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Chapter 4: George: England: Glastonbury

Find Bruno:

George is in a street. A little further up is a guy on the sidewalk, in front of "The Yeoman Arms" the local pub. So move George down the street to that guy and then speak him with 3. It's not a cheerful man and he seems to be in a bad mood. The man suspects that George is not a father. Another man sits on the bench, but we will talk to him later.   In your conversation options you now first use the "George" option. George introduces himself and the man now also calls his name. The man is Colonel Butley, a retired soldier. Then use the "Man" option to continue the conversation.

Butley's daughter, Melissa, went to the local pop festival, although Butley has forbidden this. Melissa then did not return home. But Butley suspects that she's huddling together with a guy here in Glastonbury, and he's hunting for that guy and he has a gun to support his arguments. You can then ask Butley about the "Cholmondely's Id Card" and about the "Glastonbury postcard", but he doesn't know much about this, except that the image on that postcard is the "Glastonbury Tor". End the conversation.

Wait a moment until the colonel has run away. The Colonel now keeps walking back and forth through the street. When the Colonel has walked away you also walk to the left yourself ..... You see George from a different perspective. Walk in the middle of the street so that you can see the street well. Cross over to the houses across the street and then follow the sidewalk "up". You will meet the Colonel again as the Colonel now continues to walk its laps through the street. Continue to the yellow house where there is a sign in front of the door ...

Cosmic Faerie store:

This yellow house is the "Cosmic Faerie" store. Stand in the porch in front of the green door and press 4 to have George read the name of this store. 

Open the door with 3 and George enters the store.

Behind the counter is an over-aged Hippie. To the right of the counter is a rack with picture postcards. 

Make sure that George looks at that Postcard rack and then examine the rack with 4 and .......

........ George notices the same postcard in this rack as he has found in the Congo cave.

Walk through Down to the end of the counter, so towards the bottom of the screen. George cannot go any further and in 4 you have the "eye" and in 3 the "gears". There are a few books on the counter and one of the books is open and George looks at that book. View the books with 4.

They are poetry books but on the cover of one of the books are 3 silver coins stuck. That old hippie, behind the counter, is now addressing George and there is a chat about those books. The hippie claims that the books were all written by him and George asks what the meaning of those coins is. 

After this you have George read a number of times from the poetry book with 3.

 Repeat this until George says he no longer has time for this. Then stand in front of the guy and talk to him through 3.

This hippie is called Tristram Hillage and he is the owner of this store. You can first ask him about the "Cholmondely ID Card" and the "Glastonbury Tor" to gather some useless info about Glastonbury. Then use the "Glastonbury postcard" option. Via the "Glastonbury postcard" option George asks about Bruno. However, Tristram denies knowing Bruno. Ask further about Bruno via the question mark. 

During Tristram's answer you can hear the floor creaking from the upper floor. There is apparently someone upstairs. Ask again about Bruno via the question mark and again you hear some rumble above. Then use the "Sounds" option. Tristram then denies that Bruno is hidden upstairs and you hear the sound of a toilet being pulled through. Ask again about Bruno and then close the conversation.

Now walk to the bottom right of your screen and then to the bottom left of the screen. You now see the passage to the staircase that leads to the upper floor of the store.

Above the passage "Private" is written. Walk to this passage and ... Tristram screams that customers are not allowed upstairs. 

Well, nothing to be done about it. Walk back through the store to the front door and leave the store. 

Follow the sidewalk further to the left until you reach "Zazie's Kiosk".

Zazie's Kiosk:

Go to the front door and enter. Inside, Zazie, the local fortune teller, sits behind the round table. Walk to the table. Zazie immediately peeks into her glass ball and invites George to take a seat. George sits down and your conversation options appear. Your main topic of conversation, however, is that "Glastonbury postcard". So use this. 

George shows Zazie the postcard and she says that she might be able to find traces of Bruno's "Spirutal Energy" on the card. However, Zazie wants to be paid first, and not with dollars or with euros but with silver coins. End the conversation and George will be back on the street.

Eamon O'Mara

From Zazie's, cross the street straight to the other side. Across the street from Zazie's is the local pub "The Yeoman Arms". 

That guy is still sitting on the bench in front of the pub. Go to this guy and talk to him with 3.

His name is Eamon O'Mara and it is a pure bred Irishman with Irish humor. Use the "Eamon O'Mara" option several times.

O'Mara tells that he works for the BBC and that he is in Glastonbury to make a TV program for the BBC. O'Mara is a well-known TV personality. Use the "Eamon O'Mara" option all the way to enjoy his Irish humor. Then use all other options and if there is nothing left to ask then you can close this conversation.

Say, where had you seen silver coins again? Exactly, on that book in the store of Tristram Hillage. So turn George around and walk to the bottom of the screen and cross the street again. Once you reach the other side, walk to the right and keep doing this until you get back to the:

Cosmic Faerie store:

Go back inside and talk to Tristram Hillage again. Use the "Poetry Book with Coins" option.

George says that Tristram should go a little more in the publicity with his book and he just knows the right guy to do this for him......O'Mara. George boasts that he and O'Mara are palls and that he can convince O'Mara to discuss Tristram's book in his TV program. George gets the book with silver coins in his possession and the conversation ends immediately.

Open your inventory and select the book. Look at it with 4. So there are 3 silver coins in the cover of the book but George cannot get the coins loose. 

Keep the book selected and press 1. The book will now be placed under the Metal Bar. 

Press 1 again and George uses the Metal Bar to break the 3 silver coins from the cover of the book.

You now have 3 silver coins and a damaged book in your inventory. Close your inventory and go outside through the door. Walk to the left and walk to:

Zazie's Kiosk:

Go back inside and walk to the table. George takes his place again and your conversation options appear.

Use the "Three Silver Coins" option. George paid Zazie 1 silver coin. Use the "Glastonbury postcard" option again. Madam Zazie is performing her act. She "senses" the postcard but then reports that the "signs" of Bruno are very weak. Zazie needs a more personal item from that Bruno to do a better "reading". Close the conversation and you will automatically be outside again. Cross the street again and go to:

Eamon O'Mara

Talk to O'Mara again. You now only have the Tristram Hillage option, so use this.

George shows O'Mara the book of Tristram and O'Mara then reads a few passages from the poetry book and he gets terribly angry. It appears that Tristram has committed plagiarism. He has just written over whole poems from other and famous poets and put his own name under it. After a few seconds O'Mara goes to the:

Cosmic Faerie store:

The game now runs automatically:

George has followed O'Mara and is standing in front of the store entrance. O'Mara implores Hillage. First, Hillage does not understand what O'Mara is talking about.....Hillage thinks it's about Melissa. Hillage then realizes that it is about his plagiarism and he says: "I can explain everything" and then you hear George say "Now that was my line" and "It was also the que to make my move" ... You then have to be fast ......

If you are too slow then the verbal fight between O'Mara and Tristram is over and you cannot go to the upper room. As soon as George has said "It was also the way to make my move" ...... move George to the lower right corner of the screen and then continue to the lower left corner. You will see that private passage again.

Now go through the private passage and ....... George is now upstairs in Tristram's private room. There is a girl on the bed.


Walk to the girl sitting on the bed. George introduces himself again. So this is Melissa, Colonel Butley's daughter. After expressing a few pleasantries to each other, your talk option appears. You can now ask Melissa about anything and everything and most of it doesn't matter at all.

However, you must ask Melissa about the "Glastonbury postcard". So use this option right away and George asks her if she knows Bruno. Yes, Bruno has stayed in this room. Ask her about all other options. If you ask Melissa about her father you will also get the Tristram option available. However, first use all other option and finally the Tristram option and then fully deplete this option.


The conversation then comes to an end and George is down in the store again and another conversation follows between George and Tristram. 

Use the "Colonel Butley" option here and also the "Bruno" option to put pressure on Tristram. George blackmails Tristram with the threat to get Melissa's father and Tristram now admits that Bruno spent one night in the upstairs room, but that he left in great haste. The only thing that Bruno left behind is his Boxer Shorts. George gets Bruno's Boxer Shorts . Then close this conversation again and leave the store. Go to:

Zazie's Kiosk:

Go back inside and walk to the table. Again George takes the seat automatically. Use the "Boxer Shorts" option and .......

George gives a silver coin to Zazie and then he gives Bruno's underpants to Madam Zazie and ....... Zazie now gets a vision of a man and a dragon. The dragon wants to kill the man and the man only has a few minutes left to live. Zazie faints and George ends up on the street again and he sees that the "Yeoman Arms" is on fire.

Yeoman Arms:

Cross the street again and walk to the front door of the pub. Try to open the door. However, it is not yet opening time so the door is locked. Turn George and walk to the bottom of the screen. O'Mara is sitting on the bench again in front of the pub. Walk to O'Mara and pass him by. To the left of the pub is an alley. Enter this alley and walk to the door in the back wall. Also try to open this door.

This also fails. George is not strong enough. Turn George again and walk out of the alley and go right to O'Mara and speak with him again

George asks O'Mara for help and George and O'Mara run to the door in the back of the alley and the two of them now get this door open. O'Mara leaves and George ends up in the:

Back Yard of the Yeoman Arms:

You see the fire and we see a figure running away in a monk's robe. The shed is on fire. 

Walk up the steps with Up and then continue on the stone path. Then turn right across the grass to the stone path in front of the barn.

In front of the shed there are 3 crates, a separate crate and 2 crates on top of each other. At the top of the barn you see an open window. 

Continue to the right. Behind the three boxes there is a 4th crate.

All right, George has to climb into the barn through that window at the top, but for that he has to get that one crate on top of the other crates all the way under that window. 

Do the following:

Stand straight behind the 4th crate, so that George is standing with his back to you in front of crate 4. Then push crate 4 with 3 plus Up against the barn.

Then stand on the right against crate 4 and then push the crate, with 3 plus Left, to the left until crate 4 is right behind the stack of crates 2 and 3.  Crate 4 is then directly under the window. Now walk to crate 1 and push crate 1, with 3 plus Up, 1 tile forward. Stand against crate 1 on the left side. and then push it, with 3 plus Right, between crates 4, 2 and 3

Then climb on crate 1 and turn George against crate 2. Then draw crate 2, with 3 plus Up, backwards on crate 1

Then climb on the crate 2 and jump off on the other side, so that George is on crate3. Turn George and push crate 2, with 3 plus Up, on crate 4. 

Crate 2 is against the shed. Climb on crate 2 and then climb into the shed through the window. 

George is now up in the barn. There is not much time left. Continue walking to the left and we see a guy lying on the floor and he's handcuffed. 

Walk up to this guy and press 3 to free the guy from his shackles.

Walk back to the window and press 3 and George and the guy escape from the shed just in time.

The barn explodes and George and Bruno barely survive this

George and Bruno are talking in the middle of the street.


So this is Bruno, and for those who have ever played Broken Sword 1, Bruno is no stranger, because he's Bruno Oswald, the Nobel Prize winner

Ask Bruno about the "Robed Figure". Bruno suspects that this was one of Susarro's men. Ask Bruno a few times about Cholmondely. Cholmondely was a good friend of Bruno's. Bruno then tells about the invention of Cholmondely. That machine works great but only in one specific place in the world where the "Power" is the largest.

You then get the "Earth Power" topic. Ask Bruno about this. Bruno tells about places on the earth where there is energy for that machine and that there is one particular place where that power is the greatest. That is in the "Temple of the Dragon". Then ask further about Cholmondely and about Susarro. Use these options all the way until you can ask nothing more about it.

You learn from Bruno that Susarro is now the new boss, The Grand Master, of the Order of the Templars, but that he has renamed that order the "Cult of the Dragon". Bruno thinks that Susarro found "Temple of the Dragon" and activated it. Bruno also tells us that Susarro is actually dying because he is too exposed to that mysterious energy.

When you have exhausted the Cholmondely and Susarro options, you get the "Glastonbury Tor" option. Then use this and completely deplete this option. Bruno tells you that Glastonbury is one of the "Energy" places and that Glastonbury Tor is an important "Power Site". In the meantime you have seen the Colonel go by and suddenly we hear a shot. Bruno and George run towards the Cosmic Faerie store where the Colonel who is taking care of Tristram.

We now give George the opportunity to book his flight to Paris and continue ourselves with:

Chapter 5: Nico: Paris part 2

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot