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Chapter 5: Nico: Paris part 2:

Nico's flat

After being locked up in the police station for a few days, Nico is released again and we are in her flat. The phone rings and Nico answers. It is the secretary of her boss and she reports that the boss is angry with Nicolette. Listen to the voicemail messages on the phone through 1. Nico has two messages and the first is some commercial message about "Soffits". The second message is from Nico's newspaper manager and he is angry and wants Nico to call him. 

After Nico has listened to these two messages on her voicemail, press 3. In your options, select the "Newspaper" and then press 3 again.

Nico calls the newspaper and gets Candice back on the line. The boss is in a meeting again, but Candice will make sure he calls Nico as soon as he can. Finish with 3. Press 3 again and call André Lobineau. In the conversation with André you use the "Vernon's Safe" option. André suggest to find out the combination of Vernon's safe. Smart boy that André, as if we hadn't already thought of that ourselves. Actually, you don't really benefit from that André. End the conversation.

You can now wander through Nico's room and view everything you can see. You can also let Nico go into the bathroom to use the toilet. However, it is not necessary at all and it does not benefit you. So go straight to the door of Nico's flat, right next to the red couch. Stand straight in front of the door and then press 3 to open the door. At the bottom left of your screen your Location Inventory will appear and this will show the locations where Nico can go.

At the moment, only the "Vernon's Apartment Area" is available, so press 3 and Nico travels there

The street at Vernon's apartment:

It is evening and Nico is standing on the sidewalk,  on the left side of the street. Cross over the pedestrian crossing to the other side and then go up through the street,  to the corner with the dead end street. You will hear two women talking to each other about the murder of Vernon. When you reach the corner you see the two women standing in the dead end street. 

Walk towards the 2  overripe girls. Nico has already met the "broom woman". Go stand straight in front of that other woman, that person with curlers in her hair, and talk to her.

"Curlers' name is Edith. Edith is not a friendly person and she does not want to talk to Nico. Edith walks away and that" broom woman" then speaks to Nico and she tells that she has heard Vernon say something. According to the "broom woman" Vernon said: "The Power is building " and he was talking about some manuscript. Don't talk to this person further because It is completely useless.

Walk to the left and then on to the double front door of the left-hand apartment building. Put Nico in front of the double doors, under the balcony. Look at the doors with 4. 

Nico tells you that this is the entrance to the building that also houses Vernon's apartment. Press 3 to enter. Nico is then upstairs in the hall. 

Walk to the left and then up and when you are past the elevator shaft, turn right to Vernon's door.

Listen at the door with 1. Nico does not hear anything. Press 3 to open the door. Unfortunately, the door is locked. Go left to the balcony doors and try to open them as well. The balcony doors are now locked. Go down along the elevator shaft and then to the right to the stairs and Nico will stand outside again in the dead end street.

Get back in Vernon's Apartment

Walk to the left and then on to the corner and then around the corner and follow the sidewalk to the entrance of the alley. 

Enter the alley and continue to the back of the alley. Stand in front of the fire escape ladder again, press 3 and climb up to the lower balcony with Up. Walk to the right and beyond the next fire ladder and climb further up this fire ladder to the kitchen balcony of Vernon. Go to the door.

You now have to place Nico on the right spot in front of the door to activate your Action Map. Then listen at the door with 1. Nico does not hear anything. Press 3 to open the door. Unfortunately, this door is now locked. Look at the door with 4. Nico notices that the key is inside the keyhole. Open your inventory and select the "Newspaper". That is the newspaper you found earlier in the alley. Then press 3 and .... Nico pushes the newspaper under the door. Open your inventory again and select the Pencil and press 3 and .... 

Nico picks the key out of the keyhole with the pencil and it falls on the newspaper ........ Press 3 and Nico pulls the newspaper back out of the door and grabs the key. 

Open your inventory again and select the key and then press 3 and ....... Nico now unlocks the door .......... Press 3 again to open the door and Nico is then inside the kitchen.

Back in Vernon's Apartment:

So Nico is back in the kitchen. Walk to the sink, behind the kitchen table. On the countertop, to the right next to the sink, is something. 

Stand in front of it and view it with 4. It is a box with tissue paper. Take a paper tissue from the box with 3.

Turn around and then walk to and through the connecting gate to the sitting room. Walk to the left and walk to the second door. This is the bedroom door.

Nico hears someone crying in the bedroom and she thinks she knows who that is. Listen at the door with 1 to hear Beatrice cry. Open the door to enter the bedroom:

Bedroom: Beatrice:

Beatrice sits crying on the bed. Well, it's not every day that your boyfriend is killed so it's understandable that someone will be sad about that. Address Beatrice with 3. However, Beatrice does not want to talk to Nico. Close and open your inventory. Select the tissue paper and press 3.

Nico gives Beatrice the paper tissue and then takes a seat on the chair. The "ice is broken" and your conversation options appear. First use the "Vernon" option.

Beatrice then tells that Vernon, 6 months ago, was approached by men to decipher a mysterious manuscript for them. Vernon has succeeded in this but has become very scared. Beatrice also says that this manuscript can be viewed and downloaded on the Internet. Then use the "Vernon's Safe" option.  Beatrice does not know the combination of Vernon's safe, but she says it is probably something that is easy to remember. Vernon had a very bad memory and never knew Beatrice's birthday. Nico asks about this and we find out that it is Beatrice's birthday on 23 October.

End the conversation and walk to the door. Press 3 to leave the bedroom .Nico gives Beatrice her address and then you are back in the living room

Vernon's Safe:

Walk to the hole in the floor in the doorway to the kitchen. Vernon's safe is in this hole. Stand in the right place and press 3. 

Your Code number options will appear and that is Beatrice.

Press 3 and Nico uses Beatrice's date of birth to open the safe. Bingo .... the safe is open. View the content with 4. There are two items in it and they are  "hand-drawn diagram and a DVD disc". Use 3 to retrieve these items from the safe. Then walk into the kitchen and walk to the right to the balcony door. Open the balcony door with 3

Avoid the Red Sports car:

Nico is back on the kitchen balcony. Well, climb back down the fire ladders until you are back down in the alley. Walk a little Down and then to the Right and walk out of the alley. Just before the end of the alley, Nico then automatically continues to the street and then stops.

We see a Red Sports car and it is comes with yawing tires and full speed at Nico.

Quickly .... as soon as you see the "gears" appear in 3, press 3 and immediately LEFT ARROW and..... Nico dives back into the alley just in time.

NB: if you were too slow, Nico will be run over by the red sports car and you can do it again.

 It is best to press 3 and LEFT as soon as you see the red sports car appear. Then keep both keys pressed until this scene is over.

Nico survived this attack with the red sports car. Walk to one of the two ends of the street and your location inventory appears in the bottom left of your screen.

There is only 1 location where Nico can go now and that is her own flat. So press 3 and Nico returns to her apartment

Nico's apartment:

Vernon's DVD:

Walk to the left to the table. At the back of the table stand Nico's TV. Stand in front of the TV and examine it with 4.

The TV has a DVD player. Open your inventory and select "Vernon's DVD" and then press 3.

Nico puts the DVD in the DVD player of the TV. We see Vernon and he tells about the "Voynich manuscript". Vernon also mentions two important things: "The key of Solomon" and "Devils and witches dancing with cows on the Sabbath" ...... Couldn't you follow it all? Then open your inventory and select Nico's Notepad. Then press 4 to read through Nico's notes. With 1 you can browse through the pages. Find Nico's notes about this DVD and read them at your leisure.

Vernon was hired to decipher the Voynich manuscript. This manuscript dates from the Middle Ages and is written in a very old script that no one has deciphered yet. Vernon is the first one that has crack the code. There is talk of "terrible weather that will plague the Earth" and "terrible forces that run along so-called" Ley Lines ". These "Ley Lines" are also called "Dragon Lines". Vernon has no idea what that lines represents.

With Down, walk to the corner of the table where the telephone is located. Press 3 to open your calling options and then call André Lobineau.

Use the "Vernon Blier" option. Nico tells André about Vernon's DVD and André decides to come and see this for himself in Nico's flat. 

André watches the DVD and discusses it has seen with Nico. André says that "The key of Solomon" is a book about King Solomon and that the phrase "Devils and witches dancing with cows on the Sabbath" refers to the "ILL St. Louis" which is also called the "Island of the Cow" is called. 

Nico is again on the phone. Press 3 and call Nico's newspaper and use the "Theatrical Mask" option. Candice then tells that there is an old theater on the St. Louis island. The name of this theater is "L'Heiroglyphe". Close the conversation and turn to André in the chair. Talk to André again.

Well, you can ask André anything about: Vernon's Diagram, the Key of Solomon, Theatrical Mask, Ill St. Louis and the Theater, but the only really important thing to talk about is Vernon's Diagram. André says he thinks the lines on this diagram are those Dragon Lines and that the diagram indicates where all these Dragon Lines come together. 

Close the conversation Then walk to the right to the apartment door. Press 3 to leave the flat and then use the "Theater" location.

Nico turns around and tells André that she is leaving. Then the phone rings and Nico picks up the phone. It's Nico's newspaper boss and he's angry and he wants to put Nico on another case. Nico does not want that at all and she resigns immediately. Nico leaves the flat and she takes a taxi to the

L'Heiroglyphe Theater:

Getting into the Theater

Nico stands in front of the main entrance of the theater. Press 4 to view the doors. Nico notes that they are very old doors but that they have a brand new lock. Try to open the doors with 3. Unfortunately, the doors are locked securely. Turn right into the street and then continue to the next corner. Then turn left around the corner and you are in the "Rue Saint Louis and I'll".

Continue on the sidewalk to the right until Nico reaches the restaurant. 

Past the restaurant there are balconies on the façade and fire ladders go up through the balconies.

Unfortunately, the bottom ladder does not reach the street. Continue until Nico is just below the bottom balcony and  just before the bottom fire ladder. Nico then looks up at the balconies and in 3 you have the "gears" and in 4 the "eye". Use 4 to examine the fire ladders. Nico says the ladders might be a way to climb up, if only she could reach the ladder. Press 3 and Nico says that she may be able to reach the roof via the ladders, but that she cannot reach the ladder.

Continue to the green door. The door is just below the balconies. Stand straight in front of the door and press 4 to view the door. It is the "Stage Door", so the artists entrance to the theater. Try to open the door with 3. Unfortunately, this door is also locked from the inside. Continue on to the right and keep walking until you see the red sport scar standing in the corner of the street.

Go to the Red Sports car and stand in front of the passenger door. So not on the sidewalk, but on the street side of the sports car.  View the car with 4. It is the red sports car with which an attempt was made to knock over Nico. Examine the sports car with 1 and you will see a mask on the back seat.

Scaffolding climbing

Try to open the sports car with 3, but this doesn't work. Now walk back to the Stage Door, under the balconies. Stand straight in front of this door again and then turn Nico around so that she looks at you. Then walk straight down to the bottom of the screen and you will see the other side of this street.

The entire block of buildings, across the street, is "in the scaffolding". Continue straight until Nico stands at the scaffolds. Nico must be put up against the scaffolding opposite the Stage Door. You then see a segment of the scaffolding on which you see a ladder going up on the first floor. You also see the 3 scaffold "legs". Place Nico exactly at the middle, so the smallest, scaffolding leg. You then get the Climbing symbol in 2. So press 2 and Nico will go hang on the lower scaffolding floor. Press 2 again and Nico pulls her self up. 

Nico now has to climb a certain route up and down the scaffolding. Nico is now on the lower floor. 

Stand in front of the ladder and press 3 and climb up to the 2nd floor with Up.

Then walk up, with Up, to the corner (below Nico is the red sports car). Turn right around the corner and then continue to the left, to the end of the jetty. 

Then turn Nico around and then take 2 small steps forward so that you get the Climbing symbol in 2. Then press 2 and Nico hangs up at the 3rd floor

Press 2 again to draw Nico on the 3rd floor. Then take 2 or 3 small steps forward again until you get the Climbing symbol in 2 again. 

So press 2 again and Nico then hangs on the 4th floor.

Press 2 again to pull Nico up. This is the highest floor of the scaffolds on this side. Walk to the right and then go around the corner with Up. 

Continue to the end of this scaffolding section and then press 1. Nico then hangs on the edge here. Press 1 again and Nico drops to the 3rd floor. 

Now turn Nico with Right and continue to the right. You come to a green separation part and here another ladder goes up. 

Stand in front of the ladder, press 3 and climb up with Up and Nico will continue on the 4th floor.

Now take a few steps to the right until you get the Climbing symbol in 2 just before the 5th floor. Then press 2 to hang Nico on the 5th floor and then press 2 again to pull Nico up. Now Nico is really on the top floor and directly opposite those balconies. Walk a little to the right. You now see Nico on top of the scaffolding in and you see those balconies on the opposite side. You also see that there is a large elongated billboard on the dock. Walk to the left to the billboard. Stand well in front of the bar to which this billboard is attached. In 4 you have the "eye" and in 3 the "gears".

Press 4. Nico tells you that the billboard is attached to the bar with rope. Press 3 and Nico loosens the rope. But nothing else happens. Nico thinks the billboard at the is also attached to the scaffolding. Walk back to the right to the edge. Press 1 to get Nico to hang on the edge over the edge and press 1 again to end up on the 4th floor.

Turn Nico around and stand in front of the ladder. Press 3 and climb back down to the 3rd floor. Turn Nico around and walk to the left and then press 2 twice in a row to climb up to the 4th floor again. Walk to the left and go around the corner and continue to the left until the edge.

Go down through 1 twice to the 3rd floor. Turn Nico around, walk to the edge and climb down here again 2 times through1 to the 2nd floor.

Walk to the right and go around the corner and walk to the edge of this  section. Here is the ladder where you originally climbed up.

Stand on the left, next to the ladder and press 3 and ........ Nico jumps over the gap to the scaffolding at the bottom of your screen.

Then walk all the way, with Down, and Nico comes to the end and stands with her nose against the green fence.

Turn Nico around and take two small steps forward to get the Climbing symbol in 2. Climb 2 times up to the 3rd floor.

Walk all the way to the left until you can go no further. Here is a crate against the green separation barrier. 

Stand in front of the crate on the right and now pull the crate with 3 plus Right, 3 times back.

Then climb on the crate, turn Nico and press 2 and up to get to the 4th floor.

Walk to the billboard and view it with 4. Nico says that the sign will be long enough to reach the balconies on the opposite side.

Press 3 and Nico loosens the Metal Clip that secures the bottom of the billboard to the scaffolding and ....

.... The billboard now flips over and falls across the street and is now the connection from the jetty to the upper balcony

Nico walks across the "bridge" to the other side and she reaches the balcony just in time .....

Nico is now on the top balcony. Turn around and walk to the ladder and then climb with 3 to the roof.

Walk across the wide ledge to the left. A ladder goes down here, so press 3 and climb down the ladder with Down.

Walk to the doors and open them with 3 and Nico ends up in the attic of the Theater.

Inside the theatre

Walk Down the stone steps and then walk to the right and then enter the hallway through the opening.

Follow the short corridor with Down and then with Left to the stairs.

Go down all the stairs and downstairs you will come to a large metal door.

Open the door with 3 and Nico enters the hallways of the theater. Continue to the bottom of the screen and then walk to the left.

Nico enters the foyer of the theater. Just walk to the left and Nico will suddenly hear voices. People are coming ..........

Nico hides behind the coffee corner counters and .......... Susarro and the murderess and a helper come in and .....

Nico accidentally throws a cup of coffee and ........... Nico gets discovered........

Nico is caught and we switch to:

Chapter 6: George: Paris 3:

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot