2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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You are Detective Gallo. 

There is a multiple plant killer on the loose who so far has killed five exotic plants already. The general public of the city is not so shocked by this tragic incident, but the multi-billionaire Phil Cloro is willing to pay a lot of money to solve this mystery of the plant killer. Detective Gallo will take on this challenge. And for this cynical and sarcastic detective and his cactus, it will be his most complicated case ever.

You start the game on the start screen. Here you can choose the options: Info, Quit Game, Resume Game, Options and New Game

In Options you can adjust some basic gameplay functions

While playing you open up the main menu screen by pushing your ESC-Key. Here you can Save, Load , Quit and also go to the Options

In the game you open up the inventory by moving your cursor to the top of the screen

By pressing your Spacebar you see all the available Hotspots in the current screen. You explore those hotspot with your right mouse buttons

If you play this game through STEAM you can earn 25 achievements. I don't play games on Steam, so I don't bother with those achievements. Those achievements are all bull-shit to me and are only meant to fool you in thinking a game has more playing time then it actually has. In stead of those bloody achievements I rather have a longer game. 

Right...enough of my ramblings......let's get to work,


You are  thrown- out of the Disco club, The Knife and the Cleaver 

Candy Bob, in the candy stall, gives you some free Globby Globby candies, to ease your pain of being thrown out of the disco. 

After taking the candy from Candy Bob you walk to your office and at entering your office there's a surprise waiting for you.....

A stranger stands in your office and you think he good be dangerous.....

The game tell's you what to do, so move your cursor to the top of the screen to open up the Inventory.......

You have a revolver and your cell phone in your inventory. Left click on your revolver and then click with the revolver on the stranger and.....

The stranger introduce himself to you now as being Phil Cloro.  

Click on one of the answering option, or just say "Give me a good reason not to shoot you", right away and.....

Phil tells you that all his plants are dead as a result of a criminal act, ant he wants you to investigate the case. Accept the case and Phil will gave you a stack of banknotes to cover your expensives in advance. You make an appointment to meet up with Phil at his house, because that's were the "crime scene" is

Phil leaves the office and you have a short conversations with your cactus, "Thorn". 

Before you leave for your appointment with Phil, you must find your office key. Luckily you know where you have hidden the key.

So left click on the cardboard cutout of a cactus, behind you, and.......You turn the cardboard cactus and.....

you'll see a Key sticking at the back of the cardboard cactus. Take the Key......It's your office key.

Look at everything that you can in your office.  Against your big safe stand your golf club bag. Take a golf club out of the bag

There's a drawer in your desk. Open the desk drawer. In the drawer you'll find a "Chewed-on Pencil"......Take the "Chewed-on Pencil"...

In the lower left corner of your screen are a bunch of Blank Paper sticks on the wall and also an empty envelope. Take the Envelope,

 Leave your office now......

The Knives District

Outside you get a call from your informant who informs you about an armored truck that's being disguised as a flower truck. 

You then call a taxi to drive you to the crime scene, witch is the house of Phil Cloro, and you go inside Phil's house

8 Rhododendron Road: Greenhouse Mansion

Phil is hysterical and you, and your cactus, are "smelling" that there's something "rotten going on". 

You "investigate" and remind yourself to check your notebook no and again, to remind you of your task at hand

Go talk with Phil Cloro and use all options....

I'm not going to write it al down for you, so listen carefully to what Phil says. When you have used all options then say "That's all for now, thanks" Look at everything. There are pictures on the wall. Behind Gallo stands a "Vegetable Coat Rack". On the Coat Rack hangs Phil's Coat. At the coat rack also stands an "Extendable Trimer" in a pot. Take the "Extendable Trimer".

 Right click on al the pictures that are on the wall and listen to Gallo's and Phil's comments on them. Behind Phil a big orange chest stands on a carpet....Look at the chest...It's a "Ceramic Chest". At the window a "Bonsai tree" stands on a little table. Take the "Bonsai vase".

 A "Leaf Pillow" lays on the floor. Left click the "Leaf Pillow" to slide it to the right. Under the pillow lays a "Shell Casing"....

Try to take the "Shell Casing" but the damned thing will roll under the "Root Sofa".

Try moving the sofa, but Phil shouts that you can't move the sofa.  Take the "Extendable Trimmer" from inventory and click with it on the Sofa and...

...The Shell Casing will roll back from under the sofa. Now take the "Shell Casing"

There's something written on the Shell Casing. 

When you have looked at  everything and have taken the Shell Casing, you are ready and you leave the mansion, after an other short conversation with Phil. 

Outside Gallo call's his informant to ask whether he can enlarge the Shell Casing to read what's written on it. 

The informant tells that Gallo can do this himself by using the microscope of the informant. Gallo has that microscope hidden in his office safe.

Examine the Shell Casing in your inventory but you can not read the fine print. Go back into Phil's house and talk to Phil Cloro and say "Conducting my investigation, I found......."

 ........and then go on with "A shell casing. Is there something you forgot to tell me?".  Phil is shocked at Gallo's insinuations and he refuses to talk any further with Gallo. 

 Leave the house and. now try to talk with  the loudly snoring taxi driver. But the cabby won't wake up. In the back of the street you see a traffic light, that's on red, and a car or van that has to stop for the red traffic light. Walk back to the Knives District via de red arrow below your screen

the Knives District.

A "Sketchy Dude" stand at the Candy Booth of Candy Bob. At the road works sign stand a Paint Pot. Take the Paint.  Right click the Letterbox to hear Gallo's comment

Try talk with the Sketchy Dude and with Candy Bob.....You hear Cando Bob and the Sketchy Dude talking......but you don't talk to either of them...The Sketchy Dude can't make up his mind to witch candy he wants. Right click on Gallo's Photo, that hangs in the candy stall. Go to the left of the Candy Stall and then go into your office 


Right and Left click on your large safe and listen to yourself.......The microscope of your informant is in the safe, but the thing is locked.....

You have written the three digits of the safe combination on 3 pieces of paper and these are somewhere in the office. 

On the floor, at your desk, lies your "Gardening Manual Book".  Right click on the book to hear your comments on it. A Bookmark is sticking out of the Gardening Book". Left click that Bookmark and....

You have found the first number of your safe combination code......it's the number 3, if you look at this paper in inventory. 

Left click your office door to close the door. You have sticked a paper on your door....Left click that "Folded Paper" and......

..........you have the second digit of the combination and this is 5

 At the lower left corner of the screen you have put a bunch of "Blank Paper" sheets on the wall. Take the "Blank Paper" of the wall.

Now combine in inventory your "Chewed -on Pencil" with the "Blank Paper" and.....you know the whole combination 358 and......automatically you use this combination code to open up your safe.

You see the microscope in the safe but you don't want to take it out of the safe.  In inventory left click your Cell Phone and call your informant. Use all the options that you get and don't forget to say "I found your microscope" ....Your informant don't need his microscope anymore. Say goodbye via the last option. You put your Cell Phone back into inventory. If you feel like you can also call the electricity company Edi & Son, but to do so you must left click your Cell Phone in inventory again.....it's not necessarily to this this now.

Take the "Shell Casing" out of inventory and click with it on the microscope and......

Now you can read the fine print that's written on the Casing......Veg 68 is written on the case....

Automatically you'll call your informant again to ask him about Veg 68....You have to talk to the arms smuggler. You recognize him when you greet him with a secret greeting password. This secret password is written down on a Plasma membership card. You must send the arms smuggler a photo of your self.

Open your office door again and then leave the office.

The Knives District

Go to Candy Bop and talk with her. Use all options but be sure to ask Candy for your photo via "Can you give me MY photo?".....

Sweet Candy won't give the photo to you. Say goodbye via "Maybe I'm in the way here". Move Gallo a little bit to the right, so that he stands at the big Menu Chart. Between the Menu Chart and the Candy Stall you'll see a Rat Hole in the wall of the disco. Left click on that Rat Hole and......Gallo sticks his hand in the rat hole and takes a Cake Candle out of the hole.  

Walk back to your office door and then go through the street, left of your office, to....

Bloodletting Square

Baby Punk is kicking a vending machine. Go talk with Baby Punk and use all options...... Baby Punk wants to rob the vending machine and he can paint drawings very well. When this silly conversation is done, right click the vending machine.....Gallo tells what's inside the vending machine....pirate stuff such as wooden legs, adhesive patches and magnetic hooks and a . Left click the vending machine. You need to insert a coin into the machine to get an item out of the damned machine.  

 A bench is standing at the vending machine an on the bench stand a Glass. Take the Glass.

You can left click and right click the "weeping Fountain" if you want to hear Gallo's comments on it.  The building, up on the hill, is the Emporium...An emporium is a place where goods that were transported by sea are being trade, in other words...a Emporium is a wholesale shop.  The road up to the Emporium is paved with Coins. Try to take a Coin........But...Gallo don't want to take a coin because there all fake........ Enter the


Talk to the wholesale man, who stands behind his counter, and use the only option you get, and then say "goodbye". 

Look, right click, on everything that you can here in the shop, to hear Gallo's comments. walk to the right of the shop. In two display cases you'll see a Baseball Bat and a wig / toupee...That toupee belongs to the notorious Steven Seagallo. The Baseball Bat is not on sale

Between the UFO and the Baseball Bat stand a Alarm Clock on the floor......Take the Alarm Clock. Take the Toupee

At the barbecue a Kitchen Spoon, a Baseball Knife and a Fork are on a blue table. Take those 3 items, so take the Fork, the Spoon and the Baseball Knife. 

The barbecue is hot......Take your Cake Candle out of inventory and use it on the barbecue and......due to the heat of the barbecue the candle melts ...The Melted Wax is to hot to take with your hands, so use the Kitchen Spoon on the Melted Wax to take it

Walk back to the left side of the counter, where the entrance to the shop is

Against the counter stands a Spray Can on the floor.....Take the Spray Can......

If you have taken everything here then leave the store.

Your back at Bloodletting Square. Go back to the Knife District, via the red arrow at the bottom right corner. 

Back at the Knife Districts go to the Candy Stall and now  try to take your photo.......

Candy won't allow you to take the photo, unless you give here something bigger to look at, that looks like you. Go back to

Bloodletting Square:

Talk to Baby Punk again and now ask baby: "Can you paint my face on the wall of my office?"...

Baby Punk can do this but he first needs you to do him a favor......Baby wants your help in robbing the vending machine. So take your gun out inventory and shoot with it at the vending machine and....

Gallo shoots the vending machine and Baby Punk takes out the items except the Wooden Leg. Take the Wooden Leg

Talk to Baby Punk again and ask him again: "Can you paint my face on the wall of my office?"....Baby needs a paintbrush.....

.....also ask: "Now that you have got your pirate gadgets, what will you do?" and then close the conversation.

You must make a paintbrush for baby punk, so combine in inventory the Toupee with the Paint Pot and then combine the Toupee with Paint with the Extendable Trimmer and.....you've made a paintbrush. Give the Super-Paintbrush and Paint to Baby Punk and.... .

.......the young rascal runs to the Knives District  to paint your face on the outer wall of your office and then returns here.  Go back to the:

Knives district: 

See the painting of your face on the wall. Take the Spray Can out of inventory and use it on your Face on the Wall. 

Now Candy Bop can admire Gallo on the wall. Walk to the Candy Stall and snatch Gallo's photo from the candy stall now. Sweet Candy is okay with this now

Combine in inventory the Gallo photo with the envelope and then combine the envelope with the melted wax. Post the sealed envelope in the letter box. 

Go back into the


On Gallo's desk stand his fax machine and he's got a fax....It's the smugglers membership card. Take the Smugglers Membership Card. 

In inventory right click this membership card....Gallo can't see the secret pass phrase on the card.

Left click the Cell Phone and Call your informant and ask "Why don't I see the secret pass phrase on my smuggler's membership card?".....because .......you stupid moron,....  it is written with invisible glow ink and you can only see it in the dark, as your informant has told you earlier. Say goodbye via the last option. Then click your cell phone again and now call the electric company Edi&Son 

Gallo says that they have to shut off his electricity, but you have already paid in advance. Instead the company will send a lamp set package to Gallo and delivery is immediately. 

Gallo unpacks the package and he has now got a spotlight, a cable with plug, a tripod and a gumball in inventory. 

Gallo has to short circuit his office. "Thorn's Cardboard Cutout" stands in a puddle. Take the "Cable with Plug" out inventory and use it on the puddle...

...Gallo puts the cable in the water and the plug in the socket / outlet at the office door. 

Now Gallo must cause a short circuit. Combine, in inventory,  the sticky Globby Globby candies with the tripod and then the tripod with the spotlight. 

Place the tripod with spotlight in the water puddle and......Gallo closes his office door and then.... short circuit his office.

 It gets dark and you see the secret password, KIWIS on the membership card and the secret pass phrase...

It's pitch dark now in the office and your screen is that too...you only see the inventory and your notebook...Click the red arrow to scroll through the inventory to your gun. Take the gun out and move your gun down the screen until you have found the "Spotlight on Tripod"......Then click with the gun and......

You shoot with your gun on the spotlight / tripod to shoot the lamp.

 Move your cursor to top screen, to open up the inventory again, and then left click your cell phone again and call the electric company again..

.......and.........You demand to plug in the power again and then...you have lights again.

Who's the smuggler:

Gallo don't know were and who the smuggler is, so he has to find this out. Open the office door and go outside and go to Baby Punk at the vending machine on the square. 

Show the Smugglers Membership Card to Baby Punk..

........Gallo says the secret pass phrase, but baby isn't the smuggler.  

Enter the Emporium and show the membership card to the wholesaler....

Gallo says the secret pass phrase but the wholesaler isn't the smuggler.

Go back to Candy Bop an show here the membership card also and........

Again Gallo says the secret pass phrase and......well....we can also safely rule sweet Candy out.

 Go to the letter box and then click the red arrow to go a screen to the right and......Gallo is back at the house of Phil Cloro:

Greenhouse Mansion

Go inside and show the membership card to Phil Cloro and.......

.....nope...Phil isn't the smuggler either. Leave the mansion. 

Click with membership card on the snoring taxi driver and....

Gallo speaks the phrase again and the cabby wakes up and....Gallo has found the smuggler..........This cabby is the smuggler.....Use the first option of the dialog options and......

The taxi driver then pulls his gun an shoots at Gallo but he doesn't hit Gallo.......

At the traffic light, in the back of the street, you now  see the purple money van, disguised as a flower van.

  Click on the purple money van when it stops in front of the red traffic light. The taxi driver is then distracted and he looks at the van.....

........Quickly take your gun out inventory and click with it on the cab driver / smuggler

NB: Where you to slow with your gun then you have to try this again.

Listen to the confession of the taxi driver / smuggler. Gallo let's him go and then he picks up  baobab gun of the smuggler / cab driver

Gallo goes back to Phil and confronts him with what the smuggler has told him about a stain on the floor. 

Phil then shows Gallo this stain...It's on the carpet where the ceramic chest stands on...it's a fertilizer stain

Talk to Phil and ask him everything over the fertilizer, his ceramic chest and about the case. When you've done that say goodbye. Right click that green fertilizer stain to hear Gallo's comment on it. Try to take the fertilizer....but Gallo needs a container to put that green slimy stuff in. So take the Bonsai Vase out inventory and scoop with the vase the green slimy fertilizer of the carpet.....

You have now an Vase with Fertilizer in inventory. Leave Phil's house and go, via the Knife District, to the Emporium and go in.

A Sad Customer is in the store and she's gazing at the liquor cabinet. Show the Vase with Fertilizer to the wholesaler

Ask the wholesaler all about the fertilizer via all options........

The shopkeeper doesn't have any more fertilizer to sell...it's all sold out.....You notice that the sad customer listen in on your fertilizer conversation. Gallo says that he needs to call his informant about a "Truth Serum", but first talk again with the wholesaler and ask him everything you haven't ask yet now.......including if he has "Truth Serum" on sale and about  the "Hard Liquor Diridango". Then, when you have asked everything, say goodbye.

Now call up your informant and ask him about " truth serum" and about "Fertilizer".......

Your informant says that something that's very sweet, so with lots of sugar, can serve to make someone tell the truth, and the wholesaler can tell much more about the fertilizer When ever you get stuck and don't know what to do next, you can always call your informant to ask him for hints. Also check your notebook regularly to see what's your current goal...

.When you have talked with your informant go talk with the sad customer...but the sad lady doesn't want to talk about anything, she's sad because her husband is fooling around. Leave the shop and go to Sweet Candy at the Knives District

Knives District

Talk to sweetish Candy Bop about everything, but especially ask her "Do you happen to have a pastry with strong hallucinogenic content?".....

Lovely Candy does has hallucinogenic herbs and you can get that if you give her the right compliments. 

So give Candy some compliments, just choose some compliments out the list you get...

Keep saying compliments to Candy until you get the option to say "Give me the hallucinogen and let's get this over with", then use this option and.....

...... answer Candy's  question with yes and......she gives Gallo a "Sweetinogen" cocktail. 

Gallo doesn't know what to do with that "Sweetinogen", so call the informant and ask him "How do I use the Sweetinogen?"....

Your informant says that the Sweetinogen must be mix with a cocktail and then a person must drink it, but Gallo must drink it  also to enter the "Dimension of Sincerity"

Go to your office.  Go to the desk.....Gallo's desk has lost a leg.......instead of that leg the Gardening manual supports the desk......Gallo needs the Gardening Manuel, so take the Wooden Leg out inventory and  use it on the Gardening Manuel, to replace the manual with the leg  

The Garden Manual has the Latin names of plants, including the English translations.

Leave the office and go to the Taxi, at Phil's house, via the red arrow at the letterbox  

Find the gasoline tank of the taxi car and try to open it.....it's sealed. Use the Baseball Knife on the Tank and......

the taxi spits some petrol out......Use the Cocktail Glass on the Fuel puddle to scoop up some petrol. You then have a Glass Incomplete Cocktail.

Go to Phil in his house. Talk with Phil again and ask him about the "Cavernous Eucalyptus plant"......Phil don't know whether he has such a plant because he only knows the scientific names of his plants. So close the conversation and then show Phil the Gardening Manual and..........

Phil says that you must use the book on  his unknown plants that are in the corner. So go to the right side of the room, where the 4 Unknown Plants are standing.

Use the Gardening Manual on all 4 Unknown Plants and......Gallo finds out that Unknown Plant #3 is the Eucalyptus...

A leaf has fallen of the eucalyptus plant, so take the Cavernous Eucalyptus Leaf

In inventory combine the leaf with your Incomplete Cocktail and you have a bitter Diridango cocktail. 

Combine the Diridango cocktail with the Sweetinogen and...You now have a "Sweetinogen Diridango"

Leave Phil and go back  to the Emporium. Go into the shop.....the sad customer lady has gone.  Give the Sweetinogen Diridango cocktail to the wholesaler.  

The wholesaler drinks the cocktail and..........it works and Gallo also drinks the cocktail and goes in:

The Dimension of Sincerity:

Gallo hallucinates and hopes that he recovers fragments of his memory. This is a Maze and Gallo must find the wholesaler in this maze. There are Doors and a bunch of Glasses with different colors. You must click the green arrows, that you get on the colorful glasses,  to go to through the glasses to the next area of the Maze. 

 The first thing to do is to open he office door and then talk to your  Alter Ego Gallo and use all option that you get.

When Alter Ego Gallo shuts the conversation off then just click him again to continue talking. When there's nothing new to talk about then stop talking

Now go through the purple glass (A), that's al the way on the left side ,and then go through the brown glass (B) at the top right.  

Gallo then stand above the purple glass at a orange door. Open the orange round door and talk with the chicken  in the egg. Use all options and say goodbye. 

To the left of the orange chicken door stand a yellow glass and a blue glass.......Go through the yellow glass (C) and then open the Greek door. Talk to Socrates and use all options. 

Then say goodbye and go through the yellow glass (D) to be back at the chicken. Go through the brown glass (E) and then through the green glass (F)

Open the bizarre door and talk to the wholesaler and again use all options until the wholesaler disappears.

Gallo must kill his Alter Ego if he wants the wholesaler to tell the Thruth about the fertilizer.

Go through the green glass and then the purple glass to be back at Alter Ego Gallo. 

Use your pistol on your  Alter ego in the office door to kill your  Ego.

Go through the purple glass and green glass. Open the bizarre door and talk to the wholesaler again. 

Tell the wholesaler you killed your ego and he tells about the fertilizer and you go out this dimension of Sincerity

Back in the wholesale you get a call from Phil and you go to Phil to tell everything to Phil. Phil sacks you because his case is solved...Phil's plant are cured....Talk to Phil

Gallo goes back to his office and then.......Gallo gets a new case. All the flowers are dying, even the plants of his informant and also Phil wants Gallo's help again....

........The water is poisoned........Gallo leaves his office to investigate the water area. 

Water Tower and Garbage Dumb area

See a water tower, standing in the background. A road worker is working in the abyss and his hammer lies on the ground. Take the hammer from the road worker. 

In the left down corner of the screen are rocks.....Use the hammer on the  big rock, that's up front to break a small piece of it. Then take the small rock of the ground. 

Throw the rock against the road worker, when he puts his head out of the hole, to get his attention. then talk to him about everything.

When you're done talking with the road worker then use your Baobab Gun on the pile of earth and..........

.....a tree will grow but is quickly gone again and the Baobab gun is empty now. 

Right click on the pile of earth and.....there are baobab seeds in the earth, so use the Vase with Fertilizer on the earth pile and......

......a tree will grow over the abyss....Click on the tree bridge to go over it to the other side.......Gallo will loose his office key.

How to get into the Water Tower:

Here on the other side of the abyss is the garbage dump...Walk to the right. A rope is laying on the ground and a maggot will come out its hole.

 Take the Rope. Wait until the Maggot has come out its hole and then quickly take the Maggot.....

If you don't succeed to take the maggot then try again, when it comes out of his hole again.

The garbage dumb has an electronic door and on the left side of the door you see a fuse box. 

There's a platform  on the ground and a security camera on a pole. On the edge stand an "Undercover Cactus". 

Right click on all those object to hear Gallo's comments on them. Left click the security camera to try switch it off...........but a security camera comes out of the peephole in the electronic door, to warn you to keep your hands of the camera. Go talk with the undercover cactus and use all options. This cactus is a "womanizer".......but he is really a undercover spy who's here to spy on the owner of the garbage dumb. When you ask this cactus if he could take out that security camera the nutcase says that he can't do that because he's undercover.

Try to switch off the security camera with the hammer.........

...but the camera in the door stops Gallo again.......

Gallo must fool that camera in the door, so combine the golf club with the gummy ball. Then use the golf club / gumball combo on the security camera and...

.......nice shot Gallo.......the security camera is now  switched off. 

Click on the peephole in the electronic door, and then talk in the security camera that comes out of it and use all options........Gallo may not enter the garbage dumb, so he has to find another way to get in. Gallo can't do anything with that fuse box, so go back over the tree bridge and then click the red arrow, at the road sign, to go back to the Knives District and go on to Phil's House via de red arrow at the letter box.  

Enter Phil's and talk to him......Ask Phil if you may borrow his ceramic chest via "Can I borrow your chest?".....

Phil doesn't want to give his chest to Gallo, unless he's forced to do so....Well let's see if we can force Phil in giving his chest to Gallo. Leaf Phil, go back to Candy's stall and then back to the Water Tower and the road worker, via the red arrow between the letter box and the disco. When Gallo is back at the water tower call your informant and ask him about Phil's chest via "I have to convince Phil Cloro to get rid of his chest"......

The solution that your informant gives you is simple.....Wood worms would do the trick.....the informant tell's Gallo how to do this, so listen carefully.

Get the Maggot out of inventory and click with it on the road worker, when he's sticking his head out of the hole.....

Gallo ask the road worker to dip the maggot in the stinking water of the sewer and the road worker will do this. In inventory you'll have a "Sewer Maggot".  Go back to Phil and enter his house again. Go stand behind Phil, at the ceramic chest. Combine the sewer maggot with the paint pot and you have a  paint pot with "Woodworm-Woo".  Use the Woodworm-Woo pot on Phil's chest and......

Phil is chocked and now he wants to get rid of the chest, so Gallo may have it. Gallo automatically picks up the  "Worm-Eaten Chest".

Leave Phil again and go back to the Waster Tower / Garbage Dumb. Cross over the Tree Bridge again an go to the electronic door of the dumb. Use the woodworms crate on the platform. 

Gallo  first empty the chest, but he keeps a few seeds for his informant,  and the he place the chest on the platform and he crawls in it.  

A spring shoots the chest over the wall on the garbage dump and Gallo flies out and he lands in the water tower. 

Water Tower

Open the wardrobe and then take the stuffed animal and the encapsulated blender. Gallo doesn't want to take the skeleton. 

There's a hatch in the floor......Try to open the hatch....Gallo can't open up the hatch with his bare hands....He needs a tool...... Climb up the ladder to the roof of the water tower. 

The taxi driver sits on the roof . On the right site a metal object sticks out of the roof and on that metal object a bird has made a nest. A bird is flying around in the air. Some smelling sticks are also on the roof and the front one smells like a rose and the other one, on the back of the roof, smells like a tulip Talk to the former taxi driver about everything......the former taxi driver is meditating on the roof, trying to reach Nirvana, but he can show Gallo how to get out of the tower, but only when Gallo shows him that he's in perfect harmony with his philosophy.

Take the Seeds out inventory and give them to the former taxi driver and.......

Gallo ask how he can get out of the water tower and gets an iron rod from the taxi driver, that Gallo has to turn into a crowbar.

Go back into the water tower. Find a loose brick in the wall......You find it in the wall between the ladder and the wardrobe. 

Use the hammer on the brick in the wall and do this twice....So click 2x with the hammer on the brick....

The brick falls on the ground......Take the brick. 

Insert the iron rod into the wall hole and then use the hammer on it to make a crowbar. 

Take the crowbar and use it the on the hatch and.....

Gallo now open up the hatch with the crowbar. Descend the ladder in the hatch and......

Gallo blunders into a meeting of the Alien Brotherhood. 

An Alien says you have to take off your mask. You do not have the right mask and tongue to speak to the leader. Talk to the Alien, in the last row, several times. 

So when the first conversation is over you click again on that alien to go on talking with different options. Keep doing this until there are no more new options

In order to be able to talk to the alien leader Gallo needs an Alien Mask with a retractable Tongue

Walk a bit back to the Exit door. On the wall you see a schematic and a note. Right click that schematic to hear Gallo's comment. Then take the "Flypaper note".....

......The Flypaper is covert with glue and flies......

Open the exit door and leave the water tower. Talk to the road worker and say that you have dropped your office key. He says it is washed away is through the sewage. 

Call your informant..........But your informant isn't available......Gallo gets Mario the bartender on the line.  Go to the candy stall and talk to Candy Bob and ask her about that "Shady guy"......

Go to your office door. In front of your office door is a manhole in the road... it's a sewer drainage manhole...... Use the crowbar on the manhole and....

....Gallo has his office key back. 

Go to Emporium, enter and talk to the wholesaler. Ask "Would you give me an alien mask in exchange for a glass of Diridango?".  

But the wholesaler doesn't drink alcohol anymore......he wants a blue alcohol-free drink and he tells Gallo where to get it.  Say goodbye.  

A "Rich customer" is staring at the baseball Bat.....Talk with the Rich Customer.......the sad woman customer, that was here earlier, is this man's wife. Leave the shop and go to the abandoned taxi at Phil's house. The taxi isn't abandoned anymore.....Baby Punk sits in it and he's wearing the mask that was in the Emporium at the counter. That mask has a retractable tongue....,

Talk with Baby Punk and ask if you can borrow his retractable tongue

But Gallo can't have the tongue. Use all other options, especially the options that allow you to ask baby about his advertising skills.........

Baby says that Gallo has to ask his mother, who's the bartender  of the Disco, for a few pointers about advertising.

Go into the mansion and talk to Phil about everything, but it isn't much.  Go to the Knives District and now go into the disco club 

The Knife and the Cleaver Disco Club

After the introduction don't use the question options yet but close the conversation. Look around......A Skinny customer and a Muscly customer are sitting at the table and a TV hangs above them...the TV doesn't work. .....A mouse is eating from a piece of cake that's on the ground....The mouse comes and goes. A Chandelier hangs on the ceiling, just above the piece of cake and the mouse.....

Click the Chandelier....Gallo tells that if the Chandelier would fall down it would trap the mouse. 

A dartboard hangs on the wall, above the Juke-box behind the door. At the juke-box stands a Fake Rose and a Mysterious Statue.......Right click on all those things to hear Gallo's comments. Now go talk with the Bartender, who's Baby Punk's mother,  again and ask why the TV isn't working.......The bartender tell's about the TV Transmitter.  

Now order a cocktail and....the bartender makes 3 cocktails and put them on the bar....They are a green, a yellow and a purple pitcher, but don't touch the drinks now

Talk to  the Muscly customer and use all options. 

The muscular guy can throw something against the chandelier but he needs something heavy. Say goodbye.  

Go to the juke box and take the fake rose Click on the jukebox and Gallo takes a CD out of the juke box

Go to the candy stall and talk to Candy Bob several times. Sweet Candy is jealous and angry with Gallo. 

You can use the option to talk with Candy further but after each option you have to click Candy again to go on talking.

Go to the Water Tower and cross over the tree bridge to the other side of the abyss. Walk to the undercover cactus and talk with it.......

Talk to the undercover cactus and ask "How can I reclaim the heart of a Jealous woman?"....... 

The cactus will give Gallo a hint in exchange for a golf club.  So go back to your office and grab a new golf club, from the golf bag that stands beside your safe. 

Go back to the undercover Cactus and give it the golf club.

Cactus says that Gallo should give Candy a romantic rose. Gallo has the Fake Rose from the Disco but it does not smell like a rose. 

Cross over the tree bridge  to the water tower and click enter. 

Click with the red arrow on the ladder to climb up through the hatch and then go further up to the roof. 

Use the fake rose on the rose fragrance stick, to make it smell like a real rose

The bird is sitting on the nest now and the nest sits on the TV transmitter.....Use the rope on the TV transmitter under the nest. 

Climb back into the water tower. The end of the rope is hanging near the wardrobe closet and there are shards of glass on the floor. Pull the rope and.......

Gallo pulls the nest from the TV antenna and now everything works again. 

Gallo can't pick up the glass shards, so leave the water tower by climbing down the ladder in the hatch and then go out via the door of the tower.  

Go to the Emporium but don't go in the shop.  Outside the shop use the Scented Rose in the water of the Weeping fountain and....

Gallo now has a romantic rose. Go to Candy Bob and give her the romantic rose and.....

Sweet Candy loves  Gallo again.

Disco Club:

A Non-Alcoholic Drink for the Wholesaler:

 Enter  the disco club again. The 3 cocktails you ordered earlier are gone......The TV is working again and the bartender watches the TV regularly........Click the bartender and order another cocktail. 

Gallo orders a Virgin cocktail and the bartender fills 3 glasses but she can't guarantee that the drinks are pure virgin cocktail. 

NB:The 3 glasses that are now on the counter must be yellow and half full, empty and red half full....Is this not the case then click the bartender again and order new cocktails.....keep doing this until you have, from left to right, a yellow glass half full, an empty glass and a red glass half full.......Gallo needs a full blue glass for the wholesaler. 

The bartender will look at the TV and she will do this in intervals.......When the bartender looks at the TV then quickly click the right RED GLASS.....

Gallo will put the red glass in the middle and the empty glass on the right. and......

The bartender will fill the glasses further...... The middle glass is then full orange / red and the right glass is half full blue. 

When the bartender is looking at the TV again click the blue right glass to put it in the middle and then.........

.......  quickly click the blue glass again to put it left and......The bartender fills all glasses  and the left glass is now full blue

Take the full Blue Glass now....Gallo now has a Pure Dealcoholiser

Leave the disco and go to the Emporium and go into the shop  Give the Pure Dealcoholiser to the wholesaler......

.......but....the wholesaler doesn't want a alcohol drink, it must be alcohol-free. Combine the Pure Dealcoholiser  with the Sweetinogen Diridango

You then have an Non-Alcoholic drink. Give the Non-Alcoholic drink to the wholesaler. 

In exchange the wholesaler gives Gallo an Alien mask. 

Go back to the Taxi at Phil's house and talk  with Baby Punk again....Go through all options until you can ask Baby about his advertising skills......you did this before but ask this again, maybe via "Remind me how I can become an ad man"......Baby tell's Gallo again to go to the disco to ask his mother, the bartender, about it. 

So go back to the Disco and click the bartender and now ask her "Do you know the real estate agent on Rhododendron Road?".....

Well...Baby Punk is her son but she doesn't like him much..........Use all other options and.......Mother says that Baby can be bribed with a year supply of sweets....

Leave the disco and go talk with Candy and say "I need a year's worth of sweets" and.....

.........Gallo says that the sweets are for his business partner and Candy is ok with this. 

Now go back to the taxi and see.......Candy has delivered a mountain of sweets at the taxi and.......

.Well......Baby Punk takes off his mask and Gallo picks it up and takes out the Retractable Tongue... 

Take the Popsicle, that's on the ground at the sweets mountain

Gallo now has his alien mask and the retractable tongue, so he is now ready to talk with that alien leader, so go back to the water tower. 

Water Tower and Garbage Dumb:

Enter the Water Tower and when Gallo is in combine the Alien mask with the extendable tongue. Click the Alien mask with tongue on the leader of the Brotherhood. 

Gallo puts the mask on, and talks to the leader who will help him to open the fuse box of the garbage dumb. 

To be able to do this Gallo has to assemble an Alien lockpick. The alien in the last row  gives the instructions on how to this to Gallo.

Left click in inventory on the Installation Instructions to read it..... 

Climb to the top room of the water tower, where the wardrobe closet is. Use the flypaper on the glass shards that are on the floor. 

You now have sandpaper. Combine the sandpaper with the Encrusted blender to clean the blender. Then combine the Cleaned Blender with the fork. Combine the Blender with the CD and you have an Alien lockpick.  Gallo automatically goes to Candy Bob, because the mission can become dangerous and  therefore Gallo gives  his cactus Thorn to Candy Bob for safekeeping.

Go back  to the water tower and enter again. Automatically Gallo puts his alien mask on and........ Long cut scene......

Gallo gets some batteries that he must put into the alien lockpick and  The leader explains everything and then all aliens disappear. Gallo takes the mold out of the water. 

We then see a scene at Candy's and then Gallo walks out of the water tower...

Gallo wants to get his cactus Thorn back, so go back to Candy and........ Thorn is gone....Candy says that she has given Thorn to the garbage dumb owner for safekeeping.

Go to the Garbage Dump Electronic Door. Combine the Alien lockpick with the batteries. Then use the Alien lockpick on the fuse box and......

....the electronic door goes open. Go through the open door to be inside the garbage dumb. Looking for the mold here is like looking for a needle in a hay stack without a proper tool. An Elephant is blocking the fence door, so Gallo can't open the fence door  to go through it.

 Look at everything here...notice the hole in the wooden fence.  Leave the dumb and go back to  Candy's  stall. Click on the loving Enamored Customer and listen. 

Enter the disco club. Give the brick to the muscly Customer and........ 

Muscly throws the brick against the chandelier. This falls on the mouse.  

Walk to the right and click on the fallen chandelier and......Gallo takes the mouse from under the chandelier

Go back to the garbage  dump and enter again through the open electronic door......There a hole in the wooden fence........... Use the mouse on the hole in the fence and...... 

The elephant is afraid of mice and runs away. Open the fence door and walk to the left....

Look around....right click on everything you can to hear Gallo's comments......Then leave the dump via the path (red arrow) behind the rubber mattress and...Gallo will arrive at the vending machine at the Emporium.....You have unlocked a short cut to the garbage dumb now...... Go inside the Emporium shop and talk to the wholesaler....ask the wholesaler for a mold detector via "I need a device to find a mold"...... Gallo  still has  debts here...The wholesaler will cancel Gallo's debts and give him a mold detector if Gallo has a black diamond for him. 

Go  back to the garbage dump......you can now do this via the path behind the vending machine. 

Back at the garbage dumb you go a screen down, via the red arrow under the parasol, to the back screen of the dump. 

Remove the tarp and see a sofa. Take the pillow. 

In the lower right corner of this screen you'll see a gear...... Left click on the gear to get it out of the way and then grab the coal. 

Go back and then through the fence door and then back through the electronic door.....Cross over the tree bridge and go to the road worker.......

When the road worker is sticking out the hole again give him the pillow....The road worker goes take a short nap but he leaves his Spade here. Take the Spade

Go back over the tree bridge and into the garbage dumb. Go through the fence door again....Behind the fence door stand a Stove....Open the Stove and then put the Coal into the Stove....The stove is burning now....Take the Popsicle out inventory and use it on the burning Stove.....

Gallo now has a Smoked Popsicle and maybe he can "sell" this to the wholesaler could as a Black Diamond. 

So go back to the wholesaler, via the path behind the mattress, and show him the Smoked Popsicle....

..The wholesaler is almost "sold" but he wants it to shine more.   

Go back to the water tower and enter.  Next to the door is that schematic on the wall...

.you took the Flypaper here, but now there's another note hanging here. Right click that note to read it.....

The note tells Gallo about a Glow Stick that's in the pipes upstairs......

Go to the upstairs room of the tower.....At the ladder are two broken pipes......Left click those pipes and....Gallo finds a Glowing stick in the pipe and he takes it....

Combine the Glowing Stick with the Smoked Popsicle and....We have a Fake Black Diamond..

.Hurry now...before the Popsicle melts...Go back to the wholesaler and give him the Fake Black Diamond and......

Gallo's debts are cancelled and he gets the Mold Detector....

Gallo leaves the shop quickly before the wholesaler finds out that he's been fooled.......

Go to the back of the Garbage Dump via the path behind the vending machine......Back at the garbage you down to the next screen, where you found the Coal and the pillow.....Find the "Stinky Junk" here.....you'll find it in the heap that's down left in this screen...... Combine the mold with the mold detector. Then use the mold detector on the Stinky  junk

Then use the Spade on the junk with mold, and....... 

Gallo digs up an old fridge. 

It goes by itself now for a while....From the fridge Gallo takes a Mold and also a paper with handprints on it.....

The mold handprints on it are the same as in the water tower. Then the garbage owner appears in the hatch of the tower 

Talk to the garbage dumb owner....He is the culprit, at least that's what Gallo thinks...... The garbage owner wants to play a game with Gallo and he is in a crane. 

The grabber arm of the crane lifts Gallo up to hang him in the air. 

 Keep using the talk options to talk to the garbage owner until Gallo hangs right in front of the nose of the garbage owner and you get control again..... 

Then throw the gumball at the garbage owner

The garbage owner drops out the crane and Gallo sits on top of him

Gallo takes cactus Thorn and his diary out of  the coat pocket  of the garbage owner and we all go back to

Greenhouse Manson 

Gallo has  handcuffed the garbage owner and taken him to  the mansion  of Phil Golo where everyone is assembled. Gallo has put the diary on the sofa. 

Gallo thinks that the garbage owner is responsible for the pollution of the water and the dead of all the plants. Then Gallo put cactus Thorn on the sofa

When you have control again take the diary from the sofa. Click with the diary on the garbage owner and....

Gallo read out loud from the diary. trying to expose the perpetrator. 

Gallo has to proof his case. Use the mold on Thorn to proof that the water is poisoned by the mold from the fridge. 

Then show the handprints paper to the garbage owner.

See the final movie....

.....But the handprints aren't from the  garbage owner ....they are Gallo's handprints.......The old fridge was Gallo's fridge and he himself brought the thing to the garbage dumb

Gallo himself was the cause of the water pollution and the death of the plants.....

See the Ending.....after the Credits

The End

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot