2021 Walkthrough by Louis Koot and Dick Leeuw

Text by Dick Leeuw and screenshots by Louis Koot

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Note from Louis: This is a Steam game and you control it with your keyboard and mouse. Because it's a Steam game there are so called achievements hidden in the game. You can unlock those achievements by doing certain things in the game. Those achievements aren't necessary for finishing the game and in my humble opinion they do not add anything to the game. So in this walkthrough we will not tell you where and how you can earn those achievement. As a general rule just click on anything that you can click on and you will get all those achievements. Then go to Steam and to the game discussion forum to tell other gamers how smart you are that you have found all the achievements in this game. But probably there will be another smart ass there who already has put an all achievement document there........

Start the game, you can then adjust things in the options and controls the way you like to play.

Every time you exit the game a save is made, it is overwritten every time

Then click on New Game and an intro movie will follow

You are in the hall, and you are looking at the living room. You can view all paintings but that is not necessary.


You are in the hall, and you are looking at the living room. You can view all paintings but that is not necessary.

Go to the living room, right in front of you is a Tiki statue next to the double doors.

On the right is the door to the kitchen and on the left you see several masks and trophies.

Go to the Tiki statue, you will see a gear. You cannot do anything with that yet, you first must find an object that you have to combine with the statue.

 Click CTRL to crawl, then pull open the drawer in the cabinet under the statue.The drawer is empty, close the drawer again.

The large drawer under the drawer is blocked

Click CTRL again to get up, turn around and walk to the wall with the masks.

You are missing 1 mask on the wall, there is a mask on the floor against the couch.Take the mask

Click with the gear-cursor on the large mask, then click on Tab and you will now see inventory. You can now try to drag the mask to the empty spot, but the mask does not fit here yet. Move your cursor to the right mask, you will see the hand cursor . Pull down that mask and a hook will appear on the empty spot.

Click left Tab and then drag the mask to the hook. The large mask will now open and you will see a spear hanging

Take the spear.

Turn around and you will see an elephant statue on a table next to the double doors.

Click on the elephant to view it and then right click to put it back down.Turn to the left and you will see a letter on the couch.

Walk to the couch and take the letter, read the letter, also the back of the letter.

Click on the Tab and you can read the letter more easily, right click twice to close the screen.

On the other side of this room is a low cupboard, you can open all drawers and doors, but you will not find anything interesting.

Walk to the double doors and open both doors

There are 2 doors down here and there is also a door at the top of the stairs, but all doors are locked

Go to the Tiki statue and click with the gear on his hand, click on Tab and drag the spear to the hand

Pull the spear down and the bottom large drawer opens, pull the drawer open further.

Take the monkey figurine from the drawer.

Click CTRL to get back up. Open your inventory and click on the monkey figurine

Pull the hands down 1 by 1, then pull the head up.

Take the head with the key.

Click the inventory away and turn to the right, walk to the door.

Click on the lock with the gear cursor and drag the key from your inventory to the lock.

Click away your inventory and turn the key, push open the door and enter the kitchen.


To the right is a low table, continue walking.

On the left you see a balancing puzzle, in the middle a cupboard with an hourglass and on the right 2 barrels with shelves above.

Go to the 2 barrels and take the letter that is there, read the letter.

Click the letter away and look at the left barrel, there are peppercorns. There is a grinder on the right barrel.

Take the peppercorns and click them to your inventory, then click with the gear cursor on the grinder.

Take the peppercorns from your inventory and drag them to the grinder.

Turn the rotary wheel on the side and then open the drawer at the bottom.

Take the ground pepper from the drawer.

Then turn to the left and click with the gear cursor on the hourglass.

Turn the hourglass upside down and the hourglass is on the table.

You see a star on top of the hourglass, and you can turn this star.

Turn the star to the left and now you can take the star.

Click on the star in your inventory, there is a gear next to it.

Turn the star over and click on the square in the middle of the star. You will then get an 8-pointed star.

Click this star to your inventory

Then go to the table next to the cupboard. There is a strange device on the table, this is the balance puzzle. You can click with the gear cursor on the device, but you cannot do anything with it yet, you first have to find 4 bottles. On this side of the table, you see 4 drawers but there is nothing interesting to be found there.

Turn to the left and go to the shelves, under the shelves is a chest.

On the bottom shelf is bottle 1, take the bottle.

There is a corkscrew on the chest, take the corkscrew.

Turn around and go to the oven, you will then be behind the table with the balance device

Turn around to the table and zoom in on the right side, open the top drawer and find your find bottle 2.

Turn to the right and walk in the direction of the closet, on the left you see a hole in the floor.

Next to the hole in the floor is a bucket, take the bucket

Turn right and now go to the cupboard, in the middle you get the gear cursor. Click with the gear cursor on the star in the middle of the cabinet.

Open your inventory and drag the star from your inventory to the star on the cupboard

Click away your inventory and rotate the star, open the cover and you will find a crank. Grab the crank

Go slightly to the right, there you will see a rack with bottles. In the bottom compartment is bottle 3, take bottle 3.

Turn to the right and walk to the table against the wall, pick up and read the letter on the table.

To the left of the table is a kettle. Take that kettle.....it's empty

Turn around and look at the ceiling, there is bottle 4. But how do you get it?

Go down the stairs to the basement

Walk to the 3 cupboards with bottles, in the first cupboard there is a rope.

Take the rope, you can look in all the cupboards, but you will not find anything in them.

Go to the well and click with the gear cursor on the well

You are standing next to the well, first drag the rope to the shaft above the well. Then drag the bucket to the rope and the bucket drops down.

On the side of the pole see the axle and 2 pawls above it, pull those pawls down otherwise the bucket will not stay above.  

Now drag the crank from your inventory to the axle.

Now turn the bucket up with the crank, drag the kettle from your inventory to the bucket. You now have a kettle full of water.

Go back up and immediately turn left to the oven.

At the bottom right is a door, open the door. There you will find tinder and flint, take the tinder and the flints.

Click on the oven with the gear cursor and then drag the tinder and flint to the firewood at the bottom

You now have to move the flint up and down until the fire is burning.

Then drag the kettle with water to the oven.

When the kettle blows steam, turn the kettle until the steam blows against the fan

The rope on which bottle 4 is hanging now breaks and bottle 4 now lies on a bag of flour. Go there and grab bottle 4 witch is empty

Then go to the front of the table with the balance puzzle. 

Click with the gear cursor on the device, you will see a shelf where the 4 bottles should be.

The bottles all have a different bottom, look at the bottles and put them in the right place.

When you put bottles A, B and C in the rack, the device goes further up.

This does not happen with bottle D because the bottle is empty, you now have to fill bottle D.

Drag the corkscrew to bottle D.

Turn the handle of the corkscrew until it stops, then pull the corkscrew with the cork up.

Now you can fill the bottle with the ground pepper.

The device is skewed, you now have to balance the device with the bottles.

You see 4 hooks on the device and you have to hang the bottles on them and thus balance the device.

You can use all bottles, but you can also do it with 3 bottles and then you get an Achievement.

Number the hooks from 1 to 4 (see screenshot), hang bottle B on hook 1, bottle C on hook 2 and bottle D on hook 4.

A hatch E slides open. Take the elephant key, it is for the lock of the office door.

Go back to the living room and then go through the double doors on the right along the stairs.

Click with the gear cursor on the lock, drag the elephant key to the lock. Click away the inventory

Turn the key and push the door open. You are at the entrance of the office.

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2021 Walkthrough by Louis Koot and Dick Leeuw

Text by Dick Leeuw and screenshots by Louis Koot