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You have just opened 2 magnetic gates. Click on the red button on the computer and then walk to the door. Click on the lock and go outside. Go to the right and walk to the gate by the pool, that gate is now open. Go through the gate and walk down the stairs, there is a lot of junk at the bottom of the stairs.

At the front is a can with lamp oil, grab this can because you will need lamp oil later.

The oil can goes into your inventory

When the oil can  is in your inventory, step into the water and walk along the stairs to the drain pipe that you see across the pond. 

There is a key in the pipe, but you can't get it as long as the water flows.

Turn to the right and walk to the concrete walkway, go under it and go to the blue turning wheel that you see between the bushes.

Click on the blue rotary wheel to drain the pipe with the key in it.

Then go back to the pipe with the key.

Take the key and walk back to the stairs,

walk upstairs and go through the gate. Then walk to the left along the path to the pier and......

....... from the pier to the gate in the fence on the beach. Walk through the gate, you will see a concrete corridor with a gate on the left, you can enter here because it is not locked. Inside you will find the machine that you saw in the diary but you can't do anything with it yet, you only go there later at the end of the game because you don't need it before.

Straight ahead you see the other gate at the pool but it is still locked. On the right you see a staircase, go upstairs and there is a gate with a keyhole on the left. Click on the keyhole and the key will be inserted in the hole and turned over. The gate is now open.

Walk in, on the left you will see a portal with a steel door. This is the Warehouse but you don't have the code yet so that will come later. There is a staircase to the right, but you first go straight ahead over the wooden path. Follow it to the cave,

Click on the handle on the left and the door will open.

NB: In version 2.2.8 of the game  you need to solve a code puzzle first to open this door. Click HERE to see  what you must do

If you have not picked up the jug with oil then you cannot enter now and you still have to go and get the jug. If you do have the oil, go inside, there are 4 oil lamps. You have to click on glasses of all oil lamps to light them.

You will see a box with 6 cylinders on the table, you have to click on the cylinders to lower it. Click on a cylinder and this will lower and another cylinder will lower. Then click on the next cylinder and this and another bags down, but 1 can also come up again.

The solution that works well for me is simple and short:

 click on the cylinder on the rear right, then click on the cylinder on the front right and finally click on the cylinder on the front left.

All cylinders are down and now you can open the doors. Take the metal catch that you see there, which you will need later in the game.

You are now ready so go to the door and click on the lever on the right and go outside. Walk up to the large staircase, it is now on the left and go up. 

You arrive on a platform, you see a tripod on the left and 2 boxes on the right

Walk to the crates and slide the upper crate away, you will find a drawing of the pier with a code: L123130.

Turn around and you see 2 blue doors and the generator tower, the doors can only be opened from the inside, so you cannot go further here.

You now have to go all the way down and then across the beach  up to the pier and then follow the path back to the cabin to convert the code.

In the cabin you convert the code L123130 in the box to the code for the gate of the pier: 4QLM15.

Now go to the computer in Cameras, you have to use code 9613 again to enter and click on the red button on the computer. Then click on the second white button on the left and enter the code: 4QLM15, click on enter and then on the round white button.

The gate is now open, click on the red button and go outside. Walk to the pier and go through the now open gate. There are 2 boxes on top of each other.

Push the upper chest aside and you will see a drawing of a rebus,

 you have to solve it and then you have the code for the door of the Warehouse.

The solution for the rebus is: There are 4 satellite dishes on the island. There are 5 gates with mesh. There are 5 portals with steel doors. There are 3 mooring posts - there is a minus sign in front of it. There are 8 cameras on the island. The solution then becomes 4, 5, 5 minus 3 = 2, so the code is 4528. This is the code for the door of the Warehouse.

Walk across the beach to the gate, go up the stairs and through the gate. On the left is the portal with the door of the Warehouse.

Click on the number plate and enter the code and then click on the round white button.

Inside you walk to the desk, there is a chest on the roller track. Behind that chest there is a letter on the wall but you cannot read it.

Walk back to the entrance, there is a chest above the start of the roller track.

Walk to the crate and click on the crate, the crowbar now push the crate onto the roller track.

The box rolls over the track and push the other box away, now you can read the letter so go to the letter.

Click on the letter and you will see the indication that some letters in this letter are important.

The initial letters of those words form a code: R135021. Note this down

Click on Esc to zoom out and then click on the middle drawer of the desk, there you will find a piece of newspaper with the letter B.

Note this letter, this is part of another code.

Then walk back to the cabin on the beach to convert this code. R135021 then becomes RQWC12.

Then walk to the door of Cameras, open the door and enter the code at the second button on the right. The other gate at the pool is now also open.

Then walk to the beach and go through the gate, also walk through the gate at the pool and you are on a concrete bridge. You see 2 steel doors here, the right one is from Extraction and the left one is from Maintenance. You can also see a steel door one floor higher.

First find the codes for the doors here. There is a chest on the bridge, walk to the chest and push it aside. There is a drawing underneath, this is an indication of the Maintenance code.

: You see 4 crosses and below another indication: 42 years = 6, so 4+2=6

You should have noted the ages of the 4 men on the crosses. The drawing shows the crosses from small to large, so set the ages from young to old: 31, 38, 39 and 41 years.

The clue on the drawing here says that you have to count the numbers together and then you have a single digit

Martin Gale was 38 years when he died. Medith Khaman was 41 when he died.  Roby Ney was 31 when he died. Sam Hovar was 39 when he died.  Now add up those ages and start with the youngest

Roby Ney = 31=3+1 = 4

Martin Gale = 38=3+8=11=1+1=2. 

Sam Hovar = 39=3+9=12=1+1=3. 

Medith Khaman=41=4+1=5

So the code for the maintenance door is: 4-2-3-5. 

Click on the Maintenance plate and enter the code, click on the white button.

Inside it is dark, on the right on the wall is the switch for the light. Then go 2 stairs down and there you will find another light switch on the left side of the wall.

Also click the second switch to have light in the workshop cellar. Walk further and you will arrive in the workshop in the basement.

On the left is a red cupboard against the wall, straight ahead you see a workbench with a desk next to it. On the right you see a number of boxes on the floor and on a raised level you see a thick steel door with a rotary wheel. Walk to the red cupboard and open the doors, on a shelf you'll find another piece of paper.

Get the piece of paper. It's stored in the inventory. You now can read 437 volts on that paper en bits of another code

Walk to the desk and click on the middle drawer, locked and you need a key.

Walk to the wooden stairs and go upstairs but unfortunately the stairs breaks, you have to find another solution.

You now have to move the crates on the floor so that there is a crate path from the stairs to the other side.

When you have made the path, walk back to the stairs and jump from the stairs onto the crates and walk over to the other side other side

On the podium you turn left....You can see a number of pipes, in the upper pipe is a yellow key. Get the yellow key.

Then walk to the gray door and click on the wheel, you have to be clos e to the door

The wheel will turn and the door will open, go through the door and you will enter the lava cave.

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