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Chapter 11: Paris: George in Montfauçon:

Vernon's apartment:

George and Nico are back in Paris and in Vernon's flat. André and Beatrice are sitting comfortably on the couch. A conversation followed in which André talks about the St. Stefan Temple. The exact location of this temple is not known, but according to André there are indications about this temple in the old meeting place of the Templars in Montfauçon. If you have ever played Broken Sword 1 then you know what André is talking about. George decides to go to Montfauçon.


George arrives at the square in Montfauçon. Work is taking place here on the square.

The manhole cover part 1

The church behind the truck is the Templar temple where George has also been in Broken Sword 1. Behind the truck you see a sewer well cover in the ground. Turn George around and walk over to the manhole cover at the back of the truck. Stand in front of the manhole cover, so that you have the "grab" in 3. Behind the truck a road worker is drilling a hole in the ground with a jackhammer

Press 3....... George says that the lid is way too heavy to be able to lift it with his bare hands. There is a brown tool bag in front of the fence and right in front of the hole that the road worker is drilling. Walk towards the tool bag and stand in front of it. Make sure you have the "eye" and the "gears" in 3 and in 4. Look at he tool bag with 4.

George reports that there is a Sewer key in the bag. Try to grab this sewer key from the bag with 3. However, the road worker does not allow this. It is his bag and his tools and George has to stay away from it. Turn to the right and walk along the drill hole to the right, to the left front wheel of the truck. In the cabin the driver is taking a nap on the steering wheel. Stand straight in front of the front wheel and you have the "mouth" in 3. Press 3. George screams but the driver does not wake up.

Behind George, and therefore behind the road worker, stand the jackhammer compressor. 

Walk towards the compressor and stand in front of it, with Georges back to you. Look at the compressor with 4 and then press 3 and...

George presses the buttons and turns off the compressor, and therefore the drill, and George quickly runs away to the fountain. We hear the road worker, who shouts a few powerful curses. Quickly walk to the left to the manhole cover behind the truck. The road worker throws the drill down and runs to the compressor. Quickly walk to the tool bag, make sure you have the "gears" in 3 and then press 3 and George now grabs the Sewer key from the bag.

Turn around and walk back to the manhole cover. Wait until the drill starts to drill again. Then open your inventory and select the "Sewer Key" and press 3.

With all his might George tries to open the manhole cover with the help of the sewer key. But no matter how he tries, it doesn't work. The road worker examines George's efforts and then asks if that sewer key comes out of his bag. Naturally George denies this. The road worker then says that George's efforts will be in vain because the manhole cover was welded shut a few years ago and it is now completely stuck. So more forces is needed to lift the manhole cover out of the road

The Urinal House and the Scaffolding House:

Turn George to the right and walk past the truck and  then keep walking to the right, past the fountain to the other side of the square. Continue to the right over the piece of greenery and you are then standing in front of a small house that has scaffolding all around. You see a woman sitting on the left side of the house. Go to that woman.

You are then on the left side of the scaffolding house and there is a public urinal house here. 

So that female here is the "urinal lady". Stand in front of the lady and talk to her. 


After exchanging the usual pleasantries  over and over again, the "Urinals" appears as the topic of conversation. Use this "Urinals" topic 3 times. After each time there is a conversation between George and the woman. The subject will not return after the third time. End the conversation and then walk to the right and enter the Urinal. Inside you walk to the urinals on the other side of the wall.

There are 5 urinals. Count from the left and then go for the second urinal and press 3. George "empties" himself for a moment and then, on command, from the toilet lady, he will wash his hands at the sink. Then turn George and walk outside again and continue until you reach the grass. Turn George to the left and walk to the left and then, along the front side of the scaffolding house, to the right side

Turn George over with Up and then walk to the back in the "alley" and go stand at the back of the scaffolding.... You really have to put George in the right place to get the "Climb Up" symbol in 2. For this you have to stand close to the wall at the back of the scaffolding, facing the scaffolding. Press 2 to hang George on the lower landing. Press 2 again to put George is the bottom floor of the scaffold

Walk forward until you reach the ladder and press 3. George climbs up the ladder. Climb further up and George comes to the top floor of the scaffold. Follow this to the right and jump with 3 over the gap. Walk on and when George goes around the next corner he is seen by the "Urinals"  lady.

The lady calls out that George must get of the scaffold or else she will call the police. Then George is back on the street, in front of the house. Go back to the lady and talk to her again. Use the "Urinals" topic again. In a fairly long discussion, George manages to convince the lady that something is wrong with her urinals, and she stands up and walks into the urinal.

You have to be fast now. RUN back to the other side of the scaffold house and climb up to the lower scaffold floor. Climb up the ladder to the top floor and follow the scaffolding all the way to the other end, you have to jump over the gap  again with 3. At the other end, press 1 to hang George down on the  scaffold. 

Press 1 again and George is on the bottom floor. In the foreground you see a rope hanging over the scaffolding rod. 

Continue to the rope with Down facing and press 3 to grab the rope. 

Turn George back and walk back to the end. Turn George again and take 1 or 2 small steps forward to get the "Climb Up" symbol in 2. Press 2 twice in succession and George is back on the top floor. Walk to the front but after two steps George is discovered again by the lady who is threatening with the police again.

Manhole cover part 2:

George will automatically stand on the street and in front of the house. 

Open your inventory and select the "Length of Rope" and press 3.Then select the Sewer key and press 1 and ....

..... George ties the rope to the sewer key.

Now go all the way back to the left to the truck and stand in front of the manhole cover. Open your inventory and select the "Rope tied to Sewer Key" and press 3.

George puts the sewer key back into the manhole cover and ties the other end of the rope to the truck. Walk to the drill hole. In 3 you get the "mouth". Press 3 to talk to the road worker again. This guy is also an old acquaintance of George from Broken Sword part 1. You get the "Flobbage" topic. Use this topic twice. You then get the "Alphonse" topic. Also use this 2 times. Alphonse is  the driver of the truck and he is terribly afraid of earthquakes. End the conversation and walk to the left front wheel of the truck. Stand in front of it again so that you get the "mouth" in 3. Press 3 and ..

.."EARTHQUAKE" .... "EARTHQUAKE", George cried out. Alphonse wakes up and immediately tears away with the truck, dragging the manhole cover behind him.


The truck and the manhole cover are now gone and Flobbage is drilling again undisturbed. 

Walk to the round sewer hole and when you get there you get the "ladder" in 3. 

So press 3 and George enters the sewer. Walk to the plank that is over the canal and walk across it to the other side.

Then walk to the left until the next corner and then go around the corner and walk until George is standing in front of the two big Gates. In the right Gate you see a painting of a man who is hung and in the left gate you see a stone door with a skull on it. Stand in the left gate and in 3 you have the "gears" and in 4 the "eye". Look at the door with 4 and George tells you that the skull has a very big mouth. Open your inventory and select the "Stone Cylinder" and then press 3.

George places the Stone Cylinder in the skull and the door slides open. Well, walk through the door into the dark and George ends up in:

the Catacombs of the St. James Temple:

Continue up the high circular corridor. The corridor bends to the right and then again to the left and then you come to a turn to the right.

Follow the corridor further straight ahead. The corridor takes a few corners and then it brings George at a staircase and at the top of the staircase you see large doors.

So follow the corridor further, through the gate and through the pillars corridor and then up the stairs and to those doors. 

The doors are ajar and George hears voices.

George peeks through the crack in the doors and we see 2 of Susarro's men who are talking.

Turn George over with Down and walk back down the stairs through the pillars corridor and the gate and follow the high corridor back to that exit to the right.

 Enter this corridor, with Right, and follow this corridor around the bend. 

George then automatically walks to a large blood pool on the floor and we see a trail of blood that "continues" down the corridor. Well, follow the blood trail. The corridor bends to the left again and then you walk through a long right-hand part to the bottom of the screen and you come to an intersection. There is a corridor to the left and a corridor to the right. The blood trail goes into the right corridor, so do you too.

Follow the right corridor until you reach 2 gates that are left and right in the walls. There is a door in both gates. The door in the left gate is on the ground and the door in the right gate is open. The blood trail passes through the right-hand gate, but it also comes out and then continues up the corridor. Turn George clockwise and enter the right room through the right gate.

 A slaughter took place here. There are about 4 Templar corpses in this room.

Behind the open door you also see a corpse "sitting" against the wall.

 Go to this corpse and stand in front of it. In 3 you get the "magnifying glass". So press 3.

George bows down and examines the corpse with disgust and finds an "Old Rusty Key". Turn around George and continue to the right until you find the counter in the corner of this room. There is a microwave on the counter in the corner. Stand in front of the microwave and look at  the thing with your "eye" in 4.

George tells you that the microwave is broken but that the "10 second button" still works. Press 3 but George decides NOT to press the "10 second button" because the sound might alert a guard. This info about the "10 second button" is important because it's the solution to solve the Guards puzzle, so let's call this room the Microwave Room. Turn around and go back into the corridor through the door. Now walk through the gate directly across the and then go left or right into the room

This room the shower room. If you want, you can walk through the shower room by going up the steps in the corners. However, this is not necessary. You just have to know that you can enter this room through the left gate. Enter the main corridor through the gate again and follow it now, with Up, to the rear gate.

George stops in front of the gate. This gate is the entrance to the kitchen / dining room and we see a guard reading at a table. George tells you that we have to get rid of that guard because otherwise he cannot go into the kitchen to follow the blood trail. George then sneaks back a bit through the corridor.

Walk back through the corridor to the two gates and enter the Microwave room, on the right again and walk to the Microwave on the counter in the left rear corner of the room. Stand in front of the microwave again but don't do anything just yet

How to get the Guard out of the kitchen / dining room:

Before you continue, it is best to read this entire piece carefully first. You get only 10 seconds to do what you have to do. Then do it all exactly like I tell you. 

Standing in front of the microwave, first open your inventory. Check whether the "Old Iron Key" has been selected in your inventory. 

If this is not the case, make sure it is. Then close your inventory again

You now have the Old Rusty Key ready for use. Save your game now

Standing in front of the magnetron you have to get the "gears" again in 3. Press 3 and George activates the "10 second button". Don't wait for George to finish his explanation, because you won't have enough time. Once George has enabled the "10 second button", press and hold both your Run Key and your Up Key.

You then run to the door during George's explanation.

 Make sure you don't run the wrong way and that George runs through the door into the corridor and run through and through the gate into the "shower room".

Go immediately left or right (it doesn't matter) and hopefully you have made this before the 10 seconds were up.

When the 10 seconds are up you will hear "PING". The guard in the kitchen also hears this and he gets up and walks down the hall to the microwave room. The guard then stands still for a moment in front of the gate and you can now see George pressed against the wall in the dressed corridor. The guard then walks into the microwave room and walks to the microwave.

You will regain control of George. Quickly, run to the door of the microwave room and make sure you do not run into the room itself.

In the gate you turn to the door so that you have the "door symbol" in 3. Press 3 and George closes the door. Open your inventory, if it's right then the "Old Iron Key" will already be selected, so press 3 again and George will lock the Microwave room door. The guard is now locked up.

NB: if you had not selected the "Old Iron Key" in your inventory BEFORE you turned on the Microwave, you will not be able to lock that door before the guard comes out and George is shot. You will have to repeat this whole piece a couple of times because, and I have said this before, RUNNING in this game is very badly. While running, the steering of George and Nico is downright bad and he flies in all directions except the right on

All right, the guard is locked up, so follow the corridor up again and go through the gate into the kitchen/ dining room and walk on until George is next to the second row of tables. Turn George over with Up and walk with Up to the square gate at the top of the screen. Walk through this gate and walk to the bottom of the screen.

Turn George over with Down. George is now in a low tunnel that is supported by beams.

Follow the tunnel to the bottom of the screen and walk to the end. Then go left and through the gate and you are in the:

Wine cellar:

Follow the blood trail on the floor to the bottom of the screen until George is standing against a cupboard, then go a little to the left and then back to the bottom of the screen. 

Follow the blood trail further between the cupboards to the rear and when George comes next to the rear cupboard he will automatically stop.

 We see that the blood trail ends at the large right-hand wine rack. However, there is no corpse.

The Wine Rack Puzzle:

Continue to the wine rack. 5 bottles protrude from the wine rack, each with a different cork color. There is a Green Bottle, a White Bottle, a Blue Bottle, a Left Red Bottle and a Right Red Bottle.

Now stand in front of the bottles in such a way that you can still see all 5 of them and make sure you have the "GEAR " in 3 and the "EYE" in 4. The "White Star" appears on each of the 5 bottles.  

By pressing your "Next Object" or your "Previous Object" Key (in my case these are the Z and the X key) you can SELECT one of the 5 bottles. You see which bottle is selected because the "White Star" on this bottle becomes BRIGHTER. Then press 4 and George tells you what kind of bottle it is. So select each of the 5 bottles in this way and then always press your 4 key. You will find out that

The Blue Bottle is a FRENCH wine bottle.
The Left Red Bottle is an ITALIAN wine bottle.
The Judge Red Bottle is a GERMAN wine bottle.
The White Bottle is a FRENCH Champagne bottle.
The GREEN bottle is an ISRAELI wine bottle.

Do you remember what André has said about the journey of St. Stefan? No? Open your inventory and select "George Notepad". Press your 1 key 2 or 3 times and you are on the page with George notes are about the journey of the knight Stefan. 

Knight Stefan traveled from Israel via Italy and Germany to Rheims and ended his journey in Berentoires. So the journey went from: Israel to Italy, Germany, France Rheims and France Berentoires.

 Close the notebook with 3. George must now pull the 5 bottles and he must do that in the order of knight's Stefan's journey. This order is therefore:

Green Bottle = Israel.
Left Red Bottle = Italy.
Right Red Bottle = Germany.
White Bottle = France (Rheims is Champagne).
Blue Bottle = France Berentoires.

So stand again in front of the 5 bottles so that you have the "gears" in 3 again and you see the "White Star" on each of the 5 bottles. Then always select the correct bottle and press 3. Do this as follows:

Select the Green Bottle and press 3. George pulls the green bottle.
Select the Left Red Bottle and press 3. George pulls the left red bottle.
Select the Right Red Bottle and press 3. George pulls the right red bottle.
Select the White Bottle and press 3. George pulls the white bottle.
Select the Blue Bottle and press 3. George pulls the blue bottle and ... 

The 5 bottles "pull back and the Wine Rack slides open. George goes through this secret door and ends up in a tunnel again. The secret wine rack door swings shut behind him.  

Walk down the tunnel with Down. Halfway through George, he automatically continues and comes to a dying guy, he was a new age  Templar.

Before the guy blows out his last breath to join the Grim Reaper, he tells George to "find the others and protect the Key". The dying guy also says that George needs to find a Statue and then he dies. Walk up to the body and examine the corpse with your "magnifier" in 3 but George finds nothing. 

With Up, walk to the stairs, walk up the stairs and continue to the door. George automatically goes through the door and then stands in the dressing room of the Templars. At the bottom of your screen is a large grandfather clock on the floor. Walk to the clock and look at i the thing with your "eye" in 4.

The clock is broken and the hands are stuck at 3:42 a.m. Turn right and walk to the right and continue until you reach the brown door. Then turn George diagonally to the left, so that he looks at the doorknob and you get the symbols in your Action Map. Open the door with 4 and......

we see an overview of the large Cathedral hall.

The St. Stefans Cathedral part 1

We see two guards and we see a door on the opposite side of the church hall, directly opposite the door of the dressing room. Watch this video carefully. 

George is then in the gate in front of the door to the dressing room. On the left is the stage with the white altar on it. Behind the altar stand a screen. The large pulpit stands on the right side of the stage, so immediately to the left next to the gate where George now stands. You reach the pulpit via a few steps. In front of the stage are 2 large round white pillars. The right pillar is right next to the pulpit and the left pillar is therefore on the left side of the stage.

So there are two guards. The front guard walks his rounds in front of the altar. Study the route that this guard walks very well .......... The guard always walks across the stage, from the left white pillar, along the stage, to the right white pillar by the pulpit. Then the guard goes down the steps and turns to the podium. The guard is then directly in front of George. Then the guard walks along the stage to the bottom of the screen, turns around and walks up the steps to the left-hand white pillar and starts his round again from there.

Because the camera position will change immediately and constantly, it will be difficult to explain. What is now left will then be right and what is now right will then be left. So for the sake of convenience, call that White Round Pillar near the pulpit the Pulpit Pillar and call that White Pillar that is now at the front left of the Podium the Office Pillar

George has to get to that door across the hall, and he must do so without being seen by the guard on the stage ....... you don't have to take that second guard into account. That door across the hall is the Office Door. I'll give you the route that George must follow. Obviously you have to make sure that George only goes walking when that guard has turned his back to George or is far away from George. And you must ensure that George remains in the shadows at all times.

A: From the dressing room door to the office door

George has to get into that pulpit first. So wait until the guard walks from the pulpit to the other side of the stage.

Then move George from the dressing room door and immediately go up the steps to the left and then into the pulpit. 

In the pulpit there is a large Bible. George has to look at that bible. First with the "eye" in 4 and then with the "gear" in 3.

As soon as you can, because of the guard, you go out of the pulpit again and make sure that George is standing next to the pulpit, so at the top of the steps. George is then just on the stage, right next to the back of the pulpit. Wait patiently here. The camera then shows you a complete overview of the church hall and you see the altar stage, from above, and you see the two guards. So what was first left is now Right, and what was first Right is now Left.

The guard walks back onto the stage and waits a moment at the Office Pillar. Don't move. The guard then crosses the stage to the Pulpit Pillar and then stands right in front of George. However, he does not notice George. Here the Guard goes down the steps again and stands at the bottom again and turns to the altar stage. STAY STILL. Then the guard walks along the stage again to the Office Pillar. As soon as the guard starts walking towards the Office Pillar, set George in motion and cross the stage diagonally to the back of the Screen, that stands  behind the white altar. Make sure you stay behind the guard.

Hide George behind the high middle panel of the screen. Wait here until the guard is back on stage at the Office Pillar. Behind the Office Pillar the steps go down to the Office Door. So wait until the guard walks back to the Pulpit Pillar. As soon as the guard is at the height of the white altar, move George into the dark corner and walk along the wall to the steps behind the Office Pillar.

Descend the stairs and immediately dive into the gate and walk to the door.

The door handle is on the left side of the door, so make sure that George looks at the door handle and open the door with 3 and George is in the:

Office 1st time:

You made it and you are now safe in the office of the Preceptor. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE

Walk to the left until you reach the left wall. Between the bookshelves is a Clock on the ledge of the wall. Stand in front of the clock and look at the clock with your "eye" in 4. George tells you that this clock is broken too, but that the key, to change the hands, is still in it. Turn around and walk to the bottom of the screen and on to the right wall. There are 3 niches in the right wall with a statue in each niche. Stand straight in front of the middle niche. In 3 you have the "gear" and in 4 the "eye".

Look at the statue with 4. George says that this could be St. Stefan. On the base of the statue is a round copper plate with inscriptions. On the statue and also on that round copper plate you have the "White Star". Now select the Round Copper Plate with your Next Object Key or with your Previous Object button (Z or X). You can see that you have selected this because the "White Star" on the copper plate is brighter. Then press 4 and George reads aloud what is written on the copper plate. It is a piece of text from the Bible Book REVELATION. You have also seen the year 1247.

Now go back to the clock and stand in front of it again so that you have the "gear" in 3 again. Press 3. At the bottom left, 2 possible time displays now appear. 

Those are 3:42, the time the clock hands indicated in the dressing room, and 1247, the St. Stefan Year.

Select 3:42 and press 3. George sets the clock hands at 3 hours 42 minutes. Nothing happens. Press 3 again and 1247 is now selected. 

Press 3 and George sets the hands at 12 hours 47 minutes and.....again nothing happens

Think back to what is written on the round copper plate of the St. Stefan statue: "He Who Reads ... REVELATIONS!". So George must read the REVELATIONS piece in the Bible. Where have you seen a nice big bible again? Yes… IN THE PULPIT CHAIR. George has to go back to the pulpit to read that Bible again. So you have to follow the route back, across the stage behind the altar and then to the pulpit, and again that means that the guard is not allowed to see George. 

B: Cathedral part 2:

 from the office to the pulpit

So go to the door and press 3 and George is back in the cathedral and in the gate for the office door.


Well, essentially it's the same route back, but now the other way round. I am not going to explain this step by step anymore.

You know what to look for now, so make sure you end up in the Pulpit again. The following screenshots may be of use to you .....

In the pulpit you stand in front of the Bible again and press 3 and.......

George reads through the REVELATIONS Section and that is: Chapter 1 verse 3 and this is 1:03.

As soon as George has read the Bible for the second time: SAVE YOUR GAME again. George now has to go back to the Office and that is the same route as the first time. But George can be shot again by the guard. So SAVE your Game After reading the Bible. If George is then shot dead then you open this last Save and then you will stand IN FRONT OF THE OFFICE DOOR and you have read the Bible and you can just continue. From the pulpit you ensure that you end up back in the office safely.

Back in the Office:

Back in the office you go back to the clock. Press 3 and you have the "Number From Bible" in your screen. 

Press 3 and George sets the hands at 1:03.

the games takes over now:

It seems like nothing is happening again, but then George hears a sound and he turns around. 

We see the St. Stefan Statue turning away and we see the Secret Passage behind the statue. 

George walks up to it and enters the Secret Passage and he enters the Holy Hall.

George is grabbed by two Templars and we now meet the Preceptor, the great Templar boss. Well, listen to what he says.

The Perceptor tells about the Key Of Solomon and tells that it is now in the hands of Susarro. The Key Of Solomon is needed to bring out the DRAGON. He gives the "PSI Stone" to George. So now George has all 3 Alphabet Stones in his possession. The three stones are the only way to find out where the precise location of the Armillary is. Then the Preceptor turns George into a Knight.

We end up in:

Vernon's Apartment:

George informs André and Nico of his experiences. Nico suddenly walks away to the kitchen because she's a bit tired of George's boiling.

Walk to Nico and talk to her. You get various conversation options and these are: "André Lobineau", "Beatrice", "Alphabet Stones", "Egypt". Use them all.

Nico has a DVD with satellite maps including the map of Egypt. Nico puts the DVD in the computer and we see the map of Egypt appear on the screen. In 3 you then have the "gear". Press 3 and your inventory items will appear in your screen. Select the "PSI Stone" and press 3. 

George says that the image on the PSI Stone corresponds to the Nile Delta. Nico zooms in on the Nile Delta. Press 3 and select the "Omega Stone" and press 3 again. The Omega Stone corresponds to the Turn in the Nile and Nico zooms in on this turn. You see 4 pyramids on the screen. Press 3 and select the "Alpha Stone" and press 3. George and Nico tell you that those 4 pyramids are in a cross shape but that there is a point away from the cross. That point is the exact location of the Armillary and George and Nico know this location now and we go to:

Chapter 12: George and Nico: Egypt:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot