2022: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

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Part of the state forest has been closed for nearly a decade due to a planned controlled burning. When the area was recently opened up, the body of a deceased elderly man was found near a disused feeder. The name and address of Carol's girlfriend Stina were found in the man's pocket, although he was completely unknown to Stina. Unraveling the connection between the dead man and Stina leads Carol to a summer colony that has been shut down by the authorities and where no humans have set foot in over 20 years.

Home: Carol's Apartment

Go into the living room and look around a bit.

Look in close-up at the fragrance sticks  that are on the chest of drawers, that stands in the top left corner of the room. 

Zoom out, turn left and dive into Carol's study room. Turn around, look at  the flashlight  that stand next to the computer screen. 

Take the flashlight and click it to the inventory. 

In the Hints you can read that Carol has to wash her laundry. You can take a look in Carol's bedroom and her kitchen but you can't take anything right now. Go to the hall and turn right twice and enter the bathroom/toilet. Carol reports that her washing machine has broken down. 

Take the dirty laundry  and......

......also take the box Ariel washing powder.

 You have to find a working washing machine. Leave the apartment.

Go down the stairs to be at the exit door but don't exit. Turn left to the basement door. Open the basement door. 

Slanted left and then forward and then.......

... turn left and enter the laundry room.  There's a washing machine and a dryer in the laundry room. 

Zoom in on the top of the washing machine. Open the lid  at the top and put the Ariel washing powder in it and then close the lid again. 

Click back and look at the washing machine again. Now open the door of the washing g machine and place the dirty  laundry in the drum. 

Something is wrong because Carol hears a sound . Search the dirty laundry and Carol finds her mobile phone that was in the dirty laundry .

 Click the phone to the inventory and then close the door and the washing begins. The washing will take some time so we don't go waiting for it to be ready. We will check here later to see whether the washing is done, Exit the washroom and Carol gets a text message from Stina who wants to talk with Carol. 

Exit the basement and go out through the entrance door. 

On the city map (map), go to Stina in the library.


Go inside and talk to Stina and use all conversation options. 

Stina tells of a dead man who has been found in the woods. The dead man had a note with Stina's address in his hand, but she doesn't know the man. Stina shows Carol the newspaper article about the Herzog Forest. Stina also has done some research about the dead man and shows Carol a newspaper article from 1976 about Amos Green. The dead man found is Amos Green. 

On the map, go to the Animal Feeding Station,  in the Herzog forest, where the body was found.

The Feeding Station

Forward, turn left, 2x forward, turn right and forward again to the observation hut.

 Look at the door of the observation hut. Open the door and take a look inside, but for now there's nothing to do in the hut.  

Exit the hut. Turn around, and go forward 2x to the feeding thing that stand ahead in the clearing. 

Turn to the left and look at the object that lies left next of the big stone. It's a purse......take it to see it in close-up

Open the purse by pressing the 4 metal buttons so that they all remain black. The order is 2, 4, 3, 1. 

Take the note from the purse and read the text to get a new location available

Step back, turn left,  3x forward, turn left, 3x forward, turn right, forward and exit to the map. 

Go to the Triangle Park on the map

Triangle Park

Go forward 4x to the yellow park bench,

Turn left and zoom in on the paper that's on the ground under the yellow bench. 

Take the paper.....it's a note from a certain Gunnar Hanson of the Salt Field Shelter and this becomes a new location on the map. 

Step back, turn left, forward, turn left....... 

..... and look at the backpack that lies in the bushes. Take the backpack. 

Open the backpack completely to take out the paint thinner. 

Step back, turn right, 3x forward, turn left and exit to the map. 

On the map, go to Gunnar Hanson.

Gunnar Hanson

Go inside and talk to Gunnar Hanson

Elim is dead but Gunnar will tell Carol the name of Amos Green's contact, but it's stored in his phone. Gunnar has lost his phone at his hideout and Carol will go to get it

Gunnar also asks if Carol can take his deodorant and bring it to him here. On the map, go to Gunnar's hideout.

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2022: Walkthrough by Louis Koot