2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Eager to make some money for her upcoming vacation, Carol agrees to help Dalton Jonson to investigate the recent disappearance of his wife, Daria. Carol's investigation soon reveals that an elusive video game designer seems to have a very hostile attitude towards Daria.In a series of eccentric and unsuccessful games, the game designer is taking responsibility for three recent brutal murders: Three men who were sedated, strangled, and placed in public locations with their hands tied behind their backs.

As always, you can also go through a tutorial when you start the game for the 1st time.

 If this is the 1st Carol Reed game you are starting then I would do this tutorial first. If you are already an experienced Carol Reed player, you can really skip it.

Carol's Apartment (Home)

You start the game in the hallway of Carol's apartment. Carol already has a new client, but she has forgotten where that guy lives. 

Carol also needs her cell phone. You look into Carol's living room. Go 1 step into the living room and then turn right.

Carol's cell  phone is on the chest of drawers.Pick up the phone. You can't do anything with it so store the phone in the inventory

When you have clicked the phone to the inventory, click on the hint book, left in the inventory. 

You then read the 1st hint ..... You read that Carol has to go to her kitchen to look up her client's address

So go back to the hall. Turn around in the hall until you see the kitchen and then step into the kitchen.

 In the kitchen you immediately turn left to the kitchen table.

Pick up the letter and photo from the client. Read the letter after clicking the photo to the inventory

The client is Dalton Jonson and his wife Daria has disappeared and he has enlisted Carol's help to find his wife. The photo shows the disappeared Daria.  Dalton Jonson's address is put on the map. Exit the kitchen to the hall and find Carol's front door and then exit the apartment through the front door. You are now on the map.

Via the map you can quickly send Carol to all available locations. There are now 2 locations available, Home and Dalton Jonson.

 Home is Carol's apartment, so click on the Dalton Jonson location to go there now.

Dalton Jonson's House

You don't end up directly at Dalton's house. The house is on top of a hill. Go forward until you can go no further, at the stone wall,  and then turn left

You then look at the facade and the front door of the house.

Continue to the front door and then click on the front door and Carol enters and now meets that Dalton Jonson.

Click all conversation options and Carol may search the house, but she wants to explore the area outside the house first. You are then outside the house again


Opposite the house is a barn with 2 doors. Go to the barn. The right door is locked with a padlock. 

Carol has yet to find the key for the padlock. The left door is not locked, so click the left door and .....

Carol is then in a storage room and it is full of junk. Turn to the left and then click "up" on the stairs to peek up in the attic

Unfortunately it is too dark in the attic. Carol will have to come back here once she finds a working flashlight somewhere

Climb back down and find the doorway and step outside again. Walk forward to the house but don't go inside. 

Turn to the right and walk forward again to the stone wall and turn right

You then look through the passage on the left side of the barn and you now also see a door in the side of the barn

Go forward until you are at that side door and then turn right to be right in front of the side door. 

Click the door handle to enter and Carol has ended up in the barn's bathroom/laundry room. 

Turn clockwise to the washbasin. There is a toiletry bag on the washbasin

Pick up the toiletry bag and click on the zipper to unzip the bag. Then click in the right compartment of the bag and .......

....Carol takes a note from the toiletry bag. Read the note and especially note the 4 separately formed capital letters, R, A, I, D ....

 ......write down these 4 letters on a piece of paper somewhere. Then click this note to the inventory

Go back outside. Turn right and walk forward to the stone wall. At the wall turn left. In the distance you see a factory hall. 

Go forward until you can go no further and then turn left and ......

..... you see a barbeque. Go to the barbeque and open the thing. There's nothing in the barbeque so close the thing again

Step back, turn right, 1 forward and ....

......Carol receives a text from Dalton Jonson saying he is going to his brother's house and will give the address later

Put the phone away and turn right and ..... Carol is now in front of the playhouse. To the left of the house is a white canoe in the tall grass.

You can take a look in the playhouse, but you won't find anything of interest there

Again outside the playhouse, turn right twice and ... you will see the firewood storage near the trees. 

You can take a look at the firewood storage but you won't find anything there. 

...Go back to the playhouse and then turn right again and then go straight past the swimming pool tback to.....

....... the barn. Then turn right and go back to the front door of Dalton's residence

Clik the door to enter the house again.

Inside the house

Carol will be in  the downstairs hall of the house. Check the Hintbook to read what you must do here

Carol wants to investigate the upper floor first so find the stairs and then climb the stairs to the upper floor

Upstairs you go straight ahead into the largest of the 2 bedrooms. In the bedroom you turn to the left. 

You are then standing in front of a chest of drawers

The chest of drawers has 4 drawers that you can open all 4. In the right middle drawer you will find a CD. 

Take the CD and store it in your inventory

Your hint book now tells you that Carol should put this CD in her computer

So Carol has to go back to her apartment to check out the CD in her computer. But there's no rush so we're going to pay a visit to the other rooms in this house first. Leave the bedroom and at the stairwell turn left and enter the 2nd bedroom. This 2nd bedroom is smaller than the previous one

Between the 2 beds is a white table under the window. There is a bedside lamp on the table.

