2021: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This walkthrough is a representation of how I have played the game, but this is not a linear game, you can play the game in your own order depending on the things you do in the game and the items you have collected. Check Jane's journal often to see witch task you must do or have done already. But the best action you can do is to follow my walkthrough to the letter from the beginning to the end

Detective from the Crypt is a "Who's Donnut" point and click game and it plays in Victorian England and you can get it on STEAM.

You are Jane Darkday and you are a young girl but apparently you are also dead because ...... you stand like a ghost in the crypt of your family. Also your father and mother, your aunt, the butler, the governess and her son are dead .... Your whole family is dead .... murdered. As a ghost you go in search of why everyone has been murdered and who has donnut. You get help from Pulcheria, the cat of the family, but this cat is also dead and you will have to awaken his spirit first

This game is a classic "Who's Donnut" game detective story and as a ghost you will collect clues, talk to other ghosts and fulfill their desires. In the end you will have to decide who did it and that's why this game has multiple endings, but there are is only 1 happy ending

As usual in a STEAM game, there are also so-called Achievements to be earned in this game ....... I hate that hassle with achievements so I won't pay attention to it in the walkthrough. Just do everything you need to do in the game, so click all, see everything and talk to everyone, and you will automatically score those achievements if you want to score them...I'm not going to point out the special things you must do to get all the achievements.....I believe there are a total of 46 achievements in the game

At the top left of the game screen you have an inventory bag, the journal, Lady Justice, a candle, and Jane.

  At the top right you have gears that open up the Save Game screen 

Lady Justice opens the suspects screen.

In the beginning you cannot click on a suspect in this screen, you can only do that if you have collected enough facts about a suspect. Each suspect has a different ending, but there is only 1 ending that leads to a happy end. If Jane has the candle in her hand as you move her through the game, the candle will change color if Jane is near a secret passage or hidden treasure, but you have to find that candle first and that happens right at the start of the game .

 If you click the Jane picto at  top left then you can move her faster through the game  At some point you will also find the Mask of Anubis and that mask will also be in the top left. Jane has to wear that mask when she is in the secret room of the house museum in order to talk to a mummy. You let Jane wear that mask by clicking on the Anubis mask icon at the top left. 

In the inventory, Jane keeps all the items she collects during her search for the truth. Click the inventory bag at top left to open up the inventory. 

To take an item from inventory you left click that item and then you drag it out of the inventory screen to use it in the game screen. You can not combine items in the inventory and you can only left click on items in the inventory screen

The journal has 3 tabs, Notes, Files and Tasks. Letters and notes are stored in Notes and under Files you read about the suspects. Everything Jane finds out about the suspects will be stored in Files. Klik on a suspect on the left page and you read the facts obout that suspect on the right page

Tasks is your "To Do" list and it's constantly being updated as you progress through the game and find out more about the suspects

When you have completed a task, it will be crossed out in the list

You move Jane over the screen from left to right and from right to left by left clicking in the game screen, in front of Jane or behind Jane. You get an Eye cursor to look at things, a hand cursor to pick up things, a talk cursor to talk with other ghosts and a climb cursor to climb up and down stairs.

Well......let's get on with it. You start the game in thye:

Family Crypt:

Jane wakes up in the family crypt and ..... something is not right because Jane is a ghost. 

You read in the journal that something bad  has happened to Jane and her family

Jane stand in front of her own coffin ..... Jane is dead and she does not know how this came about and so she decides to investigate. 

There is also a coffin on the left and right. Go open those 2 coffins. In the left coffin is the corpse of Jane's father and.....

....... in the right coffin is the corpse of Jane's mother

Beyond Jane's mother's coffin are 2 niches in the wall that you can open. Between the two niches is a burning candle on the floor. 

Open the first niche. In the first niche is Jane's grandmother's coffin and a letter falls to the floor.

Take the letter .... the letter is stored in the journal. Grandmother writes that Jane must find the house cat Pulkheria.

Take the candle. From now on, the candle icon is at the top left. If you click on the candle at the top left, Jane will carry the candle in her hand. It is not necessary to carry the candle all the time, but if Jane is carrying the candle, the candle will change color if Jane gets close to a secret passage or hidden treasure. Now go all the way left, to reach the stairs. 

Click on the stairs with the climb cursor to get out of this crypt


You get a message about bells and save coffins

Jane is outside in the cemetery. She can go to the left to the swamp and she can go to the right, to the park and her family's big house There are many graves in the cemetery and some graves have a bell. If you click on those bells, the inhabitant of that grave will appear and you can talk to them and you should do that. I first go to the left of the family crypt, to the swamp and in the meantime we'll talk to a number of ghosts

Immediately to the left of the family crypt is a tomb with a bell. Click on the bell of that grave and .... the ghost of Dr. Oldbeard appears

Talk to the good doctor who will then tell you about Mrs. Jones who needs new lungs

Continue to the left to the next grave with a bell with a raven on it. Click on the bell again and the ghost of Mrs. Brown appears. 

Talk to Mrs. Brown who tells that she is very bothered by that annoying raven and would like to be rid of that bird.

Continue to the left and ..... at the 2nd crypt is the inventor's grave

Click on the bell of this grave and then talk to the ghost of the inventor, who claims to have never had any luck

Enter the crypt here and.....the journal tells you witch crypt this is.....it is the crypt of the Greedy Bride

Jane is in the crypt of the greedy bride. Float to the right and ......

..... at the pile of bones Jane then falls through a hole in the floor and ..... she has a meeting with Henrietta, the greedy bride .... talk to Henrietta

Henrietta wants jewels hidden somewhere in the cemetery. If Jane doesn't bring the jewels, Henrietta will curse her.

Henrietta then conjures climbing stones that come out of the wall. Behind Jane is a shovel .... take the shovel and then climb up via the climbing stones

Then go left, back to the Exit of this crypt and go outside.

A Scottish bagpiper walks to the left of Henrietta's crypt. Left click on the bagpiper so that he comes to Jane and then go talk to him.

This wandering ghost would like to earn a lot of money with his music so that he can return to his homeland

Continue to the left and then on to the swamp


Hover to the left, to the end of the path, and pick up the pocket watch halfway through the path

In the journal you read that this was the watch of Oscar, the artist who has painted all the family portrets and who has disappeared suddenly

You can read more about Artist Oscar on the Files page of the journal

At the end of this swamp path is a gnawed bone on an old newspaper and a pole with a rope tied to it.

 Look at that bone on the newspaper and also look at the post with your eye

...Go back right, to the Cemetery


Make sure that Jane is carrying the candle en go back to the family crypt and from there continue to the right and....

....just past the family crypt, Jane screams that her candle is changing color, indicating that there is either a hidden passage or a hidden treasure

...move your cursor across the screen to the right of the angel and you will see the eye cursor. 

Click with the eye cirsor and Jane screams that there must be a hidden  treasure here

Take the shovel from inventory and click it on the place where you got the eye cursor and ...... Jane digs up a well-filled treasure box. 

Take the Treasure Box

The treasure box is full with the family jewels

Further to the right is the mason's grave. Click on the mason's bell and his ghost appears. 

Jane can't talk to the mason now because she has to give him something first.


So continue to the right and Jane will come to Mrs. Jones. Klik the bell and talk to Mrs. Jones

Dr. Oldbeard has told Jane about Mrs. Jones health problem.....She needs new lungs.

Continue to the right and then on to Darkday Continue to the right and past the bench Jane sees a four-leaf clover in the grass and further on a cat statue

Walk on and take the four leaf clover

Continue to the right. Jane can then continue to the park or, at the bottom of the screen, to the Darkday house. However, first look at the cat statue with your eye. Unfortunately Jane can't read the inscription on the statue.... Jane needs a magnifying glass but she hasn't found it yet

Go on to the Park, via the top path behind the lamp post

Follow the path to the gazebo. There is a pair of boots at the gazebo and Jane wants to examine them more closely, but she also needs a magnifying glass for this.

Go past the gazebo and past the tree to the well. 

Click on the lid of the well and ..... a boy appears....Click the boy and.....Jane pushes the boy into the well but .....

.......the boy is already dead so he reappears. 

Talk to the boy....the boy wants to play and asks if Jane has something for him to play with, in exchange for something he has

Go back past the gazebo to the lamp post and then take the other path to the Darkday house.

A piece of cloth hangs from the hedge. Get that piece of cloth. 

The journal then reports that you have to find out where this piece of fabric was torn from

Glide further to the right and ..... Jane then reaches the front door of her parental home, the Darkday Mansion. 

Try to enter through the front door but can't because of an invisible barrier

Make sure Jane has the candle in her hand and then, along the facade of the house, continue to the right and ......

......... at the basement window the candle changes color and Jane screams that there is a secret passage somewhere or hidden treasure must 

Enter the cellar through the cellar window and......Again the candle changed color ..... Something must be hidden in the stone wall .....

Move your cursor over the stone wall ..... on a few dark stones you get the eye cursor, so click with your eye and ......listen to Jane

Jane needs help to break open the wall and we will arrange that help in a moment.

 But first go left until you see a Candy box in the position. Take the Candy box.....the box is full with chocolates

Continue to the left and ..... Jane is then at the end of the cellar and at the stairs. Try to enter the house via the basement stairs but .....

..... unfortunately .... salt has been sprinkled on the stairs and this salt prevents Jane from entering the house further

So go back to the basement window and climb out through the basement window

Follow the route back to the cemetery and.....

..... then go on to the inventor's grave.

Click the bell of this grave again to bring out the inventor and then take the four-leaf clover from the inventory and give the clover to the inventor

You have now completed a task and it will be crossed out in the journal

Continue to the left and past Henrietta's crypt, click on the bagpipe player again so that he rejoins Jane. 

Take the treasure box from inventory and give the family jewels to the bagpiper and ...... well .... look what happens ......

The bagpiper enters Henrietta's crypt to give a concert for the dead there and earn a lot of money.

 Finally the bagpipe ghost comes out again and he is happy now. 

You have completed a 2nd task

Now go back to the mason's grave, click on the bell of the grave again and the mason will appear again. 

Take the candy box from inventory and give it to the mason and .......

The mason is now getting out of his grave so now talk to the man. Jane asks the mason to help break down that wall in the basement

As a thank you for the chocolate candies, the mason wants to help and he disappears to the cellar of the house.  We continue on.....

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2021: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

If you found this walkthrough via google search then you have not visited my site. More game walkthroughs can be found on my site www.pcgameswalkthroughs.nl