This game is made by Jason Godbey, Jason also made The Search.

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and screenshots by Louis Koot  

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Start the game, and click on settings. Here you can set a number of things, 

Click on controls and see how you control the game.

You turn with the mouse, you move with the WASD keys.

You interact with objects with the left mouse button, with the right mouse button you enter the inventory.

Your cursor is a white point, this moves you through the game.

Your cursor is a triangle, which allows you to interact with objects or to pick up objects.

Your cursor is an turn-around arrow, which zooms out.

Use the keyboard to exit the game: Esc.

The E-key also takes you to the inventory.

When everything is the way you want it, click on: New Game.

You are in the elevator and when the doors open you step out of the elevator. Go to the desk, between the photos your cursor becomes a triangle.  

Click with your mouse and you zoom in, you see an envelope and 3 photos and under the photos is a card with 2 openings.  

On that card you get a triangle again, click and the card goes to your inventory. Then click the turn-around arrow to zoom out.

Turn around and walk into the corridor, turn left and enter the next room

 on, a suitcase is on the table in the next room. It could be that all color disapears, don't worry about it

You're in a small room with a suitcase on a table.

Grab the suitcase, then go to your inventory and click on the suitcase.  

  Then click on the lid of the suitcase, take the Stereoscope (viewer) from the case.  

The user manual is on the yellow note.  

  Zoom out and you will see the clue again on the table. Click in your inventory on the viewer and then on the card to combine it with the viewer.  

Click your inventory away (E or the right mouse button) and then click on the door and then step into the next room. 

Inside you see a triangle on the floor and on the wall an image of the moon.

Stand on the triangle and take the viewer from your inventory, then click with the viewer on the image  

  A little later you stand on a street in a gray world. When you turn around you see a telephone booth, a metal tower and a diner.  

The phone booth is locked and you cannot enter the metal tower. The world is only small, if you walk to an edge you do not fall off but you end up on the other side. Go to the diner. To the right of the diner is a water well and to the left of the diner is a waste container. Click on the door of the diner with the triangle. Enter the diner and  turn right.  

On the first table is a ticket machine, Go stand in front of that ticket machine. click on the handle and a ticket slides out of the machine.  

Grab the ticket. View the ticket in your inventory, there is nothing on it.

You can view everything below but you can't do anything with this. To the left is the stairs to the upper floor, go up the stairs to the upper floor

This upper floor is also gray. On the right is a cupboard but you cannot enter it because the door knob is missing. 

In the ceiling you see an attic hatch and at the windows stand a plant pot. The open room is the bedroom. Enter the bedroom

On the desk is a typewriter and there is also a newspaper. You can view the newspaper but you can't read it

 There is a TV but it has interference, you can turn the top knob, but the other channels also have interference.  

Walk around the bed to the bedside table. Open the top drawer. in the top drawer is a rectangle with a blue border, you can't take it

  Go back to the corridor, you will see a clock on the opposite wall. Note the position of the hands....this is important

  In the ceiling you see a hatch but you cannot reach it. Turn to the right, go to the planting box. On the front you see a triangle with a green border.  

  The plants look dry, you have to water the plants,  

Go down and then outside. Turn right and  go to the tower and then into the corner  with the wastecontainer

There's a bucket on the wastecontainer. Take the bucket. Turn around and go to the water wel, on the other side of the diner.

Above the well you see a rope with a hook, but no bucket.  

Take the bucket from your inventory and click on the hook, the bucket is now hanging on the rope.

Click on the rotary handle on the right, the bucket lowers.  

  Then click on the rotary handle again and the bucket will come up full of water. Grab the bucket of water and also the hook.  

Go back inside the diner and to the top floor and walk to the planter. Take the bucket of water from your inventory and then click on the plants, you empty the bucket on the plants. A drawer slides open under the triangle with the green edge. It contains a double photo of the cash register that is located on the bottom of the bar. Take the photo

Click on that photo in your inventory and you will see that it contains a green triangle. Click with that photo on the viewer to combine it.  

  Go down and walk behind the bar to the chashregister.

Grab your viewer and click on the chashregister. The cash register opens, take the green prism.  

  Go back up to the green triangle on the plant box, take the green prism from your inventory and click on the triangle.  

You will immediately see the color green return. You will now see a green stick above the plants, take the green stick.  

Look at that green stick in your inventory. It is a stick with an hole. Combine the stick with the hook, you now have a stick with a hook in your inventory.  

  You will also see that there are now green numbers and a leaf of a bush on the ticket.  

Walk to the hatch in the ceiling, take the stick with a hook from the inventory. Click with the stick on the hatch, the hatch opens and a folding ladder comes down.  

Click on the ladder and you are in the attic.  

Walk in the attic and you will see a green crank on the right side on a cardboard box, take the green crank.

 On the desk you see a crane and through the window you see the moon. There is also a box with a push button on the desk.  

  Press the button, you will see a pop-up on the left with instructions on how to operate the crane.  

Press the top button (turn) and the crane turns, the grab is now hanging over the moon.

Then press the centre button (up / down) and the hook will lower.

Then click on the bottom button (grab) and the grab takes the moon.


Then press the middle button (up / down) and then the top button (turn), the grab with the moon is now hanging above the truck.

Now press the middle button (up / down) and then the bottom button (grab), the moon is now in the truck.

Now take the moon from the truck.  

 Turn to the bed and you will see a cupboard hanging on the wall on the left, the cupboard is closed with a green lock.  

Go down to the well and you will see a green rope on the left above the well. Grab the green crank and click on the shaft with the green rope.  

Click on the crank and a basket with a blue prism emerges. Take the blue prism.  

  Go back inside, up the stairs and to the plant box. Take the green prism back out plant box

  Go to the attic and walk to the closet, the green lock is now gone, open the cupboard. 

 You see a triangle with a blue border, behind the water you see a round disk.

ake the blue prism and then click on the triangle with the blue border.  

The color blue is back, green is gone because you took the green prism back. You should now reset the green prism.

When you walk across the attic you will see a blue doorknob, take that blue doorknob.  

  Go back down and again to the plant box and put the green prizm back in the triangle

When you have put the green prism back you go back to the attic. There is now a green LP in the cupboard, take that LP.  

Go downstairs and enter the bedroom. Go to the bedside table by the window, click on the top drawer. Here is a book now, take the book.  

  You can now examine the blue book in your inventory but you are still missing something.  

  Back to the corridor and then to the door that's missing a doorknob.

Take the blue doorknob from your inventory and click on the lock in the door.  

Open the door, it's a junk room.  

On the right is a bar stool against the wall, take that bar stool.  

  Then click on the blue suitcase, it contains a record player. Take the green LP and click on the record player.

Then click on the record player's tonearm, the LP will be played and a drawer will open.  

Take the red prism from the tray and also the bag of seed (Seeds).

Turn and look at the wall behind the ladder to the attic, there is a clock.   

If you have followed this walkthrough then you have noted the position of the hands of this clock. If you had not done it yet, do it now or you will have to come back later. Go down and out, turn right and walk to the lanterns by the metal tower. Under the lantern you see a hole in the ground, click on the hole.  

  Now take the bag of seeds and click on the hole. You see the seeds, but also a ticket, take the ticket and the hole is closed.  

Zoom out of the hole and go to the bar. You see 4 bar stools and on the right also a base for a bar stool.

Go to that base and get the bar stool from your inventory, then click the bar stool on that base.  

The bar stool is placed in the base. Now pull the bar stool to the right, you will see an opening in the floor. Click on the ladder to go down to the basement.  

  Take a look around, you can't do much here yet. Next to the desk is a stack of logs, go there and pick up a few logs.  

  Turn left and go to the green stove. Pull the handle up and then pull the stove door open.  

 Take the logs and click them into the opening of the stove.  

The fire will burn, then close the stove door and then pull the handle down. The triangle on the stove door now has a red border.  

Take the red prizm and put it in the triangle

Turn around and you are in front of a red gate.  

Now take the book from your inventory, you will now also see the red hands and the red triangular buttons.  

You now have to put the hands in the right place, on the clock upstairs you have seen how it should be done. With the big red button you move the big pointer and with the small red button you move the small pointer. If the hands are in the right position, the dial opens and you will find a red key there, take the red key.  

  Zoom out and take the red key from your inventory. Click on the lock with the key, the gate will open.  

  Go to the box left of the ladder, you will see a green and a red slider. Slide both buttons outwards and you will see the symbol of the telephone box illuminated.  

You can now open the phone booth. Click on the ladder to go up. Then go to the phone booth and open the door.  

Enter and pick up the receiver. Then take the moon from your inventory and click on the coin slot next to the crescent symbol.  

  There are numbers on the 2 tickets in your inventory. 1227 + a leaf on the first and the red numbers 7334 + the raindrops icon on the second ticket.  

Now enter all numbers and also the raindrops icon. ( you won't see it on the display)

  The receiver is hung up and you can now hear it raining. Turn around and go to the well.

A poster hangs on the fence under the lamppost, that poster almost falls off the fence. Take that poster.  

View the poster in inventory

  Go to dinner and walk up the stairs to the bedroom with the TV, it still has interference.  

Click on the screen and then take the poster from your inventory, click on the screen of the TV.

The poster is pasted on the screen, it is a poster of the serving table in the basement.  

  You have to turn the top tv knob but it is now blocked by 3 red triangles. Go to the basement and get the red prism from the stove door.  

  Go back to the TV in the bedroom, click on the TV. You can now turn the top knob, click on the knob and now there is a jar on the serving table.  

Return to the basement and replace the red prism on the stove door. Turn around and go to the jar on the serving table, now a brush is sticking out.

Go to the serving table ant take the paintbrush from the jar. 

View the brush in your inventory, it is a multi-coloured brush (paintbrush).

Turn to the easel and get the paintbrush from your inventory. Click in the triangle on the easel, it will now be painted blue.  

  Go up the ladder and you will be sucked through the window near the well. You see a swirl of white light and then the eye symbol is created.  

You go back inside and then you are in front of the ticket machine and the world is gray again.

  Enter the basement, on the easel you will find a stereo slide for the viewer, take that slide.  

View that slide in your inventory, it is a picture of: Light Beam above Tower.  

  You can see it is the tower standing here at the diner. Put the slide into the viewer

Take the red prism out of the stove again. Go upstairs and get the green prism from the plant box, then go to the attic and get the blue prism. from the cupboard Go to the phone booth and you will see a white triangle appear on the floor. You also see a white triangle in the air on the side of the tower.  

 OPTIONAL FOR AN STEAM ACHIEVEMENT: Turn to the eye in the sky, take the viewer and click on the eye. You see 3 monitors that are being viewed by someone. (Louis's comment: This wasn't so in my game, but perhaps you must do this without a slide in the viewer...anyway... I do not care because I'm really not interested in those stupid Steam Achievements))

Go to the tower at the back and there you will see a staircase grown from the seeds you have planted.  

  Climb up and you will see the eye symbol through the window.  

  Look at the ceiling of this loft and you will see a panel with a button, grab the button / disc.  

This also optional for a Steam will use this button / disc at the almost end of the game.

Open the door and you will see a column.  

Go to the column and you will see 3 white triangles. Now take the 3 prisms and place them on the white areas. 

You now have a white prism on the column, you can't take it 

  Go back to the phone booth and stand on the white triangle.  

  Take your viewer, with in it the double photo of the tower, then click with the viewer on the tower.  

  You now see an approved light beam emerging from the white prism. The Eye in the sky gets destroyed

There is an explosion of light and there is color in your world again. Go back up in the tower and walk forward.  

A frame is created.  

Click on the suitcase in your inventory and press the red button on the edge.

A compartment will open in the middle of the case. Take the slide with the 2 holes from the box, 

In inventory take the slide and combine it with the viewer.  

Walk to the frame, get your viewer from your inventory, click with the viewer on the Sun

You will be sucked into the frame and......You are then back in an office. Turn left.....On a rack is holding a radio.  

Go to the radio and click on the radio, take the rotary knob from your inventory and click on the round disk of the radio.

  You can now tune the radio. Turn the knob until you here a clear voice from the radio that tels a story

  Go to the world map and 3 red lines that goes from the 3 photo's to an island on the map.  

You can click on the photos. Click on the island, under the island you will see a white triangle. Click on the white triangle and part of the island turns green.  

Turn around and you will see an envelope on the floor. Take the envelope.  

  Click on the envelope in your inventory. You then have 2 photos and an empty slide with 2 holes, take the empty slide.  

Combine the viewer with the blank slide.

Turn to the frame where the sun first rose, now you see part of the place from The Search.  

  Walk to the frame.....Click with the viewer on that picture and.....

.... you will be sucked in there, towards the end of the game. You are in The Search, but to play this second game of Jason Godbey you must buy it first.


2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and screenshots by Louis Koot