2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Darkestville Castle is a humorous point and click adventure game ala A Vampyre Story

Long ago, a "shooting star" fell on the village of Darkestville ........ in that shooting star was a baby ....... the baby was lovingly taken in by the residents of the Darkestville Castle and she gave it the name Cid ...... Unfortunately ..... it soon became clear that baby Cid was no ordinary baby ...... Cid was a Demon and he was of course not a baby .... ..Cid grew and grew and eventually he grew into a mature Demon. Meanwhile, Cid lives alone in the big castle because all other residents have fled the castle a long time ago. Cid entertains himself by "putting the fear of life" into the inhabitants of the village of Darkestville each night. However.... Dan Teapot, the arch enemy of Cid, intends to totally change the pleasant life of Cid. This Dan Teapot has hired a group of demon fighters, the Romero Brothers, to catch Cid and to kick him out of Darkestville for ever..... Follow Cid during his exciting survival trip, full of danger and intrigues.

You reach the Game Menu via Gear icon, at the top left of the screen, or pushing the escape key of your keyboard. At the bottom left of the screen you will find the Inventory box. At the top right you see a Hotspot icon, if you click on it you will see all hotspots in the screen. The game works with an Action menu ....... If you click on an item / hotspot then the action menu will pop open ..... The action menu has 3 skulls ..... 

the left skull is to grab things. The middle skull is to view things and the right skull is to talk to other characters.

You can not save yourself in the game ... the game automatically saves you when you leave the game and then it goes on where you left off via "Resume". 

The game starts with a prologue or a Prelude



Cid is in the bedroom and finds out that his good life will be spoiled by Dan Teapot again.

Examine everything in the bedroom, so click on all "hotspots" to open the action menu and then choose "Look" at "

At the bathroom door stand Cid's  walking stick....Take the Walking stick (Cane). The walking stick goes  into the Inventory chest. 

Try to open the bathroom door (Bathroom) ..... the bathroom door is locked. Walk to the bottom left . At Bottom left stand a large Old Clock. 

Try if Cid can open the door of the clock However, the door of the clock is screwed on ... Cid needs a screwdriver. 

Walk back to the right and then go down the stairs to the:


In the hall we see Cid's pet, the fish Domingo in the fishbowl (Fish tank). Do not go to the kitchen. Behind the fish bowl of Domingo is a cupboard with drawers.

There is a Bicycle (Bicycle) at the fishbowl. A bicycle chain is attached to the bicycle. Take the Bicycle Chain 

Walk to the chest of drawers and search the drawers via the action menu .... you only have to click on one drawer In one of the drawers. 

Cid finds a screwdriver without a bit . Walk to the left. Cid is then in the left part of the hall

The gray door is the back door to the courtyard (To the Yard). To the left and right of the gray door a lever is placed in the wall. The left lever controls a trap door that is outside the door. Both levers do not work now. On the left you see the cellar door. If you try to open the cellar door, Cid screams that the door is locked and that it does not have the key. 

Click the gray door and ........ Cid can not go outside because Dan Teapot is blocking the door on the outside

Click on Cid and then choose the talk (Talk To) skull in the action menu and then talk to Cid via the talk options .....

Finally, use the option "Which key did you use to lock the basement through?" and ...... the not so snappy Dan gives the cellar key back to Cid

Say goodbye to Danny boy and go back inside, via the arrow on the door. Go back to the cellar door and then open the Inventory box and drag the Basement Key. 

Open the cellar door with the cellar key and then descend to the cellar.


Skeleton Waldo lies in the cage and a hidden lever is placed on the wall. A screwdriver bit and the Bathroom Key are located on a cabinet in front of the cage. 

Take the Screwdriver Bit and take the Bathroom Key

Take a look at everything you can see and then walk to the right, to the broken Trapdoor mechanism ......

Take the Bicycle Chain out of inventory and click it on the trapdoor mechanism and .....

...... Cid can not use the chain yet because the thing is too rusty and should therefore be lubricated with oil. You now also see an old fridge (Fridge) and boxes (Boxed).

Leave the basement and walk to the right in the hall. Go back to the

Bedroom / Bathroom

Walk back to the old grandfather clock. Open the inventory and combine the screwdriver bit with the screwdriver.

Take the now complete screwdriver from the inventory and click on it on the door of the clock and ..... the door opens. 

Pick up the Gogs / Gears from the clock. 

Walk back to the bathroom door. Drag the Bathroom Key out of inventory and open the bathroom door and then step into the bathroom.

On the floor lies a piece of soap. The bathtub is full of oil and a towel  hangs over the bathtub.

 On the cupboard stand a medicine cabinet that is fully smeared with a greenish substance

Take the Soap from the floor. Try to take Towel, which hangs over the bathtub ... Cid doesn't take the towel. 

Look at, via the action menu, the medicine cabinet. Take the Bicycle Chain from the inventory and dip the chain in the bathtub with oil. The chain is then lubricated. 

Go back to the basement. 


Go back to the trapdoor mechanism. Take the Bicycle Chain and then the Gogs / Gears from inventory and click on the mechanism to place them in the mechanism and .... 

The mechanism is repaired and works again. Go back up and use the Trapdoor Lever again, via the action menu, and ............ 

Dan Teapot falls through the hatch into the cellar and he is now trapped in the cage. Cid goes back to the cellar for a "friendly" conversation with Danny. 

Danny screams that Cid's last hour has come because he has hired a group of Demon Hunters, the Romero Brothers, and they will now have arrived in Darkestville. Cid is not very impressed by this news and walks outside, while he devises various plans to deal with that Romero Brothers....... But then ..... a trio arrives and they ask if they are at the castle

Cid is so preoccupied by thinking up plans that he does not realize that this trio are in fact the Romero Brothers. The trio rushes into the castle and we hear a lot of noise and then the trio reappears. The trio report that they have defeated the Demon and they go away ........ Now Cid finally realizes what has happened and he enter the castle again ..... In the hall Cid notices that the trio have taken his fish Domingo. We go on in

 Chapter 1: The Fish in Distress

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot