2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot and  Dick Leeuw

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In Ether One, you travel through the brains of Jean Thornton, a retired British teacher aged 69, trying to restore her memories. Jean is demented and lies in a deep coma at the Ether Institute. The Ether Institute has developed a method in which a practitioner, that is, you, makes a journey through the brains of demented patients in search of the patient's dearest memories in order to stop the further deterioration of the brain.

Ether One is a bit like a Myst game in style. The game "runs" on the "Unreal Engine" and that means that you move through the game via the WADS keys, or the arrow keys, of your keyboard and thereby use the mouse to look around and pick up things. In addition, you use the E-key and the T-key of your keyboard for interaction. The game always gives you, via "floating announcements" some help about the control of the game. Via an Options screen you can set various game settings to your own preferences

The game has an Auto-save function and has 3 Save Slots. When you start the game you must choose a Save Slot. In the Save slot that you choose, the game saves your progress via an Auto-save. This Auto-save is therefore always overwritten, every time you have reached a checkpoint or when you close the game. Because there are 3 Save slots you can therefore start 3 "New Games". So you can play a game session in Slot 1, in Slot 2 and / or in Slot 3.  

The game has no Inventory because you can never carry more than 1 item with you. If you carry an item with you and pick up another item, the item that you had with you will disappear from your pocket. But no worries .... the game has a large storage place where you can store picked up items for later use. You must always keep in mind that you take a picked up item to the storage location before picking up another item. However, this is very easy, but I will explain that further in the walkthrough when it is relevant.

Furthermore, it is important to know that some things happen "Random" in the game and also that there are several solutions for several puzzles and that those solutions can vary from game to game. It is not possible for me to provide all possible solutions for such a puzzle. If the solution that I mentioned in the walkthrough does not work for you, then you have to find out for yourself if you can find another solution.

Proloque: Ether Institute
Chapter 01: Devlin Mine
Chapter 02: Pinwheel Harbor
Chapter 03: Brimcliff Industrial Centre part 1
Chapter 04: Brimcliff Industrial Centre part 2
Chapter 05: Brimcliff Industrial Centre part 3
Chapter 06: Brimcliff Industrial Centre part 4
Chapter 07: Brimcliff Mines
Chapter 08: Back In Your Case
Chapter 09: Pinwheel Village part 1
Chapter 10: Pinwheel Village part 2
Chapter 11: Pinwheel Village Memory Core and End Game

2015: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw