2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots by: Louis Koot

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I played this game in 2016, so the original version. There is now also a light version and I have now used it. Simon Mesnard, creator of this game, recommends playing the light Edition.

There are some differences but you can use this walkthrough for both the Original and the Light Edition. You have a Blue Matter System, in the Light Edition you do not have to supplement it. You always have enough. In the Original Edition you have to regularly supplement the Blue Matter System, you do this with a mini game.

You can also use a Cheat for this: click in the game on Backspace and then type: thesequeltoasa and then click Enter. You will immediately receive 9 points. Another difference is what you see moving around in the game.  

It is a point & click game, you move through the game by clicking arrows and hotspots. In the Original version you see small blue arrows to go somewhere, moving from left to right is done with the larger blue arrows on the side of the screen. You also see small red arrows and a reverse symbol, you literally turn around to walk back.

In the light Edition, click on the cross to go back a screen. You go to the left and right with the big blue arrows, you don't have to click on them.

Start the game and you now have to choose which Edition you want to play: the Light Edition or the Original Edition. You can also play them side by side, but the saves are not interchangeable.

If you have chosen, click on PLAY. Then click New Game and you will see the gameplay, you also have to take notes.  

If it is clear, click OK at the bottom right. Then watch the very long intro movie.  


After the intro movie you are on top of a big black cube, you are on the fifth moon of Catyph, Tytaah.

You will see a number of rings in different places. They are hotspots, if you click on it with your cursor you can get information there.  

 With the big blue arrows you can move from left to right. Go to the right and click on the down arrow

You went down a screen and you have 2 possibilities.....Straight on  or to the right

Straight on you will come to a pool of oil, you can go there to look but you cannot do anything with it. Go to the right and.......

 .......in the middle you see a tower. There you will also see an arrow, click on the arrow to go forwards and on the next screen you click the arrow again.  

Now keep following  the arrows until you are on a stretch of beach, and.........

......... you will receive a message from general Lantier.  

Listen and read the message, you can also read this message in M.A.I.D.E.N. memory system. You will also receive a message from M.A.I.D.E.N., new things have been added to your inventory. Click on the symbol with the hammer and wrench at the top right, this is also your inventory.  

Click on it and then next to it on memory or Datalog. If you click on the gears you will enter the options menu where you can save and you can also leave the game here.  

Read everything, in Catyph System you read 2 things to remember. At Planet Catyph you can read how Catyph is also called: Y.  

And at Satellites System you can see a picture of the satellite system of Catyph.  

At Tytaah you read that there are 6 important areas on Tytaah, you are now in area 6, Kynan. At Terra Archives you can read about the Blue Matter System, from now on you can use it. At Other see The Ark, this is the name of the spaceship in the game ASA, a space adventure. This is the first part of The Black Cube series. Click on RESUME to return to the game.  

Turn to the left, there is a red striped building. On the left and right of the building you will see green stones.  

Follow the path to the door of the building. After one click stand still and Note down the position of the stones: upright or lying down.  

The stones on the lift side are A, B, C, D are and they are: Down, Down, Up, Up. The stones on the right side are E, F, G, H and they are: Up, Down, Up, Up

Go on to the door......... 

The door of the building is locked but there are 2 x 4 switches, on the right side of the door

Zoom in on the switches. You now have to put these switches correctly, up or down according of the position of the green stones. The top switches correspond with the left stones and the bottom switches with the right side stond. A stone that's down means that switch must be down. A stone that's up means the switch must be up.

So the top switches must be set like this: Down, Down, Up, Up. The bottom switches must be set like this: Up, Down, Up, Up

When you have set the switches correctly  press the button near the light bulb. The lamp lights up and the door opens.  

Go inside....... There's a box and a book on the left and a book and wooden balls on the right. 

Click on the book on the left, you will see the book an oil can

Take the oil can. You cantake a look at the book but you don't yet know what to do with it, so zoom out again

We leave the box, the balls and the right book alone for now. Go back a number of screens by clicking on the cross each time. Do this until you return to the screen where you see the red striped building again. Then scroll the screen slightly to the right and then click the cross again to go back one more screen

When you see the tower again, click on the arrow on the left. You will be at the bottom of the black cube again,

then click on the forward arrow until you reach the pool of oil.  

Take the oil can from your inventory and click on the oil,

You now have a full jug of oil. Now go back to the red-striped building. When you are back on the beach, move to the right, you will see a large dome.  

Right in front you see small stairs, click on the stairs. Walk along the walkway until you are in front of a gate, on the right you see a lever and a turning wheel.  

Click the lever, click again to delete the text. Then click on the rotary wheel, click on the shaft. The rotary wheel is stuck.

Take the jug of oil from your inventory and click on the shaft.  

Then click on the handle of the rotary wheel, the wheel does not want to rotate enough.

You need more power, now click in your inventory on the Blue Matter System (BMS) and then click on the handle of the rotary wheel.  

Thanks to the BMS you can now turn the wheel. The ring of the handle will now hang on the left.  

Go back a screen and click on the ring, 

The gate is now open. Click right arrow to be back at the gate

Continue on the walkway, turn right and up the ladder and continue on the stone steps to the dome.  

You are standing in front of a black area, click on that area your cursor and read the text. 

Then click with the BMS and you will see a pattern.  

You have to copy this pattern. Next to the black area you see 2 x 5 switches, you now have to find the code for those switches.

Go back to the building with the red stripes, you have to close the gate on the walkway or you can't go any further.  

Then further back to the building with the red stripes and go inside it again

Inside the building you will see the 3 hotspots again, on the left the book where you found the oil can.

In the middle a box with 5 compartments and on the right you see 3 wooden balls.  

Click on the balls and then click on the book on the right. 

At the bottom of the left page you see that the directions are for the entrance of the dome.  

In the middle you can see that the black area is actually a tunnel, you have to find the pattern of the back of the tunnel, you already have the front.   And you see you have to use the wooden balls to find the pattern. On the right page you can see how the box with the 5 compartments works.

Then take a good look at the patterns on the balls to find out what the pattern is on the back.    

By clicking on the 3D button you see how the Ball turns to saw you all the paterns

When you have find it, go back to the book on the left.  

In the book you see 20 patterns.  

The pattern on the front is pattern 19 and you should have found that the pattern on the back is pattern 5.  

You now have the numbers 19 and 5, you have to convert them to binary numbers. Go to the chest with the 5 compartments, 

Open the 5 compartments.....the compartments contain marbles, 16 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 1.  

To make 19 you have to open some boxes and leave  others closed.  

To make 19 you close the compartments 8 and 4 but you leave the compartments 16, 2 and 1 open. 

Open = 1, close = 0, so 19 becomes: 10011. Open is Up, close is Down. So 10011 becomes Up,  Down, Down, Up, Up. 

To make 5 you close 16, 8 and 2 but you leave 4 and 1 open. 5 = 00101, so Down, Down, Up, Down, Up

Go back to the black area near the dome. At the walkway you must open up the gate again via the Ring

Follow the walkway to the Dome again

When you're back at the dome zoom in on the switches.

 You need to click the switches up or down acording the codes you just have found out. 

The upper switches must be: Up, Down, Down, Up, Up

The lower switches must be: Down, Down, Up, Down, Up

Then press the yellow button and then click the arrow in the black area.  

Inside the Dome

You will enter the dome and you will receive another message.  

It is important that you receive and read all messages, you also need to find 6 small cubes (Die). You are now at level 0 in front of the path to level +1 and on the right you see the path to level -1. You should now search for 5 spark plugs at all levels. Go forward 1x on the path to level +1, turn right and....

...... you will see a spark plug in the handrail.  

Grab the spark plug and turn left and go further up to level +1.  

At the top, click on the arrow to the right, then go to the other side of the ring, then click the down arrow.  

There you see the second spark plug, take the spark plug.

Look up again and click left or right and then go down to level 0 and then click on the left arrow,

 you will be in front of the path to the device in the middle.  Go to the device in the middle, get the 3th spark plug that's on the floor.  

Go back to the big ring and then go to the left, you are facing the path to level -1. At the bottom left you see a hotspot, click on it and you will find the 4th spark plug.  

Go down to level -1, in the middle you will see a question mark.  

Click on the question mark and you will see the map of Tytaah below.  Click on the hotspot on the right and the map will be in your Datalog.

Go to the Datalog and click on Tytaah, there you will find the worldmap.  

You can go left and right on level -1, go left and to the monitor and......

... on the floor just behind the monitor you will find the 5th spark plug.  

Then go to the right part of the ring on level -1, there is a device. This is a generator.  

Click on the hotspot and the generator will open, then click on the question mark.  

You will see the inside of the lid, you will see 9 holes. There is already a spark plug in 4 holes, on top of the spark plug you can see an image of 1 of  the moons of Catyph.  

Then look at the spark plugs in your inventory, on those spark plugs you can also see an image of a moon of Catyph.  

There are many moons of Catyph but only the first 9 have been used for this. Each moon has a number from 1 to 9 and you now have to place these 5 in the generator. Then look at the 9 holes again and you will see 3 lines intersect at the bottom right, with each line the number 15. This is a so-called magic square, the sum of the numbers on each line, horizontal, vertical and diagonal must be equal. In this case it should be 15.  

These are the numbers of the magic square.

8   1   6

3   5   7

4   9   2

In the Datalog click on Catyph, look at the satellite system and see which number belongs to which moon.  

The 4 spark plugs already in the device are: top left is moon 8, top centre is moon 1, centre is moon 5 and bottom left is moon 4.

Now it is not so difficult to put the other spark plugs in the right place.  

When you have everything in the right place, click on the black area with the BMS and you will see a Smiley.  

You will then hear that there is an incoming message. Go to the monitor on the left part of level -1, it is a message from Germinal  

Click on the message on the screen, listen and / or read the message.  

Finally, he is talking about a password for the Teleport capsule (Pod), it is his own name GERMINAL.

Go to the device in the middle of level 0, on the panel on the right you have to enter the password.  

Click on the wooden arrow and place it under the G, then click and click on the right switch.  

So you have to do each letter, click on the arrow, put it in the right place and click, click on the right switch.  

If you have entered the password, GERMINAL, correctly, the capsule will open.  

Sit in the capsule and look down first, t

here you will see a small black cube.  Take that cube, according to Germinal you must find 6 of these cubes (Die).  

Look up again and pull the lever, nothing happens because you have to select a destination first.

Go to level +1, in the middle is a telescope on a platform.  

Go to the telescope and climb up. 

Stand on top of the device and pull the lever to zoom in, then click on the lens.  

You will see that the destination is Kynan, but you are already there.  

You have to choose a new destination here, you can choose from 6 destinations:

1. Palak 2. Vysynia 3. Saad 4. Darnaha 5. Raju 6. Kynan

Go to the steam generator that is on the ground in front of the telescope.  

Open the hatch, now it says 6. With the lever on the right you can add or remove 2 or 3 units.  

Move the lever to the other side and click on the wheel, open the hatch and see which number is now here. The order in this walkthrough is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You don't have to do it in this order, you can visit the worlds interchangeably. I don't know if the messages will arrive in the same place.

You have to click on the handle and wheel a number of times to get the number what you want. Open the hatch after every attempt and see which number it contains. I now want to go to Palak, and that's number 1. So make sure you have the number 1 in the screen of this device

You can check in the telescope if Palak is now selected on the map

When you have chosen the destination, go back to the capsule and click on the sphere on the left, to open the capsule again

The capsule opens, get in and pull the lever and...........

A little later you are at your destination.

Part 2: Palak

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots by: Louis Koot