CUTISH Version 2.2.8

2020: By Dick Leeuw

When I finished this addition there is again a newer version available: 2.2.8. Things have changed again in this new version.

Every week a new version becomes too much for me so this is the last addition. This is an addition to the walkthrough for Cutish made for version 2.1.5.

In the later versions a number of things have changed and some things are in a different place.This section explains those changes and was made with Cutish version: 2.2.8

 There are more changes but they are not important for the walkthrough, such as carpets and other furniture.


1) page 1: in the ruin you will find the crowbar and the orange handle but now these are in crates that you have to open.


Simply click on the buttons and continue until the crates are open, then you can grab the crowbar and the handle.

I haven't found a way for that yet, just hold on and then it will work.


2) On page 2 at the cave with the oil lamps, the gate now needs a code. I have not found a clue for the code.

Code 172, click 1x on the left disk and then 3 x on the right disk until there is 172.


3) on page 2 in Maintenance: go to the red cupboard, open the doors and take the piece of paper off the shelf.

Then go to the right-hand side of the cupboard and there is a note, on which is the code of a toolbox.

Note the code, you will miss the last digit but that is not a problem.


4) page 3: in Extraction you see a corridor in front of you.

Go down the corridor and on the right tools are hangingon the wall, get the pick rack from the first rack.

5) in Extraction you go down at the waste container and through the gray door.

In the right corner you see a pipe, in the older versions there is a piece of paper on the flange of the pipe.

In the newer version, that is no longer there, but opposite in a rack under a box.


6) at the rear of the elevator building you can see the ladder hanging on 2 brackets on the wall.

Click on the ladder to place it against the wall, on the roof you see a red toolbox.

On this chest you will see a code lock, the code is found on the red cabinet in Maintenance.

You miss 1 digit but that's a try: code 728.


The box opens, take the screwdriver out of the box. Go down and continue on the walkthrough.


7) In Storage, if you have opened the door with the lamp lock, go to the table.

The piece of paper in this version is under the boxes with diamonds, take the piece of paper.

Then click on the open lid of the upper box, the lid will close.

Now click on the box to take it with you, you will need this later at the end of the game.


8) In the basement near the door to the mine shaft, the piece of paper is not in the rack against the right wall.

Against the wall on the left are 2 workbenches, on the first workbench is a file.

The piece of paper is under this file.

9) After you have removed the diamonds from the mine and are back on top, go to the right.


There is a machine on the stack of pallets, go to the machine and you'll see a gear in the middle.

There are detents for the gear, you have to slide these detents by pressing the red buttons.

I have not found a pattern for this, just hold on.

When all the catches are gone, the red buttons are all facing out, you can grab the gear.

10) If you have not taken the box with diamonds from the safe, you will receive a message if you want to leave:

"I should have some diamonds duties".

The boat does not sail away and you have to go back to the safe to get a box with diamonds.

If you have taken the diamonds with you, the boat will sail away and you will see the box with diamonds on the floor of the cabin.


Updated up to and including version 2.2.8  There will be no further updates for newer versions of this game

2020: By Dick Leeuw