 Zoom in on the bedside lamp and then click on it to slide the lamp back and then take the key that was under the lamp.

It is a "pirate" key and it fits the padlock of the right door of the barn. Click the key to the inventory

Go back downstairs and then dive into the living room annex dining room and go to the cupboard that contains the microwave. 

There is a note on top of the microwave

Zoom in on the note and pick it up to read it. 

The note says that the key for the cupboard under the stairs is probably lost in the grass near the canoe. 

That is the canoe to the left of the playhouse

There's no point in going back to that canoe now because Carol doesn't have any tools yet to mow the tall grass there.

 Leave the house and return to the right door of the barn. Use the "pirate" key on the padlock and Carol goes inside

The right part of the barn is the guest house. Have a look around here. 

You will find a Ring in the cupboard above the sink, but Carol does not want to take this ring now. 

However, remember that the ring can be found here because Carol will need this ring later in the game. 

Okay go back outside and now look for the EXIT and then EXIT to the map. Now travel back to Carol's Apartment 

Carol's Apartment (Home)

Go through Carol's sitting room to her computer / study room and zoom in on Carol's computer tower, which is under the computer table

Click the CD drive and then put the CD in the drive and close the CD drive again

Zoom out and then click on Carol's keyboard and you will end up in the computer screen click PUNCH IN THE PASSWORD. 

But what are those correct letters?

The Hint Book gives you the right solution for this. It's the 4 stylistic capital letters on the note, so the password is: RAID

If you left the computer screen, click on the keyboard again. Then click on the letters R, A, I, D and ...... you're in .....

The Mini-Game's on Carol's Computer

You are now in the main puzzles of this game and these are series of mini-games that you have to put Carol through.  The mini-games tell the story of the murder of 3 men and of Daria's suicide. The killer developed these mini-games and you keep reading his story.  You have to go through the mini-games but you can't solve them all right away. You can solve this first mini-game now but to be able to solve the others you must first look for clues..........You start with:

Mini Game 1: The Church

Read the red texts

You can move screens left and right. You also get an explanation of how it works in these mini-games. 

Via de EXIT at top left you can leave a mini-game.

At the top right you get a stone. That stone has a certain shape. You now have to look for that stone in the stone walls.

The hintbook tells you what you must do in this first mini-game

Go one screen to the right and then find the same stone you have in the top right of the screen in the stone wall

Click that stone in the stone wall and .... in the wall you see 3 stones that get a color .....

 Note the order in which those 3 color stones appear......green, blue, yellow

Turn to the screen with another stone wall. In this stone wall you see 5 stones with a color. Click here on the green, blue and yellow stone and......

You get another shaped stone at top right. Look for this second stone in the same stone wall as the first stone

Click that stone in the stone wall and you will see 3 stones get a color again ..... remember the order of the 3 colors: Red, Blue, Green

Turn around again to a screen with a bricked gate. Here you see 4 colored stones. Click here on the stones Red, Blue, Green and .....

Now you get 2 more or less round stones on the top right. Find the screen where you can go forward through a hole in the wall and.......

...then go forward 1 step, in the direction of the house. Then turn around (2x clockwise)

You now look back at the hole in the wall, but now you are on the other side. At the top left you will find the 2 round stones. 

Click those 2 round stones in the wall and note again the order of the 3 colors that appear and .... green, purple, blue

Step back through the wall hole and now look for the starting screen again and then click the stones: green, purple, blue and .....

...turn to the screen with the bricket up gate at the bottom. 

This gate is now open so now go forward through the gate and ..... You have solved the 1st mini-game

You have then ended up in the 2nd mini-game, but you cannot solve it yet, as you can read in the hint book. 

So click EXIT at the top left to get out of Carol's computer.

Leave the computer room and go through Carol's living room to the front door and ....

....Carol receives a text message from Edvin from MNDA games. If Carol would like to come and visit

So leave Carol's apartment en on the map go to: 

MNDA Games

Find the entrance and go inside and talk to Edvin from MNDA Games

Use all conversation options and Edvin will then give Carol a 50 euro bonus card from STEAM, so click it to your inventory

Don't count yourself rich and don't immediately redeem this STEAM credit because stupid Edvin wants this STEAM card back later in the game. 

Say goodbye and ....... Carol receives a text message from Stina

Carol doesn't know what to do for a while, so she decides to visit Stina. On the map click Stina to find her now


Enter the Bibliotek and talk to Stina. Use all conversation options again.

Stina is willing to look for information about the 3 murdered men and she immediately shows Carol an article about the 3 murdered men

The 3 murdered men are Axel Oliver, Brody Lumber and Calob Bogs

Stina also immediately shows Carol an article about the murdered Axel Oliver. 

This article lists the location where Axel's body was found.....the Shamrock Quarry

The Shamrock Quarry location gets put on the map. 

Stina also gives Carol a bulletin board why she can save all the important facts about the 3 murdered men and Daria. Store this bulletin board in your inventory

Click on the bulletin board in the inventory ..... Carol has already pinned some information on it

Say goodbye to Stina and on the map click on the Shamrock Quarry location to go there now

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2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot