2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Carol Reed Shades of Black is already the 11th game in the Carol Reed series. I assume you have played a Carol Reed game before, so you know how things work in a Carol Reed game. Compared to the previous 2 Carol Reed games, nothing has changed in the game's controls. However, if this 11th Carol Reed game is your first, then I refer you to my Carol Reed 9 or Carol Reed 10 walkthrough for an explanation of how to control the game. As usual for a Carol Reed game, you can first follow a Tutorial to learn the basic controls of the game. Experienced Carol Reed players skip the Tutorial, but of course you decide that for yourself

After her 10th adventure "Bosch's Damnation" Carol went into hibernation again, but now it's spring again. During the dull winter Carol was writing a manuscript about her adventures in her "The Blue Madonna" case and she has sent the manuscript to a local publisher, hoping that he will publish her book. However, that publisher has not yet been in touch yet.

Carol urgently need of a new case, before she's loosing it,  because her hall and computer room are undergoing a renovation and it is not getting along fine .... A new case would give Carol the welcome excuse to leave her apartment and leave the mess the mess.

Carol's apartment:

Carol stares into her living room from down her hall. It is quite a mess in the living room because Carol had to put all her stuff out of the computer room / study. Go 2 steps forward into the living room and then turn right and click on the door handle of the bedroom door to end up in Carol's bedroom. Carol's cell phone is on the bedside table.

Take Carol's cell phone and then click with the hand cursor in the screen.  You read that Carol has an appointment with Stina to view the cover for Carol's book.

The Stina location is put on the map. Left click on the phone to store the thing in Carol's infinitely large pockets, or the inventory.

You will find the inventory at the top of your screen and it will open when you move the cursor up. In inventory you will find Carol's diary, in which you can read hints. If you are still standing in front of the bedside table then turn right and leave the bedroom through the narrow door, with the round window, to end up in the hall. You are immediately at the front door. Mail is sticking out of the letterbox, so click on the letterbox to take out a white envelope.

Click on the envelope's flap to open it and then extract the letter. It is a letter from Magnentus Books, the publisher to whom Carol sent her manuscript. Through Albert Edison, Magnentus Book announces that they will not publish Carol's book "The Blue Madonna". Click the letter away. Turn right and enter the kitchen. Continue to the window and then turn left. You are standing in front of Carol's refrigerator. Open the refrigerator. On the second shelf lies a Peeler .... click with your magnifying glass on the peeler ....., Carol says that the thing does not belong in the refrigerator, so grab the Peeler and click the thing to the inventory.

Step back and turn around to the counter. There is an orange press on the counter, which you can click on with your magnifying glass. Carol doesn't need the orange press yet, but you now know where to find the thing, should Carol need one later in the game. Go back to the hall, find the front door and EXIT then leave the flat. The map appears .... Because you have read about Stina in Carol's cell phone, Stina's Fruit stall is now the location on the map. So go to:

Stina's Fruit Stall:

The fish shop, from Bosch's Damnation, apparently didn't go well for Stina because she is now on the Norrköpping market with a fruit stall. Use the conversation options to talk to Stina. Stina has finished the design for the cover of Carol's book "The Blue Madonna" and she shows it to Carol. Click away the design and continue talking to Stina and then say goodbye via "I'll drop by later". You end up on the map and ......

Carol then receives a text message from Albert Edison, the publisher who does not want to publish Carol's book. 

Albert wants to hire Carol to find a missing person and he asks if she wants to come to his office, in Ribling Road 2. 

This location is put on the map. Click the phone away and then travel to:

Albert Edison's Office:

Talk to Edison through all conversation options.

Edison wants Carol to find Gerald Black, a real book writer. This Gerald Black, the author of the murder story "The Twisted River Murders", appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Black's wife Dora was murdered in 2009 and according to Edison,  Black was now working on a new book about the investigation into the murder of his wife.

Edison then shows Carol a printout of Gerald Black, which you read through briefly and then click away. Edison then goes on to say that the body of a young woman has been found in the park. The young woman was murdered and pages of Gerald Black's book were crammed into her mouth and her left arm was cut off. Black disappeared shortly after the murdered woman's discovery. If you ask about Gerald Black's home address, Carol will get the keys to Black's house and this location will be put on the map.

Say goodbye to Edison and then travel via the map to:

Gerald Black's house:

Because Carol got the keys to Edison's house, she let herself in and she ends up in the hallway of Black's house. We stand then stand at  2 doors. The left door is the door of the toilet and the right door is the door of a deep cupboard. Both in the toilet and in the cupboard is nothing to do, but it is always useful to know where the toilet is, in case of "emergency"! Turn right and then continue to the room. Then turn clockwise to the Lundia / Ikea bookcase.

There is a plastic bag in 1 of the compartments of the bookcase and a note underneath the plastic bag.

 Zoom in on the note, then grab the note and read it through ..... it is a rhyme ..

 the rhyme gives Carol some hints about the murder of Black's wife, specifically about a certain pattern .... you read: "If you want to see the pattern go to the place where the murder was committed. Use, day or night, ultraviolet light on the birdhouse and you will see a symbol. Click this symbol on the blood-red telephone. Other symbols are still needed, but if you search, they will appear ". The rhyme is signed by "M".

Click the note to the inventory. Turn 2 times to the left and then continue to the dresser cupboard. 

In the dresser cupboard there is a Teddy bear, made from rags in a Scotskin pattern.

Click with your loupe on the Teddy bear ..... Carol thinks it is a sweetheart. Under Teddy you see 2 doors and 3 drawers. Slide open the left door ..... 

You look in the left cupboard ..... there is an article from a newspaper and a letter in the cupboard. Take them out of the cupboard and read them

The article is about the finding of the murdered young woman .... her body was in the same place as 1 of the murdered people in Black's book "The Twisted River Murders". Click the article away and then read the yellow letter, written in blood-red ink. The letter has 2 sheets, so you must also click on the back sheet to read the entire letter .....

The letter was written by Black's wife's killer 6 years ago. The killer announces that he suddenly has the urge to kill even more women and he challenges Black to stop him. To this end, the killer gave directions and clues and the 1st clue can be found where the last victim was found, the young woman. 

Also click the letter back into the cupboard. Step back and turn left ..... you are in front of the TV, which is on a cupboard. 

The cupboard has compartments and a drawer.

Zoom in on the drawer. The drawer is locked via a code lock. On the drawer you will see 4 number buttons, 8, 6, 3, 4 .... To open the drawer you have to press the number buttons in a certain order. Unfortunately Carol does not know that order yet, so step back. So Carol has to find the number code and then come back here to open the drawer. 

Turn left and walk back to the bookcase, turn right and walk out of the room and then straight on to the kitchen. In the kitchen you run into a notice board. On the notice board is, among others, the article about Gerald Black, which Carol has already read at Edison. View, and read, that article now again here in the kitchen. Then step back and turn left to the counter. There is a white plastic envelope on the kitchen counter ..... 

zoom in on the envelope and then click it  to get the envelope large in your screen. Click on the envelope again to take a red telephone out of it. You see 6 icons in the screen of the phone .... when you click on the icons, they will briefly turn red. This red phone is the phone from the rhyme, but you can't turn the thing on yet. The 6 icons must be pressed in a certain order to switch on the phone. Step back 2 times ..... Carol does not take the red telephone ... she puts the telephone back in the envelope.

You are still standing in front of the counter ..... open the drawer ...... in the drawer there is a plastic bottle with an X on it. Take that plastic bottle and then click on it with your magnifying glass ..... Carol says that the bottle is empty .... step back 2 times again ..... Carol puts the plastic bottle  back in the drawer. Turn around to the table. Zoom in on the laptop computer. There is a note on the laptop. Pick up the note and read it .....

The note is from a Rick to Gerard about the text that Gerard wrote for Rick. Step back 2 times. 

Turn right, walk out of the kitchen to the hall, then turn right and leave via EXIT on the front door. Travel, via the map, back to:

Albert Edison's office:

Talk to Edison again through all the conversation options you get. Carol asks Edison where the young woman's corpse is found. The corpse was found at an arbor / gazebo on the north side of the Twisted River Park. This location will now be available on the map. Edison doesn't immediately know who that "M" could be, but he will think about it. Say hello and travel via the map to:

The Gazebo:

Carol ends up in the Twisted River Park and she now has to look for the gazebo a where the young woman's corpse has been found.

 Move forward 1 click, via the slanting arrow.

Then follow the path further 4 clicks ahead. You are then at a bench and 2 information boards. 

Turn left ..... you are at the arbor ..... the gazebo is on the bank of the river.

Walk into the gazebo. On the end balustrade of the gazebo lies a roll of fishing line .... Zoom in on the fishing line and then grab it and click it to the inventory.

Turn around, walk back to the path, turn left and go forward 1 click. On the right you see stone steps ....... turn right and zoom in on the information board .....

At the bottom right there is a text written on the board but unfortunately that text is partly illegible by a fat blob of bird droppings. But you can still read that the text refers to a "red device". Carol needs something to remove the bird droppings from the board so that she can read the text completely. Get out of the close-up, turn left and then follow the path further 3 clicks ahead. There is a small cave on the right, so turn right and enter the cave and then turn right.

On the right end of the wooden bench is a box ...

Take the box and open it ..... it is a storage box for credit cards. There is a Travel Card from Gerald Black in the box and a Gift Card from "Kicks". Click with your loupe on the Travel Card ...... "so ..... so Gerald Black was here too", says Carol. Click with your hand on the Gift Card to turn that card over and ..... on the back of the gift card is a number ...... 3648 ... hello .... would this be the code for the drawer in the TV cabinet in Gerald Black's home? 

Click again with your hand on the box to store the box in inventory. 

Turn right, walk out of the cave, turn right and follow the path on the left the river again 2 clicks forward and ......

 On the left there are 3 trees and on the middle tree is a birdhouse .....

Is this the "Birdhouse" from the rhyme? Go in close-up of the bird house ....Carol needs something to pry open the bird house. 

Get out of the close-up and continue on the path to the EXIT .... Click EXIT and then travel, via the map, back to:

Gerald Black's house:

Go back to the room and zoom in again on the drawer, in the TV cabinet ......

On the back of the Gift Card you could see the 3648 number code ....

 so now press the 8634 buttons, on the drawer, in the order 3, 6, 4, 8 and ... the drawer slides open.

Take the letter from the drawer and read it ..... The letter tells us that Gerald Black has rented the "Loaner's Lodge" and that seems to be a very exclusive house in a "secret" location. The letter also mentions similar eco houses in the Eco Lodges Village in the Venum Forest and this location now lands on the map. Step back a few times and leave the house. Travel now to the:

Eco Lodges:

Another forest ... this time the Venum forest. Here and there are Eco houses in the forest. Start by moving forward 1 click. Then turn left and examine the toilet house. Open the door to peek inside ..... nothing to do in the toilet house. Close the door again, step back, turn right and go over the path again 1 click. Turn right and open the door of the Eco house ... 

.......look inside ..... Underneath the grill of the fireplace lies a rusty metal bar ..... zoom in on it and pick it up .....

Carol doesn't need this curled metal bar right now, so step back a few times to get outside. Close the door of the Eco house. Turn left .... The Eco house, right in front of you, has nothing of importance for Carol so click now the slanting arrow and ..... You will see a large red barn. On the left is a log cabin. Between the red barn and the cottage is a picnic table.

Go 1 click forward to the picnic table and then turn right ....you will see the red barn again ..... Click with your magnifying glass on the barn to get to its door.

Open the door of the red barn and then click with your magnifying glass in the barn ...

.The barn is full of wood, but the beams above the logs are full of bottles, but there is also a file on the beam.

If you now grab the file and store it in inventory, Carol does not want to leave the shed with the file, because she has no reason to take the file with her right now. So leave the file here, or place the file back on the beam. Carol now knows that she can pick up a file here if she need one, and she will need this file later on in this case. 

Step back 3 times to leave the shed and turn left again. Carol is back at the picnic table. 

Straight ahead is a pile of wood and, in the forest, there is such an Eco house. Aim your forward arrow at that cottage and then click to get close to it.

Then click with your magnifying glass on the door of the Eco house and then click with your hand on the door handle to open the door. 

Look inside through your magnifying glass.

To the right of the fireplace is a postcard on the floor ...... Zoom in on the postcard and then pick it up .....

The postcard shows a forest ... in the forest you see that Loaner's Lodge .... turn the card over using the turn arrow and ........

Well ..... you read the location of that Loaner's Lodge, where Gerald Black has hidden himself and that is in the Rimbaud Forest. It can be reached via a narrow forest path that starts at the old Oxbaum soccer field. This new location is put on the map.
Click the postcard to the inventory and step back to leave the house. Do not forget to close  the door of the house again because otherwise Carol does not want to continue and she will stay here for the next 100 years. Then step back and turn right 2 times. You look again at the picnic table ..... Carol has to leave here now, towards the Exit and the map. Go forward 1 click, then forward left, and then 1 click forward, forward right, forward and click EXIT to get to the map. Travel now to:

The Loaner's Lodge:

Another forest, but what did you expect in a "green" country like Sweden. Carol has landed on a wider forest path, in the Rimbaud Forrest

Further on you see an excavator. Continue to the excavator.

At the excavator the path bends to the right ..... follow the path further 3 clicks forward .... The path continues and bends to the left ........

Do not follow the path further but turn left and .... you have found that Loaner's Lodge ....( actually...I have found it for you)

Go forward to the Lodge and then click with your magnifying glass on the door. The door is screwed down with a so-called "Phillips screw". Unscrew the screw from the door with the Peeler that you brought from Carol's refrigerator. You then look in the cabin. There is a red bag in the cabin.

Take the red bag and click on the zipper to open the bag. Take the Portable Ultraviolet Lamp from the bag and click the thing to the inventory.

Step back 2 times to leave the cabin and then turn left or right 2 times and walk back to the forest path.

Then turn left and follow the path one more time. Turn left ......there is a big pile of carrots and potatoes in the clearing.

View the pile of carrots and potatoes in close-up ...... Carol has no comment on it. 

Step back and then turn around and ......., you stare at an open cabin .... Continue to the cabin ......

Standing in front of the hut you turn left ...... on the floor is a roll of toilet paper .......

Zoom in on the toilet paper roll ..... At the toilet paper roll are a few bags of "Wet Wipes" ... Take a Wet Wipe and click it to the inventory. 

Get out of the close-up, turn left and walk back to the forest path. 

Turn left and follow the forest path back to the EXIT, past the excavator. Click EXIT and travel via the map back to the:


Carol now has an Ultraviolet Lamp and a wet wipe. With the wet wipe Carol can wipe the bird poop off the information board. 

So follow the path along the river to that information board again. Zoom in again on the information board. 

Take the Wet Wipe cloth from inventory and click on the bird poop on the plate .....

Carol sweeps the bird poop off the glass and she now reads "Latstly, tap the apple twice To login on the red device" The red device is therefore the red mobile phone. Get out of the close-up, turn left and continue 5 clicks along the path .... Carol is then back at the Birdhouse. 

Zoom in again on the birdhouse and then use the Ultraviolet Lamp on it and ...... a Hand becomes visible on the birdhouse.

The Hand is also 1 of the icons on the red telephone. Carol now has all the hints to turn on the red telephone.

Get out of the close-up and follow the path further to the EXIT and then travel back to:

Gerald Black's house:

Go to the kitchen and then turn left again to the counter. Zoom in again on the plastic envelope and take the red mobile phone from it. In the screen of the phone you see the 6 icons again ...... Well .... on the birdhouse you saw 1 hand and on the information board you read that you have to click the apple twice ...... So click once on the hand and then twice on the apple and ......

Carol is "in" ..... the phone reports that this is the 2nd time that it's logged in, so Gerald Black has already done this once. Click with your magnifying glass and ..... a text message will appear from the murderer "M". The murderer knows that Gerard has hidden himself from him in the Loaner's Lodge, and so Gerard has fled to a new hiding place

So we have to look for the new hiding place of Gerald Black. Get out of the close-up's and go back to the corridor and the front door ...

... hello ..... there is mail ..... take the envelope that sticks out of the letter box and take out the contents 

.... it turns out to be a bill for the rent of the "Woodpecker Tree House" for 5 nights. The tree house was rented by Gerald Black. At the bottom of the bill is the telephone number of "Tree House Central" and this telephone number is stored in Carol's cell phone. Leave the close-up .... The bill is saved in inventory. Open the inventory and then right click on Carol's cell phone and then call that "Tree House Central".....

Carol gets the answering machine on the line .... nobody is present, but Carol will be called back.

The "Woodpecker Hotel" location is put on the map. Get out of the close-up and leave the house and travel to the

Woodpecker Hotel: Tree House 1st time:

Carol has ended up in a park. In the middle of the park is the tree with the Tree House ..... Go 2 clicks forward to the tree house tree.

The tree house hangs high in the tree .... there is a rope hanging down, but that rope does not reach the ground ....., Zoom in on the rope with your magnifying glass ...... the rope is unreachable for Carol ..... so...What next? Get out of the close-up and turn right 2 times and then go 1 click forward across the lawn and ....... Carol receives a text message on her cell phone from former garden gnome Jonas .......

Jonas asks Carol to come and drink a cup of tea at his new workplace, the Riedler's 2nd handbook store. This location is put on the map. 

Put the phone away, walk 1 click ahead and then click the EXIT and travel to:


Talk to Jonas through all the options you get. Jonas tells that he was busy trimming some trees on a viewpoint and he tells Carol how she can get into the tree house. There must be some sort of board with which Carol can hoist herself up into the tree. Say goodbye to Jonas and ...... Carol receives another call .... click on the green telephone button to receive the call .... It is one Achmud from the "Tree House Center" .....

Talk to Achmud through all the conversation options. Carol may take a look at the tree house, but he warns that the "elevator" is not entirely reliable. 

Say hello and return to the tree house by clicking the "The Woodpecker Hotel" location on the map again.

Tree house 2nd time:

Carol now ends up under the tree house and ..... the hoist board has now come down. Click with your hand on the board and ......

Carol hoists herself up and lands on the porch of the tree house and she is standing in front of a chair

Go forward to the chair and then turn left to go around the corner. At the end is a white box.

Go forward to the white box. Click with your magnifying glass on the white box and then open the flap that is in the top of the box. 

In the box there is a rope hoist and on the rope is a poster about the "Sun Cannon" in Adeleine. Pick up the poster and read it ...

The location of the tower, in "Adeleine English Park", is put on the map. Turn the poster around with the turning arrow. 

On the back of the poster, murderer "M" has written another hint .....At the "Sun Canon", "M" has hidden the next clue in a hollow tree stump 

Step 2 out of all close-ups and turn left and open the gray door. There is a bed in the room painted in red.

 Step inside. Turn counter clockwise to the narrow window.

In the windowsill there is a red cup with a paint brush. To the left of the window is a shelf with a matchbox on it ..... Zoom in on the shelf and then grab the matchbox .... open the matchbox and .... unfortunately .... the matchbox is empty, so Carol has no use of it. Step back. Zoom in on the red cup and then take the paint brush out of it and put it in inventory. Turn 2 times to the right ...... on the wall hangs a wooden cupboard with cleaning things on and in. Zoom in on the hanging cupboard. On top of the cupboard is a brown bottle ... on the left next to the brown flacon is a letter .....Take the letter .... 

you read: "Just use the contents of the bottle that I sent you".

Click the note to the inventory. 

There are 2 wicker baskets in the cupboard. On the left basket is a spray bottle with gas, You can pick up the spray bottle, but Carol is not interested in it. Click with your hand on the right basket .... You then look in the basket. There is binoculars in the basket and also a black notebook. Grab the binoculars and click the thing to the inventory. Then pick up the notebook and read through all the notes written in it ..... 

the notebook is in fact a diary of Gerald Black about his stay here in the tree house .... you browse to the following pages via the arrow ..... Gerard's last note mentioned a letter that has been shot into the tree house via an arrow, and he also reports that he no longer feels safe in the tree house. So Gerard has relocated again.

Get out of the close-ups twice and ........... It is suddenly evening and therefore Carol does not dare to leave the tree house.

 Carol decides to spend the night here. Click "Sleep" on the bed to go to sleep and ..

... In the middle of the night Carol wakes up from a strange sound, she gets up and walks outside ..... 

Turn left and see ....... in the tree sticks a arrow now...

there is a note on the arrow ..... someone, probably "M", has just shot the arrow at the tree house. Get the note ..... the murderer threatens to kill Carol as she continue to search for Gerard Black. Put away the threatening note and turn 2 times to the left and ...... Carol decides to go home now and so she does.

Carol's apartment:

It is still night and Carol is still asleep, so go to Carol's bedroom and then click "Sleep" on Carol's bed to continue sleeping.

When Carol wakes up the next day

Tree house 3rd time:

The next morning we find Carol fresh and a wake in her living room. Turn around and walk into the hall and leave the apartment via EXIT on the front door and travel, via the map, back to the tree house: Click on the hoist board again ..... Carol lifts herself back up to the tree house. Walk back to the garden chair, turn left and walk to the white box. Do not zoom in again on the white box, but turn around to the garden chair. Next to the garden chair is now a "Christmas tree lamp" on the small wooden table. Zoom in on the "Christmas tree lamp" ......

The Christmas tree light has 5 colored "tear drops", from top to bottom those colors are... black, green, yellow, purple and blue ..... the purple and the blue drops are in the same row ...... If you click on one of the colored drops with your hand, the 5 drops will turn white for a moment, but then they will get their color back. Get out of the close-up, turn to the right, open the gray door again and enter the bedroom again. Turn right .... In the bright red back wall is a door, so open the door .....

...... it turns out to be a toilet ..... Take a look in the toilet ..... it is a chemical toilet. In the round window there is a roll of toilet paper and there is a black tube "Miscano Hemmerhoid Cream", in which Carol has absolutely no interest. Get out of the toilet, turn right and step outside again. Carol is again in front of the garden chair. Turn right, 1 click forward, turn right and 1 click forward, to the branch of the tree on which the hoist ropes of the board hang. Then look down via the short down arrow and then click with your hand on the wooden hatch to open it ... Then click EXIT and.......

... Carol hoists herself down and you get the map in your screen ....

Because you have read the poster about the "Sun Cannon" in the tree house, this location is now available, so travel now to the:

Sun Cannon Tower:  1st time:

Another forest, but this time on a hill. Follow the forest path up to the Tower

The door of the tower is locked with a padlock. Turn around and walk 1 click back and then turn left .....

..... a wooden staircase goes down to the lake ...... Go 1 click down and then turn left and ... 

You've found the hollow stump that "M" was talking about in his rhyme on the back of the Sun Cannon poster. 

Zoom in on the stump and then take out the brown wallet ....

Open the wallet .... there is a note from "M" and a "Sun Cannon Tower card" in the wallet. Read the note from "M" ....

"M" says that the key for the tower is hidden on the Jetty. 

Click the note back in the wallet and then take the Sun Cannon Tower card out and turn it over ... Read the info about the Sun Cannon .... 

Get out of all close-ups, then turn right and walk further down. Then turn left and walk further down via the next staircase and then take another step forward.

Then turn right and ..... Carol is now right in front of the Jetty ..... Walk up the jetty.

There are 2 "bollards" on the jetty, were the boats can be attached with their rope. Both "bollards" are hollow .... Look in both "bollards" ..... 

In the right "Bolder" "M" has hidden the key to the Tower ..... Click with the hand in the right Bollard o fish out the key and then click the key to the inventory.

Step back and turn around .... 1 click forward to the football fields, turn left and go up again via the bottom stairs. When you reach the top, turn right and continue up the stairs to the Tower. Turn right and walk to the front door of the tower. Take the  just found Key from inventory and ram it into the padlock of the door and ..... Carol gets into the Tower.

3 windows, all of which are closed with a hatch. Under the right window hangs a shelf with a stack of postcards on it.

The middle of the 3 windows is long and narrow .... Click with your hand on the middle window to open the hatch so that some daylight enters. Take a post card from the shelf .... the tower is on it, but Carol has no further interest in the card. Get out of the close-up and turn right ..... again 2 windows with shutters and again 3 hanging shelves ...... 1 shelf is hanging above the windows and 2 shelves are hanging beneath the windows.

Behind the right bracket of the top shelf is a green / white piece of paper ....Get that piece of paper .....

it's another clue from the murderer "M" .... it's another rhyme .....

the rhyme "tells" where the letters of the murderer's name can be found ...... In and around the "Darwin Forest Path". 

The rhyme tells that the name consists of 5 letters and where those letters are hidden. 

Click with your magnifying glass on the rhyme so that Carol knows she needs to go to the "Darwin Forrest Trail" and then click the rhyme to the inventory. On the bottom shelf is a shoe box with an orange lid .... Click on the shoe box. .... There is a Tablet in the box .... click on the orange button to make the Tablet large in your screen and then click the orange button again to turn the thing on ..... a "letter-snake" appears on the tablet screen .........

You can click on any letter .... it is of course the intention to click on the letters of the murderer's name, but Carol does not yet know that name, for that she must first look for those 5 letters. So go step 2 times out of the close-up, turn right and leave the tower. Back outside you go 4 times straight ahead, you can't go any further so turn right and click EXIT on the soccer fields ...... The map appears but there is no new location available now ...... So where to now? Do you remember that Jonas told that he was busy pruning some trees in the Darwin Forest? ........ Jonas probably knows more about that forest, so go back to:


Talk to Jonasy via all new conversation option and ..... Jonas tells that there is a "Wild Live Trail" in the Darwin Forest.

This location will now be available on the map. Give Jonasy a kiss and then travel via the map to the:

Wild life Trail:

Forest and more forest ...... First turn right and read the information on the information board ....... this info is written by Gerald Black.

Get out of the close-up, turn back left. The rhyme about the 5 letters that you found in the Sun Cannon Tower says that the 1st letter can be found in an "ugly despicable Deer"

Now follow the forest path 6 clicks ahead. You are at a crossroads of paths. Turn right and follow the path 3 clicks forward ....

You are now in an open field .... you can go even further forward but turn right here and zoom in on the information board ....... this is information board 5 and you can read information about it on the Deer. Read the info and then get out of the close-up ..... In the lawn, behind the information board, there is a Deer ..... Aim the forward arrow to the Deer and then go there... 

It is a cardboard deer ..... The deer itself is not interested in Carol, but turn left 

... In the high bush you see a sewer pipe ...... Click with your magnifying glass on the sewer pipe and ......

At the bottom left is a white piece of paper under the dirt ..... Take the paper ..... It is the letter M ......

Carol does not take the letters she finds. Step back 2 times, turn left and go back to the path. View the green rhyme again, IN INVENTORY ......... The "M" is now entered at the 1st indication. The rhyme says that the 2nd letter can be found on a dirty manhole cover. Put the rhyme back on and then turn right ..... Follow the path again 1 click forward and then stand still ..... The path goes back into the forest with a right turn ..... Turn left here and .... A pipe with a lid protrudes into the lawn .....

Zoom in on the lid ..... On the lid the letter O is chalked ....... The O is entered on the rhyme.

According to the rhyme, the 3rd letter can be found behind a Disgusting boar. 

Step back, turn right and follow the path, right turn, 2 clicks ahead and then turn right ...... Behind information board 7 there is a wild Boar in the forest .....

 If you want you can first read the information on the board.

Go to the boar ...... You have to look behind the boar, so go behind the boar and then turn around to the boar and ....

. on the back of the boar is the letter R ......... the R is put on the rhyme. 

The 4th letter, according to the rhyme, can be found on a yellow rock. 

Return to the path, turn right and follow the path again 1 click further and then turn right again ..... Information sign 8, about the European Beetle. 

At this sign there is a round rock painted yellow. Zoom in on it and see ..... the letter T. The T is put on the rhyme.

The 5th and last letter, according to the rhyme, can be found "by the beast standing near the round rock" and Carol must then "look over her shoulder" Step back onto the path ... in the distance you see, on the left next to the path, a large round rock. So 1 click further forward ...on the left is that large round rock .... turn right .... Information sign 9 about the moose.

Behind the information board is a moose in the forest. Walk on to the Moose ..... standing before the Moose turn right ....

.A piece of paper is hidden between the thin stems .....

Zoom in on the piece of paper and then click on it ..... it is the letter Y ...

Carol has found all 5 letters and they spell "MORTY" .... 

Step back 2 times, turn right and go back to the path. Turn right and follow the path for 3 more clicks, then turn left and click EXIT. Return, via the map, to the:

Sun Cannon tower:

Follow the path up the hill and enter the tower again. Turn right again in the tower and take the tablet from the shoe box. Click the orange button twice to turn the tablet on. 

The letter snake appears again on the tablet ... well ..... the letters you found spell "MORTY

so click in the letter snake on the letters M. O, R, T, Y and. ..... The killer then conjures up the "Find the 5 Differences" game on the tablet.

Find the 5 differences:

On the right picture there are 5 things different than on the left picture. Find those differences and click them on the right picture.

You will not get a hand to click but a circle. A circle appears on the item you click on. This puzzle consists of 2 parts .... 

This is part 1:

If the first part is correct, the following 2 photos will appear, where you will mark the differences on the right photo again. Thus:

Once you have found the 10 differences, you will see a green Flame and a blue Circle with the question from Morty whether Gerard Black has recently visited the place where his wife was murdered..

 Get out of the tablet close-up. Leave the tower and go down the hill to the EXIT. Go, via the map, back to:

Albert Edison:

Ask Edison the new questions, so ask if he knows someone named Rick and where Black's wife was killed.

Edison doesn't know a Rick person but Dora, Black's wife, was murdered at the "Bowl Pits" and this location is now available on the map. Say bye and travel to Bowl Pits:

Part 2 of the walkthrough:

2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English Translation by: Louis Koot