2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 12: George and Nico: Egypt:

We start this chapter with a fairly long video. George and Nico have arrived at the location where the entrance to the Armillary is. We see a tent with two guards.

George and Nico are hiding but Nico is impatient and hops to a better hideout. Hereby she knocks over a pillar and the sound alerts the two guards.

The guards decide to walk back and forth through the area. George is not happy about this.

A: Get to Nico

George is behind a wall. I have named this Wall 1 ....... 

There is a gate in the wall. Walk to the left, in front of  the gate, then turn George Up and sneak through the gate and stop immediately.

The camera now looks at the entire area from above. Stand in front of the gate. Make sure you are not in sight. Take a look at the situation......

At the top of your screen you see the red tent with a guard inside. The 2nd guard walks back and forth between the right corner of the tent and the far left corner of the wall at the top left of your screen. The dog walks with that guard but always a bit behind him. 

That red tent stands in front of the entrance to the tunnel that is in the round rock. At the top left of your screen, the path that Nico has run into also starts and this path runs all the way from left to right behind the round tent rock. Nico is now standing, out of sight, behind the round rock tent on the left. 

George must go to Nico, but he may not be seen by the back and forth walking guard, and his dog. The best thing to do now is to number all those walls. Do that as follows:

The wall with the gate, at the bottom of your screen where George is now, is Wall 1. Right opposite George is Wall 2, that is the wall to the left of the helicopter. This wall has a cross piece and a length piece. At the top left of wall 2 is Wall 3. That is the "yellow" transverse wall. Above wall 3 there is  wall 5 where that guard always walks towards him from the red tent ..... That guard and his dog always walk back and forth between the red tent and wall 5.

Now do the following:

As soon as that guard and his dog are behind wall 5, or in front of the red tent, move George straight up, from wall 1 to Wall 2

Hide behind the high stone part of wall 2 and stand still

Wait behind wall 2 until the guard and his dog are again standing in front of the red tent on the right. Then quickly run to Wall 3.

The camera position is now changing again and you now see the entire left side.

Behind wall 3 You see wall 5 and you see the beginning of that path in the top left of your screen. You also see 2 round rocks. The guard and his dog are still standing at the red tent but they turn around and walk back to wall 5 ..... So stay hidden behind wall 3. The guard and his dog reach wall 5 again ..... Stay  behind wall 3.

The guard then starts walking back to the tent. The dog, however, remains seated for a while but then goes after the guard. When the guard is back at the right corner of the tent and the dog too, they are standing with their back to George. QUICKLY… Run left  towards the upper rock 4 and keep running ..... 

Run from rock 4 to Wall 5 ......... the camera position changes again and now looks from a cave ....

Run to the beginning of the path past wall 5, and then continue to the left and follow the path around the bend and you will come to Nico.

Walk on to Nico and ....... George is safe and a short conversation with Nico follows

Continue to the left and past Nico. Go along the rock wall. Just behind Nico is a square surface in the rock wall. This surface has a different structure than the rest of the rock. As long as you continue to walk to the left along the rock wall, George will automatically look at this deviating square and you will get in 3 the "gears" and in 4 the "eye". Then stand still and look at the square with 4 George tells something about it and Nico says there are 3 symbols on this square, these 3 symbols are the "Nile Delta", the "Alpha" and the "Omega". George says Bingo, we're here. Open your inventory and select the "Car Jack Handle" and press 3 and ...

... George prods the DOOR open with the Jack Well, what are you waiting for? Walk through the door and ... 

We see the Armillary and we see Bruno, Flap and Susarro. Bruno places the Key Of Solomon and activates the machine.

Then you get a black screen and we hear George and Nico talking to each other about who has the flashlights. The light goes on and we are a number of skeletons. 

And then .... Anubis, the Guardian of the Underworld,  appears

B: Anubis

Anubis says that two tests must be taken and the first is the:

Test 1: The Test of Authority:

When Anubis has disappeared again, walk Up to the large Round Golden Door. In the Golden Circle of the door you see 3 symbols and in the middle 3 holes. Stand in front of the Golden Circle so that you have the "gears" in 3. The 3 symbols on the golden circle represent the PSI Stone, the Omega Stone and the Alpha Stone for. So open your inventory and select the Omega Stone and press 3. George puts the Omega Stone in the correct hole.

Open your inventory again and select the Alpha Stone and press 3. George puts the Alpha Stone in the hole. Open your inventory again and select the PSI Stone and press 3. George also puts the PSI Stone in the hole and the Round Door opens. Walk through the round door and George stops and describes the next room and then Anubis appears again. Anubis is now going to tell a long story:

The story of Anubis:

In ancient Egypt a murder was committed by the Assassin. A Witness has seen this and wants to testify that the Assassin was the culprit. But the Witness only wants to do this in the Court of Justice. Because the Witness is afraid of being murdered by the Assassin, the Witness takes his Brother with him on his way to the courthouse. They come to a river. The Courthouse is on the other side of the river. The Assassin is also here now. There is no ferry that can take the 3 "gentlemen" to the other side and the river is too deep to wade through. 

Then HORUS, the God of Justice, appears. Horus wants to take the 3 gentlemen to the other side of the river. But there is a problem. Horus can only take 1 person to the other side. Because the Assassin naturally does not want the Witness to testify, he wants to kill both the Brother and the Witness. So Horus should never let the Assassin and the Brother be alone together and also the Witness and the Assassin should not be alone together. Horus has succeeded in solving this problem in 7 moves. The second test that George and Nico must take is therefore:

Test 2: The Test of Horus:

When Anubis is gone again, walk up to the "River". On the other side of the River you see the Round Door to the Armillary. That door is closed and must therefore be opened by solving this test. At the top right of the river is Horus and in front of Horus is a Panel with 3 figurines and a Button. So walk to the right and stand in front of that panel with the button and the three figurines.

In 3 you get the "gears". Press 3. At the bottom left of your screen you will see the 3 figurines and also the button called "panel".

The three figures are: The Brother , The Killer ,The Witness . The button is called "Panel" In 3 you now have the "Mouth"

The intention is that all three figurines are brought to the other side of the river by Horus and this must be done in 7 moves. However, Horus can only take 1 figurine to the other side at the time, and the condition is that: The Murderer and the Witness should never be alone together and also that the Murderer and the Brother are never alone together ......... Well, we solve this as follows:

Move 1:

Select the "Killer" and press 3. George then shouts: "Put the Killer on Horus". Horus now holds the "Killer".  Select the "Panel" and press 3 and........Horus brings the "Killer" to the other side. Anubis reports that this was Move 1.

Move 2:

Select the "Panel" and press 3. Horus returns to George and this was Move 2.

Move 3:

Select the "Brother" and press 3. Horus now holds the Brother. Select the "Panel" and press 3. 

Horus brings the Brother to the other side and this was Move 3.

Move 4

But now the Murderer and the Brother are together. If Horus now goes back to George, the Murderer kills the Brother. That is not allowed. Select the "Killer" and press 3. Select the "Panel" and press 3 

.Horus brings the Assassin back to George and this was Move 4.

Move 5:

Select the "Witness" and press 3. Select the "Panel" and press 3. Horus brings the Witness to the other side and both the Witness and the Brother are now on the other side. This was Move 5.

Move 6:

Select the "Panel" and press 3 and Horus returns to George and this was Move 6.

Move 7:

Select the "Killer" and press 3. Select the "Panel" and press 3 and ......... Horus brings the Assassin to the other side for the second time. This was Move 7 and you did it. 

The Assassin was never alone with the Brother or with the Witness and the Great Round door to the Armillary now opens.


As soon as you step through the now opened round door, another video starts and during the video you have to press your 3-key twice quickly ..... if you are too slow, George and Nico will die 

Walk to the top and then climb with 3 on the edge and ....... walk to the round tunnel and enter the tunnel and ........

C: Inside the Armillary:

Interactive Cut scene:

We see George and Nico opening a large and heavy stone door and then sneak inside. Then we see Bruno and Susarro.

Bruno is forced to perform the final actions with the Key of Solomon and he does this and therefore the Energy of the Dragon will burst out within 24 hours. George and Nico sneak further inside. The heavy big door then closes behind them and this noise alarms Susarro ........Susarro turns around and …… 

Once you see Susarro turning around, you keep a sharp eye on the bottom right corner of your screen. That is the place where your Action Map always appears. Keep your finger above your 3 key. Susarro sees George and Nico and he orders Flap to shoot them. Flap then starts to take out his gun .......... Even before Flap has fully brought out his gun, the "Jump / Climb" symbol appears in 3 ...

QUICKLY PRESS 3 and ........George jumps down the stairs and on Flap.

Flap's gun falls to the floor ... In 3 the "Fist" symbol appears.... IMMEDIATELY PRESS 3 again and .......

....Susarro grabs the gun but George kicks it out of his hand.

The scene continues but you don't have to do anything anymore ....

There is a fight between George and Susarro in which George is about to die. Then Nico jumps on Susarro's neck and Nico bumps Susarro unconscious. A conversation between George, Nico and Bruno follows. All 3 think that the misery is over and that they have saved the world from ruin. But then Petra appears. Petra is taking Nico, George and Bruno at gunpoint

Susarro wakes up and thinks he's the Big Boss again. However, Petra appears to play double play. She is not the "maid" of Susarro but she is employed by the Grand Master of the Knights Templar. The Grand Master appears. So this is the guy that we thought had died at the end of Broken Sword 1. That now appears not to be the case. The Grand Master has terrible powers and with this he kills Susarro.

The process to release the Dragon Energy is then restarted and this is now unstoppable. The Grand Master and Petra are leaving. The Grand Master says, by way of farewell, that he will give George and Nico the same chance they have given him. So no chance. You regain control of George:


Bruno, George and Nico are just in front of the U-shaped control center. Talk to Nico. You get two conversation topics. Use them both.

Then talk to Bruno and you will also get two topics. Use both of these too. It does not yield much, these two conversations. Then make sure you stand between the control center with George back to you. Stand in front of the Key of Solomon, which is located in the rear part of the control center. Press 3 and George takes the Key of Solomon.

Above the U-shaped console you can see the round steps of the large round platform on which the large Globe rotates. Turn George over with Up, walk up to Bruno and then go left or right around the U-shaped console to the front of it and walk up the round steps to the big Globe. Behind the globe you see another stone staircase.

Walk to the left or to the right, around the globe and to that stone staircase. Go up the stairs and you will reach the upper gallery.

SAVE YOUR GAME AGAIN   Follow the gallery to the left and continue until the camera shows you a large hole in the wall.

Stop, wait a while before continuing to this big hole in the wall. Make sure your finger is ready again just above your 3 key and watch your Action Map. 

Then walk to the wall hole and .........

George walks into the hole a little and he notices a… ..BOX WITH DYNAMITE. The "JUMP" symbol appears in your Action Map in 3. Quickly... press 3 and ...... 

George screams: "Get Down" and he jumps over the railing and lands on the floor in time. The Dynamite explodes and destroys a large part of the Armillary, but because you pressed 3 in time, George survives the explosion ...... Nico "picks up" George. George is right in front of Nico and just behind Nico is Bruno. George is standing with his back to you.

Pushing and pulling the Brown Stone blocks:

Turn George over with Down and walk to the bottom of the screen. George runs into the side of the U-shaped console. Now turn George to the left and walk left into the corner.

The Camera now shows you this angle from above and you can now see that the U-shaped console is destroyed. It no longer has a U-shape. George is on the right in the corner. Behind the U-shaped console you see a long and wide slit in the floor. This slit continues to the right into the corner and stops there.  The slit also extends to the left of the U-shaped console and then goes straight through the circular path that runs all the way around the large globe

Now turn George over with Left, so that he's facing that Slit behind the U-shaped console. Then walk to the slit and continue and George jumps into the slit

In the slit, turn George Up and continue to the rear end of the slit. Then, with 2, climb out of the slit.  At the back of the corner you see a "yellowish" wall.

Continue until you reach this "yellowish" wall. You then find that this "yellowish" wall is a high block with a platform on top. George must climb on top of this block, but it's too high. Now turn George again and walk back to the slit and jump in again.

Follow the slit to the bottom of the screen and then continue to the end. You now see the front of the U-shaped console. The slit continues to the right and then, right in front of the console, down to the bottom of the screen. The slit therefore goes right through that circular path. There is a Block Stone Block in the slit here. Call this Block 1.

Turn George clockwise so that he faces Block 1. Now push Block 1, with 3 plus Right, 1 time forward into the right corner. Block 1 is now directly under the U-shaped console. Climb on block 1, turn George Down and walk down of the block.

Turn George back to Block 1 and pull the block 2 times backwards, with 3 plus Down. Block 1 now forms a "bridge" in the slit between the two sides of the circular path. Climb on block 1 and walk to the left and follow the round path to the left around the bend. You will then see another Brown block at the bottom of your screen. This is Block 2

Block 2 must now be brought all the way to the corner, behind the U-shaped console, and over the slit there and then into the corner against the "yellowish" wall. 

Stand on the left against Block 2 and then pull the block back, with 3 plus Left, 1 time. Climb on Block 2 and walk away with Up again. Turn around to Block 2. Now pull Block 2, with 3 plus Up, 4 times backwards.

Then stand left again against Block 2 and push the block forward 8 times, with 3 plus Right. You then push Block 2 over block 1 and it ends up just before Nico.

Then stand in front of Block 2 (with George back to you) and pull the Block, with 3 plus Down, 5 times backwards. Block 2 is now in the right-hand corner of the U-shaped console. The camera looks at this corner again from above.

Walk around Block 2 to the front of it and push Block 2 now, with 3 plus Left, 1 time forward into the corner. Stand against the left side of Block 2 and pull Block 2, with 3 plus Left, back 3 times. Block 2 is now to the right next to the U-shaped Console and just at the slit

Stand in front of Block 2 again, with George back to you, and now push the Block one time forward, with 3 plus Up. Block 2 is now almost at the upper end of the slit. Jump into the gap and follow it down until you reach Block 1.

Pull back Block 1, with 3 plus Up, 1 time. Climb on block 1 and jump of it on the other side. Turn around to Block 1 and then, with 3 plus Up, push it forward again 1 time under the U-shaped console. Climb over block 1 and stand against it on the left. Pull Block 1 again, with 3 plus Left, backward once. Block 1 is now back in its original position in the slit

Climb over Block 1 and turn around and push Block 1, with 3 plus Left, forward and it is in the right corner of the slit. Climb on Block 1 and walk away with Up again. So George is now BEHIND Block 1 in the upward slit. Turn George and pull Block 1 now, with 3 plus Up, backward 5 times through the slit. 

Block 1 is now exactly 1 further than Block 2 but in the slit. Push Block 2 back one more time. Block 2 then stands exactly at Block 1

Now push Block 2 over Block 1 to the green path. Then climb over Block 2, turn around and pull Block 2, with 3 plus Left, forward to the wall pillar. Then climb over Block 2 again and push Block 2 further against the yellowish wall

Climb on Block 2 via 3 ...... You get the "Climb Up" symbol again in 2. So press 2 and George climbs on top of the "yellowish" wall.

Continue walking until you get the "Climb Up" symbol in 2 again and then press 2. George climbs up the higher ledge.

George is standing on the high ledge in the corner and he calls to Nico and Bruno that he has found an exit to the "river" room and that Bruno and George must follow him. However, Nico first looks at the Globe and then sees that the Ley-Lines are coming together in .... Glastonbury. George now knows what their next destination will be. Bruno and Nico are also climbing up and we end up in the: 

River Room:

So here you have done the Test of Horus before. We see Anubis again. Anibus is totally upset. He tells the whole story of Horus again. As soon as you regain control of George, walk ahead and jump down. Go to the "Panel" on the right side of the river. The 3 figurines are on the "panel" again.

There is no way out. The door to the room where you have previously taken the 1st Anibus test is closed. This only opens if George, or Nico, or Bruno, is doing the Test of Horus WRONG. BUT.......he person doing the ERROR test will  be killed by Anibus, but his companions may leave the temple alive but may never return. Stand in front of the "panel" and make sure you have the "gears" in 3. Press 3 and ... 

George wants to pick up one of the statues but Nico stops him. But someone has to sacrifice him selves and that will be Bruno. Bruno deliberately picks up the wrong statue so that the Assassin is now alone with the Witness. Anibus appears with his axe and he sentenced Bruno to death. George and Nico can leave the temple. George does not want this to happen but there is no choice.

Anibus opens the round door and George and Nico go through. The door closes again and George peeks into the River room through the round holes. We see a kneeling Bruno and then Anibus raises his axe and… ..Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. George and Nico leave the temple and we only see Bruno's glasses lying on the floor of the river room. 

We continue to the final chapter of this Broken Sword adventure

 Chapter 13: Glastonbury part 2:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot