2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 6: Paris 3: George:

Enter the warehouse:

George and Bruno are now also in Paris and Bruno's has brought George to the place indicated by his device. It is evening. 

George and Bruno are in a narrow connecting street.


Talk with Bruno with 3. Bruno is really sure that they have arrived at the right place. Use the "Bruno Ostvald", the "Power Locator" and the "Old Building" options to ask Bruno about this. However, Bruno no longer tells you anything of interest. Then close the conversation. Go to the other side of the street with Right and then follow the sidewalk with Up to the left. Just before you reach the large gate there is a door in the facade.

Stand straight in front of this door and then view the door with 4.

George reports that this is the "Repository" door, so the building is a large warehouse. The door will not open if you try this with 3 and George tells you to find another way to get in. Then walk with Left to the Great Gate and then put George with Up right in front of the gate. Then walk into the gate with Up + Left. You will see George in the gate. Walk down to the bottom of your screen and when George has crossed the threshold. 

Walk a little more through the courtyard, but do this only a little bit. 

Then go left into the corner of the left courtyard. Against the left wall stands a very large rectangular garbage container and the large white flap of this container stands up against the wall. On the right corner of this container a "Forbidden to Park" sticker is stuck. There is a narrow "alley" next to the container. Enter this "alley with Up and walk to the wall. Then turn George, with Left, to the side of the container so that he looks at the large open flap of the container. In 4 you then have the" eye " , and in 3 the "gears".

Press 4 to look at the up right standing lid of the container. George reports that the lid of the container is open. Press 3. George reports that he cannot close the lid from the ground. Walk down the "alley" with Down and then go left, past the container. On the left next to the very large container there is a smaller garbage container on wheels and you also see 2 trash bins and a crate between the two trash bins

Walk to the crate and stand straight in front of it with George back turn to you. George has to get this crate in the back of the "alley", next of the big container and you do this as follows. Stand straight in front of the crate, with George's back to you. In 3 you get the "punch". So, with 3 plus Down, pull the crate backwards 3 times.

Then stand against the crate on the left and push it, with 3 plus Right, all the way to the right almost to the wall. 

Then stand in front of the crate again and push the crate, with 3 plus Up, all the way to the back of the "alley" along the container.

Then climb, with 2, on the crate and then turn George a little obliquely to the container so that he looks at the big lid again. 

Then press 3 and George slams the big lid shut. Then turn George back to the left to the side of the container and climb, with 2, on top of the container.

Walk to the window and stand in front of it. Examine the window with 4.

  George tells that the window is closed from the inside but that one of the windows has been smashed and there is now a hole in that window.

Press 3 and George loosens the hook, that holds the window, through the hole in the window.

 Press 3 again and George now opens the window and enters through the window and is then.....

Inside the Warehouse:

 1st room :

George climbed in through the window here. It's a little dark in here. Walk down to the bottom of the screen and then continue to the gray door on the left in the corner. To the left of this door is a light switch on the wall. Walk towards it and stand in front of it and press 3 to flip the switch.

However, nothing happens. The light does not come on. Go stand back in front of the gray door and press 3 and ......

George goes through the door and ends up in the 

2nd room:

Take 1 step forward with Right and then turn George down with Right. In the back corner you see another door. Walk there with Up.

Halfway through George passes a file cabinet that is against the wall. Remember this file cabinet but walk on to the gray door in the corner.

Go straight in front of the door and go through the door with 3. George enters the:

 3rd room:

George is standing in front of the gray door and against the wall. Next of George are 3 crates. 2 crates are on top of each other in the corner and there is a single crate in front of these two crates. Now turn George over to the stack of 2 crates in the corner. Do that with Up and then make sure that George looks at the wall behind the crates....and I mean the wall next to the gray door.

In 4 you have the "eye", so press 4 to view that wall. George will tell that there is a light switch on that wall, exactly behind the upper chest. However, George cannot reach the switch because that crushed crate is in the way. Now do the following to get to that light switch. Go left to the "lonely" box and stand behind it on the left. In 3 you then have the "fist". So press 3 and also Right and push this box against the stack of 2 crates at the door.

Do not climb on these crates now, but turn George around and walk into the next corner with Left..... You see a window.

At the window turn George counterclockwise with Down and then, past the window, walk to the left until the stack of boxes, that are on the left next to the window. Behind this stack of boxes you will see a 4th crate in the corner. Turn George towards you and walk Down towards the bottom of the screen until George is against all those boxes. Then, with Left, go left up to the low cupboard that is against the wall here and then with Up to the crate in the corner. Pull this crate with 3 and Down, now 1x backwards. Then climb over the crate and push the crate, with 3,  1 time forwards

Climb over the crate again and stand against it on the right. Now, with 3 and right, pull the box backwards 2 or 3 times

Walk around the crate, or climb over it, to the other side and then push the crate all the way to the wall with 3 and Right.

Then go behind the crate (window side) and push the crate now, with 3 and Down, all the way up to the other 3 crates at the door.

Climb, with 2, on the front chest and continue until you reach the upper chest.

Pull the top crate, with 3 and Left, backwards to the middle box. 

Jump down and walk to the door and turn George back to the light switch on the wall next to the door.

Make sure that you now only have  the "eye" in 4 and the "gears" in 3. 1 and 2 must now be empty.  Then press 3 and George flips the light switch and ... the light comes on here.  Now look at the floor, right in front of the two middle crates. You see scratches on the floor there. Then turn George, with Left, counterclockwise so that he looks at those scratches on the floor. Examine the scratches with 4


George stoops over the scratches and tells something about it. Climb on the left crate with 2. Walk up against the upper crate and push it again, with 3 and Right, into the corner against the wall with the light switch on. Jump back from the crates and stand straight in front of the middle chest with George back to you. 

Now pull the middle chest 3 times downwards with 3 and Down. 

Then walk back to the crates and see where the middle chest stood you now see a hatch in the floor. Stand straight in front of this floor hatch and look at it with 4. George says that even now the hatch is almost invisible but that there is a slot where he can put his fingers in to open the hatch. Then press 3 and George opens the hatch and goes through and ends up in a:


Walk with Down to the bottom of the screen and then just walk on and then via your Right and Up arrows to the end of this tunnel. George is then at the bottom of a ladder shaft. Turn George over to the ladder and press 3 and George is on the ladder. Climb up with Up.

George ends up in the heating cellar of the old theater. Continue to the next ladder, in front of the red / purple generator.

Then press 3 again and climb this ladder all the way up and.......

George ends up in the:

Old Theater:

George is now in the back part  of the theater and he sees the big stage. George initially thinks that people on stage are busy with the rehearsal of a theater piece. 

We see, however, that this is Nico, who's being interrogated by the murderess. We also see Susarro and then we see Flap appear. Flap warns Susarro that someone intruder has entered the theater. Susarro and the murderess disappear and Flap stays behind to guard Nico.

George is standing in the back of the room, between the back rows of theater seats. 

Turn George to the left and then walk all the way to the left until you have George against the left wall.

Then turn George left again with Left and then walk to the Left, down along the wall down. 

You then see the red wall, right next to the stage and you see a doorway in the red wall.

Walk further down and go through that doorway. Once you have gone through this doorway you will see a ladder go up. 

Move to this ladder and then press 3 to put George on the ladder. Then climb this ladder all the way up:


George then comes on the Catwalks that are high above the stage. We see that these catwalks are not completely whole. There are large holes in it, entire pieces are missing. Continue until you reach the intersection. Straight on makes no sense, so turn George clockwise with Down and then go all the way to the right up to the wall. Then turn George over again with Up. You can see that the catwalk is also interrupted on this side. A large stretch of the catwalk is missing

On the wall here hangs an iron light bar on which the spotlights are hanging, and just before George's nose a piece of rope dangles down from that light bar. In 3 you get the "gears", so press 3 and ............ George pulls the rope and this light bar comes down slightly. In 2 you get the "climbing symbol". So press 2 and George jumps up and now hangs on the light bar.

Now go "hand over hand", with Up, to the left until George hangs above the continuation of the catwalk. Then press 1 to put George back on the catwalk. 

Follow the catwalk further to the left, turn around and continue to the left until you reach the corner of the catwalk.

You now see 2 large white sandbags on the catwalk. Now turn George towards you and walk up the steps with Down.

Save Nico:

Continue with Left until you reach the two sandbags and face Down against the two sandbags. 

Right beneath George is Flap on stage. In 3 you now have the "gear" and in 4 the "eye". 

Press 4 to make George look down. Press 3 and George throws 1 sandbag down and it lands right behind Flap on the Stage. Flap walks towards it. 

Quickly, press 3 again and George throws the second sandbag down and it lands on Flap who is now unconscious.

 George goes to Nico on stage and he frees her. 

Some common remarks about the past are exchanged between the two and George and Nico find out that they are both "working" on the same thing. We continue with:

Chapter 7: George and Nico: Paris 4:

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