January 2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  and  Dick Leeuw

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You are in the lava cave, there is a path to the right along the rock face. Turn right and go down the stairs, follow the path up.

Halfway is a platform, go to the control panel here.

Click on the key panel on the left and the yellow key will be inserted.

You can move the pointer with the blue and red buttons, but that is not yet possible and you do not know where the pointer should be on. 

Go back to the path and continue upwards until you reach a gray steel door. Click on the latch and you go through the door, you are now on the balcony above the pool. To the right are 2 crates with a plate on them, go there.

It is a slider puzzle, on the right is written how the controls are. Select tile and de-select by clicking on the tile. After selecting, you can rotate the tile by clicking on the R button, the tile then rotates 90 degrees. You can move a tile with keys on the numerical block: 2, 4, 6 and 8. You may have to click the Numlock button first, otherwise this block will not work here.

If you have all tiles in the right place you will see a number: 2859 this is the code for the door of Extraction

Walk to the steel door here on the balcony and click on the latch. Walk down the path along the rock wall and click on the rotary wheel on the heavy door.

You are back in the workshop, jump to the ground on the right of the boxes. Make sure that the path over the crate remains because you have to cross it again to the heavy door later. Walk further up and click on the door lock. Outside you go left to the door of Extraction.

Click on the plate and enter the code: 2859, the door will open.

Walk downstairs and you will see a number of corridors, in the corridor on the left you see the door of an office. In the corridor straight ahead you see the door of the dining room, in the right corridor you see the door to the dormitory. Go to the right and click on the door handle, go inside.

Walk to the table and click on the bible, you can browse the bible.

Click on the painting above the table, in the corner you will find the torn piece from the last page in the diary.

This is a clue for solving the machine puzzle, the machine that you saw in the drawing in the diary in the cabin.

For the solution you need Google, you have to find a secret code that Christians used during the persecution by the Romans. You only need this at the end of the game. Click on the latch of the green door to the left of the table and enter. This is the bathroom, behind the door you see the toilet. On the cistern you will find a piece of paper, grab that piece of paper.


In your inventory you see a bit more on those pieces of paper, but you still miss a few pieces. You can click here on the taps and on the shower tap and the water starts to flow, but that is not necessary. Then go through the other green door to the corridor, there you see the door to the dining room on the left. Go inside the dining room.

In the left corner is a sideboard but that sideboard isn't important. Go to the sideboard that stand in the right corner, click on it and you will see a clue:

First you see Right Buffet and then: things are arranged in a certain order. Count the number of different things here on this sideboard: 4 knives, 3 spoons, 1 teapot, 4 plates, 2 wine glasses and 5 pencils. This gives this code: R431425, make a note of this because you will first continue below.

Go through the door next to the right sideboard and cross the hall to the kitchen, enter.

Click on the oven door, you'll find another piece of paper in the oven. Get this paper.

Then go to the sink and click on the tap but unfortunately no water.

Between the sink and the oven you see a rotary wheel, click on the rotary wheel and now water flows into the sink. 

A board comes to the surface. You must take that board but..........

BUG ALERT: Before you continue now with taking the board out of the sink you better first close the game so that a save game is made at this location. It could be that you get a bug here, I've had it twice and had to start all over again. If you have the save game then you start the game and continue.

When you're back in the game you are at the sink again. Now take the board out of the water and if you are bothered by the bug then click on F12 and then the game closes without saving the game. Now you can start the game again and continue because you have a save game for this point.  

When you have the shelf you leave the kitchen, go left and then right. At the end of the corridor you turn right again and then left into the office.

To the left is a gate with a door that is locked with a code and you don't know it yet.

Turn around and go to the desk, on which stands a tower that can rotate.

At the top you see the 5 colors that you also saw on the inside of the door of the cabin. Under the colors you see 5 tiles, some of which are lighter in color, note which tiles are lighter in which color. Turn to the file cabinet and click on the top drawer, here you see a piece of newspaper with the letter H. Note the H.

Leave the office and go left, follow the corridor to the right and there is another corridor to the left.

You see a blue door, locked. On the right is a cupboard on the wall. Click on the doors to open them.

Click on the empty space between the boards and the board from the sink will now be placed here.

Click on the green button and you will see that you are missing something. You cannot continue here now.

Turn and go left, follow the corridor and then go left again. You see a staircase down on the right and on the left you see a waste container, open the lids and you find a piece of paper on the right. Also take this piece of paper.

Turn around and you will see a broken screwdriver on the air duct. You can't do anything with it but remember that it is here.

Go to the door and click on the wheel, step through the door.

You see a few barrels and a pipe in the corner, go to the pipe and you see another piece of paper.

Take this paper too.

Turn to the left and you will see on the left another side corridor with a gate, you have seen this gate on the computer in Cameras.  You have to open this gate there, you still have the code for the sideboard. Maybe this is for this gate. Walk further down the corridor and press the red button next to the steel doors.

The elevator comes down and the doors open, step in the elevator.

Upstairs you step out of the elevator and you see 2 blue doors, next to each door is a switch. Open the doors with the switches.

First go through the door on the left, walk over the suspension bridge to the tower. This is the generator and you need a code. 

Turn around and you see the roof of the elevator building and you have to go there now.

Walk back to the building and turn right just before the door. Then walk along the wall to the rear of the building, there is a ladder.

Click on the ladder to go up, there is a toolbox on the fan in the middle of the roof. Take the screwdriver from the box.

Go down the ladder and go to the blue door, go in and out through the other door. You will then arrive on the platform where you have been before.

Then go down the large stairs and further down to the beach.

Via the pier and the path you come to the cabin,

 go inside the cabin again and convert the code: R431425 becomes 4QKM15.

Go to Cameras and enter the code on the computer, third white button on the left. The gate to Storage is now open.

Then go via the pier and the beach to the big stairs, go all the way up to the blue doors. Step inside, go to the elevator and push the red button

Step back into the elevator and go down. Then go right into the corridor and the gate is now open, follow the corridor.

You are now in Storage, you see a number of racks. Walk straight ahead and at the back you'll find a telescope on the lower shelf on the left.

Take the telescope.

Go to the other corridor and there you will see 3 cameras on a shelf.

Click on the top camera and you will see a drawing of a rebus, copy this rebus.

Turn around and on the middle shelf is an empty Esso can, grab this can. You need this can to fill it with gasoline for the boat, at the end of the game

Then turn to the right and in the back wall you see a door with a panel.

Click on the red button to zoom in on the panel. Click on a white square and a light comes on, click again and the color changes. With the red round buttons you can move the white squares but where should they be. You need more information. Go up again with the elevator and out through the right door. On the platform there is a tripod on the left, click on the tripod and the telescope is placed on the tripod.

Click on the sight glass and you look through the telescope, then look for the concrete base of the satellite dish. There is a blue 6 on the base.

You may have already noted which colored numbers there are on the other 3 satellite dishes. If you have not done that, then go to the other satellite dishes to do that. On the pier you will find a red 2 at the base of the antenna,

On the antenna that's in the curve of the path you'll find a yellow 4

When you follow the path back to the cabin you'll come to metal ladder again. Now climb up this ladder. 

On top of this hill stand the 3rd antenna. Go to the other side of the antenna and you'll see a green 7 on its base

Climb back down through the ladder, or just jump down to the path, and go all the way back to the door with the panel to solve the puzzle.

You now also need the drawing on the wall of the ruin, the drawing with the order of the 4 satellite dishes. 

You now also know which number and which color belongs to each antenna.

Zoom in on the panel and click on the top light, it should turn red. Then click 1x on the top right red round button to move the light 1 place. The second must turn yellow and come to place 4. The third must turn green and be in 7th place. And the last one must turn blue and be in 6th place.

When they are all in the right place, click on the yellow button and the door will open.

Go into this secret room. You will find 3 corpses here, they where the last people here on the island.

On the table is a piece of paper and a key and an orange book

First take the piece of paper

Click on the orange book, read this. You read that the clue how to disable the anti-radar system can be found on the desk in Maintenance.

Take the key

Leave this room and go right to the door with the rotary wheel, click on the wheel and go through the door.

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January 2020: Walkthrough by : Louis Koot  en Dick Leeuw