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Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor is a Freeware game that you can download and play completely free of charge. It is an AGS game, so made with the AGS software. It is also a "point and click" game, so you play the game entirely with your computer mouse. You play as Donald Dowell, an older youth of 80 years. Donald has been retired for about 20 years now. Donald is also married to a rather bossy woman who has made his life as a retiree quite unbearable. Now that Donald has  turned 80, he suddenly has had enough and he decide to try his luck on the labor market at the age of 80.....Look....that's another great example of the Participation Society .....I'm a big believer in this.....kick all those retired old fuckers back to work.....

Unfortunately ..... in the Intro of the game we see the harsh reality of how society really works, when he applies for a job Donals is rejected everywhere because of his age... .I perfect example of .Age Discrimination.  But then Donald ends up at the front door of Parapsychologist Bob Delano's office and he reads on the sign that this Bob Delano is a Ghostbuster and that he is looking for a new assistant. Donald immediately goes wild because this is a job that realy appeals to him, so Donald decide to try his luck with Bob Delano. You now get in control of the game.

Office of Bob Delano, Parapsychologist:

Before you start doing anything, it is useful if you move your cursor to the very top of the screen. 

A bar will then pop open in which you can access the various functions of the game.

If you, as a younger elderly gamer, have played some games of the old Sierra-on-line series, such as the King's Questen 1 to 6, you know how this works. In the bar you will find the various cursors that you can use in the game, but you don't have to choose the right cursor in the bar every time. By right clicking in the game, i.e. clicking with your right mouse button, you also change the cursor. You move Donald from place to place via the feet cursor. You can view things via the magnifying glass cursor and hear Donald tell something about it. Use the hand cursor to pick up things to store them in the inventory.

You can talk to other people via the conversation cloud. The briefcase is the inventory, in which the items that you pick up in the game are stored. You have a Save and a Load function and you can save unlimited and I recommend that you do this frequently. You leave the game via the Exit door and via the rightmost icon you open the Game menu where you can also Save and Load and close the game and set some options to your own preference.

Now let's quickly get Donald on his way to start his new life as a Ghostbuster. Make sure your cursor is the hand cursor (right click until your cursor is the hand cursor), then click on the front door of Bob Delano's office. Donald will open the door but the stubborn old sack won't walk in by itself. So right click again until you see the walk cursor and then walk inside

Donald ends up in Bob Delano's office and at the desk a bearded man is reading a book. Click on the bearded man with the talk cursor and .......well....this is not Bob Delano but this is Karl, Bob Delano's secretary.  You will now be presented with conversation options at the bottom of the screen.

Say "My name is Donald Dowell and I want to become a Ghostbuster" or say "I read that Bob Delano was looking for an assistant"

There then follows some back and forth between Donald and Karl because Karl doesn't think Donald is the right man for the job, given his age. So respond with "I think you are wrong"I am the right person" ...... A new discussion follows in which Donald shows Karl a photo of his wife ...... Karl will then ask if Donald knows how to kill a Vampire and you will get several answers to the question which you have to choose from. It doesn't matter which answers you give because none of the answers is the right one and the conversation is then over immediately.

Donald needs more knowledge about Vampires to answer the question correctly.

To the right of the desk is a Book on the book stand. Check out that book. so click with the magnifying cursor on the book .....

The book turns out to be a "Monster Hunter. A GuideBook". Try if you can read the book, so click with the hand cursor on the book ....... but Karl screams that you must keep your rheumatism hands off all things. However, the answer to the Vampire question is in the book and Donald has to read it but first that annoying whiner Karl has to be cleared out of the room. On the right you see the door of the bathroom (WC) open. Click with your walking cursor on the opened wc door and ....... Donald continues to the right and then politely asks Karl if he can use the toilet for a while and that is allowed and we end up in the bathroom

Donald automatically closed the bathroom door. View everything here first with your loupe cursor. In the bath lies a mummy and it is completely wrapped in bandage. There is a roll of toilet paper on the chair. The toilet seat is up and the flush handle protrudes on the side of the toilet sink. Take the Toilet Paper Roll from the chair. 

Look at the Mummy's foot. Then click with the hand cursor on the foot of the mummy and ......

Donald rips a piece of bandage off the foot and puts it in his pockets. Open the inventory, so make sure the bar appears at the top of the screen and then click on the Bag to open the inventory screen. Then click on the toilet paper roll ...... The toilet paper sticks to your cursor ...... then click on "OK" to close the inventory screen .....

Your cursor is now the toilet paper roll. Throw the entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet bowl and then click, with your hand cursor, on the flush lever and ......

Donald flushes the toilet, but because he has flicked in a whole roll of toilet paper, the toilet is now clogged and the toilet bowl is now full of water. Click hand on the door and Donald walks out of the bathroom again. Go talk to Karl again and ..... Donald tells Karl that the toilet is clogged and Karl disappears to the bathroom to clean up the mess ..... Quickly ..... as soon as Karl has disappeared into the bathroom click again with the hanscursor on the "Monster Hunter book"  and .....

Donald then reads in the book the only and correct answer to the Vampire question and that is that you can only kill a vampire by ramming a wooden stake through his heart. Donald then closes the book again and Karl comes out of the bathroom again. There then follows a short discussion about how the toilet could have become clogged, but then Karl takes a seat again in his comfortable chair. Click again with your talk cursor on Karl and say "I want to be a Ghostbuster" again and ...... Karl will then ask the Vampire question again but this time you know the correct answer, so click on "By driving an Ash Stake in its Heart?" and...bingo...this was the correct answer.

But unfortunately Karl is not yet convinced of Donald's abilities as a Ghostbuster because he then wants to know how to kill a Werewolf. None of the answers you can give to this question are right, so pick an answer to end the conversation, Donald's answer to the werewolf question must also be read in the "Monster Hunter Book", so Karl has to be lured into the bathroom again. Click on the bathroom door again and Donald asks if he can use the toilet for a while and we end up in the bathroom again. Karl cleared the clog in the toilet bowl. Open the inventory and now take out the piece of bandage and now plow the bandage into the toilet bowl and flush the toilet again and ......

........ So again the toilet bowl gets clogged. Leave the bathroom again and click talk cursor on Karl again and Donald tells Karl that the toilet has become clogged again. Karl disappears back to the bathroom so click with your hand again on the "Monster Hunter a Guide Book" and ..... Donald reads the answer to the werewolf question and that is that you have to chase the beast a silver bullet through his heart. Karl then comes back and takes a seat behind his desk again. Talk to Karl again and say "I want to be a Ghostbuster" again and Karl again asks the werewolf question to which you now know the answer, so say "By Shooting It With A Silver Bullet" and .... bingo..... ..Karl is satisfied

Although Donald has now correctly answered both questions from Karl, Karl cannot hire Donald as an assistant because Delano has to decide for himself. Karl tells that Donald should now talk to Delano himself. However, there is 1 problem ..... Bob Delano is currently conducting a ghost investigation in Barker Manor, but apparently he has disappeared without a trace. Karl writes the address of Barker Manor for Donald on a note, which disappears into the inventory. Leave the office by clicking with your walking cursor on the outside door, on the left, and ....  in a short cutscene we see what happened to that Bob Delano in the attic of Barker Mansion.

Donald is then back outside on the street and, miraculously, there is a taxi in front of the door. 

The rather grubby taxi driver is leaning against his taxi and smoking a sapphire. Take the address note from inventory and click with it on the taxi driver and, .........

.......after some back and forth about the fare, the taxi Donald drives to.........

Barker Manor:

The taxi delivered Donald at the gate of Barker Manor and Donald paid the taximan his 100 euros .... it could have been 50 euros if Donald had wanted to pay the man without VAT  but Donald is a man of principles and principles are expensive. You will have noticed that every time the words "Barker Manor" are uttered, there is a huge thunder and lightning strike.

The sign, to the right of the gate, screams that we have indeed arrived at Barker Manor. When you click on the gate, Donald notices that the gate is locked, but luckily there is an intercom on the wall to the left of the gate. So use the Intercom and someone yells "Yes" through the thing. Respond by asking "Is this Barker Manor", but the person on the other end can't understand Donald because another thunder and lightning strike follows. So say that you are Delano's assistant via "I am Mr Delano's assistant" and .... the gate will be opened. So walk through the open gate ......... as soon as Donald is on the other side of the gate in the driveway, the gate will close again.

 Click walking cursor on the big house and Donald walks to the house and ...........

meanwhile we see that Danald is being watched from the house by 2 rather gray-faced figures, who hope that Donald can help them ..... Help with what?

 Donald has then reached the front door of the large stately house, so walk inside and .......

......... we end up in the:


Donald is welcomed by Theodore Coman, the director of this to a Hotel converted house. Cherry, the receptionist, is behind the counter. Donald makes a bit of fun with Coman about his name for a moment and then some back and forth bullshit ensues and then Coman disappears into his office. When Coman is gone, talk to receptionist Cherry and ask her anything you can ask...don't skip a question/option. Some questions/options will remain available because Cherry can't tell us anything about it now.

The most important thing we learn from Cherry is that Bob Delano is staying in room 106 and the guest rooms are on the 1st floor. You can also ask Cherry for some background information about Barker Manor... you will experience that this large house belonged to the Barker family but that it has been sold to a hotel chain that has now turned it into a hotel. However...1 wing of the house is still owned by the remaining Barkers and that wing is not accessible to visitors.

When you've exhausted Cherry, close this conversation. To the left of the desk is Coman's office. Behind Cherry is a hallway but we can't get in that. The other passage goes to the ground floor hallway and the stairs, of course, go to the 1st floor. You can go back outside through the bottom center. A candle chandelier hangs from the ceiling and a circular portrait painting hangs on the wall. Below the portrait is a vase with yellow flowers on the table. At the stairs is a grandfather clock. Look at the chandelier and portrait painting tohear what Donald has to say about it. Also check out the grandfather clock and... Donald reports that the clock has stopped at 6:10 am. When you've talked extensively with Cherry and checked everything here, you knock with the hand cursor on the door of Coman's office...Donald knocks on the door and then goes inside:

Coman's office:

It is somewhat strange but there is a large coffin in the office and Coman steps out of the coffin. Don't go and talk to Coman right away, but first take a good look around... Look at everything you can here. On the round table is a glass with dentures floating in it. In front of the left window is a tomato plant on a low cupboard and above the desk are 2 paintings of which the right  handpainting is a portrait that you can look at and which turns out to be the portrait of Bram Stoker ...... Bram Stoker the author and "inventor" of vampire Dracula. 

The teeth in the glass has a pair of long and sharp canines. If you try to grab the teeth, Coman protests because it turns out to be his teeth. Once you've seen everything, go talk to Coman. You get a lot of conversation option. Just go through the options from top to bottom and you will experience a lot of information about the house and about the Barkers and you will experience that Coman also does not know where Delano has gone.

Finally, use the option "I Noticed that portrait of Bram stoker. Are you an avid reader of his work" and then look carefully at how Coman reacts to this ...... Coman then turns to the Bram Stoker painting and passionately elaborate on it for a while and Coman has then turned his back to the round table where the glass with his teeth is on it ..... Quickly ... While Coman is looking at the Bram Stoker painting and talks about it, click with your hand on the teeth again and ...... if you were fast enough, Donald then grabs the glass with the teeth and stores it in inventory.

If you weren't fast enough, Coman turned around again and you can't grab the teeth. Then talk to Coman again and ask him the Bram Stoker question again and you can try again. When Coman has finished talking about Bram Stoker and you have obtained the glass with his teeth, you walk out of the office via the exit on the right. Back in the lobby you then go up, via the stairs, to the:

1st floor:

Well....here are the guest rooms and it starts with room 101. There are several portrait paintings on the wall and there are some other things in the hallway. As you walk through the hallway, look at the paintings and the things on the cabinets and tables. If you look at the portrait paintings, Donald reads the names of the person and they are all members of the Barker family, who somehow ended up rather badly.

Directly at room 101 hangs the portrait of Benjamin Barker ...... Walk down the corridor to room 106 which, as we have heard from the lovely Cherry, must be Bob Delano's room. Between room 103 and 104 is another grandfather clock and this one is also broken and has stopt at 2 o'clock. Between rooms 105 and 106 hangs the portrait of Sir William Barker. Knock on the door of room 106 ....... the door is locked and no one answers .... Delano does not seem to be in his room. If you continue down the corridor to the right, Donald will reach the attic stairs and a "Staff Only" door, which is also locked.

Walk up the attic stairs and then try if you can open the attic door, but no .... the attic is locked.

Walk back down. Walk back through the hallway to the left and then down the stairs again to the:


On the table, at the wall under the portrait, is a vase with yellow flowers. Try to take a yellow flower from the vase ....

..........but Cherry does not allow Donald to snatch a flower from the vase ........ As long as Cherry is behind her counter you cannot steal a yellow flower from the vase, so Cherry needs to be "out of the way" for a while. Go talk to Cherry again and now ask her "Delano is not in his room. Are you sure He still has his key?" and ...... Cherry is actually sure that Delano has his room key with him, but she still walks back to check and this is your chance to snatch a yellow flower from the vase .... So as soon as Cherry has disappeared to the back, quickly click with the hand on the vase of yellow flowers again and Donald steals 1 yellow flower.

Cherry will then come back, so go talk to Cherry again and now say "I need to go to the attic, but the door is locked". Cherry does not have the key to the attic door and she says that Donald should ask Mrs Jefferson, the cleaning lady, but Mrs Jefferson is not present at the moment.

There is a red book on the counter and a bell. Look at the red book...it turns out to be the guestbook of the hotel. Click on the guestbook with your hand and .... Donald reads what a guest has written in the book about this strange hotel ..... you can do this ad infinitum, but we won't do it. Go through the doorway, with the red chair next to it, to the hallway (To the Corridor). 

The corridor goes left to the Restaurant and right to the Pub and there are again a number of portraits of various Barkers on the wall.

Look at the 5 portraits and you'll learn that from left to right, architect Alfred Barker, Countess Mildred Barker, Earl Theodore Barker, Professor Henry Barker and Admiral Sebastian Barker, hang here. Follow the corridor to the left and ..... Donald ends up in the

Lounge (Parlour):

Butler Reginald stands "on watch" in the corner. There are 2 closed doors and 2  open doorways. The left doorway takes you into the Reading room, the right doorway brings you into the Tea room. The door to Reginald's right is the door to the restaurant and the door to the right of the fireplace is the library door. A portrait hangs above the fireplace and a deer head hangs above the entrance to the tea room. There is an iron gate in the fireplace. When you try to enter the restaurant you will be told by butler Reginald that the restaurant is closed but will be open for dinner later in the day. If you try to enter the library, Reginald informs you that the library is off limits as it belongs to the private area of ​​the Barkers and not part of the hotel.

Go talk to butler Reginald and ask him all you can ask. Reginald turns out to be a source of information about the house and the Barker family. You will be told, among other things, that the library belongs to the private quarters of Mortimer and Timothy Barker and that they are the only ones who have the key to it. Reginald doesn't know where Mortimer and Timothy live now, but they stop by every day to visit their old family home. When you've talked extensively with Reginald, end the conversation and walk through the passage to the left of Reginald to the:

Tea room:

There are 2 tables in the tea room and Mrs. Marble and mrs. Purple, 2 guests of the hotel, are sipping tea. The other table is also set for High Tea and there is a Teaspoon on that table, among other things. Steal the Teaspoon from the right table and then go talk to the two ladies. You can do this by clicking either Marble or Purple with your talk cursor. Suzanne Marble immediately goes on the familiasr tour so Donald can say Suzie to her. Talk extensively with these two over ripe ladys.

The ladies haven't seen Delano for a few days and they don't know anything about ghosts in the hotel either. We find out that the ladies aren't slurping tea but pure brandy from their teacups and when Donald, somewhat boastfully, wants to tell how he killed a Vampire and a Werewolf, Purple spoils his puch line. You notice that fat Suzie Marble is a bit of a horny aunty and that offers certain opportunities for Danold. When you have discussed everything with these 2 older girls you say goodbye.

Then take the yellow Flower from inventory and give the flower to Suzie Marble and .....

After some hesitation, Donald offers the flower to Suzie Marble, who immediately gets itchy in her cunt. 

Marble disappears to her room and she has made it clear to Donald, in an unmistakable way, that he can visit her in her room 105. 

So go back to the Lobby and then climb up the stairs to the:

1st floor:

Room 105: Suzie Marble:

Room 105 is next to room 106, Delano's room, so walk to the room 105 door and knock on the door and, after some hesitation,........

Donald steps into the room with the horny Suuz. Suzie locks the door and puts the key in her bra and then lies ready on the bed .....

Well...it's clear what Suus is waiting for but Donald really doesn't feel like satisfying Suzie...Donald has other plans with Suuz. 

At the bottom left is a refrigerator. Open the refrigerator .... in the door of the refrigerator is a bottle of champagne .....

Take the bottle of Champagne and immediately take the bottle from inventory and click with it on Suzie and ....... 

............Donald knocks Suuz unconscious with the champagne bottle.

Now that horny Suzie is unconscious on the bed, Donald can go do his thing ..... Walk to the window and slide the window open ....

. ....We see that the window of room 106 is also open and then Donald climbs out of the window and he ends up on the facade ledge .....

Click with the walking cursor in the left window and .... Donald climbs in through the left window and we are then in:

Room 106: Delano's room:

It's a mess in Delano's room. Look at everything you can look at. On the door of the refrigerator is a green star-shaped magnet and on top of the refrigerator is a salami sausage. Take the Magnet from the refrigerator door. In the corner, by the window, is a Lucky Bamboo plant in a pot. Take a Lucky Bamboo stick from the pot.

There is a suitcase on the bed .... look at the suitcase .... you get into the close-up of the suitcase and see that the suitcase has a code lock on which you have to set a code. Click "Back" to get out of the close-up. Above the bed and the right bedside table are 2 shelves on the wall. 

On the bottom of the 2 wall shelves are colored blocks, from left to right you see 1 yellow block, 2 round red blocks and 3 green blocks and there is a dirty underpants on the shelf. Look at the colored blocks (Knick Knacks)....Donald finds it strange that those blocks are in the order as they are ..... but these blocks tell you the number code for the suitcase and that is 1, 2, 3. Zoom in on the suitcase again ..... the suitcase has 3 tumblers where you now see the number 1 .... Click once on the middle tumbler to get the number 2 in it and click twice on the right tumbler to get the number 3 in it and. ...the trunk opens.

The suitcase is full of stuff .... move your cursor through the contents of the suitcase and find the following items: the Teddy Bear, the ID card, the Underpants, a red can of Spray paint, a Rugby Ball, a Teapot , a Shoe and Binoculars (Telescope). Click on all these items and ...... well .... the only item that Donald takes from the suitcase is the ID card, so when Donald has taken the ID card click "Back" to get out of the close up to go. Then dive into the inventory and with the magnifying cursor,  look at Delano's ID card ..... you read Delano's date of birth on the ID card

Write down Delano's date of birth...it is...May 12, 1971, so this is 0571. Click "Back" and then "OK" to leave the inventory again. 

A portrait hangs on the wall next to the Lucky Bamboo plant.. 

Click with your hand on the portrait to lift it off the wall and ..... Donald has discovered a wall safe.

Look at the wall safe ..... You have to enter a number code and the code is Delano's date of birth, so click on the keys 0571 and  the safe will open.

Take Delano's red Diary, the spool of thread and the Detector device from the safe. Click "Back" to get out of the close-up. 

Dive into the inventory again and look at the Detector device and read what Donald has to say about it ..... the device is an "Ectoplasm Detector" with which the presence of ghosts can be determined because ghosts exits of pure Ecoplasm.  Press the red button on the device and if ectoplasmic activity is present, this will appear on the screen. Detected ghosts can then be called up with the blue button.

Also read Delano's red diary and you do that by clicking on it in inventory with the magnifying glass cursor. Delano's notes begin on September 5 and end on September 9. When you have read through the diary, click "Back". Stay in inventory for a while because you now have to combine 2 items with each other .... pick up the Lucy Bamboo stick and click it on the thread spool. Then pick up the Magnet and click it on the stick/wire combo and .... you have made a kind of fishing rod. Click "OK" to close the inventory. Donald is ready here for the time being, so open the window  and ..... Donaldus climbs outside again and is standing on the ledge again. Climb back into Suzy's Marble's room through the right-hand window.


Room 105: Suzie 

Suus is still quite exhausted on the bed ..... Donald wants to be able to go undisturbed via Suzy's room  to room 106, but Suzie has stuck her room key between here tits in her bra. So no matter how much Donald is horrified  by the thought of ..... he must get that key from between Suzy's breasts ..... luckily we now have a magnetic fishing rod, so take the magnetic fishing rod from inventory and then click it on Suzie and........

Donald fishes out Suzies room key from between Suzie's full breasts with the magnetic rod. 

The room door is locked so unlock the door with the key and then open the door with your hand and Donald leaves the room. 

Walk through the hallway to the left and then descend the stairs to the Lounge and ..... 

When we go down we hear a woman screaming ..... Cherry is shivering with fear behind her counter so Donald walks on and ends up in the:


There's a big black ghost in the Lounge and that ghost is terrifying Betty Bunny, a famous tv personalty. 

Suddenly the light goes out and your screen is black for a while, but then the light goes on again and director Coman steps into the lounge. There is some talking back and forth and Coman disappears again. Talk to Betty Bunny and you will find out that she has room 101 and that she works on a popular TV show. Betty feels a little safer knowing that Donald the "Ghostbuster" is here and asks him to keep an eye on her room and even to visit her every now and then. Well.....the life of an 80-year-old Ghostbuster is not all a bed of roses.

Cherry then disappears into her room. Butler Reginald hasn't flinched during all the commotion and has remained quiet and dignified in his corner. Go talk to Reginald and ask him all the questions that now appear new in the list and that you have not asked before. So ask: "You witnessed the apparition of the ghost. Tell me how it happened" ...... Reginald tells how and why that ghost appeared. Exit and return to the Lounge and then go outside, via "Exit" at the bottom center of the screen:


Donald is outside again. If you move the walking cursor to the left, you will read that you can then go to the woods (To the woods).

 If you move the walking cursor to the right you will read that you can then go To the Gardens. 

Walk one screen to the right and ..... you will see the greenhouse .... continue to the Greenhouse


At the doors of the greenhouse is a full Trash bin a Shovel and there is a Bone ..... Donald is not interested in these items now, so open the greenhouse doors and go inside. In the greenhouse, Donald ends up in the workshop and he is greeted by one Mac Geyser. Continue to talk to Mac and ask him anything you can ask. Mac should actually fix Delano's "Ghosthoover" but he's not currently working on it because he wants to fix his time machine first. Mac builds a time machine because he wants to talk to his dead parents about urgent and important family matters. If you ask Mac to show you his time machine then he takes you to the machine

Ask Mac about his time machine. When you've discussed everything with Mac, say goodbye, but don't leave the workshop yet. Look around and look at everything you can with your loupe cursor. At the outside doors is a bucket with golf sticks and from that bucket also a Dog Leash protrudes. There is also an easel with a painting on it that is covered by a canvas........ If you look at the canvas on the easel, Donald pulls the canvas away and we see a painting of a full moon ....... Mac sees the painting and promptly changes into a ....... Werewolf ......

Donald covers the painting with the cloth again and Mac becomes Mac again. In front of the workbench is a dog food bowl and a bone and at the bottom right is a bale of dog food. On the workbench is an aerosol Flea Spray and various tools hang on the board .... Donald doesn't want to take anything, so when you've looked at everything here and chatted extensively with Mac, go outside and back to the front door from the big house. Go inside and via the corridor to lounge and.......

Back in the lounge you now go To the reading room, via the left passage. 

Reading Room:

Look at the 2 paintings hanging on the wall and also take a look at the books in the bookcase. In the bookcase are, from top to bottom, Books of history, Novels, Books of natural science and books....Donald is not interested in any of the books, but we are not here to read now....Open the inventory and take out the ESP 200 Detector and now click it on Donald and .......

Donald automatically presses the red button and then the blue button of the device and the ghost of Professor Henry Barker appears ......

Donald is shocked but then there is an introductory conversation between Donald and the ghost. In the introductory talk we experience that this Professor knows everything about time travel and he has invented a time machine. When the introductory conversation is over, click with the talk cursor on the ghost to continue talking ...... Now ask the ghost everything about time travel and time machines, so ask: "May I ask you something about your time machine" and ........

Donald tells the professor that Mac has recreated the professor's time machine but there's a problem launching it. The Professor explains that there is a typo in the launch instructions but that he also does not remember the correct instructions. However, the professor wrote it down in the form of a rhyme and hid this rhyme in one of his favorite books.

Ask the professor what his favorite book was via "What is your favorite book?" and he tells that this is "Gulliver's Travels" by the author Jonathan Swift ..... Say hello to the professor and then, in the bookcase, take another look at the shelf containing the Novels .... .. Move your hand cursor from left to right over the books of the 2nd shelf and you then read the titles of the books and ..... The blue book is the "Gulliver's Travels" book .....

So take the "Gulliver's Travels" book from the bookcase and ....... The ghost of Professor Barker disappears .... Open the inventory and then click with your magnifying glass on the "Gulliver's Travel's" book and .... .Donald then reports that there is a note in the book and he takes the note from the book. Click with your magnifying cursor on the rhyme note  and read through the rhyme. 

Notice that the Rhyme has 4 stanzas, A, B, C, D. This rhyme gives you the solution to the settings of Mac's Time Machine

Click "Back" and then "OK" to close the inventory again. Go back to the Lounge and leave the house again and go back to the:


Go back inside and talk to Mac again. First ask Mac again if he has already fixed Delano's Ghosthoover via "Have you fixed Delano's Ghosthoover? I need it". Mac then goes on to explain in detail that he first wants to get his time machine working. You will then get further options.... then ask Mac "Can you show me your time machine?" and ....... Mac then takes Donald to his time machine

Mac has taken Donald to the time machine. Mac can't start the time machine because of the typo in Professor Braker's instructions. But Donald now has that rhyme from Braker from the "Gulliver's Travel's" book, so it is now the intention that Donald will provide the time machine with the correct settings. The time machine consists of 3 parts and in the right part you see the Control Panel. Click with your loupe cursor on the control panel and, after Donald asks Mac for permission, we end up in the:

Time machine puzzle:

You are in close-up of the control panel. If you move the cursor up, the gray bar will pop open where the Rhyme Note is located.

Click on the rhyme note to read it again. The rhyme consists of 4 stanzas, A, B, C and D. Each of the 4 stanzas tells about an important historical event, which took place before - or after- the birth of Christ. Before Christ is A.D and after Christ is B.C.

Stanza A refers to the invention of the Hot Air Balloon and the 4 Winds and you read that 2 Oranges and 4 Strawberries have to be pressed. The Invention of the Hot Air Balloon Happened After Christ, So That's B.C

Stanza B refers to the travels of Hannibal (Brutus the Demon) and that took place before Christ, so that is A.D. In the text  you read: Every Plum and 3 drops of lemon.

Stanza C refers to Beowulf who killed the monster Grendel. That took place before Christ, so that is again A.D. In the text you read: 4 mint leaves and a slice of orange.

Stanza D refers to the travels of Christopher Columbus and that is after Christ, so B.C. In the text you read 1 lemon peel and 3 strawberries.

Click "Back". You are then back in the close-up of the control panel. At the top left is screen A where you can set A.D or B.C.

You will see a thick button B. You see a yellow lever C. To the right of the entire lever are 4 valves with purple and green levers. There is  panel D with 6 round buttons and 6 levers. Next to panel D you see 4 sliding levers in the colors red, green, red, green. 

Setting 1:

Stanza A of the poem refers to an event from After Christ, so in screen A you must have A.D. If that is not the case, click in screen A to put the letters A.D in it.

In the text of stanza A you read that 2 oranges and 4 strawberries have to be pressed. Oranges are the color orange and strawberries are the red color.

So click in Panel D the 2 round orange buttons (2 oranges) and the 2 red levers down (2 strawberries) and also click the 2 red sliding levers down (2 strawberries)

The bottom indicator light comes on to indicate that setting 1 has been done correctly.

Setting 2:

The poem's stanza B refers to a BC event. So put the letters B.C in screen A. In the text of stanza B you read about 2 plums and 3 drops of lemon. Plums are purple and lemon juice is yellow.....

You now need Yellow lever C and the 2 purple valves. Click the 2 purple valves down. (2 plums). Then click 3 times on the yellow Lever B to pull this lever down 3 times in a row ......... each time you see that a yellow "marble" falls into the 1st purple valve (3 drops of lemon juice).

Then close the 1st purple valve again by clicking the purple lever to the left again. Then pull the yellow Lever B down again 3 times and .... 3 yellow marbles then roll into the 2nd purple valve ....the yellow marbles were the "lemon drops".

The 2nd light will now turn on. Setting 2 is also well done.

Setting 3:

Stanza C of the poem refers to an event from After Christ, so click the letters A.D in screen A again. In the text of Strofe C you read about 4 mint leaves and 1 orange slice. Mint is green and orange is orange. You will need button B and Panel D and the sliding levers.

On panel D, click the 2 green levers down (2 mint) Also click the 2 green Slide Levers down (2 mint). There are color segments around button B. You turn button B by clicking on a color segment. In Button B, click on the orange color segment to turn Button B to Orange and...

...the 3rd indicator light now also comes on.

Setting 4:

The poem's stanza D also refers to an A.D event, so leave the letters A.D in screen A. The text of Strofe D tells of 1 lemon peel and 3 strawberries. Lemon is yellow, strawberries are red. You only need Button B for this.

Click button B to the Yellow Segment, by clicking on the yellow segment (Lemon). Button B has 3 red segments = strawberry. If you have Button B set to yellow, you successively click on the red segment on the right, the red segment below and the red segment on the left and ..... DONE

.......you automatically go out of the close-up and receive the congratulations from Mac

Mac is now going to test the machine and then he reappears again ..... the machine works ..... Mac reappears again and he then places 3 items on the wooden table and tells something about each of those 3 items. The items on the table  are a Polaroid 620 camera, an Atari 5200 game console and a photo of Rio.  Then Mac asks how he can thank Donald for his help with the time machine.....say: "You could give me your polaroid"

 But Mac doesn't want to give the polaroid camera to Donald. So say: "You could fix Delano's Ghosthoover" and Mac wants to do that, but there is a tiny problem ....... Mac has lost his hammer in the woods, somewhere near the well. But Mac can't leave now to look for his hammer, so he expects Donald to go look for the hammer. Talk to Mac right away and ask him, "Where did you say you lost your hammer?" and then "Where is the well located exactly" and.......Mac then draws a sort of map of the forest on a notepad and gives it to Donald. Look at that notepad  in inventory and you will see that Mac has outlined it very simply ....only a few arrows that lead to an X ... the X will be the well.

Walk back to the workshop and then out of the greenhouse. 

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