2022: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

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In this game you are a white cat and you will go on an adventure to save your master's stolen soul. The game is "Point and Click" and you cannot save your game yourself. The game saves your progress every time you exit the game. The regular cursor is a blue arrow, but it automatically turns into an eye cursor, a hand cursor, a talk cursor, and a door cursor on objects of interest, depending on whether you can view the object, grab it, talk to other creatures. The doorcursor is to EXIT the area or to enter or leave buildings There are Steam achievements to be earned in this game, but I won't list them here. Just do whatever you need to do and you'll earn all those stupid Steam achievements by itself

Prologue / Proloog

A white cat has been walking through the mountains in a snow storm for 2 days. The cat is hopelessly lost and very weakened by the cold and by hunger and thirst

Cat doesn't know the way back to his house anymore so all that's left is to just stumble on. Left click in the screen to move Cat further to the left. Your screen will scroll to the left and the text screen will disappear by itself. Keep walking to the left until you pass a lonely bare tree. At the top of the slope is a lonely cottage, but just in front of the cottage Cat's stamina is over and he falls unconscious on the icy and snowy ground. Click on the door of the house or just wait and ........

The Painter, who is the resident of the house, comes out and picks up Cat and takes him inside to take care of Cat

3 months have passed and Cat now lives in the house and the resident is now his master. It's spring now

 Left click with the talk cursor on Cat and read what the painter has to say. The painter has named you Yang, but I shall keep calling you Cat

Click in the text screen to read the following sentences. 

The Painter wants to plant a Cherry tree seed in the garden so that there will be a cherry tree in the garden next spring. Click again in the text screen and .... The painter now stands up. You are now the painter. Find the door cursor, on the right edge of the screen, then left click and ....... we end up outside. The painter tells that the best place to plant a cherry tree is in front of the house

At the top right, in the top black border, there is now a backpack. The backpack is your inventory in which all the things you pick up are stored. You can exit the game by pressing your ESCAPE key. The game automatically remembers all your progress and when you come back to the game you just pick up where you left off

Move your cursor across the screen. In some places, the cursor turns into an eye, a hand, or the door cursor. You look at things with the eye and you read in the text screen what the painter has to say about it. Use the hand cursor to pick up items that are then stored in your backpack inventory

To the left is a small pond fed by a small waterfall. In front of the pond is a bamboo bucket. 

Check out the pond. The pond contains beautiful clear and pure water. Take the bamboo bucket. The bucket ends up in your inventory

The screenshot above explains how to get an item out from inventory to use it in the game. Open the inventory, so left click on the top right on your backpack, and then select the bamboo bucket and click on the hand icon to take the bucket from inventory. You will automatically go out of the inventory and your cursor is now the bucket. Click on the pond with the bucket to fill the bucket with clear and clean pond water.

At the front door of your house leans the cherry tree seedling and also a hoe. Take the cherry tree seedling and take the hoe

In the front yard you see a bare spot of earth (soil) .... look at that bare spot ..... It is a good place to plant the cherry tree seedling, the painter tells you.

However, you have to hoeing up that soil spot with your hoe first. So take the hoe from inventory and .......

klik met de schoffel dan op de aarde plek om die plek even te los te schoffelen

then click on the earth spot with the hoe to hoe that spot

Then take the cherry tree seedling from the inventory and plant it in the churned up earth.

Then take the bucket filled with pond water from inventory and empty the bucket on the planted tree

The little cherry tree starts to bloom right away

Now we can go to sleep, so go back into your house and ....... we go to sleep and it will be night

You are now Cat. The painter is painting at his table. On the table is a rack with paint brushes and an oil lamp that now burns and lights up the room. There is also a teacup on the table. There are 4 tapestries with paintings on the wall. To the right of the table is the stove. There is a teapot on the stove. To the right of the stove is Cat's sleeping mat on the floor and in the right corner is the ladder to climb up to the attic.

Look at  the 4 tapestries, the paintbrush rack, the teacup, the stove and the teapot. If you click with your hand cursor on the oil light, it will go out, but click the oil light again.. Click with your hand on Cat's sleeping mat and ... Cat lies down on his mat to go to sleep but then the Soul Stealer appears and sucks up the Painter's Soul.

The soulless body of the painter lies on his sleeping mat. View the soulless body of the painter.

Cat decides to get the painter's soul back. Click with the door cursor on the attic ladder to climb up to the attic

As soon as Cat lands on the attic you will receive a message about ghosts and demons and how to make them visible

 From now on you have access to Ghost Vision via the Cat icon, in the top right corner of the top black bar. Click the Cat icon to toggle the Ghost Vision on and off. When you switch on Ghost Vision you get 2 big eyes in your screen and you see all the ghosts and demons that are present in the room. You will also see items that are only visible in the spirit world. However, Cat has no inventory yet

Close the text screen and then continue to the left, to the demon head. Above Cat there are 3 bunches of herbs hanging on a wall beam. Behind the Demon head stand a red cabinet. The cabinet has 2 doors and 2 drawers. Beyond the red cabinet there are 2 ghost heads dangling from the wall beam, they are a woman's head and a man's head. Above both heads is a Ghost Seal on the beam.

Before you start talking to the Demon head, first look at those 3 bunches of herbs that hang on the wall beam. You get your hand on the middle bunch of herbs, but Cat doesn't want to take that herb because he doesn't have a inventory to put it in yet. Then go talk to the Demon Head and read what the head has to say. Always click in the text screen to read the following sentences.

The Demon head tells that something strange has happened in the Spirit World. There was a thunderstorm and suddenly a very old vase (vessel) fell down and the Soul Stealer crawled out of it. The Demon Head then explains what Cat needs to do to get the Painter's Soul back, but the head also says that Cat needs a special key to get into the Ghost World. The head doesn't know where Cat can find that key, but it might not look like a key.

When the conversation with the Demon head has ended, continue to the red cabinet. Open both doors of the cabinet and also open both drawers of the cabinet. On the top shelf a Demon earring is shining and in the left drawer is an orange Pouch. Try to get the Ghost earring, but Cat won't take the ring because he doesn't have anything to store it in yet.

So take the orange pouch from the left drawer and ....... The orange pouch disappears to the top right and it is now your inventory. So grab the Ghost earring out of the cabinet . Under the 2 dangling ghost heads is a chest, a small cupboard and the vase that Soul Stealer crawled out of. Look at the chest, the small cupboard and that Soul Stealer vase. Then try if Cat can grab that Ghost Seal, which is above the 2 dangling heads on the beam. Unfortunately ..... that Ghost Seal is too high for Cat. Now go talk to the 2 dangling heads.. Continue the conversation .....

Cat asks the heads to get that Ghost Seal for him, but the heads want something in return. Well ..... you only have 1 item in your inventory and that is the earring. So left click on top right on your orange pouch and then select the earring and click on the hand icon to take the earring from your bag. Then click with the earring on the 2 heads to give the earring to them and ......

The heads hurl the Seal on the ground. Take the Seal....

You then read that this is the personal seal of the painter, he stamps his paintings with it.

Walk back to the right, until under the 3 hanging bushes of herbs. Now take the middle bunch of herbs. The bunch of herbs ends up in your orange bag.


Continue to the right and descend through the floor hole back down to the room

Back in the room you are out of Ghost Vision, so click on Cat again at the top right to get back into Ghost Vision. 

There is a teapot on the stove. Take the bunch of herbs from the inventory and then throw the herbs into the teapot.

Immediately hot herbal tea is poured into the tea bowl and the tea now spreads herbal smoke throughout the room. 

Take the Ghost Seal from inventory and click with the seal on the middle tapestry .....and.......

...The  middle tapestry  turns into a portal to the Spirit World and Cat goes through it automatically and he ends up in the painting .......

You will receive a message that you can combine items in the inventory into a new item. Click this screen away.

Near the tree stand a big Frog that has a belt around her waist with a lot of coins on it. 

Talk to this Frog and Cat asks if he can take a coin. But that's not allowed

In the tree hangs a beehive, on the right branch. To the left is a bird skull leaning against the tree. Behind the tree is missing a pond and the pond has a green frog on a leaf floating in the pond. Take the beehive from the tree. The beehive ends up in the inventory. View the bird skull. Walk to the left and then talk to the green frog. The frog tells that the evil spirit of a crane has come to life. Continue through this conversation to learn more about that crane ghost

So go back into Ghost Vision to see that evil Crane ghost. The crane bird walks back and forth through the pond

You can stay in Ghost Vision or you don't. I'm going to leave Ghost Vision for a while because it's easier.

Between the grass is a passage to the pond. On that path lies white clay. Grab a handful of that white clay with your hand cursor

Continue to the left until Cat reaches the Monk. To the right of the monk, a broken drum is leaning against the rocks.

To the left of the monk you can continue to the coast. The monk is sitting on a mat and he is selling various things that are on the mat in front of him. 

Check out all the items that are on the monk's mat and then go talk to the monk. You have to click with your eye on each of the those items to read what it is.  From left to right these items are: A roll of silk costs 20 coins, a painted fan costs 5 coins, an empty chest costs 10 coins, a string of beads costs 5 coins, a broken amulet with a dragon image costs 1 coin, a water jug costs 4 coins and an oil lamp that should cost 2 coins.   Take the broken Drum. 

Then go talk to the monk. The monk tells that the Soul Stealer passed here and that he crossed the sea with the help of the mermaids. The monk also expects that Cat will need some of his stuff, but Cat doesn't have any coins yet to buy anything. When you are done talking with the monk go further to the left and then click the white arrow to end up on the beach by the sea

Near the bunch of white / yellow flowers is a Coin. On the tree branch, which hangs above the white / yellow flowers, is pine resin.

Near the 2 stones is a Scallop Shell. Take the coin and get that pine resin from the tree branch. Also take the Scallop Shell.

Then walk to the edge of the beach and ...... a Carp fish appears in the water. Talk to the fish ..... the fish wants Cat to eat him.

 Continue to talk to the Carp Fish to find out why the fish wants to be eaten. 

The fish tells that he can't swim upstream to turn into a dragon, which is what a carp is supposed to do.

Cat promises to help the carp, but he doesn't know how to do this yet. 

Open the inventory and then combine the pine resin with the St. Jacob's Shellop to get dried resin.

Go back  to the Monk, through the white arrow

Cat now has 2 coins, so take them from the inventory and give them to the Monk then say you want to buy the oil lamp and ..... Cat buys the oil lamp

We are now going to combine some items in the inventory

In the inventory you then combine the oil lamp with the dried resin and ..... you then have a shell with liquid resin

Then combine the wasp nest with the broken drum to place the wasps in the drum

Combine the white clay with the drum to seal the drum so that the wasps don't fly out

Walk back to the pond and enter Ghost Vision again to see the crane again. Take the Drum from inventory and give the drum to the crane and ......

.... the crane is happy with the drum and her mood has improved a lot

Talk with the green frog again. The green frog is grateful to Cat and says her sister will now want to help, which is the huge frog standing to the right of the tree

So go talk to that huge frog again and then pick up the coin from the ground, which Kat can have as a reward

Go back to the monk and give him the coin you just obtained and talk to the monk and .....

Cat buys the Amulet and as a present he also gets a Gourd. The talisman is broken and it has a dragon image on it

In the inventory, combine the pine resin with the broken talisman (amulet) to repair the talisman

Close the inventory and go back to the beach via the white arrow

Walk to the sea so that the carp fish appears again and then give the dragon talisman to the fish and ......

Carp Mini Game:

You are now the carp and you are underwater. The fish will swim up on its own, but you have to move the fish left and right to avoid all the falling debris. If you manage to get the carp all the way up, the fish will turn into a dragon. If you can't get the fish to reach the top, click "Repeat" or "Continue". "Repeat" = try again. "Continue"= Skip mini game. If you skip this mini game, the fish will turn into a dragon nevertheless, so it is not really necessary to successfully complete this mini game

When the carp has turned into a dragon, you go talk to it and ........... 

The dragon is grateful and then gives Cat pearls. The pearls are the seeds of a pearl tree

The dragon then takes Cat to the other side of the sea and along the way are a few mermaids in the water.

The dragon then delivers Cat to the shore across the sea

Walk slightly to the left and ..... Closet bumps into a young dragon. The beach is strewn with gold coins. Behind Cat you see a pile of dirt between the grass. In front of Cat is a dead rat in the grass by the round rock. Check out that "dirt" spot. Cat says you can plant a pearl tree on it. Take the dead rat

Go talk to the dragon.

This dragon loves gold and jewels and Kat has to pay the dragon gold or jewels to pass. 

The pearls that cat got from the red dragon are not enough as payment. So select the pearls in the inventory and .......

......then put the pearls in the pile of dirt (dirt), behind Kat, to grow a pearl tree from it, but.....

.....there will not immediately grow a tree from the pearls. 

Walk back to the sea and then take the water Gourd from the inventory and fill it with water from the sea. Then empty the Gourd on the dirt spot and ......

.....a tree now grows from the pear seeds. Climb into the tree and .......

Cat ends up high in the air on a branch of the pearl tree. Walk over the branch to the left and ......

........At the end of the branch, Kat ends up at the Wise Man, who is eating peaches of Immortality on a cloud. Talk to the guy.....

Apparently we have arrived in Heaven. The Wise Man wants to help Kat but then Kat first brings him the Phoenix Feather

To the left is the white arrow. Click the white arrow and ......... Cat descends back down on a wool and has ended up in a forest. We continue on Page 2

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2021: Walkthrough by Louis Koot