Escape Legacy: Ancient Scrolls  

January 2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw

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This is an Escape game with 10 chapters, these chapters can be played in 3 levels of difficulty: easy, normal and hard. The puzzles remain the same but you have less time. You can't save in a chapter, if you don't finish the chapter then you have to redo this entire chapter later. You have to look for keys, objects, statuettes, notes and gems. The gems are not that important but the rest is because you have to search everywhere, in all drawers and corners.

Some drawers are locked so you have to find the key because the drawer can hold a clue. When you enter a room you also have to look behind the door because things are often hidden there. In every game the keys, objects, statuettes, notes and gems are somewhere else. So I cannot indicate where things are, I show in a number of screenshots where they can be hidden. If I play the same chapter again they are somewhere else, this also happens if you play the chapter in a different mode.

 If you have to put a number of levers in a certain combination for a puzzle, then you also have to re-position the levers that are already positioned correctly otherwise the solution will not work.

 I'll show you how the puzzles work and what you need to find to solve them.  

  Start the game, click on the gears at the top right. You enter the options menu.  

  Here you can adjust some things, you can change your username and if you click on the keyboard in the game controller you will see the controls.

You move with the WASD keys, you interact and rotate with the mouse.

You can crawl with the C-key, you can also run but you don't actually use that.  

  You enter the inventory with the Tab key. With the number key 1 you make the screen darker and with key 2 you make it lighter.  

Click OK a few times and you will be in the Level Selection, if you start you can only go to Chapter 1.  

  You can then choose easy, normal or hard but start with easy.  

Chapter 1

Click on START, you are at the bottom of a staircase.


  Walk upstairs and click on the latch, you have to be close because otherwise you will see the remark that you have to come closer.

Step through the door and a voice says that time is now starting.  

 You now have to look everywhere, close the door and see if there is anything in the corner.

 You really have to look in all the corners and holes for the keys and gems, often crawl to see everything properly.

 On the screenshots you can see how they can be hidden.


  You have to get close to things to pick them up, you see a green circle with Okay

  Click on the note on the box, it is about a triangular machine that is not complete. Click the note back.

To the left of the door you see that machine hanging.  

You still have to find the 3 parts for this machine, they can be in all rooms of this chapter.  

 On a desk, in a cupboard or in a drawer, that is different every time. There are 3 cupboards next to the machine, with a lock on the third.

Open the door of the first cupboard and look on all the shelves, the second cupboard is open.

Grab everything you see, often a piece of paper with a number and a key.  

The third cupboard is locked, you see a question mark floating to the left of the cupboard, click on it and you will get an explanation about the lock.  

You must find 3 pieces of paper with a number.


  Click this away and turn around, enter the room opposite the cupboards.

Search everywhere, look in all the drawers that are open, some can only be opened much later when you have found the key.  

  When you have seen everything, you now have 3 pieces of paper with a number on it, then walk to the cupboard with the padlock.

Click on the Tab key and look at the papers, you can see at the edges what the order should be.  

  In my game it was now 915, set the code on the reels and click on the lock, if all is well you can now open the cupboard.  

Often you will find a big key inside.

  Then go further down the corridor, on the right are 4 paintings on different heights. Each painting has a coloured hand.  

Number the paintings from left to right 1 to 4, the height determines the order.  

For me that is now: 3, 4, 2, and finally 1, so the order of colors becomes: green, purple, red and yellow.


Walk to the end of the corridor, look everywhere again. Click on the door handle, go to the next corridor.

Walk to the painting in front of you and click on the right edge, the painting moves to the side.  

Open the door of the safe and you will usually find a gem here.  

Walk to the end of the corridor, the side corridor to the right you go later.


 On the left you see a door with a color code lock, on the right you see a desk.  

The top drawer can be opened, the key for the second drawer can be found later.  

On the right of the boxes is a note with the indication for the color code. The code is the colors of the hands on the paintings: green, purple, red and yellow. Click on the buttons to set the correct color and then click on enter. You will see UNLOCKED with the correct code.


You can now open the door. On the left is a desk with 2 notes on it, on the left next to the desk is often a statue.


There is also a note with crosses and circles somewhere in this room, this is the code for a lock in another room.

This can be on the desk, in the drawers of the desk or on the shelves of the bookcase. This note is stored in your inventory.  

Keys can also lie on the chair, which are often difficult to see. There is a note on the box next to the chair, covering the 3 parts for the triangular mechanism. The 3 parts for this mechanism are located here or in the following rooms. With me this time a part lay on the desk, just search the whole room well. Go to the other side of the room, to the left side of the cupboard.


If you are close by then you can move the cupboard, behind which you will find another safe. Look what's in it.  

Then go back to the corridor and enter the side corridor.  

Look again in all corners and holes, on all boards and pick up what you find there.

  Then go down the stairs, look down at the bottom of the stairs in the corners along the wall. You see a gray case in front of you, a gem can be on top of it.  

Go to the right, on the left you see a door with a card reader on the left. You still have to find this card.  

Opposite the door is a gray cupboard, on the side of this cupboard or on the other gray cupboard you see 3 rows of arrows. Make a note of the direction in which these arrows point, you will immediately need to find this on a code. There is a note on the table next to the gray cupboard. On the other side are a few cupboards, search these too. To the right of it is a cupboard on the wall, you can also see a question mark floating. Click on the question mark and you will see an explanation of this puzzle.


  Open the cupboard and here you need the note with the circles and crosses.

Click the Tab key to view the note in your inventory, see where the circles and crosses are.  

There is a panel with 3 x 3 lights in the cupboard, the circles represent a green light.

Click on the right lights and you hear something shift, turn around and you see that the bookcase has shifted.  

Enter the next room, before you see a desk. View everything again.

To the left against the wall is a chest, you can move it and behind it you will find a safe.  

Look what is in the safe.  

On the other side is a cupboard against the wall, open the cupboard and grab the things you see here.

Then turn to the right and you will see a cupboard hanging on the wall in the left corner with a numeric padlock.  

Then go to the entrance, to the left of the entrance is a machine with a dial. Below you see an arrow to the left and to the right. Take your note of the arrow code and click on the arrows according to the first line, the needle indicates a number: for me that is 34. Then click on the arrows according to the second line and you have another number: 12 with me. Do the same with the third line: with me 25.  

Put this code on the rings of the padlock and click on the lock, the cabinet is now open.  

  You will find a magnetic card in that cupboard, take that card.

Then walk to the door in the other room and click on card reader, the door can now be opened.

Go inside and search everything again, In the cupboard and next to the cupboard.  

You are now almost finished with Chapter 1, your inventory now contains a number of keys and 3 parts of a triangle.  

Walk to the different desks and try to open the drawers that are still locked. Also check the drawers to see if there are any drawers that are locked. Then walk back up and go to the door with the triangular machine to the left of the door. Click in the 3 boxes and the 3 parts of the triangle are now placed in the machine.


Now you can open this door, in the middle of the room is a base with a paper roll on it.  

Take the paper roll and you are done with the first chapter.

You now see your score and where you are, click OK and you will return to the selection screen.


You can play the same chapter again with less time or you go to chapter 2.

Chapter 2


Click on Chapter 2 and then choose easy, click on start and you will start on Chapter 2.  

You stand in a hall, in front of you is a steel door. Open the door and step inside, a voice says your time is running. Just like in Chapter 1 you have to search all corners and holes, all drawers and cupboards for keys, notes, statuettes and precious stones. You now also see small and larger crates that are locked, you have to find the keys for those crates because they also contain instructions.  

You are standing in front of a staircase, go downstairs and you are standing in front of a cupboard hanging on the wall, locked of course.  


The last puzzle is in this cupboard, you have to look for 3 numbers: a green, a red and a blue number.

These numbers can be on everything, on chairs, desks or in cupboards. For me it was a red 9, a green 6 and a blue 1 this time.  

You can now go left or right here, no matter what you do first. First I go to the right, there is a note on a box, read this note.  

Left is a side corridor, go in there and search everything.  

You may find a gear here.  

Walk further to the end, there is a steel door that is locked.  

Turn to the right and on the wall there is an open cupboard, this should contain 3 gears and you have to look for it.  

Once you have found the gears, place them in this cupboard and the door will no longer be locked.

Walk back and go left and then right into another corridor.  

Immediately to the right is a box with a note on it. There is also a chest on the wall that can hold something.  

You can't go far down this corridor because there are a couple of boxes.

Then walk back, go left into the corridor and continue along the stairs.

The corridor is blocked by a cupboard, just before the cupboard is a corridor to the right.  

Go down the hall, on the right are a few cupboards and a shelf with books.  

Search everything again.  

A little further on the right is a steel door that is locked with an electronic lock.

A little further down the hall is a box, which you can slide back and you will see a safe in the wall.  

Then walk back to the cupboard that has fallen and push it up again.  

Behind it are a few narrow cupboards, where you can find 1 or more things.  

Then go left into the hallway, there is a pallet against the wall and above it is a cupboard.


You need a key for that locker.  

Walk to the steel door while searching for things again. Click on the door, if all is well you have already found the key for this door. Enter the room, there is a desk on the left. There is at least a note on this, but there may be more also one of the coloured numbers may be written on it. Also look in the drawers.

Then turn to the right, a painting hangs on the wall. Click on the right edge and the painting moves to the side, you will see a safe again. In the safe you will find a note with a 3-digit number, click on the paper and this note will be saved in your inventory. With me it was this time: 547

Then turn further to the right and you'll see a shelf with books and a table next to it. Here you can also find a number of things.  

 Turn further to the right and walk to the chest of drawers, next to it is a bookcase.

Take a look at everything, there is a clue for the last puzzle in the bottom drawer.  

To the right of the bookcase is a chest, on the box is a small box.

Open the small box and there is a note, this is an indication of the painting that you have pushed aside.  

If all went well you have now found 3 gears, now walk back to the door with the cupboard next to it.

Click on the axes and the gears are placed in the cupboard, you can now open the door,  

Go inside, on the left is a cupboard on the wall, if you can't open it yet, the key is somewhere in the room.  

Search all drawers, cabinets, boxes and boxes.

In the wall behind the door you see a safe with a code lock, enter the numbers of the note that you found behind the painting.  

Herein is the key for the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs.

If you now have more than 1 key, go past all the cupboards and drawers that are still closed to view them. If you only have 1 key then walk to the cupboard opposite the stairs, open the cupboard. You see 3 coloured levers and 1 double black lever.

You have found 3 coloured numbers, with me it was: green 6, red 9 and a blue 1.

You now have to click on the green lever as often as the green number, then click on the red lever as many times as the red number.

Do this also with the blue handle: with me it was 6 x on the green handle, 9 x on the red handle and 1 x on the blue handle.

  Then click on the double black handle and the door with the electronic lock is now open.  

Walk to that door and go inside, there is another roll of paper on a pedestal.  

Grab the paper roll and this chapter is now ready.  

  You will see your score for this chapter again, click on OK and on the main menu and you will return to the selection screen.  

Chapter 3  

Now click on Chapter 3 and you will start on Chapter 3.  

You are in a hall again, in front of you is a steel door.  

Click on the latch to open the door, go inside. On the left are a few tables and boxes and on the right is a chair with a drawer on top.  

You have to search in all corners and holes, cupboards and drawers, boxes and crates to find keys and gems.

It is sometimes difficult to see, here are a few examples of those difficult places.  

You see 2 steel doors In front of you, both locked. The right door has an electronic lock.  

Opposite that right door is a locker on the wall, also locked.  

Along the wall are a number of boxes. You now have to find a number of keys, at least the key for the wall cupboard and the key for the left steel door. Often there is a key in the drawer on the chair, on the newspapers, on the tables and between the boxes along the wall.


  Open the cupboard when you have found the key, usually the silver key for the steel door is in this cupboard.

  Then open the left steel door and go inside. Here too we search everywhere, also behind the door.  

On the left is a desk and against the left wall is a sofa, on the right is a bookcase.

Next to the bookcase you see a passage that is blocked with shelves.  

Further to the rear, a cupboard hangs on the wall, opposite that cupboard is a steel door.

There are also a few drawers against the wall, and in the middle of the room there is a coffee table.  

There is a chest on the desk, locked, and there can be a note with a clue for a padlock in that chest. In this room or in the room next to it you have to find these 2 notes, you need them for the code for a padlock and for the final puzzle.


You will find this note in a box or a drawer that is locked. The order of the sentences on the left note and the words on the other note are different every time. There is also a note on the desk, look in the drawers. Next to the couch is a stool, on which is a note with an indication for a puzzle in this room. The paintings are important.

A key can lie on the back of the sofa, which is hard to see. Also look at the coffee table and then go to the bookcase, there is also a chest on top. You also need a key for that. Then walk to the back along the planks, look through the hole in the planks. You see 5 paintings hanging, watch how they hang: upright, transverse or upside down.


Walk to the drawers against the wall, a note can be in a drawer. It contains an indication of the code of a puzzle.  

The steel door is still locked, go to the cupboard on the wall. If all is well you have already found the key for this, if not then you should look for it now because otherwise you cannot continue. In the box you see 5 handles, these can have 3 positions: top, middle and bottom.


Look again at the 5 paintings in the other room and note how the paintings hang. Number the paintings from 1 to 5, first the top row and then the bottom row. For me it was this time: middle, top, middle, middle and middle. Now put the levers in the correct position and you will hear something happen.


Walk back to the hall and you will see that the electronic lock of the right door is now "Unlocked".  

Go inside. On the left is a box against the wall, you can move this box.  

Behind it you will find a safe with a code lock, you may already have the clue for this lock or you will find it.  

 That note is hidden in a box. The note contains 3 words with a double letter in the middle, that 3 letters is the code for the lock.

With me it was now: S R T.  

Open the safe and see what it contains. Behind the door is a low table with 2 notes and a chest.  

To the left of that table you see steel door, the end of this chapter. There is a cupboard on the wall on the other side of the room, you also need a key for this. To the left of the cupboard you see the boarded-up passage to the other room. You can also find things in this niche.


You should now have found the key for the steel door in the other room so go to that door.  

Enter the room, there are a number of things to be found.  

Search everywhere and then go to the 4 cupboards with the 4 posters above them. Also search these cupboards and drawers. You have found a note with 4 lines, these lines can also be found on the posters. The order of the lines and therefore of the posters determines the order of the numbers. It was like this with me this time.


The number of bottles on the cupboards forms the numbers of the code. Number the lines from top to bottom 1 to 4, the order of the poster must be, with me it was: B - A - C - D. Now count the bottles under the posters and you will get the code, with me that was: 8 - 7 - 4 – 6


Walk to the steel door with the code lock and enter the code found here, click on enter and the door is now “Unlocked”  

Go inside and take the paper roll from the base, end of this chapter.  

You will see your score again.  

Click this away and you are back in the selection screen. Select Chapter 4.  

Select EASY and click on start.

Chapter 4

January 2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw