2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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NB: The screenshots in this walkthrough are made when I played this game again in 2015 to do the Dutch walkthrough for it. So the written text on the screenshots is in Dutch. I have absolutely no desire to make new screenshots with English text on them, so you have to do with them such as they are

Originally released in 2003 this is the 3rd game in the Broken Sword series. 

The game can be obtained very cheaply via the gog.com site and  I have played the game on my Windows 8.1 64x computer in 2015

This 3rd part in the Broken Sword series is fully 3D and that has quite a few consequences for how you control the game. You control the game completely with your keyboard. Your mouse is completely useless. Believe me, it really takes some getting used to and it will take you some time to get to grips with the controls of the game. Take your time for that. For example, play the 1st part with George in Congo a few times over to really get used to the controls, especially the "ACTION MAP"

You can "bind" a number of functions in the game to your keyboard keys of your own choice. You can do that in the Options menu of the game. But you cannot alter how you move George and Nicole through the game. You have to do that with the 4 arrow keys on your keyboard. But you can assign keys for: Run, Sneak, Inventory, Next Object, Previous Object and the 4 keys for the "ACTION MAP".

As mentioned, the game uses a so-called "ACTION MAP" with which you can perform certain in the game. The "ACTION MAP" are the 4 circles that appear in the lower right of your screen. In each of these 4 circles you can come across different symbols such as: the "eye" a "cogwheel" a "Grabbing finger" etc ... Each of the 4 circles of the "ACTION MAP" is bound to a key by default. By default those are, the: W, S, A, D keys of your keyboard. However, you can set other keys for this yourself. 

Because I don't find the default key setting in the game particularly useful, I have chosen other keys myself. I always refer to these keys in my walkthrough and I always tell you which key to press. It is therefore useful if you are going to use the same keys as I do, if you want to use my walkthrough. I will now first list my keyboard settings, as I have set them in the Options menu:

Move George and Nicole with the arrow keys
Run = Left Shift
Creep / Sneak = Left Ctrl
Inventory = Space bar
Next Object = Z
Previous Object = X

Action Map Left = Number 1 key
Action Map Up = Number 2 key
Action Map Down = Number 3 key
Action Map Right = Number 4 button

In the walkthrough I indicate directions as: Left, Right, Up and Down and this refers to your 4 arrow keys, because I move through the game with the arrow keys. 

 With "Press 1, 2, 3 or 4" I mean your 1, 2, 3 or 4 digit keys. I have "bound" these numeric keys to the circles, 1, 2, 3 and 4, of the ACTION MAP. 

Due to the somewhat annoying controls and camera switching in the game, it is not always possible to accurately point you in the right direction. Often you will have to "fumble" with your 4 arrow keys to get George or Nico going in the right direction.

Let me first explain the working of the "ACTION MAP":

You see 4 circles, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom. Different symbols can appear in each circle. It depends on how George stands, in relation to the object with which he has to do something, in which circle which symbol appears. The best thing you can do is the following:

Name the 4 circles of the "Action Map" as follows:

Top left = 1 and "operate" with your Number 1 key
Top right = 2 and "operate" with your Number 2 key
Bottom left = 3 and "operate" with your Number 3 key
Bottom right = 4 and "operate" with your Number 4 key

It looks like this in the game

There is more to say about it, but I will do that along the way

Saven and Loaden

You save and load via the main menu screen. In the game you return to the main menu screen with your ESCAPE key and there you choose the option SAVE and then you follow the instructions you get

If you want to load a first save, choose Load and follow the instructions you get

There are an unlimited number of save slots, so you can save as many times as you want ..... Save often because George, and also Nico, can die in the game.

The game starts with 3 prologue movies.

First we are in Paris where we meet a Preceptor. Mr. Preceptor addresses his followers and says that they may  not fail.

Notice the two symbols on the floor on which the Preceptor is standing. They are Lightning and the Broken Sword.

Then we find ourselves in a cramped 2-engine plane with George Stobbard and pilot Harry on board.

The plane ends up in very heavy weather and both engines fail. The plane crashes.......

.......And I'm so scared to fly anyway.

Meanwhile in Paris we see a pimple computer Nerd. There is a knock on his door and a girl who introduces herself as Nico Colard comes in.

The pimply Nerd tells something about a mystery manuscript that he has deciphered on his computer. The pimply Nerd apparently did that on behalf of someone else. The pimply Nerd has become very afraid of what he has read in that manuscript. And that turns out to be right, because girl Nico kills the pimple Nerd.

The game will now really start with  Chapter One

Chapter 1: George: Congo: part 1:

Chapter 2: Nicole: Paris part 1
Chapter 3:George: Congo: part 2
Chapter 4: George: England: Glastonbury
Chapter 5: Nico: Paris: part 2
Chapter 6: George: Paris: part 3
Chapter 7: George and Nico: Paris: part 4
Chapter 8: George and Nico: Congo Revisited Part 1
Chapter 8: George and Nico: Congo Revisited Part 2
Chapter 9: Nico: Paris: part 5
Chapter 10: George and Nico: Praque: Part 1
Chapter 10: George and Nico: Praque Part 2
Chapter 11: George: Paris: Monfaucon
Chapter 12: George and Nico: Egypt
Chapter 13: End game in Glastonbury

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot