight with a rope on the big bottle

Talk to the trapped cans in the net to hear how the got trapped in the net......

....those 2 cans are put in the net as punishment because they skipt there shift to go to the circus

The 2 trapped cans through a few pebbles down. Pick up the pebbles and also take that extension cord from the socket.

Leave this room, then go right and up in the elevator. At the teddy bear cabinet go out to the left. 

Blue Can is back on the middle level, at the fish pond, but now on the other side of the bridge.

 A road worker has repaired the bridge and the fisherman is gone. Talk to the repair guy to see what has happend here

Behind Blue Can is a socket on the wall and the electric cabel from the teddy bear cabinet lies on the floor. 

Put your extension cord in the socket and Blue Can connect it with the cable that's on the floor.

The teddy bear cabinet wil have power now, so go back inside and now click on the hatch of the teddy bear cabinet.

You enter the Block Sliding puzzle.

 You need to slide the blocks around to get the blue block to the bottom blue arrow and then slide it out and you must do this 3 times.

Fase 1

Fase 2

Fase 3

When done the teddy bear hatch goes open, so take the teddy bear

Go out to the right, to the circus. 

Click with the teddy bear on the manhole cover to summon the slingshot guy and Blue Can gives the teddy bear to the guy. 

Then pick up his slingshot

Return left, down in the elevator, left and through the doorway to the assembly line. In inventory combine the slingshot and pebbles

Then  click with the loaded slingshot on the big bottle to shoot a pebble at it. You must do this 3 times, with all your 3 pebbles.  

The bottle breaks and the 2 cans in the net are free and they climb into the tunnel. 

Above the ladder the control box for the 2 big fans is now accessible, so climb up the ladder and open that box

You enter the red and white Ball switch puzzle

 You need to get all of the red balls on the left side and all the white balls on the right side. In the middle is the switch zone with witch you can slide white balls to the right and red balls to the left. So you need to get balls into that switch zone and then slide the switch zone to the right and to the left. The 2 red buttons, to slide balls into the switch zone, doesn't work so you need to slide the balls yourself around to get them into the switch zone. You can switch 4 balls at a time with the switch zone. Here are some screenshots that show how to do this.

 When done Blue Can closes the box and climbs back down. The 2 big fans, outside, are now working. Go outside and you'll see that the leg, that was in the left fan, is now on the shelf above the letterbox. Put your picture, that you got from the one-legged pitchfork guy at the shop,  in the yellow letterbox and......the leg will fall donw to the floor. Pick up the leg.

Go left , back to the one-legged pitchfork guy at the shop, and give him his leg back.... 

The guy put on his leg and put on his helmet and he then give his yellow coin to Blue Can

Blue Can now has 3 yellow coins and that's enough to buy his dog Ruby back from the circus. 

So go back to the elevator and take it up to the middle level and go again through the door at the still sleeping guard to the circus

Enter the circus tent and give your 3 coins to the director and......

.......Rusty is free and Blue Can and his dog go back home

On the  middle level bridge dog Ruby doesn't want to go on, but Blue Can uses the yellow ball to get Ruby moving again.

Finally they are back home and are enjoying the eving sun for a bit on there balcony. 

But it's time to go to sleep, so click the yellow ball to get Ruby inside the house.

The last thing we see is the salesman who has a red yoyo and he goes to the big magnet to lure a cat out of a box.

The salesman put the cat in is hat and takes it with him to his cardboard box


You may thank me for this walkthrough via my email adress, but don't contact me about the steam achievements, wich I do not mention in this walkthrough. If you have followed this walkthrough step by step then you will have scored all those pretty stupid steam achievements automatically. But if you haven't scored all those achievements......well......I couldn't care less. This was a nice game to play 

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot