2019: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and web layout by Louis Koot

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Part One of the walkthrough

This is the 14th volume in the Carol Reed series. Anyone who has previously played a Carol Reed game knows how the controls work. Left-clicking is moving and interacting with objects. Move the cursor to the top of the screen and your inventory will be visible. You can view it by right-clicking on an item. You can combine objects in your inventory, you do this with the left mouse button. With the Esc button you get the menu where you can save.

When you start a new game you will first receive a tutorial. If you already know how to use the controls then you can skip this tutorial.  

Carol's Apartment

After the intro you are in Carol's flat. 2x forward and turn left, click on the door and you are in Carol's study.  

There is a bucket in front of the bookcase, in which wine is made. View the bucket.  

Zoom out and turn to the right, Carol's cell phone is on the desk. Zoom in on the phone, you have to click a number of times on the phone to grab it.  

You get to hear that Carol has forgotten to charge the phone.  

Turn right and click on the door handle, you are back in the living room. Turn right and go to the hall, turn left and you see the kitchen.  

Go into the kitchen and go to the fridge, there is a memo to meet Jonas at "The Stairs".  

You see that a new location is added to the map. Zoom out of the memo, leave the kitchen and look further in all rooms of the flat.  

In Carol's bedroom you can look at a treadmill.

When you have viewed everything, click on exit at the front door. You get on the map. Jonas's location is on the map now, so travel to:


Use all the talk  options you get.  

Jonas gives Carol a nice cool drink and you also get a lubricant for the treadmill.  

Jonas asks you to do something, he tells about Andrea. \You get a Andrea's location on the map again. , so say goodbye to Jonas and go to:


 Talk with Andrea via all options

You get a new location again, Andrea's house. After the conversation you go to Andrea's house.  

Andrea's house.

You stand in front of the door, turn left and you see a waste bin.  

Zoom in on the lock of the bin, you need a key. Zoom out and go in through the door, turn left and go to the office.  

Zoom in on the desk and click on the bag, click on the zipper and click on the bag again. You see a razor.  

Zoom out and turn right, you will see a desk with many things on it. You see many bottles. There is a box in front of the desk with a few envelopes in it.  

  Click on the envelope, you will see an address.  

  Zoom out and go back to the hall, click on the door across the hall.  

Turn right and click on the door handle, this is the garage.  

  Go back to the hall and go down.  

To the left is a junk room / wardrobe.  To the right is the bathroom, go into the bathroom

 On the edge of the bath is a bag of cotton pads. Click on that bag a few times to get a cotton pad.  

  Continue down, the door on the left is locked. Click on the door on the right, this is the meter cupboard / junk room.  

  Go back up and go forward, the door on the left is missing a latch.

Turn around to the 2 bedrooms, the left you can enter.  

Enter the left room and turn to the door and click on the left sticker, 

peel off the sticker and you will see a business card. It's from a piano teacher but you can't read the address.

  Go up the stairs to the front door, turn around and continue up. Enter the living room on the left, 

turn right and go to the table. Zoom in on the laptop, you have to enter a password here, but you don't have one yet.  

  Zoom out and turn right, there is a cookie jar on a desk. Go forward and zoom in on the drum, 

open the cookie jar and get the key.  

  Zoom out and go to the kitchen, there are 2 memos in front of you on the counter.  

Zoom in on it, there is a yellow and a blue memo. You get a new location again.  

  Zoom out and turn right, forward and turn right again. You are back in the hall.  

  Go even further up. To the left is a bedroom. Enter the room on the right and walk to the stove, there is a photo on the fireplace.  

It is a picture of a man with different animals, you can click on the animals but in which order?  

  Go down to the front door and go outside.  

Turn to the right and go to the bin, use the key on the lock.  

  In the bin you will find a letter from the daughter's killer.  

Read the killer's letter

  Zoom out and turn left, click on exit and........

.... go to Domus.  


Talk to Domus and drink the lemon tea. You get a new location again.  

  Close and go to Largo Mountain via the map.  

Largo mountain

  Go forward 2x and turn left. 

Go forward once onto the terrain. Turn 2x to the right and go 3x forward into the barn, 

diagonally to the left and there are bolts on the crate. Click on the bolts. 

Zoom out and turn right. You see a letter in the red playhouse.  

Read the front and back of the letter, there is a clue on the back.  

You have to look in the waste container. Exit the shed and turn around to the shed. .  

There is a waste container under the canopy, left of the shed

Zoom in twice on that left container and you will find a brochure in it......It's a brochure from: The Andrew Suchet Museum.  

  On the back of the brochure there is a clue, you have to do the Suchet test. You also have a new location on the map: Suchet Museum. 

Leave this yard to the road and follow the road back to the EXIT

  Go to the Suchet museum via the map.  

Suchet Museum: The Suchet Test

  Turn  left and zoom in on the photo on the left and read the text.  

  Turn right again and go forward, turn left and zoom in on the 2 photos and read the texts

Turn right and go forward to the big barrel. Under the barrel 1 is a group photo, zoom in on the photo and read the text.  

  Zoom out and turn left, view the photo and read the text.  

  Zoom out and turn around, go forward 2x. Turn right and go forward 2x again. View all photos on your path.  

You are now at the door of the Suchet Test. Enter the room

. If you cannot enter the room then you have not seen all the photos. On the photos you can find all the answers to the questions.  

  Press a button to start the test. Press the correct button to provide the correct answer to 4 questions.  

Question 1 is answer 1. Question 2 is answer 2. Question 3 is answer 2. Question 4 is answer 3.

  You have passed the test and you will be given a new location.  

Zoom out and turn right, go forward and turn left. Click on exit.  

  Go to the Miliva Factory via the map.  

Miliva Factory

  You stand in front of 2 information boards zoom in on the boards to view them both.  

Zoom out and go forward between the signs. A little to the left you go further ahead.  

  Turn left and go forward 2x, turn left and take the pallet that is against the wall


Turn left and go 3x forward, turn left and there you see a hole in the wall. You also see the rails of a railway line.  

  Take the palette from your inventory and click it on the wall under the hole. Click on the palette to climb through the hole, you are then at the railroad.  

 Turn to the wall and zoom in on the wall. You read that you should go to: The Grand Coral Quarry.  

You have a new location on the map again. You have to go back to the forest path, go through the hole and turn right.

Go forward 1x and turn left, 2x forward and you are back on the forest path.  

Turn left and click on exit. Go via the map to  The Grand Coral Quarry.  

Part Two of the Walkthrough

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and web layout by Louis Koot