2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Because Broken Sword 4 The Angel of Death was not a great commercial success, mainly because the game was in 3D, making the game controls a nightmare for many fans, they have been thinking at Revolution and have gone back to a 2D game with a full mouse control. Broken Sword 5 The Serpent's Curse is therefore an old-fashioned "point and click" adventure game but one with fantastic graphics ........ I therefore assume that the game's control will not cause you any problems. You play again as George Stobbard and as Nicole Collard.

The game has an in-game hint function that ultimately gives you the right solution for every problem in the game. 

The game starts with a long Prologue, set in the past and in Spain during the Spanish Civil War:

A bird flies away and takes us across the mountains to the countryside of Catalonia ...... a car is on its way to a hacienda. 

The hacienda is stormed by a group of soldiers of fascist Franco 

The soldiers blow up the gate and storm into the courtyard and begin to fire the house ..... A young man shoots back from the house

.. however, the force of the soldiers will turn out to be too big .....Inside a father and his son are working on bringing things to safety 

.... the son disappears with a pile of books and returns with his mother.

.........daddy screams that mommy and son have to take off while they still can.

Before he lets his son go, daddy hangs a medallion around his sons neck and says that this medallion will protect him.

Mommy and son then disappear ..... Daddy then pulls the painting that hangs above the fireplace out of the frame... that painting is entitled "La Malediccio" and it will play a major role in the game. Dad and the other man run away to get to safety in another room. The fascists are advancing, however, and the servant then screams at mommy that she must now go away like the smeared lightning to bring her son to safety

... Dad and the young man are then killed by the fascists.

Meanwhile, the leader of the group of fascists has arrived and he finds the "La Malediccio" painting that apparently was where this massacre was al about.

We end up in our current time and in Paris

Chapter 1: Paris: Le Lézard Blue Gallery and Vera Security
Chapter 2: London: Medovsky and Hobbs Studio
Chapter 3: Paris: A Dance with Bijou
Chapter 4: London: Hobb's Studio revisited
Chapter 5: Spain: Haciënda Castekll dels Saints
Chapter 6: Montserat: Cable Car and Chapel
Chapter 7: Iraq: Ending

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: This English translation by: Louis Koot