2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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After starting up you will see the start screen where you can start a new game, load a game or exit the game

Start a new game and you will see Brandy standing on a beach. Brandy is on vacation on Wolf's Head Island and she has booked and paid for a hotel room in advance, but her luggage has been lost and to make things even worst she has been robbed of her purse so she has no money.

At the bottom of the screen you will see an inventory suitcase, the Map of the island and the Menu screen.

Click with the black arrow cursor on the suitcase to open up the inventory screen

Brandy will store everything that she takes in her suitcase. To look at an item in the inventory you click on it with the hand cursor. To take an item out of inventory you click on it with the white arrow and then you click the "OK" button. Your cursor will be that item. You can also combine items in the inventory.

Brandy can travel to the different locations via the map, but first she has to get those location available on the map. The Beach is the only location available on the map when you start the game. But by visiting other locations they will be put on the map also and you can then fast travel to those location via the Map.

In the Main Game Menu you can set  music, sound and walking speed and save a game, load a saved game, restart or resume and exit the game

You can save as many times as you want and when you want to

A: Find the Hotel


So Brandy starts her vacation on the beach. Behind Brandy you see the promenade / pier. You can walk screens to the right and to the left. 

Start by going 4 screens to the left. Brandy will then be at a nesting turtle.

The turtle sits on here eggs. Behind the turtle is a small Tide pool between the rocks. It's a bit silly but go talk with the Turtle and........Apparently Brandy can talk with animals and they talk back to her.....But laying her eggs has made the turtle to tired to talk. You can left click in the Tide pool. Brandy will find several sea shells in the tide pool but she doesn't want those shells right now, so she put them back in the pool

Go 3 screens back to the right and then go down. Brandy will be at the crossroad

Down it goes back to the beach. Up goes into the jungle. Left goes to the village and right goes to the Island Hotel. Brandy want to check in the hotel now, so go right


Go Up to the Hotel. There's a Fountain in front of the hotel. Click with your black arrow on the fountain to take some coins from the fountain

Brandy now has $1,- in coins in here suitcase. Enter the hotel. 

Brandy has entered the lobby of the hotel. At the wall stand an aquarium. Click with your black arrow on that aquarium to view it in close-up

A couple of fish are swimming in the aquarium but Brandy also notice that there's a ring lying on the bottom. Click on the ring.....Brandy can't take the ring out with here bare hands. Take the Fishnet and also take the Fish food can. Open up the inventory and take the Fishnet out and click the "OK" button..

Then click with the fishnet on the ring and.........

Unfortunately the fish are in the way so even with the fishnet Brandy can't take the ring now. Those fish must be lured away from the ring......maybe they are hungry? 

But when you view the Fish food can in inventory you find out that the can is empty. 

So Brandy must find some Fish food first. Go out the close-up and then go to the right and then go talk with the hotel receptionist.

Say you want to check into your room. But Brandy needs to show her driver's license to proof that she's Brandy. Unfortunaly Brady's driver's license has also been stolen. Brandy can buy some fish food at the Island Outpost story. During the conversation with the receptionist a local criminal, Enrique, turns up and he tells Brandy that his buddy Spuds can help her get a false driver's license. Spuds lives in cottage number 36 in the village

B: Get a False Driver's License

On the green carpet stands a table and a sofa. On the table stand a bowl with sea shells. 

On the sofa are three cushions. Slide the left most cushion to the right and Brandy will find some more coins. Take those coins.

In total Brandy now has $ 3,-

Behind the sofa you see the door to the rooms corridor. Go through that door and Brandy enters into the first floor rooms corridor. 

You can knock on all the doors to hear if someone is in the rooms. To the left are the ice- and soda machines and to the right is the elevator.

Walk to the left and click on the soda machine and the  ice cream maker there. A bottle of soda costs $ 1,- and Brandy needs an ice bucket if she wants some ice.

Brandy has no reason to buy a soda now and she doesn't have a ice bucket. So walk back and now go right to the elevator.

Press the button and then step into the elevator

You get a close-up of the floor buttons. You can go to all floors to take a look. But for now first go to the 4th floor

On the 4th floor step out of the elevator.  On the left is the Arcade Room.....

Enter the Arcade Room and check out all the game machines, especially the red Price Grabber machine but don't play that machine now

Leave the arcade room and go back in to the elevator and now go up to the 5th floor. On the 5th floor you take the bottle of milk, that stands at the room 53 door.

Go back to the elevator and notice that left of the elevator door there is a sculpture made of different types of cogs / gears on the wall. 

Look at that gears / cogs sculpture in close-up. At this moment Brandy can't take these gears / cogs, but later in the game she needs them.

Dive back into the elevator and ride it back down to the first floor. Then go down to the lobby and then exit the hotel

Back outside, at the fountain, go down and then to the left and.......

..... Brandy will be back at the crossroad

Go left to the Village

Wahi Kauhale (little village)

At the Shell Shack stands a Tiki and that Tiki makes noises at Brandy. Talk to this Tiki

Tiki wants Bubble Gum from Brandy but she hasn't have bubble gum right now

Brandy does not want to enter the shell shop, so go left to be at the Sporting Event shop and the Island Outpost store. 

Between the Sports shop and the Outpost stand a gumball machine

You can enter the Sporting Event but Brandy doesn't has anything to do there now. So enter the Island Outpost store. It is a souvenir shop.

In the front left cupboard are fish food cans. Click on those fish food cans......

Brandy first wants to know how much it costs, so talk to the saleswoman and ask here how much the fish food costs. It's $3,- and Brandy can afford it so she pay's the $3,-. Click again on the Fish Food cans to take one now.  There's a glass jar with colored jelly beans on the counter. Those jelly beans are free to take. Click the glass jar to view it in close-up.   

Click 3 times on the glass jar to take some orange, red and yellow jelly beans from the jar. In inventor you then have orange, red and yellow jerry beans. 

Go out this close-up. Look at the bottles in the cupboard against the back wall, on the right side of the counter.  You see the cupboard in close-up.  Click on all the bottles to read what's in them.. Brandy does not take a bottle right now. Beneath the bottles are books.  Click on those books and  Brandy will take one book out...it's a Mushroom book that tells where you can find the BeetIbark, the milkshake, the honeydipper and the red colossos mushrooms. Brandy doesn't take the book but puts it back on the shelf

Exit the close-up and then exit the store. Because Brandy has spent all her $3,- on buying the fish food she hasn't have any money left to buy a gumball from the gumball machine. So let's walk another screen to the left  and  we'll be at the Flower shop. The path goes up but also goes down here. 

Take the Up path to cabin 34. A man on a ladder is busy with some work on cabin 34 and his toolbox stand on the ground. 

Follow the path to the left and Brandy will be at the cabins 35 and 36.   

Spuds stands in front of cabin 36, so go talk with him. While talking with Spuds you'll see that he keeps pointing at the grass that's under the tree.

Spuds has lost his face. In exchange for a fake driver's license, Brandy must help to get Spuds' face back. When the conversation is over click with your black arrow in the grass, under the tree, and.....Between the high grass are a lot of eyebrows, mouths, mustaches, nose and eyes on the ground. Take all of them.  

Open up the inventory and then click with the hand cursor on those Face pieces to enter the:

Restore Spud's Face puzzle

The puzzle is a kind of mastermind. You much choose the right one from all kinds of facial parts.

By pressing the "TALK to Spuds" button, Spuds will tell you if your choice is correct. You can only do that if you have built up the entire face first. Spuds will then tell you how many parts are right. If you replace the parts you can talk to Spuds every time.  Click on the different buttons, from top to bottom to open up screens, on the left side,  with different shapes of  eyebrows, eyes, noses, mustaches and mouth choose, and then choose  

 Eyebrows:  Click on the second  eyebrow from the top. 

 Eyes: Click the bottom pair of eyes

Nose: Click the top nose

Mustache: Click the third mustache from the top

Mouth: Click the bottom one

Click the "Talk to Spuds" button and...........When you have reconstructed Spuds face correctly, you go out the puzzle and, after a conversation, Spuds will make a false driving license for Brandy. The driver's license will be in Brady's suitcase so you can take a look at it if you want

Go another screen left and Brandy will be at Spuds's left neighbor Abraham of cabin 37, who's is watering his orange tree garden. Also notice the dog house.

Follow the path back to the right to the man who's still working on cabin 37. At cabin 37 follow the path down to the fork at the flower shop and then further down to the:

Tiki Bar

The Tiki bar will be placed on the map. Look at the sign, left next of the bar. The sign says that today's Special is the Blue Lagoon cocktail made with Vodka, Lemonade and Blue Curaco. Go another screen left to reach the Surf Photo stage. You can take a photo of yourself here as if you are a surfer, but the photo device is out of order. 

Go further left to the Stage of the Hula Dance Competition. The stage is empty now because the Hula Dance Competition has not yet started. Now that Brandy has a false drivers license she wants to go back to the hotel to finally check in her room. So open up the Map and click on the Hotel location and......In a blink of an eye Brandy will be back in the Lobby of the hotel


Go right and talk again with the receptionist and click "Here's my license" and......

Brandy will give her driver's license to the desk clerk . He returns her driver's license and a room key for room 33

Go through the rooms door to the first floor rooms corridor and take the elevator up to the 3rd floor. 

Step out the elevator and use your room key card on door 33 and Brandy will enter her room.

Left of the balcony doors stand a small round table. There's an Ice bucket on that table. Take the Ice bucket

Open the balcony door and then step out onto the balcony. There's a pair of glasses on the balcony table. Take the glasses. 

Go back inside and leave the room and take the elevator down to the first floor.  

On the first floor step out the elevator and go to the Ice-maker machine. Click the Ice machine and......

Brandy puts her ice bucket in place but the machine isn't working. Brandy puts the ice bucket back in her suitcase. 

Go back to the lobby. Back in the lobby you walk to the left and.......at the aquarium a guy is now sitting at a table. Read the sign.....

Brandy can win an "All expenses Paid" trip to Paris if she enters the contest and Brandy is looking forward to it. Talk to the guy and say "I'd like to enter the contest".......The entry fee to the contest is $ 250,- and Brandy will have to complete 5 assignments in order to win the contest. Of course Brandy doesn't have $ 250,- so she must somehow find a way to get that amount. Leave the hotel and go down to the beach,  or use the map to get to the beach 


Back on the e beach go a screen to the right and talk to the elderly man with the metal detector. 

The man is looking for his wife's ring. Brandy saw a ring in the aquarium of the hotel and she now has the Fish Food, so go back, via the map, to the hotel. Back in the hotel lobby you click again on the aquarium to get in the close-up of it. Take the Fish Food from inventory and through some fish food into the aquarium. Then fish out the Ring with the Fishnet

Go back to the metal detector man on the beach and give him the ring

Brandy gets his metal detector in return. You now must search the beach with the metal detector to find coins. 

You must do this on several screens of the beach and you start here. Take the metal detector out inventory and click with it on the sand and.......

Move the metal detector over the sand and look for a hole. You hear beeps when you near a hole and the pointer at the top left will go all the way to the right, 

When you have found a hole click the "stop detecting" button at top right, then click on the hole and take the coins.

  In this first screen you can find three holes with coins, but after every hole you must take out the metal detector again. 

When you have found the 3 holes and took the coins then Exit. 

Go one screen left and start searching for coins again with the metal detector.....You will detect one hole with coins here. 

Go left  again and you'll be at a little cave on the beach. Search for coins here with the metal detector. There are 2 holes. In one of them you will find a bag of money.  

Take all coins ....It is more than enough for the registration, because Brandy now has $ 320.

The holiday contest

Go back to the hotel and talk to the holiday contest guy again and say that you have the money. 

Brandy  pays automatically and receives an contest list. 

View the list in the inventory with the hand cursor. To win, you must complete the 5 tasks on the list:

Brandy decides to make her grandmother's fruit salad for the last assignment and wonders if the orange grower in cottage 37 will give her some oranges.

Task 1: Collecting the 8 seashells

Walk to the right and look at the bowl of shells on the table by the sofa. You come in a close-up of the bowl. 

Click on the bowl and Brandy takes the whole bowl of shells.  

In inventory you now have an empty bowl and the 1st shell of the 8th shells that you need to find.  

Look in the inventory at your list and you will see that shell number 6 is now checked. Go to the beach. 


Walk a screen to the right. Between the rocks are some brown-striped shells. Take those brown-striped shell at the rocks.  

These are shells Number 7 on your list. You see that other contesters are fishing on the pier but Brandy doesn't have a fishing rod yet, so she will continue here shell hunt Go left twice. Brandy is back at the little cave on the beach. In the cave is a shell of the list but a red crab is protecting the cave. 

Try to take the shell from the little cave as the crab goes to the left. But the crab won't allow Brandy to take the shell. During the conversation with the crab a punker with his loud ghetto blaster will pass by and the crab seems to be distracted by the loud music. 

So Brandy must distract the crab with music if she want a chance to take the shell from the crab's cave, In the foreground lies a black-red shell between the two rocks and that's one of the shells on Brady's list, so take that black-red shell and  Shell Number 4 is checked on the list.

Go another screen left. A little girl has made a sand castle and on the middle tower of her castle is one of the shells of Brady's list.  

Click that sand castle but Brandy doesn't want to steal it, so go talk with little girl. The little girl likes pink things so she wants to have a pink balloon in exchange for her pink shell. Again go left and Brandy is back at the turtle and the tide pool. The turtle has lay all her eggs and between the eggs is a shell of Brady's list. But first click a few times in the Tide Pool. After 3 attempts Brandy takes one of the listed shells from the tide pool and this is shell 8 from her list

Click the turtle nest and in close-up try to grab the shell from among the eggs. However, the turtle thinks the shell is one of her eggs. Leave the close-up and go talk with the turtle. Brandy tells the turtle that one of her eggs is in fact a seashell but Ms. turtle has bad eyes so she can't see it properly. Give the glasses to the turtle and.......

Ms. turtle now sees that there's a shell between her eggs and she asks Brandy to remove the shell.

 So click the eggs again and now take the shell. This is shell number 3 on the list.

Open the map and go back to the village. Brandy will be at the big Tiki who stands at the Shell Shack shop The shell shop is closed but above the door hangs a shell on the left that Brandy needs. Try to take that shell, but Brandy can't reach it. Brandy needs a ladder

Go left twice left and then up to cabin 35. The man who was working on cabin 35 has taking a rest in his hammock.

Take the ladder. Take a screwdriver from the toolbox and then take a roll of duct tape out the toolbox.

Return to the shell shop and place the ladder against the left shell. Take the shell.

Shell number 5 is now also ticked off on the list. Take the ladder back because you'll need it later on. Go to cabin 37, the cabin of orange man Abraham, so first back to cabin 34 and then past the cabins 35 and 36 to cabin 37. Abraham is gone but now his dog is out in the garden. In the tree sits a white cat and that cat throws oranges at the dog , so the dog can't sleep peacefully because of that pesky cat. 

Try to take one of the oranges that are lying in the grass.....but the dog won't allow that unless you scare the cat away. Take the dog bowl, that stands at the doghouse. Open the inventory and combine the bottle of milk with the dog bowl to put the milk into the bowl. 

Then take the milky dog bowl out and click with it on the white cat in the tree and......

Brandy puts the bowl with milk on the grass and the cat goes drink the milk and then goes away. 

The dog goes to sleep again so now take the oranges from the grass...Brandy takes two oranges.

Return to the village, and now enter the flower shop.

Talk to the saleswoman and ask for some pink balloons. 

But there is only one pink balloon left and the saleswoman no longer has helium to inflate the balloon. Brandy gets the pink balloon for free but she needs to find something with witch she can inflate the balloon See that there are also strawberry plants for sale. Those strawberry plants are in the front left cupboard but they don't bare fruit

Leave the flower shop and go a screen to the right and enter The Sporting Event shop.

Talk to the seller and ask him if there is anyone who can teach you how to surf and then ask for a fishing rod.

For surfing Brandy must go talk with the guy from the Tiki Bar. A fishing rod costs $25 and Brandy pays it. So take one of the fishing rods from the right front rack. Brandy also needs bait and there are jars with bait in the front left cupboard. Take a jar with Bait from that cupboard....Bray takes the orange bait. Leave the shop. Outside again click the gumball machine. 

In close-up through money in the slot and then turn the knob and then take the gumballs.

Go right to the Shell Shack and give the Gumballs to Tiki

Go back to the flower shop. You can go behind the flower shop with the right-hand arrow, so go behind the flower shop

At the garbage bin stand a box. Click the box and Brandy finds two forks

Go back to the hotel, via the map or walking the paths. Walk into the first floor hotel rooms corridor and go to the soft drink machine. 

Go in the close-up of the soft drink machine and put money in the slot and choose any can or bottle with sparkles in it. 

Then take the bottle or can and leave the close-up. In inventory combine the pink balloon with your soft drink bottle / can and......

Brandy uses the carbon dioxide of the soft drink to inflate the balloon

Go back to the little girl on the beach. Talk to the little girl and Brandy will give her the balloon and the little girl flies away. 

Click the sand castle and Brandy takes the 7th shell. Shell number 2 is ticked on the list.

Now you only have to find music to chase the crab away from its shell.

Go back to the hotel. Talk to the desk clerk and Brandy will ask if he is having any problems with the loud music that can be heard. 

He tells the hotel room where the music is coming from, it's room 25. Go into the first floor corridor and take the elevator to the second floor. 

Step out the elevator and go left to room 25. Knock on the door and Brandy pretends to be the police. 

The punk doesn't want to turn in his / her music until Brandy can prove she's from the police.

Go back to the elevator and take it up to  the 4th floor. Step out and enter the arcade room and click the red prize machine in the middle.

Put money in the slot and move the grab arm to first get the sheriff star out of the machine.

Brandy needs a police badge but that badge is behind the sheriff star. So you first need to get the sheriff star out the machine.

First go 3x with the arrow to the right, so that the arm hangs above the sheriff star. Then move the arm with the arrows backwards or forwards and press "grab". If the grabber grabs the sheriff star then you can take the star out the machine. Take the sheriff star and put money into the machine to try again because you now must get the police badge that lies behind the sheriff star. So do your best to grab the police badge and take it out the machine

When you have the sheriff star and the police badge take the elevator back to the 2nd floor.

Go to room 25 and knock on the door again. Show the police badge to the punk and it will hand over the radio.

Use the map to go to the beach and walk to the left to the red crab

Click with the radio on the crab and Brandy puts the radio on the left and you then must tune the radio with the green arrows until you hear music without interference noise. 

The crab likes the music and now Brandy can take the shell from the cave.  

Brandy now has all the 8 shells, so she has fulfilled task 1. 

We go on with

Task 3: the surf photo

Go to the Tiki Bar and read the sign again to see that there is another cocktail on the menu....It's now the Apricot Kiss cocktail. 

Talk to the bartender and ask him how to fix the wave rider.

  The bartender doesn't know what's wrong with the photo device and recommends  that Brandy take a look at it herself. 

Go left and view the photo machine again. 

You can now open the machine by unscrewing the 4 screws with the screwdriver, from top left to down right. Inside you'll see that a gear / cogwheel is missing. 

He.....didn't we see some cogs / gears at the elevator of the hotel?. Return and then go left to the Hula Dance Competition stage. 

The competition has started now so go talk with the announcer guy and say that you would like to give it a try. 

But Brandy needs to dress herself up as a Hula girl first, see needs a Lei and a grass skirt

Go back to the flower shop and enter it. Talk to the saleswoman and say that you would like to purchase a lei and then ask about the strawberry plants.  

Brandy automatically pays for the lei and strawberry plant. The strawberry plant does not bear fruit, because the guano fertilizer has run out. The Leis are in the top shelf of the left cupboard and the Strawberry plant are in the left lower cupboard. So take a Lei and take a Strawberry plant. Brandy needs guano to grow strawberries on the plant.

Go back to the hotel and take the elevator to the 5th floor. Turn around to see the elevator, Zoom in on the cogs/ gear sculpture and then take all 6 cogs because you do not know witch cog you need for the surf photo machine. You need to take each cog separately

Go back to the Surf Photo booth, left of the Tiki bar. Zoom in on the photo booth again . You already have unscrewed the hatch, so you see the empty spot where a cog belongs. From the inventory, take the cog that fits on the other two cogs. It's the black cog that has square teeth. Brandy automatically closes the hatch and throws the other cogs away.

Click again on the now repaired photo machine, put money in the slot and Brandy will automatically stand on the "wave rider". 

Take the surfing photo of Brandy from the tray of the photo machine. 

View the assignment list in the inventory and see that Task 3 is checked now. We go on with:

Task 4: Catch a pufferfish

Go to the beach and go 2 screens to the right, to the pier. In the inventory put the bait on the fishing rod

Take the fishing rod out and click with it on the ocean. Brandy catch a wrong fish, so you have to repeat this a few times. 

Every time you must put fresh bait on the fishing rod and then throw the fishing rod in the ocean. 

After catching a wrong fish three times, Brandy thinks it takes a trick to catch the puffer fish.

So go to the town and enter the Sporting Event shop again. Talk to the seller and ask him what kind of bait you must use to catch a puffer fish.  

The seller recommends a worm that you first dip in love potion number 9  as bait. Love potion number 9 can be bought in The Island Outpost. So go there.

  In The Island Outpost, take the red bottle witch is on the second shelf of the bottle cabinet. It is too expensive for Brandy, so she checks the ingredients.

Brandy must have: vodka, a scale of an orange lizard  and a milkshake mushroom. Go out this bottle close-up and then take another look in the mushroom book, under the bottles, and you will see what a milkshake mushroom looks like and where you cant find one.  The mushroom grows in ravines under running water, maybe a waterfall

Go to the Tiki Bar via the map and talk to the bartender and buy a bottle of cheap vodka.

Brandy now needs to go into the jungle.  So on the map click the Town location and then go one screen to the right to be at the crossroad. 

Now take the Up path to go into the:


The jungle will be on the map now

Brandy has entered the jungle and she's at the first jungle crossroad. You can go left, right or back down.   

At the feet of the right tree there's a gray rock. Click on that rock and Brandy will see 3 worms. Grab a worm.

After you have taken a worm go a screen left. At the top right of the path, a pineapple plant grows without fruit. On the left side fireflies flying around a  red flower. 

The path goes further up to a gorilla. Go up to the gorilla and talk to him. 

The gorilla is juggling with a coconut and Brandy would like to have the coconut. Brandy suggest to trade the coconut for a banana and the gorilla agrees with his thump up. Go back down and then right to be back at the crossroad and then go another screen to the right.  In the lower right corner, beneath the bird, are some colored flowers. 

Take those  colored flowers because they will be the decoration for Brady's hula skirt. Go up to the hippo at the waterfall. 

The hippo is eating the grass. Brandy needs the grass for her hula skirt but if you try to take some long grass the hippo doesn't allow this. 

Talk to the hippo but it won't go away. Go left and talk to the sleeping  lion. This lion is full of fears and Brandy thinks it needs a dose of courage. 

 Go back to the hippo at the waterfall and then further to the right and Brandy will be at a cave

Vines are blocking the cave so Brandy can't enter and she does not have a knife or a machete. Go further right and Brandy will be at a deep canyon. 

Take the ladder from inventory and place it over the canyon and then cross over to the other side. 

On the other side of the canyon Brandy will be at  a statue of Kua'a apoe. The statue has a machete in his right hand and a spear in his left hand. Take the Machete

Look at the machete in the inventory and you will notice that it is blunt, so Brandy needs to sharpen the machete before she can use it on the vines at the cave. 

Go further up and then go right to be at a hut. 

There's nobody home right now so go 2 times left... You see a red and a yellow lizard crawling into their holes.  

The red lizard goes into the top hole and the yellow lizard into the left hole. Brandy needs an orange lizard scale, so you will have to catch a red and a yellow lizard and to do that you need to make a trap first. In the inventory, combine the forks with the adhesive tape and Brandy made a snare trap. Scroll down through the inventory and then take the Snare out and......... 

click with the snare on the top hole and........Bray puts the snare on the ground in front of the top hole

Take the red jellybeans out inventory and click them on the snare trap and see what happens.....

The red lizard eats all the red jellybeans and leaves a red scale on the snare trap. Take the snare trap back and in inventory take the red scale from the snare. 

Then take the snare back out of inventory an d now click with it on the left hole and......Brandy puts the snare on the ground in front of the  left hole. Now click with the yellow jellybeans on the snare and the yellow lizard will eat them and leaves a yellow scale on the snare.  

Take the snare back and in inventory remove the yellow scale from the snare.  

Brandy needs a orange scale so in inventory combine the red scale with the yellow scale and you have an orange scale

Go back a screen to the right and then go down, left and then click on the ladder to cross over to the other side.

 Back on the other side of the canyon Brandy will pick up the ladder herself. 

Go left to be back at the cave. There are some rocks at the right side of the cave.  Sharpen the machete on the rocks, at the right side of the cave. 

Then use the machete on the vines to cut then away. Pick up the vines that are on the ground

Combine the 2 vines in the inventory into one long vine and then enter the cave.

It is too dark to see anything in the cave, so leave the cave to find something that gives light, but first go back to the right, to the canyon. On the edge, where Brandy stands,  stand a rock. Wrap the long vine around that rock and then climb down to the bottom of the canyon

At the bottom of the canyon there are 2 purple milkshake mushrooms, on the other side of the river. Brady needs those 2 milkshake mushrooms so go get them 

Brandy now has all the ingredients for the love potion number 9. So open up the map and go back to the Tiki Bar At the Tiki Bar again read witch drink is now on the menu sign..it's a courage drink and that is what Brandy needs for the fearful lion. You need to look at the sign in close-up to be able to order this drink

Then go talk to the bartender and Brandy will order the courage drink and she can get it for free but the bartender no longer has pineapple, so he cannot mix the drink now.

Brandy will have to return to the jungle to pick pineapples. So click "Jungle" on the map and Brandy will be at crossroad 1 in the jungle.  Go left and Brandy is back at the fireflies and the pineapple plant that now is bearing fruit. Cut of one of the pineapples with the machete and then pick up the pineapple

Then cut of the other pineapple and also pick it up. You must have both pineapples. 

On the left the fireflies are still buzzing around the red plant. Use the Net on the fireflies to catch them because they can give Brandy light in the dark cave. 

Travel back to the Tiki Bar via the map and give one of the pineapples to the bartender. 

Brandy gets the Courage drink and she keeps one pineapple

Go back into the jungle, via the map,  and then go right and then up to the hippo and then left to be back at the fearful lion Give the courage drink to the lion and......

.... the lion will chase the hippo away. Take the bananas from the tree in front of which the lion stood.

Go back to the right......the hippo is gone now so pick up the long dried grass,  next to the flamingo. 

Brandy needs that grass as a skirt for the Hula dance competition. Go back to the gorilla and give the bananas to the gorilla. Brandy will give the gorilla one banana The gorilla throws the coconut with which he juggled against a tree, cutting the coconut in half. Take the coconut. It later becomes the top of Brandy's hula outfit. 

Go back to the cave via down, 2x to the right, up and to the right. Enter the cave. 

The fireflies illuminate the cave and all the bats fly out the cave Grab some bat guano from the ground.

Exit the cave and go back to where the fireflies where via left, down and 2x left.  Brandy releases the fireflies on her own.

Use the map to go to the beach. Go 2x right to  be back on the pier.  In inventor put the orange scale into the ice bucket. Then add the milkshake mushroom and then the vodka. Then click the worm on the bucket to soak the worm with the love potion...the worm discolors. Put the worm on the fishing rod and click on the sea with the fishing rod and........ 

Brandy immediately catches a puffer fish now and she's the first of all competitors who has catch a puffer fish. Task 4 is now also checked off the list so let's go on with.....

Task 2: The Hula Dance Competition

Brandy still has two tasks to complete: win the hula dance competition and make a fruit salad. She has already collected many of the objects needed for this. Turn the grass in the inventory into a Hula skirt by clicking on the grass with the hand cursor in the inventory. Then decorate the skirt with the flowers by clicking the flowers on the skirt. 

The 2 half coconuts will serve as Brandy's top. Brandy is now ready for the Hula dance competition.  Go to the Tiki Bar and then 2x left until to reach the stage. Talk to the organizer and say that you got the outfit. The organizer explains what the intention is:

The puzzle is a kind of master mind puzzle. Read the instructions first

So you must choose 4 dance steps from a number of dance steps (4 rows of 3 movements each) to be performed by Brandy. You must do the passes in the correct order. A jury will show you whether you have chosen a dance pass that occurs in the dance. If ​​the dance pass occurs in the dance, but is not danced in the right order, you will receive 1 point per dance pass. If the dance pass occurs in the dance and is put in the right order, you get 5 points. If the dance pass does not appear in the dance, you will receive 0 points for your choice.

Choose: Back Moves 2 - Front Moves 3 - Right Moves 1 - Front Moves 2.

Brandy gets 5 points from each judge, wins the competition and receives a trophy. Task 2 is ticket of the list

Task 5: Fruit salad

Look at the task list in the inventory. Brandy must make the fruit salad. For that she still needs strawberries because she already has the other ingredients. The saleswoman in the flower shop told that you can get fruit from the strawberry plant by using guano. In the inventory put the bat  guano on the strawberry plant......

The plant also needs water so and go to the hotel. If you travel via the map to the hotel then go outside to be at the fountain

Click with the strawberry plant in the water of the fountain and strawberries will grow immediately.

In inventory pick the strawberries from the plant with the hand cursor and then shop them into smaller pieces with the machete. Chop the bananas with the machete and do the same with the pineapple and oranges. Put all the pieces of fruit in the bowl in the inventory. Then click the bowl with the hand cursor...... It still need some poison from the puffer fish. Add the puffer fish to the bowl of fruit and the fruit salad is ready.

Take another look at the competition form and you read that you have to bring the fruit salad to hotel room 12. Enter the hotel and enter the hallway with rooms. Enter room 12. Give the bowl of fruit  to one of the judges and Brandy will win first prize with flying colors.

Brandy has completed all her tasks and is looking forward to her trip to Paris.

Return to the hotel lobby and go left and see........ The guy from the contest has disappeared.

Go to the right to speak to the desk clerk. The clerk says that that guy does not belong to the hotel and has swindled her.

Go back left again and see that someone has dropped his / her wallet at the aquarium

Take the wallet and open it with the hand cursor in the inventory.

Take out the money, the room key and the driver's license. The name on the drivers license is Jason Krueger, so he is the swindler

Go to the desk to ask in which room Krueger was staying. His room hasn't been cleaned yet.

Brandy automatically bribes the desk clerk to get the room number. Krueger was staying in room 54, so go to the elevator and choose the 5th floor.

Hold the green keycard against the door of room 54 and Brandy will enter.

Look at the table in the right hand corner, There is a notepad and some pencils on that table.

Take a pencil and then take the pencil out inventory click with it on the notepad.

Numbers and letters can now be read. They are coordinates. Grab the note (co-ordinates) and in inventory look more closely at it with the hand cursor.

Behind the bed is a chest of drawers. with a TV on it. Open the bottom drawer under the TV and Brandy takes an GPS device that Kreuger has forgotten.

NB: To let Brandy open  up the bottom drawer you must click on the bed where it says Chest.

 In inventory click the GPS with the hand cursor. Then enter the longitude: 19.8968N and then  press your "enter key".

NB: Pay attention to the capital letter and the dot! Then type latitude: 157.5828W and press your "enter key".

Brandy sees a map of islands on the GPS screen. One of the islands has a red cross.

Brandy has to find someone to take her to that island.  Exit the room and take the elevator down. Talk to the desk clerk again and ask if he knows anyone that has a boat. If Brandy wants a boat, she must be at the Tiki Bar. So go back to the Tiki Bar and talk to the bartender.

 He says his nephew, witch is Chief Patooka's grandson, can help her, but she must offer him something in exchange for his help.

Brandy has already been to the hut of that Chief in the jungle, but no one was there at the time. Travel to the "Waterfall" via the map and then go 2x to the right. Brandy is back at the canyon.   Place the ladder over the canyon again and go across the ladder to the other side and go to the right. Brandy will be at the statue of Kua' a apoa again. Go up and to the right and......Brandy automatically will talk with Chief Patooka. 

The game continues automatically now for a while

The Chief's grandson will take Brandy to the island with his speed boat, but the Chief wants 8 shells for a necklace for his daughter. Brandy has those shells in her inventory and she automatically gives them to the Chief. Patooka's grandson takes Brandy to the location of the coordinates. They agree to meet again later, and Brandy automatically goes to the hideout of the criminals. Brandy overhears a conversation with Krueger and his partner. Among other things, it is said that the code of the safe is hidden in a painting. Another gang member catches Brandy and knocks her down and she gets locked up


Brandy wakes up in a junk room and has nothing left in her inventory. Look at the loose planks at the front right in the floor

It is not possible to loosen the boards with bare hands. In the shelving unit stand a box on the lower shelf. 2 glass jars are also in the shelving unit. 

Click the box and Brandy takes a hammer out the box

Click the glass jars and then take some springs and some nails from the glass jars.

Open up the inventory. If you don't see anything in inventory then scroll up until you see the hammer, the nails and the springs. 

Then take out the hammer and click with it on the loose floorboards to take them out

Click in the crawl space beneath the floor. It's the way out, but Brandy doesn't want to leave until she finds evidence of the crimes. Check out the hatch that is in the ceiling. It is the entrance to a room where the safe will be. Brandy gives an indication of how to get through the hatch. She says she has to build a trampoline.

Take the bed frame, which Brandy then puts in her inventory.

Take the roll of tarpaulin, that's in the back right corner.

 In inventory combine the tarp with the bed frame. The tarpaulin is too big so Brandy must cut it

Look at the window that is on the floor and then take a glass shard from it.

In inventory use the glass shard on the tarpaulin to cut a piece of. Attach the springs to the tarpaulin and place the tarpaulin on the bed frame. The trampoline is ready.

Use the trampoline by putting it on the floor, under the hatch,  and then jump on the trampoline.

 Brandy isn't getting high enough and says she needs more springs. So go in the close-up of the glass jars again and take some more springs from the glass jar and attach them to the bed frame by clicking with the springs on the bed frame Jump on the trampoline again and........

 Brandy now goes through the hatch and then she crawls through the ventilation shaft to the left. Click Brandy's text away and she enter in the room with the safe.

Look at the painting that's on the wall. There are 3 woman in the painting.

The top woman's eye looks like a 2. The pink woman's nose, at top right,  is an inverted 7. The pale pink woman's nose is a 5. 

So the code for the safe must be 2-7-5 or from bottom to top 5-7-2.

Zoom out. Click on the safe and then click on the code block. Enter code 5-7-2 and then the press enter key. The door opens.

Take the ledger. All hotels where everybody has been ripped off are listed in the ledger. Brandy has her evidence

Brandy doesn't want to take the money,  so click RETURN and then go through the hatch in the ceiling again and Brandy will crawl back to the junk room

Now exit through the floor. Brandy comes out. Go to the top of the screen on the left side of the house.

Brandy notices that the criminals have discovered her escape and theft of the book.

Make sure they cannot escape by barricade the front door with the floor boards, so click the boards on the front door

After this, the game continues automatically to the end and all is well that ends well

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot