2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This game is the 16th game of the Carol Reed serie and it is set  in 2020 when the whole world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic

Alvin is a 16-year-old teenager with a passion for skateboarding. Alvin is a bit of a loner and he lives with his mother Jonna Brand, who is an advocate of the COVID-19 corona virus safety procedures. To pursue his favorite pastime, Alvin sneaks out early in the morning while his mother works at night. However, when he doesn't come home one day, his mother is concerned about much more than the corona virus. Carol is called upon to solve this mystery amid the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, with all its limitations and challenges.

The game has a good hint system / hint book in the inventory.

Home: Carol's Apartment

Look around Carol's apartment. If you have played previous Carol Reed games you must know your way around Carol's apartment by now.....After 15 Carol Reed games it's almost you live there yourself. If you go into Carol's bathroom you can disinfect your hands with the disinfecting hand soap on the sink, to clean your hand from all Covid-19 virus particles. 

Find and go into Carol's bedroom and then zoom in on the left bedside table. Carol's mobile is on the left nightstand, so take it

 In the close-up click the phone screen and the Read the messages from Jonna Brand

Jonna Brand's house gets on the map. Click the phone away and leave the bedroom and go to Carol's study room, via the living room. Carol's wine bucket is still standing here. You can open up the wine bucket to see that Carol has enjoyed here home made wine, since she's made it.

Turn left to the TV and zoom in on the empty glass bottle. Take the glass bottle and click it into the inventory.

Leave the study and go to Carol's front door in the hall. Exit the apartment and go to Jonna's house via the city map.

Jonna Brand's House

Take notice of the closed mailbox that stand on the left side of the drive way.  Then walk to the house and knock on the front door by clicking the doorknocker

Talk to Jonna about everything and she gives Carol a photo of her missing son Alvin.

Carol agrees to take the case and she may search the house. Turn left and see the disc lock of the closed door. 

The door is locked and if you zoom in on that door lock you'll see that you can give the 4 segments of the circular lock different colors. 

You need more information, so step back, turn right, forward 1x, turn right and step into the living room 

Turn left to the ding room and look at the laptop on the dining table.

Use the laptop to see a screen with number keys and characters. You need more information to be able to access this laptop

So step back. turn left, forward to step into the small sitting room and then zoom in on the letter that's on the chair

Click and read the letter on the chair...you reed "I forgot my handbag at A's!".

Step back, turn right and go into the kitchen. 

Turn right and zoom in on the shelf of the open kitchen cupboard and then take the door handle that's lying on this shelf

Step back, turn left 2x, and zoom in on the letters that are on the kitchen table. Read both letters

Step back, turn left and walk back to the front door. Stand against the front door and turn right and now go up the stairs to the upper floor.

Upstairs the door in front of you is closed. Turn left twice and.....

......go forward and go into Alvin's bedroom.

Zoom in on the nightstand to see the blue letters on the drawer. 

In order to open up the drawer you must click 4 letters in the correct order but you do not know witch letters you must click, so you need more information. 

Step back, turn left to see two skateboard wheels at Alvin's computer screen.

Carol doesn't take the wheels now, so step back and turn around to see Alvin's TV cabinet. There's a green card on the cabinet. Zoom in and take that green card

It's a membership card. Flip the card over to get a new location on the map

Step back, leave the room to the window, turn left or right and now climb up the stairs to the attic room.

At the blue sofa turn left and then zoom in on the hatch in the sealing........It's to high up, so Carol can't reach that hatch now. 

Go back down both stairs and....

...... leave the house and walk to the street and Exit to the map

On the map go to the:

Green Tile Skate Park

Walk forward 4 times, turn right before the skate ramp, and then continue forward 6 times over a second skate ramp, until you can not go further.

Turn left and zoom in on the blue jack on the floor and then click on the jacket

Carol takes a "Graffiti Sanctions" card from the jacket and on the card you read that Alvin has written "ALRO" on two benches.

Carol doesn't take the card so note down "ALGRO". Go back over both skateboard ramps and then climb up the hill to the road and Exit to the map

Go back to:

Jonna Brand's House

Go upstairs to Alvin's bedroom and zoom in again on his nightstand with the blue letters on the drawer. 

Now click on the blue letters A, L, R, O. and.......

....the drawers goes open. There's a tablet and a red card in the drawer. Click on the tablet in the drawer and see the numbers: "29 - 36 - 7 - 62"

You can click on the numbers to get a triangle, square or a circle around them, but you don't know witch of them you need to get around witch number

Click the tablet into the drawer and then take the red card from the drawer. 

Flip the card over...it's a access card from the Train Museum and this location gets put on the map

Leave the house and go on the map and go to the:

The Train Museum

Talk to Holger Stenson completely to get the Old Railway Museum on the map.

 Afterwards, look around here at the train museum. Go forward 3 times, turn right and........

step into the train car, forwards and turn right to see the glass cabinet that stand on the right. In this cabinet you see a folder with a  "circle 7" on it. Note it down.

Exit  the train car and go back to the red EXIT door and exit the museum.

On the map, go to the

The Old Railway Museum

Turn left at the gate and the go behind the gate to the train tracks.

Go forward 3 times, turn left at the white tank container car and......

......on the left container car you see a "square 29"...note it down

Turn right, 3x forward, turn right and go forward into the shed. 

In the shed turn left and zoom in on the wooden board to see a "triangle 62" on it..... 

Turn left and leave the shed. Turn left, 2 x forward, then  point your arrows between the trains and.....

......go 3 x forwards right side between to a green car.

Turn left, enter the car, turn left and you'll see a bucket with plain "36" on it

Leave the car and go forwards, back in the direction of the shed and.....

... then turn around and.....then follow the left side rail track back to the gate and......

.......Exit here and then Exit to the map and.....

.....go back to:

Jonna Brand's House

Go upstairs to Alvin's bedroom and look in the drawer again

 Take the tablet again and now

Press the numbers to place the correct figure around each number, as you saw it in the 2 railway museums. Then press the "OK" button:

Then click the "RZ message" folder and read the message - 

The Dogwood School location is put on the map, so leave the house and Exit to the map and travel to the

 Dogwood school.

Go forward 3x, turn around and then look under the right ramp.

Click on the stick that's lying under the ramp

Carol grabs the stick.....spin the stick and read "East Promenade" = New Location.

Find the Exit to the map and go to the tennis court.

Tennis Court

Go forward 4 times to the wall and turn left.

Zoom in on the left hotspot in the grass......it's a concrete slab. Click it and then take the rusty key.

Step back and turn right to the wall. Zoom twice in on the green pipe that's against the wall.

Use the rusty key on the lid lock and.......then click on the smart phone that in it.

Flip the smart phone.....A new location will be put on the map When asked if you've been to the "Acorn Recreation Center skate spot" click on "Yes". Click several times in the phone screen to see 4 quiz questions....Write down the questions, you don't know the answers yet.

-Question 1: "What sports can be practiced on the terrain"
    -Question 2: "Which graffiti can be seen on the skate ramp?"
                                            -Question 3: "How many vertical planks are there on either side of the skate ramp"
            -Question 4: "What color is the large waste bin on the property?"

We must find the answers to these 4 questions, so Exit to the map and.....

...........travel to the Acorn Skate court

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2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Text and Screenshots by: Louis Koot