2020: English translation by: Louis Koot

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Allyson Tremonte, a young lady who loves antiques and sells and restores antique things in her antique shop, finds an old brooch with a letter from the famous explorer Gerard DuPontneuf. The letter tells about the diary of the Egyptian god Thoth. That diary has been lost for centuries and it is one of the most important relics of ancient Egypt. Allyson becomes interested and, together with her business partner Kyle, goes looking for that "Book of Thoth". But it will be a dangerous journey because others also want to get hold of that book because the Book of Thoth gives the possessor incredible powers. The game starts with a:


Egypt: 1300 BC

We are in ancient Egypt in the year 1300 BC. High priest Nefreheptath and one of his wives stand by the Nile. Nefreheptath wants to be the sole ruler of Egypt and the surrounding countries. To achieve this, Nefreheptath needs the "Book of Thoth" ..... the diary of the god Thoth.

The girl tries to prevent Nefreheptath from carrying out his plans, but Nefreheptath does not want to listen. 

So Nefreheptath turns back to the Nile, raises his hands to the sky and speaks the magic words and ......

....... a sand mountain rises up from the Nile and on that sand mountain stands a beautiful coffin  and from the coffin Nefreheptath takes the "Book of Thoth" ........

Nefreheptath does a quick "number" with the girl to celebrate his find and then runs quickly to the temple

Nefreheptath summons Thoth and the other 3 gods, including Set, but they do not appear.

However, 3 other high priests appear and they kill, with some effort, Nefreheptath

The priests decide to bury the corpse of Nefreheptath deep beneath the ground in an unnamed tomb and to bury the Book of Thoth as well. And so it happens and centuries and centuries goes by. The Book of Thoth becomes a forgotten relic but throughout the ages it has always been searched for, but it has never been found again. We end up in our present time .......

Chapter 1:

Allyson Tremonte is standing on the street talking to her partner Kyle ..... 

Allyson knows a lot about old antiques and old paintings and Kyle is her buyer and business partner.

Allyson and Kyle then walk to the fortuneteller. Kyle immediately gets horny on the whore that is leaning against the lamppost .....

Allyson wishes Kyle good luck with the whore and she enters the fortune-teller's shop to have her future predicted. It will be the next morning and we will be at:

Allyson Home:

Allyson has just woken up in her bedroom. In the black border, beneath the play screen, you see the Inventory box and the Menu screen. The things that Allyson will collect during her adventure are stored in the box. Through the Menu screen you open the Main menu screen where you can save, load an earlier save game, set some game options and leave the game

If you click on the Inventory box, the inventory screen pops up. Here you will find all the items that you pick up in the game. You can save your game via the Menu screen at all times. In the Save a game screen you give a name to your saves and then click on the "Save" button. You can load a previously made save via the Load screen at any time.

Allyson is standing in front of her bed. To the left and right of the bed are bedside tables. On the left wall is a dresser with drawers. Click with your arrow cursor on the left bedside table. Allyson walks to the nightstand and you can see what is on the nightstand

Allyson's wallet and mobile phone are on the bedside table. There is also a book. Take the wallet and take the cell phone. Allyson does not take the book. Open the inventory. In the inventory screen, click on the wallet with the hand cursor to take out Allyson's credit card and driver's license. Close the inventory. Click with your black arrow cursor on all drawers to open them one by one. Allyson finds her passport in one of the drawers and puts it away in inventory

Now leave the bedroom through the bottom center. Allyson ends up in the hallway. 2 doors on the left and 1 door on the right. The 1st door on the left is from the linen cupboard. The 2nd door on the left is the bathroom. The door on the right is from Allyson's office. You go to the living room through the bottom center

Go to the bathroom now. Click on the washbasin cupboards. You get into the close-up of the right cupboard

. Open the left drawer. There is a box of dental floss in the drawer. Take the box of dental floss.

Click "return" to step out of the close-up. Go back to the hallway through the bottom center and then enter Allyson's office. On the left wall stat Allyson's desk and a file cabinet. Click with your black arrow cursor on the file cabinet and ...

.... Allyson thinks that she still has an old map of the city in one of the drawers of the file cabinet and she naturally takes the map from the drawer.

From now on, this map / map is in the lower right corner of the black bar. Allyson can travel to the various locations via the map.

Allyson's laptop is on the desk. Click the black arrow cursor on the desk and ........

.......Allyson walks behind the desk to grab her laptop and put it away in the inventory

Leave the office and go to the living room On the rug where the coffee table is on, lie the house keys. Get the keys

Walk one screen to the left. We are then in the dining room. Continue to the kitchen. Open the fridge in the kitchen .....

Click with your black arrow cursor in the opened fridge and ..... Allyson decides to take a bottle of vodka from the fridge

There is a hanging cupboard on the back wall with cookery books. Click with your black arrow cursor on that cupboard ........

.... Allyson picks up a cookbook and you get the recipe for Chocolate cookies in your screen.

Click on the recipe to read it. On the right you see a piece of paper with words. Also click on the right piece of paper and listen to Allyson. On that piece of paper Allyson always notes her passwords ..... the crossed-out words no longer apply, so the current password for Allyson's credit card is COTTAGE.  

NB: It is very possible that you get a word other than Cottage on the paper because this is random ....so  write down, or remember, the word that is not crossed out because that is Allyson's password for her credit card

Leave the kitchen and return to the living room. If you now have all the stuff Allyson needs, you can now leave the house. If Allyson does not want to leave the house yet, you have not taken one or more items. You leave the house in the living room via the white arrow in the lower center. You end up on the map .....

Through the map Allyson travels quickly from one available location to another. Go to Allyson's antique shop now. 

So click on the "Antique Shop" and ....... you see Allyson driving her red car and we end up in the:

Antique shop:

Walk straight to the left and ...... Kyle, Allyson's business partner, is already there and a conversation follows between Allyson and Kyle .....

Kyle tells that a new safe has been installed in the workshop and that the code for the safe has been sent to Allyson through an e-mail. When the conversation ends, Allyson automatically goes through the "Employees Only" door to the workshop. Allyson pours a cup of coffee down the throat and you regain control

You can see the new wall safe, on the wall in the right of the counter. Open the inventory and then click on the laptop with the hand cursor to use it now. After Windows has started, click on the Mail button and then on the e-mail in the Inbox to read the e-mail.

You have to solve a simple calculation to get the code for the wall safe: 112x67 = 7504. 7504: 4 = 1876. 1876x23 = 43148. 43148-8 = 43140. 

The code is therefore 43140, so enter this in the box and then click Enter.

Close the laptop and the inventory. Click twice on the wall safe with your black arrow cursor

You are then in the close-up of the safe .... type in, via the number buttons of the safe, to enter the code 43140 and click on Enter and ....

..... the safe opens. At the bottom of the safe lies the brooch and a bag of precious stones .... take the brooch and the precious stones from the safe ...

Click Return to get out of the safe. Allyson has to place the gems in the brooch and glue them. To do this she needs some stuff and a book in which she can see what the brooch should look like. First click with your black arrow cursor on the right-hand side cupboard. You get into the close-up of that cupboard. It has 2 drawers and 2 doors. Click on the left drawer ..... unfortunately .... the left drawer is jammed and will not go open

Click Return to exit the close-up. Now click with your black arrow cursor on the front cupboard and then also open the left drawer. Knives and spoons are in the drawer. Click in the drawer and Allyson takes out a knife. Close the drawer

Also open the right drawer and take the Magnifying glass. 

Open the cupboard under the right drawer and then take the orange screwdriver from the toolbox

Click Return and zoom in on the back 2 cupboards. Take the knife from inventory and click it on the clamping left drawer and ......... Allyson opens the drawer with the knife. The "Brooche Book" is located in the drawer. Take the "Brooche Book"

Close the drawer. Open the cupboard under the drawer and then take the yellow Glue jar from the cupboard.

Click Return to step out of the close-up. Allyson now has everything to fix the brooch. Click with your black arrow cursor on the table and .....

Allyson puts the broche and the gems on the table and also the glue pot. The gems are on the left and they are pink, green, light blue and dark blue. First read the instructions so that you know what to do and how to do it.

So you have to place the gems in the brooch and then you have to glue them. But Allyson must first know the pattern according to which she should place the gems in the brooch. Stay in the close-up but move your cursor down so that the black border appears. Then open the inventory box and then click on the brooch book with the hand cursor.

The brooch book opens. The book has several pages and on each page you see the brooch, but the setting of the gems is always different. Scroll to the last 2 pages and then click on the right brooch ...... Allyson says that the designer of the brooch is Fransico Attero and that this is probably the brooch that she has to put together. You also read that Fransico Attero has engraved his name in the brooch.

Close the book and take the magnifying glass that you have taken from the counter drawer here, from inventory ..... make sure the inventory closes and then click with the magnifying glass on the red gem in the middle of the brooch and ... .... Allyson reads the name Fransico Attero on the brooch... 

Allyson now knows that she must place the gems in the brooch according to the pattern of the last brooch. Now click on the gems in the brooch, following the pattern of the brooch that is depicted on the last page of the book. You pick up a gem and then click it in its place in the brooch ......like this:

When you have clicked all the stones in the brooch according to the pattern above you click on the glue jar and .... your cursor is then a glue brush. Click with the glue brush in the glue jar to put glue on the brush and then click with the glue brush on a gemstone to glue that stone to the brooch .....

You have to glue all 20 gems in this way ..... however, you can only glue 1 stone at a time, so you have to dip the brush in the glue jar for each stone again. When all 20 stones are glued, the brooch pops open and there are 3 letters in the brooch

Take the letters from the brooch and get out of the close-up. Open the inventory and then click on the letters by hand to read them. There are 3 letters and you must read all 3 and also read them completely. Always click on the letter in front to read the text enlarged .... If you have read the 1st letter, click on the arrow, below the letter, to scroll through to the 2nd letter .... also read the Complete the 2nd letter and then scroll through to the 3rd letter and read it completely

 If you do not read all 3 letters in full, Allyson will not get the museum's telephone number in her cell phone and therefore you cannot call that museum. The 3rd letter is especially important. In the 3rd letter, Dupontneuf talks about "the place where his daughter enjoyed playing as a child ..... There she has to look at" the shadow of my wings ".......

The letters were written by the famous explorer Gerard Dupontneuf to his daughter Christiane. Open the laptop and then click the Internet icon and enter Dupontneuf as search term and hit your enter key or click Return ........ Google finds 3 hits ...... Click on Gerard Dupontneuf and read that article.

To also read the articles about Josephina and Christiane you have to enter the search term DuPontneuf again. 

When you have read everything you can put the laptop away again. 

Allyson now has enough info to talk to Kyle about it, so move your nice slender legs up the stairs, back to the store and go talk to Kyle via the talk cursor .... Ask Kyle first if he knows anything about that Gerard Dupontneuf ...... well ..... Kyle knows a lot about that Dupontneuf. Then ask the following question and .....

...... Kyle will send the museum's telephone number to Allyson's cell phone ..... 

When the conversation is over, dive back into the inventory and click on Allyson's cell phone by hand. Click the Power button to turn on the phone and then click on the address book. Allyson now has 2 numbers in the telephone, Kyle and the museum Select the number of the museum and click the green telephone button and ......

..... Allyson calls the museum and a conversation with Benito follows

Benito tells Allyson about the Merryland Memorial Park. 

Search the article about the Merryland Memorial Park on the internet and read it through. In the search screen, type Merryland Memorial Park as the search term and press enter / Return. This park then becomes a location where Allyson can travel to. Once you have read the info, you will talk to Kyle again and tell him that you are leaving town for a while. Then open the map and click on "Home" to go back home:

Allyson's Home:

We are back in the living room. To the left of the TV is a bookcase. Click with your black arrow cursor on the bookcase t and ..... Allyson takes a Zodiacal Book from the bookcase and stores it in her inventory. The book contains various pages with images of star constellation.

Leave the house again via the bottom center. You will then automatically return to the map. Now go to the "Office Supply" location:

Office Supply:

Do not go inside but zoom in on the ATM, on the right next to the entrance.

You come in the close-up of the money machine. Take the credit card from inventory and put it in the "Insert Card Here" slot.

Then enter Allyson's credit card password via the letter keys ..... you saw that password on the note in the cookbook in Allyson's kitchen .... for me this is COTTAGE. If you got another word on that piece of paper, then you key in your word. Click on the Enter button and ....

... click on Withdraw and then pin $ 300.

Grab the money and don't forget to take the credit card back. Get out of the close-up ...... open the map and now click the Airport location and, in the screen that appears, click the Merryland Memorial Park location and Allyson gets on the plane to fly to Lincoln

..... we end up at the entrance of 

The Merryland Memorial Park in Lincoln U.S.A:

Allyson is warmly welcomed by the girl from the lemonade stall. Go talk to the girl from the lemonade stall ..... The girl wants to sell Allyson a glass of ice-cold lemonade and Allyson would like to, so buy a glass of lemonade. Allyson herself pays the dollar and receives a glass of lemonade. Now enter the park. Allyson ends up at the Eagle Fountain. This must be the place that Dupontneuf talks about in his letters in which he writes "in the shadow of my wings" ......

There is a guard in front of the fountain and a woman is feeding the pigeons. You can read the yellow text board of the fountain and if you do that you will read that this fountain was erected in honor of the 101st regiment of the Screaming Eagles, for their courage and loyalty to the U.S.A. If you try to touch the eagle statue, the guard screams that you should stay away from the statue. Go talk to the guard and ask the man everything you can ask ......

The guard is on duty here all week and he is not happy with that because it is his birthday today. The guard is actually a singer and his friends had arranged a performance for him, exactly this week. Unfortunately the guard has to do his job here because this job does pay the bills.

The guard must leave here because Allyson can't investigate the eagle while the guy is standing here. After the conversation with the guard you go one screen to the right. Allyson ends up at the stage where a rock band is practicing for their performance. The guitarist is a bit wild and breaks the strings of his guitar. The guitarist goes away and the singer isn't happy with that. Go talk to the lead singer and ask him what's going on ....

The guitarist's guitar is broken and must be repaired because otherwise the band's performance cannot continue. Allyson offers to repair the guitar when the band in return lets a friend of her sing along as a singer. The singer, who named himself Slashed Up, agrees. 

Take the guitar. Open the inventory and pick up the white arrow below the inventory. Then take the Dental floss thread with the white arrow. Click with the Dental Floss thread cursor then the down arrow to scroll down to the guitar then click the floss thread on the guitar to repair the guitar repair.  

Close the inventory and talk again with singer Slashed Up. Say you have repaired the guitar and ......

Allyson puts the guitar back and tells that the guard at the fountain is the one she wants to sing along ...... Slashed Up does not want this because the guard is quite a stiff character, but if Allyson can get the man a bit "looser" then he can come and sing along during the performance. Allyson must loosen up the guard a little

In inventory combine the bottle of vodka with the glass of lemonade. if you click with the black arrow on the glass of lemonade, Allyson will drink the lemonade itself ..... if this happens, you must go back to the lemonade stall to buy a new glass of lemonade. You have to click on the glass with the bottle of vodka because it doesn't work the other way around.

Allyson pours a fair amount of vodka into the lemonade. Go back to the guard and offer him a glass of lemonade and ......

.......the guard drinks the lemonade with vodka and gets drunk instantly. Go back to the stage and talk to Slashed Up again and tell him that the guard has become a lot "looser" ...... The guard can join the band, so go back to the fountain and tell the guard that he may sing with the band and ..... the drunken guard wobbles straight away to the stage. The guard is gone now so click on the fountain and ........

 Allyson finds the Dupontneuf box on the eagle and she puts it away quickly. Open the inventory and view the box. In the lid of the box you see a circle. Click on the box with your hand. Allyson says that the box is locked. Click again and .... you come in the circle close-up .... you are in the:

Zodiac puzzle:

You see a large number of black dots in the circle. There are 9 pins in the black area. Read the instructions .....

You have to put the nine pins each on a black dot in the circle. The black dots in the circle are constellations in a constellation, In the 3rd letter you took from the brooch , Dupontneuf explains to his daughter Cristiane what to do. Read that 3rd letter again .......

Dupontneuf writes that his daughter must go to "the place where she used to like to play and that she should look at The Shadow of his Wings" ..... Dupontneuf means the Eagle in the fountain. In addition, Dupontneuf explains in the letter that you must look at the stars, namely the stars in the Northern Circompolar constellation. Furthermore, Dupontneuf indicates on which black dots you should pin the 9 pins because the letter says that a pin must be put on:

-The "Northern Circompolar"
-The Tip of Leo's tail and his biggest foot.
-The All of Sculptor
-The beginning and ending of Cassiopeia
-The point of Libra
-The smallest in Canis Minor

Allyson must first find out which constellation can be seen in the circle, Fortunately, she brought a Star Book from home, so open that Book of Constellations now and browse to the last 2 pages. On the left page you see an image of the constellations that belong to the "Northern Circompolar". In this constellation you see the constellation Leo, Libra, Cassiopeia, Canis Minor, Sculptor , Corvus and Ursa Minor. So these are also the constellations that you see in the circle of the box. The list in the 3rd letter tells you on which 9 dots you should put a pin ...... 

Close the book so that you are back in the puzzle. Take a pin from the black box and click the pin on the right black dot in the circle and continue to do so with all 9 pins. So read the list of the 3rd letter and then compare the black dots in the circle with the image in the star book to determine the correct black dots .... here is the solution:

Once you have placed all 9 pins on the correct black dots, the box will open and .....

The box contains an Anubis figurine, a diary and a pendant. Take everything from the box. The diary is now in the black border, next to the inventory box. Open the diary and read it through. Click on each page to let Allyson read the texts.  On page 23 you see an image of "The Eye of Ra". Take the magnifying glass from inventory and click with the magnifying glass on "The Eye of Ra". The image of the eye changes to a location in Egypt .....

On page 26 you can read about the "Keys of Knowledge". On page 28 you see an image of a similar image of the Anubis image. Dupontneuf writes that he thinks that this figurine  is one of the "Keys of Knowledge". On page 29 you see a photo of Dupontneuf and in the photo he has the Anubis figurine and the pendant in his hands. The pendant can be opened but Dupontneuf has never managed that. The solution for the pendant puzzle is also on page 29 because that is the list next to the image of the pendant ....

Put the diary away and go back to the stage ... the band is practicing again. There is a table with a chair in front of the stage.

On the table is a bottle of suntan lotion and a glass. Click on the table and Allyson steals the suntan lotion. In the background you see a toilet building. Go to the toilets. Between the "Gentlemen" and the "Ladies" 2 water taps are on the wall. Click on 1 of water taps and Allyson takes a drink of water. Enter the "Ladies" and click inside the sinks.  There is a box with 2 contact lenses on the sink. Take the contact lenses

Go back outside. Open the inventory and scroll to the pendant. Click with your hand on the pendant and you end up in the:

Pendant color puzzle:

On the pendant you see an image of a scarab with eagle wings. Both wings have red and dark blue inlays and the body has 2 light blue inlays. You have to click on 6 of the inlay stones in the correct order. In the diary there is also a picture of this pendant and next to that picture is a list with numbers and letters. That list tells you which inlay stones, and in which order, you have to click ..... this is the solution

1RR = the 1st red in the right wing

3LB = the 3rd blue in the left wing

2LR = the 2nd red in the left wing

RA = the right light blue stone

1RB = the 1st blue in the right wing

Alone = the red stone above the 2 light blue stones.

Number the red, dark blue and light blue stones, from left to right, 1 to 17 and ......

Click on the stones: 17, 6, 3, 10, 16, 8 and ...... the pendant opens. 

In the pendant you will find the following puzzle because there are a lot of pieces of a photo in the pendant.

Take the pieces from the hanger and close the screen. Open the inventory and look up the pieces and click on it with your hand or the black arrow and ... you end up in the:

Jigsaw puzzle:

You have to puzzle the pieces together to make a complete photo again. The pieces are left and right and above and the empty area is the area where you have to puzzle the pieces together. Pick up a piece and drag it to the empty area and then release your mouse to put the piece in the plane. You cannot rotate the pieces. 

So it is a jigsaw puzzle and when I do a jigsaw puzzle I first do the 4 corners and then all the edges and then I fill it in .... it is not difficult but pieces do not stick together completely. There remains space between the pieces and those spaces only disappear when you have done the last piece and then all pieces fit together. It looks likes this eventually

When you have finished the puzzle, click on the photo to flip the photo because there is a series of hieroglyphs on the back .....

The hieroglyphic translation must be entered in the text box, but Allyson does not yet know that translation at this time .... we need a hieroglyphic dictionary. Close all screens and bring up the map again and then click on the "Office Supply" location and ..... Allyson takes the plane back to:

Los Angeles:

Office Supply:

Allyson went straight from the airport to the office supplies store. On the left there is a sewer drain. Click with your black arrow cursor on the sewer drain and ......

Allyson takes a coin (penny) from the drain. Now enter the store. A saleswoman is standing behind the counter. On the wall is a rack with various items and a copying machine. There is a basket of cards on the right wall and a world map hanging on the wall.

In the rack are a few yellow books. The front yellow book is the "Hieroglyphs for Dummys" book. Take that "Hieroglyphics for Dummy's" book and then click "close" to store the book in inventor. Take the map of Egypt from the basket of cards. Click on the copier and ...... Allyson will make copies of the diary for Kyle. If you have the Dummy's book, the Egyptian card and the copies of the diary in inventory then you go talk to the saleswoman to pay for the stuff and the copy ..... it costs Allyson $ 28, - pay cash.

The Hieroglyphs puzzle:

Stay in the store for a while ... it's dry and warm. Click in inventory with your hand cursor on the Dummy book to extract a Hieroglyph card. The Hieroglyph card contains the translations of the hieroglyphs. Make sure you have the Hieroglyph card in your screen and then open the inventory again. Click with the white magnifying glass on the photo with the hieroglyphs on it. Both the card and the photo are then in your screen,

On the card you can see that every hieroglyph stands for one or more letters. You have to enter the letters in the text boxes below the hieroglyphs in the photo. So look up the hieroglyphs on the Hieroglyph card and type the letters in the boxes. Press your Enter key to go to the next to go and you have to type uppercase letters .... you typed LATOPOLIS 

Search via Allyson's laptop on the internet for "Latopolis" but Google does not give hits. Allyson hopes that the museum in Egypt can help her. So search via Google for "Book of Thoth" (type in lower case). Alyson will then be given the name of the curator of the museum in Egypt and that name is Dr. Na'im Mahat. Click on that name to get the next website and read it .....

Also search for "Valley of Fire" but again Google gives no hit. Close the laptop and pick up the cell phone. Switch on the telephone via the power on button. Then click on the "0 oper" button ..... a 0 will appear in the screen ..... now click on the green telephone button and ...... Allyson will be connected to the operator. Allyson asks for the telephone number of that Dr. Na'im Mahat and the telephonist looks it up. Allyson then gets that Dr. Na'im Mahat on the line .....

Ask the man everything you can ask via the options in the black bar ..... 

Dr. Na'im Mahat tells a whole story about the Thoth legend and Dupontneuf and Allyson tells the man about the brooch and letters from Dupontneuf. Also Dr. Na'im Mahat tells about the "Valley of Fire" and the Temple of Set.  That "Valley of Fire" has been renamed to the "Valley of Nobles" 

Allyson hangs up and then we see that that Dr. Na'im Mahat called someone else and talks to him about Allyson .....

So there are more hijackers on the coast and that Dr. Na'im Mahat cannot be trusted.

When you have control of Allyson again, you can do another internet search for the "Valley of Nobles" via the laptop and this time Google gives the right hit ...

Read the article or the valley of nobles and then close the laptop .... travel through the map back to the:

Antique shop:

Walk to the left again and talk to Kyle again and use all the conversation options and the end Allyson and Kyle fly to Egypt ......

Chapter 2: Egypt:

2015: Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English translation by: Louis Koot