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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

This is my English translation of my Dutch Fran Bow walkthrough I did in 2016. The screenshots were made for the Dutch walkthrough. The texts I wrote on the screenshots are in Dutch. I don't have this game anymore so I can't take new screenshots. The url www.louiskoot on the screenshots is the url of my old website but it no longer exists.

I think you can classify this Fran Bow game as a "Soft Horror" game. The game is point and click, so you play the whole thing with your mouse. The game will auto-save on exit and then remember your progress. So you cannot save the game yourself at any time you like. When you start the game up again, click "Continue" to continue where you left off. 

You play as Fran Bow, a little girl of 10 years old. Fran's parents were brutally murdered. Fran has found the lifeless bodies of her parents and as a result of this traumatic experience she is committed to an asylum for the insane. The game starts with an intro movie where we see how it could happen that a little 10-year-old girl could end up in the insane asylum. Fran wants to escape the insane asylum to find her parents' killer.


Fran dreams for the umpteenth time about her parents and her cat Mr. midnight.

Everything is still fine. At the breakfast table, Fran receives a present from her parents. It's a cat and Fran calls him Mr. midnight.

Fran's Aunt Grace comes to visit and Fran likes that because she is very fond of Aunt Grace.

It's Friday evening........ Aunt Grace will look after Fran tonight because Fran's parents are going out for a night.

Fran and her aunt are having a great time..........

It is then Monday night. Frannie can't fall asleep ...... she plays with Mr. Midnight in her room but she's got a premonition

Then an ominous-looking figure appears, staring in through the window.

Fran hears noises and she decides to investigate ..... In the hallway Fran hears screams .... it is mommy who screams ....

Fran runs to her parents' bedroom and ........... Fran finds the bodies of her parents .....

........ mom and dad were murdered in a gruesome way .... both bodies have been chopped into various pieces.

Fran panics and runs out of the house and through the woods, followed by Mr. Midnight ...... Fran falls down and is found and then .....

...Fran is awakened from her hypnotic sleep by psychiatrist Deern.

Give Deern answers to his questions. It doesn't really matter which answers you click, but you have to click the A or B options over and over to continue the conversation.

If you don't get an A and B option, left click to continue. Dr. Deern then points Fran to Aunt Grace's Purse, standing on the table behind Deern.

Click the arrows at the end of the sentence..... and

.....Fran gets up from the bed. Left click on the Bag and .......

Fran takes the Bag and tells that it was once her mother's Bag. Click the arrows ..... The Bag disappears to the bottom left.

Dr. Deern then says that Fran has to open the Bag because there is something in it. Left click on the Bag. The Bag opens and ....... well .... the Bag (Purse) is the Inventory in which the items that Fran takes are stored. There is now a note in the inventory. Click on the note ..... a hand appears on the note ...... click the "Examine" button to read the note.

The note is from Aunt Grace and it explains a bit how the Bag/inventory works. Click the note away.

The conversation between Fran and Deern then continues, so again choose from the possible answers A and B . Say "Can I leave now" ...... Fran then asks if she can go to her room and that is allowed, but first she has to take her new medicine from Deern. Give 1 of the 2 answers and .......

Deern then says that the new medicine is Duotine and he calls the nurse and she comes in with the new pills.

Click a few times until the nurse tells Fran to take her medicine. Then click on the red pill that is on the tray and ......

Fran swallows the red pill and ........ Movie ...... the room changes into Fran's Horror world and .......

.....Fran falls unconscious to the floor and Deern orders the nurse to take Fran to her room and make sure Fran never takes the new pills again.

In Fran's nightmare, Remor, the devil, appears and warns that Fran must not leave the insane asylum ......

......The game will now really start with

Chapter 1: My Sober Day:

2022 Walkthrough by Louis Koot