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January 2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot and  Dick Leeuw

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The walkthrough is based on version 2.1.5 of the game, but the maker of this game keeps bringing out newer version almost every week. Instead of "ironing out" several annoying bugs in the game he puts new puzzles in it, changes codes or  put items in different places in every new version. The current version seems to be version 2.2.8 and again there changes. .

Start the game and you will see 4 cabins on an island. Click on the Hut Info and you will see the controls.

The game is made with an AZERTY keyboard so the control on a QWERTY keyboard are: Z is forward, Q is left, D is right and S is back. Closing without saving is F12.

Press your Escape-key to leave the Info Hut and then click the New Game Hut to start a New Game.

You have just crashed with your plane and you survived. You stand on a beach and in the sea you can see the wreck of your plane on a small island. On the right you see a pier

Turn around and walk over the beach to the fence you see in the distance. The gate in the fence is closed with a magnetic lock, you can't go further there.

Walk to the pier. You can walk / swim through the water if you want, but you can't go far into the sea, but you can go all around the island. Only it is not necessary. There is a pallet against the pier and a staircase to the right of the pallet.

Go up the stairs and there you are in front of a fence with a gate, this one is also closed with a magnetic lock. There's a disc antenna on the pier

Turn to the right and walk to the pallet with the crates on it. One of the crates is open and you can look into it, but it's empty.

 Follow the path until you come to a portal with a steel door. 

This is the door to Cameras, the control room for the cameras. The door is closed with a 4-digit code.

You need to put in a 4-digit code to open these kind of doors, so you need to find or figure out those codes

Continue walking along the path, on the right you see a fence and behind it a water hole. You also see a concrete walkway and 3 portals with steel doors.

A little further you see a gate on the right, also closed with a magnetic lock.

Walk further to the satellite dish, there are 4 satellite dishes on this island. Every satellite dish has a concrete base, on each base there is a number in color. On the left side of this concrete foot is a yellow 4, you can now note this or look it up later when you need it.

Follow the path further and a little further you see a path that goes upwards, follow this path upwards.

Above is a telescope on the left and on the right you see 4 burial crosses. On each cross is a name and the year of birth and the year that they died.

 Calculate how old everyone was when they died, if you do that now you don't have to go here later when you need those numbers. The names are not important, only the ages.

Martin Gale was 38 years old when he died, Medith Khaman was 41 years old when he died,

Roby Ney was 31 years old when he died, Sam Hovar was 39 when he died. Note it all down

Go to the telescope and click on the lens, you will look through the telescope.

To the right in the sea you see an island with a large fuel tank on it. Remember that the tank is here because you have to get fuel here at the end.

Click on Escape to zoom out, go down and follow the path further to the right.

A little further you see on the right a side path with a gate, a wasp's nest hanging in front of the path.

The wasps are very aggressive and you can't get through that now.

 You can see dry branches under the wasp's nest.

Go back to the main path and follow it again. You continue on a wooden walkway.

After the wooden path you see an iron ladder against the rocks. You can climb up this ladder to the top of the hill where a 3rd satellite disc antenna is on. I'm not going to do this now.

Continue along the path. A little further on the right is a large shrub against the rocks. Just beyond the bush is a cave in the rocks, where the explosives are stored.

Enter the cave and the rats flee. The wooden gate is closed with 3 stone discs,

Name the stone disc from top to bottom: A, B and C.

If you click on A then the discs A and C rotate, with B the discs A and B rotate and with C the discs B and C rotate.

If you have not yet clicked on the discs, this solution works: Click 5x on A, 4x on B and then 2x on C, now all disks are correct and the gate opens.

On top of the box are 2 things, a piece of paper and a bible. Click on the piece of paper and this will be stored in your inventory, you will see your inventory.

Click on the bible and a note slides out, on this is the code for the door of Cameras: 9613.

Click on Esc to zoom out and exit the cave. Turn to the right and you will see a wooden cabin.

Go on to the cabin. The path ends here so you go the last bit over the beach. Turn right and step into the garden of the cabin

Go to the cabin's door, click the door handle to open up the door and step inside. Inside go left

A cupboard with a shelf above it. On the top there is a wooden box with 6 small wooden planks with numbers and letters on it, you need to use this a number of times to convert codes.

On the right-hand side of the top is a diary and on the right on the shelf you see a piece of paper sticking out, grab that piece of paper.

Then click on the diary to open it, read it through. You can turn the pages with the lower right corner.

 On the last page you see a drawing of a device, the upper part of the page is torn off.

Click on Esc to zoom out and walk to the door, on the inside of the door there is a color code: blue, orange, red, yellow and green. 

Make a note of these colors because you need it at the end of the game.

Click on the handle of the door and go outside, go right over the beach. Then look to the right and up to see a ruin on top of the hill

Walk a little further and then go right and climb up the hill... you go up the slope on the right and you come to the entrance of the ruin.

Go inside and then immediately go to the right, walk until you can go no further and turn to the left.

There you see a crowbar on top of a box, grab the crowbar. 

On the wall above the box you see a drawing on the wall, this is an indication of a puzzle later in the game. Copy that drawing.

Walk back towards the exit and you will see a board on the right against the wall. 

Click on the board and it will fall to the floor, you will now see a lever against the wall. Grab that lever and you're done here.

Go back down  to the beach, on the right it seems to go no further but you can go through the water around the rocks and the lava flow. If you do that you will see a cove on the right but you cannot enter it, but that is not necessary either. So go back over the beach and the path to the door of Cameras.

Back at Cameras you click on the yellow number code plate to see it in close-up

 Enter the code: 9613. Then click on the white button and you will see the lock open.

You are inside the Cameras Control building and you'll come back here several times during the game.

You can look into everything here, but there are only a few important things to be found. Go to the desk with the computer on it. 

 Click on the top right drawer of the desk, there you will find matches. Get the matches.

Close the drawer and click on the drawer in the middle, it is locked and you have no key. Then click on the red button on the computer, the screen turns on and you zoom in

This computer is the camera control but also the control of the magnetic locks. To the right of the screen you see 8 white buttons, click on the top button in the left row. You now see the gate at the pool that you just walked past. You must enter a password, but which and how many characters. Click on a number of random keys and you will notice that the password must be 6 characters long. If you also press the other white buttons, you will see that a password must be entered at 6 gates.

 So you still have to find the 6 codes. For the steel doors you need codes of 4 digits. Click on the red button again to zoom out. On the right side of the desk stand a black file cabinet. Click on the second drawer from below of the file cabinet. There you will find another piece of paper, grab this paper, it will be stored in inventory.

Turn around and you'll see a ladder on the left in the corner, go there and click on it.

You climb up and you see on top a swing. It is possible that it is now raining, that changes every time.

Turn around to the portal with the ladder and go to the left, there you will find a key. Take the key.

Click on the hatch to go back down

Walk to the desk and click on the lock of the middle drawer, the key is inserted and the drawer opens. In this drawer you will find a drawing of a drain pipe and a code of 7 characters: L241235. Make a note of this because you cannot take the drawing with you.

L24135.....A door code? This is 1 character more than you need for the passwords, you have to convert it to 6 characters. And for that you have to go to the hut with the 6-bar box.   You got matches now, so let's see if we can get rid of those pesky wasps. Walk to the door and click on the lock, outside go to the right and follow the path. At the path with the wasp's nest, click on the dry branches under the wasp's nest.

There is now smoke coming from the branches and the wasps are now quiet or maybe gone but you can now walk into the path.

 You see a piece of yellow paper between the crates, you run into the upper crate and it slides away.

You see a drawing of a staircase behind a gate with a code next to it: R402431. You must also convert this code to a 6-character code.

Continue walking along the path to the hut, you can now walk to the fire pit on the side of the hut and click on it to make a fire but it isn't necessarily

Go into the hut again and to the wooden box with the 6-bars .

 With the help this box we have figure out two door codes with the help of the L241235 and the R402431 numbers that you have found. L and R are directions

You now have 2 codes of 7 characters, the letter R or L indicates which way the bars should go.  We first do the L241235 code. 

L means that you must slide all the 6 bars to the left. So first slide all the 6 bars all the way to the right of the box. Then you click each bar clicks to the left according the 24135 code. So click the top bar 2 clicks to the left, the second bar 4 clicks to the left etcetera etcetera....Between the two red lines you then have a new code of 6 characters PK841S.  This code is for the magnetic gate at the water pool and you have to enter it on the computer in Cameras.

Now do the same with the R402431 code, but R means that you first slide all the bars to the left and then clicks to the right. 

Between the red lines you then have code 4MLMX2, the code for the magnetic gate at the beach

Back to the computer in Cameras. You must enter the 9613 code again at the door.  When your in again activate the computer and put in your two door codes to unlock two of the doors with magnetic locks. Click on the top left white button to see the gate at the pool. Enter the code PK841S here and click on the enter button, you will see SUCCESS. Click on the round white button and you will see that the gate is open, this is the gate at the pool

Click on the bottom white button to see the magnetic gate at the beach and then enter the code 4MLMX2, Click on enter and then on the round white button. 

The gate on the beach is now also open.

Let's go see what's behind those two doors you now have unlocked

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January 2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot and  Dick Leeuw