2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 3: George: Congo part 2:


George is standing in the cave entrance. Walk to the bottom of your screen and then keep walking. 

George sees the dying Cholmondely and walks towards him.

 With his last bit of breath Cholmondely murmels...."Chum .... Chum ... Danger ... The World is in Danger .... Susarro" Cholmondely then "kicks the bucket"..... 

Poor fellow. Examine the body with your eye in 3. George finds Cholmondely's ID card.

Behind the dead Cholmondely you see a large door in the wall. Walk towards it and examine the door with 4. The door has the shape of the Omega symbol and in the middle is a kind of lock. Try to open the door with 3. However, this does not work. Turn George around and then to the right, into the right part of the cave. There is a table against the wall and you also see a large black crate. Walk to the table and stand in front of it on the right. 

On the right-hand side of the table is a magnifying glass and a picture postcard. Look at the table with 4 and George says that there is a postcard on it. Pick up the postcard with 3

The postcard has been sent from Glastonbury, England by one Bruno. Open your inventory and examine the postcard

On the front side of the postcard is an image of a villa and on the back is the message of that Bruno. George reads the message. Bruno apparently is afraid of a Susarro. He, isn't that the name the dead Cholmondely called out, just before he died? Close your inventory and press your 3 key again to take the magnifying glass off the table.

Turn George around and walk down and past the black crate. On the right is a door in the wall. Walk towards it and examine the door with 4. The door is locked and there is no door knob. Walk down to the bottom of your screen. You come to a large square, yellow, floor tile. Stand in the middle of this floor tile and…

 the tile appears to be a pressure tile and due to the weight of George the tile is pressed and the door opens. Get off the tile again and… that door will close again. To keep that door open, weight must therefore be placed on the floor tile. Walk back behind the black crate  and then turn George to the crate. Press 3 and your arrow key and keep both pressed and push the crate to the floor tile in this way.

The door opens again and now remains open as long as the crate remains on the floor tile. So go to the opened door and go through it and walk further to the right. George enters the second cave. Continue to the right. You arrive at a large machine with a Glass Ball and with white electricity beams. Stand in front of the glass bulb of the machine.

Investigate the thing with 4. George suspects that this is Cholmondely's energy machine. Left and right are some buttons and a lever. In 3 you now have the "gears", so press your 3 key and George presses a button on the left. The machine starts sputtering a little but does not really get going. Press 3 again and George thinks the machine has too little fuel. From the machine some hoses go over the floor. Turn George around and walk to the bottom of your screen. You come to a rack with gas bottles and you see that the hoses are connected to the gas bottles.

Walk to the right. There is a double door in the wall but it won't open. Walk back to the glass bulb of the machine and stand in front of it again. To the right of George is a lever. Look at the lever with 4. George notes that this lever is somehow connected to those gas bottles. Press 3 and ....

........ George pulls the lever and ……… the machine runs on "steam" and ... .. explodes and George is thrown backwards. George hears voices.

 Walk up to the wall to the left of the machine. There is an opening in this wall but it is too high to climb to it.

Walk back and then to the right until George is between the machine and the gas bottles. 

The explosion of the machine has torn that lever loose and this lever is now on the floor here.

Pick up the Lever with 3. In your inventory it is now called "Metal Rod"

Turn around and go left into the section where the door to the 1st cave is. On the right wall you see a yellow lever mechanism but there is no lever in it. Stand in front of it. Open your inventory and select the "Metal Rod" and press your 3 key. George places the bar in the yellow hole.

 Press your 3 key again and .......George pulls the lever. Pick up the Lever / bar again with 3 to put it back in your inventory.

Enter the 1st cave through the gate and walk to the black crate that is still on the floor tile. Stand in front of the crate and press 3 and your Up key and pull the crate backwards until it is directly in front of the gate. If all goes well, the gate now remains open because you have just used that rod in the hole as a lever.

Then stand behind the crate on the left, press 3 and Right arrow again and push the crate through the opening and then continue to the middle of  the front part of the 2nd cave.

Then stand behind the crate, press 3 and Up arrow again and push the crate up to the wall, beneath the opening.

Climb up the crate with 2, walk up to the wall and climb into the opening with 2. Walk up through the opening. George is standing in a corridor with the wall opening in his back. Walk up the blind spot with Up. George then looks up and sees a bird's nest on a narrow ledge. George can't reach it.

Open your inventory and select the "Metal Rod" again and then press your 3 key and ....

 George hits the bird's nest from the ledge with the rod and this lands on the ground before the opening. Walk towards it and pick up the bird's nest with 3.

Examine the bird's nest in your inventory. The bird's nest is completely dry. Walk to the bottom of your screen until George cannot continue. George is standing in front of an abyss. A narrow ledge runs to the left. So, on the corner, stand against the left wall and then press 3 to turn on the "Wall Hugging". 

Then first move George around the corner with your Up key and then continue Left to the next corner. George ends up on a wider platform. Switch off "Wall Hugging" with 3 and walk a little to the left and put George back against the wall. There is a groove at the top of this wall

Jump up through 2 and George hangs on the groove. Go "Hand over Hand" along the ledge to the left until George has turned around the corner and then drop him on the platform with 1.

Turn around and walk to the edge and press 3 to jump to the next platform. On this you walk to the left and then you climb up to the exit by pressing your 2 key.

George is at the exit of the caves. Walk down to the bottom of your screen and continue until George then automatically walks to the large stone animal head on the left.

George peeks down and he sees Cholmondely's Assassin and he also sees Harry. Harry made it and is in a jeep.

Save your Game here now because you have to be fast in a moment and George can die here. You have to start running to Harry's jeep in a moment.  You can run by pressing your Shift plus your arrow keys. It depends in which direction you want to go, which arrow key you have to press.

There is a big hole in the back of the big animal head and you can see something in that hole. Stand straight in front of the hole and examine it with 4 In the hole lie the remains of a fire. Open your inventory and select the bird's nest. Press 3 and George places the bird's nest in the hole.

Open your inventory again and select the magnifying glass and then press 3 ........

George uses the magnifying glass as a stained glass to set fire to the bird's nest.

Fire comes out of the mouth of the head and the two natives, the assassins' helpers, start to rot and run away. 

George tries to reach Harry unseen, but he slips and thunders down.

The killer sees George and walks over to him. Harry shouts that George must run to the jeep ........ NOW YOU MUST ACT FAST ........

Once Harry has shouted at George will regain control of George ........ press Shift plus Left to run a bit to the left, then press Shift plus Down to run to the Jeep and ....

.Once George has reached the back of the jeep you get the "Gears" in 3, so quickly press 3 and ...

.... George dives into the back of the jeep and ....

George and Harry escape from the murderer's claws and George travels to:

Chapter 4: George Glastonbury, England:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot