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2023: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and screenshots by: Louis Koot

Index page

Text and screenshots of this page by: Louis Koot

We play the game with keyboard and mouse but you can also play the game with a game controller or in VR and we have bought the game on gog.com. You can play this game as a Virtual Reality game if you have a VR system such as the Occulus, or you play it as a "normal"  game on your PC.  I don't have VR so I  play the game on my PC as a "normal" PC-game, so I cannot comment about the quality of the VR version of the game.  Graphically the game is fine and I have not experienced any bugs with the first release.  There are patches available now for if you encounter problems with the first release of the game. Funny enough I dit get some bugs after patch 1 and patch 2.....my game got stuck several times after those patches and I had to do a "hard" exit. 

Saving and loading in the game:  

Don't now how the game works in VR but the PC-version has 3 Save slots.

 Slot 0 = auto save but you can save the game at any time in Slot 1 and slot 2. 

You need to save often, so this means that you'll be overwriting  previous saves in slot 1 and slot 2 all the time. If you need to keep your saves then you will need to quit the the game after every save and copy the savegame map to another location. You will need to do this after every new save that you make in the game, if you want to keep every saved game that you make in the game. 

Moving around: 

You move around in the game with the W, A, D, S keys and use the mouse to look around and to plug in your Adjunct into the sockets. 

The Adjunct has multiple function, you switch to another function with your Tab-key once your Adjunct is plugged in to a socket

Story and Gameplay:

 In terms of story and gameplay there isn't much to tell. All you do in the game is run back and forth looking for sockets where you then have to plug in your Adjunct (the plug) to open doors, activate elevators etcetera etcetera, and you have to do this a hell of a lot. Actually. In the last part Curievale part 2 this socket plugging gets crazy.  

Start the game and click on settings, here you can change to how you want them to be.

Go back to the main menu and start a new game.  The game starts with Curievale part 1

Curievale 1 A: Ice Crane part 1 and The Swan first visit   

Curievale 1 B: Ice Crane part 2 and Omniwheel  

Curievale 1 C: Ice Factory, move the Circle Crane and raise The Arch   

Julestone 1: Power Plant reservoir, Battery Puzzle, Raise the Arch, The Swan and travel to St. Andrew

St. Andrew 1 page 1: The Skiff puzzle

St. Andrew 1: Page 2: The Botanical Planters puzzle at the Atrium and raise the Arch

St. Andrew 2: Pipes and Bots: Page 1: Reservoir 

St. Andrew 2: Pipes and Bots: Page 2: The Camelus and Wake the Embrace 1

Juleston part 2: Page 1: Sulpher Land: Find a way into the Sulpher Factory

Juleston part 2: Page 2: Sulpher Land: Open  up the Hatch of the Sulpher Mixer Basin

Juleston part 2: Page 3: Sulpher Land: Power Plant revisited and Wake Up the Embrace

Curievale  2: Page 1: Back to the Ice, Rotary Crane part 2, Lower Ice Field

Curievale 2: Page 2: Socket Mania and Wake Up the last Embrace

Final Chapter: Spaceship: Ending the Game

Firmament Saved games

For most part Firmament isn't a difficult game, but there are a few moments where it gets a little more complicated and where you can get frustrated. Well.....for those moments you can download my Saved Games here if you need them

If you are playing the game with Windows 10, then you will find the Firmament Saved Games files at the following location

Users\your name\AppData\Local\Firmament\Saved\SaveGames

You need to have an auto-save in Slot 0 because otherwise you will not see my saves  in  slot 1 and slot 2 in the load screen of the game

I have the following save games that you can download here. These downloads do not include my Auto-save files

Curievale 1: Ice Crane. 

The Ice Crane is with the ice block at the opening in the tunnel. 

You can get of the crane and walk into the tunnel

St. Andrew 1: Skiff puzzle solved

You are on the skiff at the lift balcony and you can get on the lift to go up to the Atrium

St. Andrew 2: Atrium Planter puzzle solved

You are on the planter at the lift balcony and can walk on to the lift

Curievale 2: Socket Mania solved

You are at the top of the Steam room at the Exit door.

Open that door to move on to the final chapter of the game

These saves are made with the Gog.Com version of the game and after Patch 1 and Patch 2. I asume that my saves will also work with the STEAM version of the game. If they don't work in the Steam version you're out of luck......You are not allowed to trade my saves or offer them to any other sites.... Regards: Louis Koot

After downloading you unpack it and then you can copy my saves into your own saved games map of Firmament. Do not alter the Saveslot number of my saves and my saves will overwrite your own saves in slot 1 and slot 2. Again......You must have an auto-save in slot 0 because otherwise you will not see the saves in slot 1 and slot 2 and this can be any auto-save

2023: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot