2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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The Remastered version of the game has some better graphics and some changes in the interface but the game is still a "point and click" game that you control with your left and right mouse buttons. By using your right mouse button George / Nico give you a short description of the item. To take or use an item you click on it with your left mouse button.

At the top left of the screen there's always the Wrench Icon. Top right of the screen you see the Question Mark Icon. 

Bottom Left you have a Suitcase Icon and Bottom Right the Diary Icon.

The Wrench Icon brings you to the Main Menu Screen where you can Save, Load and Leave the game. 

The Question mark Icon open up the Hint Screen of the game, where you can get puzzle hints

The Suitcase opens up your Inventory, where all the stuff goes in that you pick up in the game....

By left click the suitcase the inventory opens up in the middle of the screen

To use an item from inventory in the game you click on an item and then drag it out of the inventory to the spot  you want to use it and then click it there. 

To place an item back into the inventory you must click with your right mouse button. Sometimes you have to combine items in your inventory into a new item.

Talk to other people by clicking  your "Mouth cursor" on another person. Your CONVERSATION INVENTORY will then appear. 

All conversation option are always presented as small icons.

Each icon is another topic of conversation. Whether you get certain conversation options in conversations depends on what you already did or did not do in the game. For example, if you forgot to examine or pick up a specific item, you will not receive any conversation options about that item. You always have to use all conversation topics. This means that you often have to click multiple times on the same topic However, there are often options where you do not immediately get the correct answer. These topics will then keep coming back in every conversation until you have spoken to the right person about it. Some talk options also provide new options to talk about. In short, always try to use your conversation options as exhaustively as possible in every conversation


In the introductory  we are in the Jungle of Mexico. A crowd of natives gathered at a pyramid deep in the jungle.

Then all of a sudden we are in Paris where we see George Stobbard and Nicole Collard walking towards the house of one professor Oubier

It is just over a year after the events in Broken Sword 1. George is back in Paris to visit Nico again. Nico is still a photo journalist and she's on the trail of a new story and that is why she is now on her way to a professor Oubier's house for an interview. That Oubier seems to be a well-known archaeologist. Although George prefers to experience a few wild days and nights with Nico, he accompanied Nico to the home of that professor Oubier.

Meanwhile In the Jungle, on top of the pyramid, the God, idolized by the natives, appears. And God demands a sacrifice.

Nico and George call at the home of Oubier and they are admitted by an Indian person. 

George has some doubt  whether this is Professor Oubier. The Indian takes George and Nico upstairs and......

....... in the jungle the Gods offering is brought to his God, to face his destiny

In the meantime other scenes are taking place in the Oubier house. 

George is beaten unconscious by the Indian and Nico is stunned by a second Indian, with an arrow from a blowpipe

In the jungle the God prepares to accept the Sacrifice.....

George is tied to a chair in Oubier's house. The Indians apparently have no interest in George, only in Nico because they take her away

the Indians release a  fat spider and they start a fire 

In the Jungle the Sacrifice is killed by God .....The spider is slowly but surely starting to crawl to George.

You now get control over the game and you start with Chapter 1: Paris:

Chapter 1: George: Paris
Chapter 2: George: Marseille
Chapter 3: George: Quaramonte part 1: The General
Chapter 4: George: Quaramonte part 2: Tree House
Chapter 5: George and Nico Separated
Chapter 6: Nico and George: Quaramonte: Pyramid and Ending

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot