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Chapter 2:  Paris: part 1 :  Nicole Colard:

A: Getting into the murdered nerd's flat

We see Nicole Collard, Nico for her best friends, in the hall of the building where the apartment is of that pimply computer nerd who was killed at the start of the game.

Nico has an appointment with the nerd. Nico walks to the door and wants to knock on the door and then .... we hear the shot.

Inside the flat, fake Nico is currently killing that pimply nerd. How to enter the apartment:

Nico stand at the door of the apartment. Listen at the door through 1 and then look at the door through 2. Try to open the door through 3, but this does not work because the door is locked. Nico has to get into the apartment in a different way. In the corner you see a notice board on the wall. Walk to the notice board. Then look at  the notice board with 4. Nico notices a pencil hanging on a string next to the bottom of the board. Grab the pencil with your 3 key.

The pencil disappears to the inventory. Walk to the left, towards the balcony doors and then stand directly in front of the balcony doors.

Open the balcony doors with 3 ........ Nico then land outside on the balcony. The two balconies that you see on the left are from the apartment of that murdered computer nerd. Walk to the fence on the left. Then use your 4 key and ........ Nico says that she has to climb to the next balcony. On the right there is a sort of plant standard on the balcony. Stand against that plant standard.

 In 2 you get the climbing symbol and in 3 the "fist". Press your 3 key and also your Up arrow key and keep both pressed ........... Nico pulls the plant stand back. Do this until Nico stands with her bottom against the railing. Then climb up the standard by pressing your 2 key and walk over the standard. Nico jumps off again on the other side. Then turn Nico around and walk back to the standard

Press your 3 key and your up arrow again to push the standard completely against the railing. Climb up the standard again with 2 and then turn Nico over to the facade with Right. Nico is now on top of the standard and right under the rain pipe that runs along the gutter.

Press your 2 key and ..... Nico hangs on the gutter pipe ..... Move Nico over the pipe to the left, until Nico hangs above the balcony doors of the next balcony.

Then press your 1 key to make Nico end up on the balcony. 

Stand straight in front of the balcony doors and peek through the windows by pressing your 1 key. Nico sees something in there and she thinks it's a body. Try to open the balcony doors with 3, but the doors are locked securely. Walk to the left and put Nico against the railing of the balcony. In 3 of the Action Map you get the "Climb over the railing" icon, so press 3 key to step over the railing ......

 Nico is now on the outer edge of the balcony and she is holding on to the railing. 

So move Nico to the left until Nico is near, or close by, the balcony doors are from the 3rd balcony. Then climb back over the railing via the symbol in 3.

Walk to the balcony doors and first peek through the windows through 1. Nico thinks it's the bedroom. Now view the doors with 4. The doors are slightly open with a hook. However, Nico cannot release the hook. Open your inventory via your space bar and in your inventory use the Z or X key to select Nico's Press Card.

Then press your 3 key to use the Press Card on the balcony doors, and ......

.Nico releases the door hook with her Press Card. Now open the balcony doors via 3.

B: Inside the apartment:

Nico is now in the bedroom of that murdered computer freak. Continue to the left.

 Beyond the large closet there is a poster on the wall and to the left of the poster you see the bedroom door.

Listen at the door through the "earpiece" in 1. Nico does not hear anything. Then press your 3 key to open the door and enter the sitting room. In the sitting room, Nico notices the corpse of that murdered guy. Walk through Down to the seats and then go left to the round glass table.

Then go down, between the green chair and the table and keep doing this until the camera shows you the large closet. 

There is something on the floor in front of the closet and you can now see the corpse.

Look at the thing on the floor with your "eye" in 4 and then pick it up with your "hand" in 3 ....It is the bullet casing of the bullet that killed the nerd. 

Walk further to the left and you will see the corpse leaning against the closet. Walk to the corpse and examine the corpse with your "magnifier" in 3.

Nico finds a Business Card on the corpse. The name of n this murdered pimple nerd appears to be Vernon Bliers

Walk on to the computer table / cabinet  and view the computer with 4. Unfortunately, the murderess has pulled the hard drive out of the computer. 

Save Your Game Now.

In the next part you have to act 2 times very quickly and you must do that through the ACTION MAP .... if you react too slowly then Nico is shot dead in the kitchen by the murderess. If that happens then you will automatically get the chance to try again and this will continue indefinitely until you have successfully passed this bit. However, it may be useful to save your game first now.

From the computer table, walk to the left and into the doorway to the kitchen.

Press your forward button to let Nico walk into the kitchen and .....Pay attention now, because Nico can die now:

Nico walks into the kitchen ......Behind the refrigerator stands the murderess and she jumps out and threatens Nico with her gun

The murderess seems to know Nico, but Nico does not recognize the murderess. Nico is about to be shot. 

At Nico you will see a Frying Pan and the handle of the Frying pan is selected and in the ACTION MAP the "Gripping Hand" appears in 3 ......

As soon as you get the Gripping Hand in 3 of the ACTION MAP, you press your 3 key and your left arrow key simultaneously and....

Nico then grabs the frying pan and she hits the murderess with it ...... 

but the murderess quickly recovers and she fires and …… the bullet hits the frying pan. 

The murderess then presses her gun against Nico's forehead to finish the job. 

Nico and the murderess are standing at the refrigerator and in 3 you now get the DOOR Icon ....

Quickly .... press your 3 key and ... Nico hits the murderess with the refrigerator door who hits the  floor.

The murderess, however, quickly rises again and focuses on Nico and this time there seems to be no more rescue. Nico is really looking into "death" now. The murderess pulls the trigger and …nothing.... she no longer has any bullets, the gun is empty. How do you find this as a "narrow escape"? The murderess is now fleeing. Nico goes after her but the murderess escapes and Nico is then left alone and on the balcony. 

C: Collecting clues:

Nicolette is on the balcony ....... the murderess has disappeared ...... Stand in front of the balcony door and open the door with 3...... 

Nico steps back into the kitchen. On the back left of the large kitchen table stand a telephone

You will see the green light flashing on the phone. Go to the telephone and put Nico in front of it.

Look at the phone with 4. Nico tells you that it is the phone and that the blinking green light means that messages have been left on the voice mail. Press your 1 key and Nico will listen to the messages. There are 3 messages. The first message is from Vernon's mummy, the second is from Nico herself and the third from a Beatrice who says she will be waiting for Vernon in the garden.

After Nico has overheard the 3 messages, she puts the phone down again. However, stay in front of the phone and press 3. Nico picks up the phone again and your phone call option appears at the bottom left of your screen. You have two possible options that Nico can call. Those are the "newspaper" for which Nico works and one André Lobineau.

André is a good acquaintance of ours from Broken Sword 1 and 2. Via your X and your Z key you "browse" through the options again. First select André Lobineau and press your 3 key. Nico is now calling André. The first part of the conversation goes without saying. In your options, select the "Dark-Haired Woman" and press 3 again. André advises Nico to investigate the area around the murder site for clues. Press 3 again to end the conversation with André.

Nico puts the phone down again. Press 3 again to pick up the telephone again and in your options select the "Newspaper" and press 3. Again Nico calls the editor of her newspaper. She gets a Candice on the phone who tells her that the big boss is in conference and cannot speak. Use the "Vernon" option by pressing your 3 key. Candice then tells that Vernon was a very good in what he did. Also end this conversation via 3.

Continue to the right and all the way until Nico is right in front of the waste bin, in the right corner. Examine the waste bin with 4. There is a bank statement in the waste bin. Take the bank statement from the waste bin with 3. Open your inventory and select the bank statement and view it with 4.

Vernon didn't have much money left in his bank account. Close your inventory and walk back to the left and to the connecting gate to the living room. Stand on the carpet that is in the gate on the floor. Then press your 3 key. Nico lifts the carpet. There is a loose plank in the floor under the carpet. Press 3 and Nico removes the loose plank from the floor and she discovers that there is a small Safe hidden in the floor

Look at the safe with 4. The safe has an electronic combination lock. Press your 3 key and ..... 

At the bottom left of your screen you can now see all items with a number. I call this Nico's Code Inventory. The Bank statement has now been selected first. Press your 3 key and........ Nico tries the bank account number on the lock of the safe. Unfortunately, this is not the correct code. Press your 3 key again. The telephone is now selected in the Code Inventory. So press 3 again and Nico tries Vernon's telephone number but that is also not the correct code for this safe

Go back into the kitchen and walk all the way to the right to the balcony door. 

Open the balcony door again with 3 and Nico is outside again on the balcony. Right next to Nico the fire escape ladder goes down to the balcony of the lower floor. 

Place Nico directly in front of the ladder and then  and then descend the ladder via your down arrow

On the lower balcony you put Nico against the balcony fence through Down and then you walk to the left side of this balcony. 

On the left on this balcony the next ladder goes down to the alley, so put Nico in front of the ladder again and via 3 and Down you then descend this ladder to the alley

On the street


Down in the alley, turn Nico around and walk to the left. You can search both trash cans, but Nico won't find anything in them. To the left of the trash cans is an old newspaper on the floor. Walk towards it and pick up the newspaper via your 3 key. The newspaper goes into your inventory.

Continue to the left until you reach the wall. On the other side of this wall you see a courtyard. Climb the wall via 2 and then climb down again via 1.

Nico is now in that courtyard. Walk to the left until you reach the tree. In front of the bench, which is against the wall on the left, you see something lying on the floor. Walk over to it and examine this "something" with 4. It is a black wig and the wig is made in the model of Nico's hair. Grab the wig with 3.

 Examine the wig in your inventory with 4.

The label has been removed from the wig but Nico discovers a blonde hair in the wig. So the murderess is a blonde. Close your inventory and walk back to the corner where you climbed the wall. Just find the right place and climb back up and over the wall, back into the alley.

Old woman

Now walk through the alley to the street and then turn left around the corner.

Follow the street to the right until the next corner and turn left around the corner. You are now on the other side of the block where Vernon's apartment is and this is a dead end. On the other side you see an old woman sweeping the sidewalk. Walk over to the sweeping old woman and talk to her with 3.

After the woman is done complained about her rotten job and her former life as a dancer in the Moulin Rouge, you ask her about Vernon, the black wig and the Blonde Woman.

The old nag does not know Vernon and she does not know anything about a black wig. However, she has seen a Blonde Woman ....

.....She saw a blonde woman get into a red sports car and drive away with it. End the conversation.


Walk to the right to the corner and then turn left around the corner. Walk to the pedestrian crossing and cross it to the other side and while you do that you see a guy with a skateboard approaching on the other side. The Skateboarder is constantly walking the same route through the street and Nico needs to talk with him..... If you don't find the skateboarder right now then you can find him in the street.  But you can also just stand at the pedestrian crossing  and wait until our skateboarder has come back here .... ..You have to address the boy quickly via the "mouth" in 3 because if you wait too long, the young man will just walk on again. So find the Skateboarder and talk to him quickly and ask him about Vernon.

Heater Skeeter knows Vernon and says that Vernon can often be found in the park with his girlfriend Beatrice. Ask further about the red sports car. Skater has seen it and he mentions the brand and type. It was an E-Type Jaguar. You can ask him more but he just has nothing else to say, so close.


Now follow the street to the right and past the yellow car. 

Then cross over again to the other side and walk to the parking attendant who stand  further down the street, in front of the park entrance.

Go behind the parking attendants to the entrance of the park and open the gate with your 3 key.

Nico is then in the park. Follow the left path until you come to a girl with purple hair who sits further down on a bench. Talk to her. This is Beatrice, the girlfriend of the murdered Vernon. You can first ask her about the blonde woman, the wig and some other things, but she is only interested in Vernon.

So use the Vernon Option. Nico tells that Vernon is dead but Beatrice does not want to believe it and she runs away.

Parking attendant

Walk back to the right, to the entrance of the park, an open the gate again with 3. Nico is out of the park again. Walk to the parking attendant and speak to her with 3 ........ If you now first ask the parking attendant about the Blond Woman, the Black Wig and the Red Sports Car, she won't want to say anything to Nico. So first use the "Shell Casing" topic.

Weapons and bullets appear to be a hobby of the parking attendant and she tells the caliber of the bullet and that the gun, with which the murder was committed,  must have been a Magnum.  Then ask further about Vernon, the Blonde Woman and the Red Sports Car. The parking attendant has seen the Blonde Woman and she describes her. Parking attendant says she has given the red sports car a parking ticket and she gives Nico the number of the license plate. That is 541CAC75. She also says that there was a mask in the car. A mask as used in theaters. Both ladies talk a little further and then the conversation ends


We then see the police appear and Nico is taken by the cops back into Vernon's apartment.

Nico is interrogated by the inspector and accused of the murder by a fat lady.

Your talk options appear. Use all your options and Nico gives the inspector the registration number of the red sports car and she also gives the fool the wig. When you have used all the conversation options, you close the conversation and Nico is arrested for the murder of Vernon Bliers and taken away.

We leave Nico to her fate now because we return to Georgio in the Congo ..... in other words ..... we end up in

Chapter 3: Congo part 2: George:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot