2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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To play this game without significant problems it's best that your system meets the recommended requirements as stated below


Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 / Intel i7-6700K or Equivalent

Memory: 16 GB RAM

Graphics: AMD RX Vega 56, Nvidia GTX 1070 / GTX1660Ti or Equivalent

DirectX: Version 11

Storage space: 40 GB of available space

Additional Notes: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

About the game  

As this is a STEAM game there are achievements in the game. You earn those achievements when you find hidden things in the game. I'm not going to point you to all those hidden things so that you get those stupid achievements. I do not think that Steam achievements add something significant to a game, so this walkthrough isn't a 100% Achievement guide.

1934, a distant corner of the South Pacific. You are Norah Everhart and you suffer from a strange and rare disease. You are married with Hans. Some time ago your husband Hans went out on a expedition to a strange and unknown island to find a cure for your disease. But since Hans went away there's no news about the expedition. So Norah goes on a search for here husband. Norah lands on a beautiful island paradise, a nameless, forgotten place where the remains of a long-forgotten civilization are visible everywhere. What strange secrets does Norah uncover in her search for the truth?

Call off the Sea isn't an easy game.....It tells the story of Norah and it plays on a deserted South Pacific Island with beautiful surroundings. The game is story driven with lots of difficult puzzles to solve. The puzzles mostly require you to recognize strange symbols and put them in the right place in the right order.

When you start the game then I recommend that you first go to the Options to set everything according your preference. You move Norah through the game with your WSDA keys and you need your mouse to turn around, left, right or to look up and look down. Interaction is done with the left mouse button. In the Options you can see a complete schedule about witch key does what action. If you have a game controller then you can use that instead of your keyboard and mouse  

This game uses Autosave and it saves your game when you reach a save / checkpoint. But you can also save your self, but there are limited save slots 

The game has 5 Chapters. As you progress in the game then you can do previous chapters again

When you start a New Game you begin with the:  

Prologue: A Family Heirloom  

You're under water. Press your W-key to start swimming and use your mouse to steer yourself in the right direction.

 Don't worry, you will not drown because you are in Norah's dream

Swim forwards and into the tunnel

Swim forwards through the tunnel and keep steering with your mouse to keep going straight ahead until you reach the chair with the musical box on it

As you reach out to grab the musical box the game takes over and then..........

......Norah wakes up from her dream. You are in Norah's cabin, onboard the vessel that has brought here to the island where the expedition of her husband has disappear

You see on your hands the strange markings of the disease of Norah

Then the captain of the ship shouts that we have reached the Island an that Norah must embark the ships longboat that will bring here ashore.

But first Norah must gather all her stuff that she wants to take with here to the island

Go  to the desk and make sure that you stand close to the desk. In frond of the fan lies Norah's diary / journal on the blue book.  Norah's gloves are also on the desk and on the red book is a note. On the right corner of the desk stand Norah's chest. The chest is locked with a code number lock so you must find that code to open up the chest

First look at the Note that's on the red book. Click on the note with the magnifier cursor. You then see the note in a close-up screen. Click "read" to read the note. 

You can zoom further in on the note with the scroll button of your mouse. You can rotate notes, letters and photographs in the close-up screen with your left mouse button.  Always do this because there could be important things on the backside of notes, letters and photographs. But in this case there's nothing on the backside of this note. So right click to put the note back on the red book. 

Now turn to the diary / journal and pick it up to store it. Press the TAB-key to open up the diary. The Diary has two tabs, Notes and Log. The diary opens with the Notes pages. Everything that Norah does will be recorded in the diary and you can read it in the Notes and the Log sections of the diary. Symbols, photo's and other stuff are recorded in the Notes section of the diary. Norah note down her progress in the Log section of the diary. Read through all pages of the diary. On the first photo in Notes you see Norah's house number 506.....remenber it....

In this game it is absolutely important that you look at everything, especially at strange symbols.....they will be recorded in the diary. Every time that a new recording is made in the diary you'll see the little book icon at top right of your screen. When you're done reading then right click to put the diary away

Turn right and make sure you go stand at the chest that's on the desk. Make sure you get the Gear cursor on the lock of the chest and then left click to go into the close-up of the lock. You must enter the 3 digit code on the tumblers of the lock. Norah has said that she doesn't remember the code for this lock and she has referred you to the diary....... 

Well....on the first photo that you saw in the diary you saw the house number of Norah's house...it's 506. 

So put 506 in the tumblers and then click the square button

.....the chest opens up. There's a photo, a strange knife and a map of the island in the chest

...First take the photo. It's a photo of Hans Everhart, Norah's lost husband.  the close turn the photo around....

.On the backside of the photo it says "74 Miles East of Otaheite" and there's a key sticked on it

Right click to take the Key....The key is put in your inventory and it will be automatically used once you know where to use it. A note of this key will be added in the Notes section of the diary

Now zoom in the strange knife and look at it in the close-up...Use your scroll button of your mouse to enlarge the knife and turn the knife around. Then right click to take the knife

Now take the Map from the chest and then right click to take the map.....

Turn to the gloves and now take the gloves......Norah put on her gloves to cover up her hands.

Well....this all that Norah needs, the captain report that we are all set to go to the island, so walk to the cabin door and click the door handle and........

Norah goes on board the longboat that will take her to the island and we arrive at Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: 74 Miles East of Otaheité
Chapter 2: The Everhart Expedition
Chapter 3: The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon
Chapter 4: Quite a Show
Chapter 5: Sunken
Chapter 6:Thalgof'n