2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 9: Nico: Back in Paris:

Nico's Apartment

George and Nico enter Nico's apartment. Oh goodness ... The flat has been turned upside down. André has been knocked down and Bruno has been kidnapped. That inspector, who arrested Nico at the end of Chapter 2, is also in the flat. Flap was one of the burglars. The inspector then tells Nico's file has been stolen from the police station and that all information regarding Petra and the red sports car has been declared secret information by his bosses. So Susarro has friends in high places. Susarro left for Prague and took Bruno with him. The inspector leaves the flat. There is a knock on the door and Nico opens the door. It is Beatrice, the girlfriend of the murdered Vernon.

Beatrice invites everyone to come to Vernon's flat. However, Nico has other plans. Nico goes back to the old Theater to investigate that one room there, in the basement, where she couldn't get in earlier because there was that frightened guy. George will book airline tickets to Prague.

Old Theater:

Nico is back in the foyer of the old theater L'Heiroglyphe and she is standing in front of the double doors in the red wall. On the right side of your screen you can just see the end of the red carpet. Walk a few steps forwards and then turn Nico clockwise and walk towards the red carpet. Continue along the red carpet to the right and then go up the 3 steps and through the open doors. Nico is then back at the top of the room.

Turn Nico towards you and follow the green carpet, along the wall, down to the green carpet that goes to the left and along the stage. 

Follow this green carpet, so along the stage, to the bottom of the screen, so to the left side of the stage.

Then go through the door, next to the stage, and continue to the stairs that go down to the basement. 

Descend the stairs and then continue to the end of the fence and turn right into the corridor. 

Continue to the other end of the corridor and Nico will be at the intersection with the transverse corridor.

Dressing room:

Turn Nico with Up to the top of your screen and walk to the end of this intersection and go to the door, on the left in the corner. Stand in front of the door and press 3. O… the door is locked, so Nico cannot go through this door to the lower basement Walk back through the corridor to the intersection and then continue to the 1st door in the right wall. This is the door of the dressing room where the Safe was under the dressing table. Open the door and Nico enters the dressing room. Go right to the dressing table. Where that safe has been there is now a hole in the floor. Stand in front of the chair on the edge of this hole and press 2 and ...... 

Nico climbs down through the floor hole and ends up in the Storage room. The iron support post is still lying here on the floor and Nico doesn't want to hop over it. Turn Nico towards you and walk down until just past the safe and then go right to the chair, turn Nico to the door in the corner behind the chair and walk to that door. Open the door and Nico enters the corridor. Turn Nico, with Up, to the stairs and walk to the stairs and then go to the right into the corridor to the right. 

Walk to the door in the right wall and stand in front of it. Listen with 1 at the door. Nico hears nothing so open the door with 3 and Nico enters the


Continue to the bottom of the screen and you will be at the back of the room. You see the door to the Office in the corner and you see a sideboard against the back wall. There is a suitcase on the sideboard. On the two pillars, next to the open doorway, are large and heavy vases. Walk to the dresser and stand in the corner in front of the briefcase.

View the briefcase with 4. There are all kinds of papers in the case. Press 3 and Nico rumbles through the papers but she finds nothing interesting. Turn around and walk to the doorway with the vases and…. Flap pops up out of the blue and grabs Nico by the back of her throat. 

Be Quick......Once you see the Gears appear in 3, press 3 and KEEP pressing 3 and again and again until Nico has grabbed one of the heavy vases......

Nico hits Flap unconscious with the vase and ties him up  with the scarf she still had with her.

Walk into the other office room. This is a nice big room with nice wooden walls and a nice wooden ceiling. Continue to the bottom of the screen. 

Walk more or less left under the corner. Nico then walks past the large desk and comes to the rear wall. Walk to the left, up to the chair that is in front of / behind the large desk. There is paper on the large desk near the chair. Stand straight in front of it and view the paper with 4.

It is a Security Report about a private house but the address is not mentioned. In 3 you must now also have the "gears". So press 3 and Nico looks at the paper and we also see it in close-up. We see a picture of a castle and this castle is located in Prague. Nico says she has collected enough info and we end up in:

Chapter 10: Nico and George: Prague: Part 1

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot