2019: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 1: George: Congo: part 1:


A: Get of the plane:

The plane has crashed and is balancing dangerously on the edge of a very deep abyss. Harry, the pilot, is unconscious and George is sitting in the hold, strapped to a window seat. The "ACTION MAP" appears in the lower right of your screen and you will see an "asterisk" appear on the seat belt that secures George to the seat. That "asterisk" means that the belt is selected and that you have to do something now.

At this moment you can see the "gear" symbol in Circle 3 of the "Action Map" and the "eye" symbol in Circle 4. Press your Number 4 key  George then looks at the seat belt and tells something about it. Press your Number 3 key and…George now loosens the belt and stands up.  Walk 1 step forward with your Up key. You then get the  "asterisk"  on the window and again you see in Circle 4 the "eye" and in Circle 3 the "gear"

So press your Number 4 key and ........ George looks out the window and he sees the right engine of the plane on fire.

Walk a little to the left, via your Left arrow key, and then walk into the cockpit and .........

Oh ... that's not a good plan. The nose of the aircraft is now becoming too heavy and the plane threatens to plunge into the abyss. More weight must first be moved backwards to balance the plane. Turn around with your Down key and walk all the way back, so to the bottom of your screen. To the left of George is the entrance / exit door of the aircraft. Place George directly in front of the Exit door with your Left button.

Press your 4 key to view the door. Press your 3 key to try to open the door. This does not work, because the door is twisted and therefore is stuck and will not open. Use the Up key to go two steps forward. There is a bottle on the floor. In your Action Map, the "eye" appears in circle 4 and the "gears" appear in circle 3.

Press your 4 key to have George see the bottle. It is an unopened bottle of beer. Press your 3 key to pick up the bottle. The beer bottle is then in your inventory.  There is a crate in front of George. Continue to the crate.  Press your 4 key so that George looks at the crate. The crate is attached to the bars with a strap. Press your 3 key and George loosens the belt

Now stand behind the crate but face George towards the crate. The "fist" appears in circle 3.

So press and hold your 3 key and then press your right arrow so that George pulls the crate back. Make sure that the crate is placed in the middle of the "stripes" on the floor. Then stand between the crate and the cockpit and turn George to the crate. Press your 3 key again and while holding it down, also press your down arrow key. Hold both keys down to push the crate all the way to the back of the plane, so until you can't continue. 

Then turn George around and walk back into the cockpit. Due to the weight of the crate, the plane will no longer "tilt". Pilot Harry is lying unconscious in the "drivers seat".

 There is a Red Fire Extinguisher on the floor in front of George and a crack in the left cockpit window.

Stand to the left of the fire extinguisher. You can see that there is a crack in the far left window. In circle 4 you get the "eye" and in circle 3 the "gears".

Press your 4 key and George notices the cracked window. Press your 3 key but George cannot push the window out with his hands.

Now stand in front of that fire extinguisher. The "grab hand" appears in circle 3.

Press your 3 key and George picks up the fire extinguisher. In circle 3 you now get the "box icon" and the game gives you a warning ......

Now you have to pay attention ............ You now have to make sure that you get the "gear" in circle 3 and the "eye" in circle 4. You do this by pressing your Next Object or the Previous Object key. For me, those are the X and Z keys. So press your X key once and circle 3 will show the "gears" again. Circle 4 is now empty. Press your X key again to return the "eye" to circle 4.

Now press your 4 key so that George looks at the cracked window again. Then press your 3 key and ... George throws the fire extinguisher through the cracked window. When George has thrown the fire extinguisher through the window, press your 3 key and ...... George tries to climb out through the window, but ... that does not work. 

More weight has to be moved backwards. Harry is a nice fatter, so he is heavy and can therefore put a lot of weight on the scale. But first Harry must be "woken up". So make sure that George is right next to Harry and then looks at Harry.... In your ACTION MAP you get in 1 a "magnifier", in 3 a "mouth" and in 4 the "eye".

Press your 1 key and ..........George will search Harry's pockets and he finds a bottle opener and puts the thing in his pocket.

How your Inventory works:

Now press your space bar to open the inventory. The contents of your inventory appear in the top left of the screen. You can see that the bottle opener is now the SELECTED item because the thing is now in the large circle with a white border. To use an Item you must first select it, that is, the item must then be in that large circle with a white border. Via your Z and your X key you "browse" through the items in your inventory and then you can use that item via the icons in the ACTION MAP.

Make sure that you have selected the beer bottle in the inventory ......

In your Action Map you get the "boxes with arrow" symbol in 1, and in 3 the "gears" and in 4 the "eye".

Press your 1 key and ....... the beer bottle will now be placed under the bottle opener.

Press your 1 key again and ........... George now opens the beer bottle with the bottle opener. 

Have George look at Harry again and press your space bar again to open your inventory. Make sure that the opened beer bottle is selected in the inventory and .......

..... In the ACTION MAP you get in 1 the Combination arrow, in 3 the gear wheels and in 4 the eye.

George now wants to "use" the opened beer bottle on Harry, so press your 3 key and ......

..... George is holding the opened beer bottle under Harry's nose and Harry is now waking up.

George gives Harry a bit of luck. In 3 you now get the "mouth", so press your 3 key to talk to Harry.

How to do conversations::

Your possible conversation topics will now appear in the bottom left of your screen. Via your Z and your X key you "browse" to another topic to select it. Then press your 3 key to talk about the selected topic. You can now talk to Harry about all topics, but you have to get Harry to lift his lazy ass out of the chair and then sit on top of that crate in the back of the plane. To do this, select the "Plane Tilt" topic and then press your 3 key

Harry then stands up and walks to the crate and sits on it.

Well, let's see if Harry has enough weight to keep the plane in balance.

Press left to put George in front of the broken window again and then press your 3 key ...... and ......

George crawls out through the window and yells at Harry that he still has to sit on the crate.

Harry thinks "fuck it brother" and he to climbs out through the window. The result can be guessed.

The plane loses the unstable balance and George plunges into depth with the plane.

Well ...... is this already the end of George ??? ....... But no ..... George and Harry luckily both ended up safely on a ledge on the rock wall.

The game then gives us an overview of the cliff wall, where George and Harry have each landed on their own ledge.

Top right you see the cave to which George must climb ..... via all the ledges and plateaus

B: Ledge "Hopping"

George must get to the cave at the very top of the cliff. First George has to go to Harry. We will do this as follows:

Walk to the edge of the ledge. In 3 you now get the "Jump over" icon. So press your 3 key and George jumps over to the ledge, beneath Harry. Walk up to the ledge where Harry is standing. In 2 you now get the "Climb up" icon. So press your 2 key and George climbs up to Harry. A conversation follows.

George turns out to be a so-called "Patent Lawyer" and he is here in the Jungle of Congo to meet a scientist who has invented a machine to generate inexhaustible energy. George must secure the Patent for this invention.  After the conversation, move George to the right, to the very edge. The platform that George lands on is cracked and will collapse due to the weight of George and ........... George falls down to a smaller ledge

The platform that George lands on is also cracked and will therefore collapse. 

So quickly walk to the edge on the right, and if the ledge collapses then George will land safely on the ledge below. You can also jump down to this ledge.

Continue to the wall of the next higher platform and then press your 2 key to climb up. A brief intermezzo with Harry follows.

After the intermezzo with Harry, turn George around and walk to the Column wall. In 3 you now get the "Wall Hugging" icon. So press your 3 key and George presses his back against the wall. You now have to move George through the narrow ledge to the other side of the column and you do this with the arrow keys

On the other side of the column you get the "End Wall Hugging " icon in 3, so press your 3 key. 

When George has come  loose from the wall, walk back to the edge and climb  down to the lower platform, via 1

George has now arrived at the Waterfall. Now turn George, via Down, towards you and then stand on the edge of this ledge. The waterfall is then to the right of George and he "looks" at you. In 1 you now get the "climb down" icon, so press your 1 key. George turns around and goes backwards over the edge and now he hangs on the ledge. Press your 1 key to make George fall down to the small narrow ledge.

Press right and walk to the edge, press 1 again and George comes to hang on the "end" side of this ledge. Press 1 to put George on the platform.

You now see a ledge behind the waterfall. Press right and then 3 and George jumps over to the ledge behind the waterfall. Walk across the ledge to the right and continue until you reach the wall. Then walk through Down to the ledge. In 2 you get the "climb" symbol, so press 2 to climb on the ledge. Then walk, via Right, over this narrow ledge to the other end and then press 1 and George hangs over the edge on this ledge.

Now you have to "slide" George "Hand over Hand" along the ledge and you do that via your up arrow and your right arrow. At the end, drop George through 1.

Turn around via Down and walk forward onto the wide ledge. Go right and then up and then via 3 again into the "Wall Hugging". 

Then move George over through Right, Up, Right, Down, Right over this narrow ledge until it is back on the wide ledge. Then switch off the "Wall Hug" via 3.

Continue to the right and then climb up via 2.

Walk to the edge and jump over, via 3, to the next ledge on the corner. Then turn left and then climb up again through 2.

Then walk left into the corner against the wall and then down through to the protruding ledge and climb up through 2 here.

Turn Right and then up a bit at an angle via Up so that you get the Up climb symbol in 2.

Press 2 to climb up to the wide platform. On this you walk to the niche in the rock wall and climb in through your  2 key

Turn left and climb through 2 to the next ledge. Walk to the left and then Down and climb down through 1.

Turn left and go through 3 again in the "Wall Hugging" and then down and left around the column. Switch off "Wall Hugging" via 3 and climb further up via 2

Then climb up again via 2 and ........

George has now come to the "mouth" of the cave and now we see the final video of this first chapter ........

You see 3 men in the cave. 1 male is lying on the ground and apparently terrified. And with reason. The gentleman in the smart suit calls the man on the floor "Cholmondely" or something and no matter how hard that man denies that this is his name, he still gets to be shot dead

End of chapter 1 ....... we continue with

Chapter 2: Paris part 1: Nicole Colard:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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