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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

This is my English translation of my Dutch Fran Bow walkthrough I did in 2016. The screenshots were made for the Dutch walkthrough. The texts I wrote on the screenshots are in Dutch. I don't have this game anymore so I can't take new screenshots. The url www.louiskoot on the screenshots is the url of my old website but it no longer exists.


1: My Sober Day:

Fran has been taken to her bed in the insane asylum by the nurse and she is sleeping.

Click a few times near the bed on the floor and ....... Fran wakes up and gets out of bed.

From now on you have an eye left and right, in the black edges of the screen. Clicking on the Eyes moves Fran from screen to screen. 

You get a hand cursor on things that you can view and/or grab. Always examine everything carefully on each screen. 

There is a toy merry-go-round on the floor. There is a curtain in front of the window. A clown portrait hangs above the small white table next to the window. There is a drawer in the table. Fran's file hangs on the wall. To the right of the bed is a room divider and there are also 3 notes on the wall. Click on the white curtain and ...... Fran pulls the curtain and it then falls to the ground. One of the curtain hooks is then on the floor in front of Fran. Take the Curtain Hook.

The Curtain Hook disappears into the purse/inventory. Click the inventory screen away again. Look out the window.....

Fran then sees the courtyard of the insane asylum with the watchtower ..... a spotlight moves across the courtyard. Click the Eye to go out the window. Click on the merry-go-round, which plays a melody. Click on the clown, Fran's medical file, the cross hanging above the bed and the 3 notes hanging on the wall to the right of the bed. The 3 notes are from Fran and she has made some drawings. 

When you've seen everything and you've grabbed the curtain hook, click the left eye to go one screen to the left. The head nurse sits behind her desk. Talk to the nurse. It turns out that Fran has been sleeping for 3 days and that was because of that new pill. Say "Something Happend" or "I did something...." and then say you broke the curtain via "Broke the curtains......" and.....

The nurse then gets up and walks to Fran's room. Follow the nurse, so click the right eye to return to Fran's bed. Talk to the nurse again. 

The nurse wants to know if Fran has seen the missing curtain hook ...... say no via "Seen nothing" and ..........

The nurse then disappears to reveal a new curtain hook. When the nurse is gone, quickly go back to the left, through the left eye. 

Fran is then back at the nurse's desk. Click on the desk to get a close-up view of it.

Take the white box of plasters. Click on the book to look at it. Click on the letter  a few times. 

Open the drawer of the desk and then take out the Pill Box .....

The pill box is closed with a combination lock and you read the word "HIDE" on it. There is also a blue cloth in the drawer .... click on the blue cloth and ..... oh dear ..... a gun ..... click a few times on the gun to get Fran's thoughts about it and to wrap the gun back in the cloth. Get out of the close-up of the desk. Go 2 screens to the right, via the right eye twice. Fran then ends up with her fellow patient Phil.  Click with the talk cursor on Phil to talk to him and then talk to the kid about everything.....just use all the conversation options. 

Fran wants to get out of the insane asylum tonight and she asks Phil to help her. 

Phil tells that the office must be the key and that he has seen that Dr. Deern has written down a secret code to open the yellow door............

Phil says that "He" doesn't want to say anything and that "He" appears briefly and that is quite a bit of a shock. "He" is thus Remor, the devil.

Under Phil's bed is a box. Take the box. Open the box in inventory .... Click on the box and then click the "USE" button ......

......... a key comes out of the box. The box itself disappears. Click on the Pill Box and then click "USE" again to see the pillbox in close-up.

The pill box has a combination lock where you have to put 4 numbers. Under the 4 number windows is the word "HIDE". Hope you know the order of letters in the alphabet? H = 8, I = 9, D = 4 and E = 5. So the code is then 8945. Click in the 4 screens until you have the code 8945 in it and ........ the pill box opens . In the box is the jar with the new Pills. Take the Pill Jar from the box.

The pill jar disappears to the bottom right and will stay there from now on.

 So put the new red pills in the jar, which  Fran is no longer allowed to take from Dr. Deern.

Click on the pill jar to take a red pill and ....... The room changes into a horror scene.

In the horror scene you go 2 times to the left, via the left eye. The emaciated nurse is in the wheelchair and a monster sits at the desk.

There is a ball of yarn on the floor near the wheelchair and a knitting needle sticks in the ball. Take the knitting needle.

Go back to the right, through the right eye. Fran's bed has disappeared.....where Fran's bed used to be in the real world is now a stairwell.

Go down the stairs and .......... Fran sees her aunt Grace talking with Dr. Deern ......

Click on the small arrows to continue the conversation.  

Grace wants to take Fran home but Deern doesn't allow it because he thinks Fran is still crazy.....

This scene ends automatically and we find Fran unconscious on the floor by her bed, still in the horror scene. Someone is peering in through the window, Click on the floor a few times to get Fran to wake up so she stands up. Then click the pill jar to exit the horror scene and return to the real world

At any point in the game, and on any screen, you can have Frannie swallow a red pill from the pill jar to get into the Horror World and investigate. 

Then click the pill jar again to return to the normal world.

We are now staying in the normal world. If you had not examined the white bedside table before, click on it now ..... The drawer in the table is locked. Open the inventory and then click on the Key and then click "USE" and .... you will automatically leave the inventory screen ........ Next to the inventory bag Fran's brain has now appeared and you read "Use tiny key with drawer". So click again on the drawer in the table to open the drawer

....... Fran tells that there is something in the drawer, so click the drawer again and ..... Fran takes a Family photo and a Hairpin from the drawer. So now you know how to take an item from inventory and how to use it in the game. Look at the family photo via "EXAMINE"..... in the photo we see Fran's parents, Fran and Aunt Grace. Now we are going to combine 2 items .... Click the Hairpin and click "COMBINE" and then click the Knitting Needle to combine the hairpin with the knitting needle into a Special Key.

Close the inventory and go, via the right eye, back to the right, to Phil.

Take the Hairpin / Knitting Needle key from inventory and click on the gray / green door and ........

Fran unlocks the door and says goodbye to Phil. Leave the room. Fran ends up in the hallway

Fran stands in front of the open door of her and Phil's room. Next to Fran, the door of another room is also open. Across the street is a WC and stairs. Enter the room next to Fran and ..... we meet Adelaida, who is sitting on the floor wich is full of chalk. Talk to Adelaida and use the options until the conversation ends on its own.

Next to Adelaida are her crayons on the floor. Try to take a crayon ...... Fran is not allowed to take a crayon from Adelaida. Try to persuade Adelaida to hand over a crayon after all ..... Adelaida then shows her hands and wrists to Fran ..... Adelaida has bloody welts on her wrists from the rope with which the sister binds her hands so that that Adelaida can't chalk on the floor. Fran promised to help Adelaida.

Take the Plaster Box from inventory and then click on Adelaida and ......

Fran puts plasters on Aledaida's wounds and as a thank you Fran receives a green crayon from Adelaida. Leave the room and back in the hallway, click on the stairs to go down. The head nurse comes back. Say that the nurse has left the door of the room open herself by saying "You left it open"......then continue with "How did I get out then?" and........

But the grumpy bitch doesn't fall for Fran's excuses and Fran is sent back to her room to wait for Dr. Deern. Immediately go back to Phil and ........ The head nurse has told Dr. Deern that Fran has left her room and Deern will confront Fran about this. Be submissive in your answers and say you are hungry and...

Fran is allowed to go find some food and Wench disappears but leaves the door open.

So go back to the hallway and click on the stairs again and ...... this time Fran ends up downstairs unseen.

Behind the fence we see a yellow door. That yellow door is the exit but unfortunately the fence door is locked. Go one screen to the left, via the doorway on the left. Fran ends up in an intermediate hall. Behind door 12 is Dr. Deern's office. A guard is reading the newspaper. At the guard is a blackboard and a key on the wall.

Click on the key ...... it is the key for door 12, Deern's office, and Fran tries to take the key but ....

...the key hangs to high for Fran and the guard sees that Fran is trying to get the key and asks what she's up to.

Say: "The key! Can I have it?".....the guard says he will give Fran the key if she kisses him first.....Apparently the guard is a pedophile. Continue through the left doorway and ...... in the next corridor there is a girl in a blue/green dress and she is shaking quite a bit. The staircase is closed off with a fence. The right door takes Fran into the TV room and the left door into the Dining Room. However, first talk to the trembling girl and use all the conversation options ...... it is quite a weird conversation ...... but well ...... we are in the madhouse after all.

When the conversation with the girl has come to an end, go through the right door to the

TV room.

Isabela is moaning in the chair and a fat kid is sitting in front of the TV. The fat kid keeps pressing a sheet of paper against the TV screen and then keeps throwing the paper on the floor. Talk to the fat kid and ask him all there is to ask......the kid says "the paper doesn't do what it should" and then "he needs the paper to see what's going on, on the TV because the TV is on the wrong channel".

The kid wants Fran to put the TV on the right channel, so click on the TV and ...... you get into the close-up of the TV and see the channel button. The TV is on channel 1 and the screen shows a test image. Click on the channel button until the red dot of the button is on channel 8 and ...... the TV then shows interference .......

Click the yellow cross button to get out of the close-up and .........

.... the kid presses a sheet of paper against the TV screen again and now screams that it worked .......

say "Great! Can I see?", but the kid won't show his paper to Fran and yells that Fran must pick up one of the failed papers off the floor. 

Say "Thank you, bye" to end the "conversation" and then pick up the rear sheet of paper from the floor.....

Fran puts the blank sheet of paper in the bag. Click away from the inventory screen. At the bottom right is a coat rack and a dressing gown hangs from the coat rack.

The dressing gown has a pink ribbon ..... Take the pink ribbon from the dressing gown. Leave the TV room and go to the

Dining room.

The table is set. A nurse is sitting at the table reading her book.

A masked boy sits on the floor, shaking his plate of food.....apparently the food in this madhouse is unbearable.

Fran can go a screen to the left through the eye. Go talk to the masked kid.......

The boy asks if Fran wants to kill him, so say "Sure" and ....... Fran then pretends to shoot the boy and the boy is happy. Go to the left ...... a girl walks away to the right and a boy is sitting at the table eating his plate. Walk back to the right ....... the girl, who just walked away, sits down on the couch. This girl is Annie. Go talk to Annie and use the conversation options .......

Follow the options about putting people to sleep and...,...Annie then gives Fran a Sleeping Pill.

Annie disappears. Also, have a chat with the reading nurse. On the table is a plate of cinnamon buns. Grab a cinnamon bun.

Go left again and now talk to the eating boy but the kid won't talk to Fran while he's still bunkering. A walking stick leans under the left window ......

Try to take the walking cane and ........ you have the attention of the boy who screams that you must your hands off his sword ........ The boy thinks he is King Damian and he demands that Fran bows to him. So bow to your King and then ask if you can take his cane. The King wants something in return for his "sword", so say "Anything you need".....Well.....The King really has very modest demands.....he wants a Castle and a Horse for his "sword". Open the inventory and then combine the sheet of blank paper with the green crayon and... ......Frannie draws a Horse and a Castle on the paper.

Take the drawing from inventory and give it to the "King Damian" and ....

....Fran may take the walking stick, so take the walking stick now.

Now go back to the newspaper reading guard, so first via the eye to the right, then out of the dining room and then a screen to the right in the hallway. Back at the guard you combine the walking stick with the pink ribbon in inventory and then the whole thing with the curtain hook and ....... Fran has made a grab stick and she calls it "Grab-O-Matic 2000". Also combine the sleeping pill with the cinnamon bun and Fran has a "sleep cake". Take the "Grab-O-Matic 2000" from inventory and click with it on the key that hangs above the blackboard and ..........

Unfortunately, this was not so smart of Fran because the guard sees that Fran is trying to steal the key and .......

he confiscates the "Grab-O-Matic 2000" and he doesn't want to give it back either.

Take the bun/sleeping cake from inventory and offer it to the guard ..... unfortunately ..... the guard doesn't want the bun.

Go back to the dining room ..... the grumpy head nurse is talking to Gladys, the reading nurse .....

Click away the texts to keep progress. Gladys asks the grumpy nurse to bring a cup of coffee to the guard, but she doesn't feel like it. The cup with coffee is on the coffee table, between the sofa and the door. Take the cup of coffee and return to the guard and click on him with the coffee cup and ......... Fran pours, of course not accidentally, the hot coffee over the guard and he now leaves his post to change his clothes.

Take back the "Grab-O-Matic 2000" walking stick and..........

use the "Grab-O-Matic 2000" again on the key and ...... Finally Fran has the key.

Use the Key immediately on the number 12 door and enter

Deern's office:

There is a notice board to the right of the door. The bulletin board is full of notes and posters. Click on the bulletin board to see it in close-up.

You can click on all the notes and posters to read what Fran thinks about it. On the right, under the blue poster, there is a note to Dr. Marcel and that note contains the code for the alarm, so grab that note ..... it disappears into Fran's purse. Close the close-up screen and open the inventory and then read the note...

.... so the code for the alarm is a date, December 17 - July 25.

To the left of the desk is a key on the wall ......... Take that key ....... it is the spare key for the cellar door.

Leave the office and .......... Joch Phill appears and he locks Fran up in the office.

Click the door.....unfortunately.....locked. There is a ventilation grille underneath the bulletin board.

Now swallow another red pill from the pill bottle to get into the horror scene and...

...in the horror scene we see how a hand opens the ventilation grille. Stay in the horror scene and crawl into the ventilation duct ...... crawl to the left .... keep crawling to the left ....... a rat falls down and then flees ...... stay crawling to the left ....... eventually Fran then thunders into the cellar via a downward channel.


Click on the floor next to Fran to make her stand up.

In front of the bed is a box covered with a blue cloth. Remove the cloth from the box and then open the box.

Then click in the opened box and ......

Inside the box are bottles of pills and inside is a doctor's glove and a letter. Click the letter and read the letter.

Then close both close-ups via the cross button. Go up the stairs to the cellar door.

The cellar door is locked. Take the spare key from inventory and use the key on the cellar door

and then step into the hallway and .......Devil Remor, appears .......

...and then we see scenes where Fran is led into a maze by cat mr. Midnight.......Mr. Midnight then says to Fran ......."At the end of the maze" 

Fran is then again unconscious on the floor of the basement, so click on the floor again to make Fran stand up and then go up the stairs and walk back into the hallway. Fran is then at the cells ...... On the left is the operating room. On the right there are 2 stairs, the right staircase is closed with a fence / gate.

Both cell doors have windows, but they are now covered by a hatch. Click the hatch down and then look through the windows into both cells. In the left cell are 2 fairly emaciated girls locked up. Click the eye to zoom out. There is also a girl in the right cell. Also look through the window of the operating room door ..... Bah ..... something is rotting on the operating table .... a swarm of flies have the time of their lives. Go up via the open left stairs ...... Fran ends up in the

Reception room:

Listen to the telephone conversation that the reception nurse is having ..... click the arrows to continue the conversation ...... Fran is missing and it has been discovered that the key to the cellar has disappeared. When the nurse has hung up, swallow a red pill to end up in the horror scene here ..... The key rack hangs on the stone wall. Take the key from inventory and hang the key on the key rack.

Click your pill jar to get out of the horror scene and ......... The sister then sees the key hanging ..... click the arrows and ...... sister gets up, grabs the key and disappears . Above the key rack hangs an orange alarm box ..... Click the alarm box to get a close-up of it ....... Fran has to enter the correct number code ...... The note from Deern's office says that the code December 17-July 25. December is the 12th month.......12 + 17 = 29.....July is the 7th month.......7 + 25 = 32... ....so the code is then 2932.....so press the keys 2, 9, 3, 2 and .......... the alarm goes off.

Walk into the hallway and ..... we see Sister Chagrin for a moment.......

Fran is now in the hall behind the gate and at the yellow door ...... Click the yellow door and  leave the madhouse ..........

Fran is outside and the alarm screams .... Click the eye to walk to the left and ......

The guard appears and he is furious ...... Guard is so incredibly angry that he loses his head

Devil Remor appears and wants Frannie back into the madhouse but is disturbed

An OWL will then appear on a bicycle wheel and the owl will disappear to the left.

Fran then comes to and stands up. Follow the owl to the left, through the eye ..... keep following the owl to the entrance of the:


The owl disappears into the maze. Enter the maze.

We see the guard for a brief moment and then we see Fran in the maze ...... the owl cycles away through the maze.

You must now guide Fran through the maze ...... You must follow the owl and you must stay away from the Black Ghosts .......

You can also skip this maze hassle by clicking the SKIP BUTTON at the top right ...... I did that because I didn't feel like wandering through the maze for hours looking for the sewer pipe. If you do find the sewer pipe in the maze, you crawl into it and you end up in chapter 2 ..... You also end up via the skip button, via the same scenes, in chapter 2

Fran ends up via the sewer pipe in:

Chapter 2: Part 1: Curiosity Symptoms

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot