2021:Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and  Louis Koot

We both have the gog.com version of this game

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This walkthrough is made while playing this game on NORMAL DIFFICULTY.

If you play the game on HARD Difficulty then the story is the same but the puzzles and solutions are different

Part 1: Amia:

Activate and turn the Elevator

You play this level as Amia and you are welcomed by Emmanuel, your faithful guide and humble servant, who will later prove not to be so trustworthy.  Apparently something went wrong while teleporting to Regilus because your partner Bogard has ended up somewhere else. Emmanuel tells Amia to go to the Andromeda hotel where Bogard is waiting for her,  but to reach the hotel Amia has to activate the elevator first

Straight ahead you see 2 large wheels. Name those 2 wheels as Wheels B. Walk slightly in the direction of Wheels B and then turn left to the bridge


The bridge leads to a building and in front of that building a lady is sitting on a bench. Walk across the bridge to the lady and ........

...to the right of the lady you see Wheel A, which consists of only 1 wheel.  Stand right in front of the lady and then click on her twice to talk to her

At the top right you get an explanation about how it works with your cursor in the game

You can skip the dialogues in conversations by hitting your spacebar, but of course you only do that if you are now playing the game for the 3rd or 4th time because then you will know all the dialogues by heart. If this is your first time playing the game, you better wait patiently for a conversation to end......This Lady Is Talking gibberish and Amia doesn't understand much

After the conversation with the lady you turn right and go to Wheel A

Listen carefully to your electronic guide because I am not going to explain all this again. So you have to send a laser beam from Wheel A to the central elevator

Zoom in on Wheel A. Wheel A has 1 wheel and it consists of segments with dots. The segments have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc dots. You can turn the wheel up or down. Standing in front of the wheel you always see 3 segments with dots. The idea is that you spin the wheel so that you get the segment in the middle with the correct number of dots in it. This is a "Trial and Error" puzzle, so you just have to try it. 

Turn the wheel and when you have the segment with 3 dots in the middle, a laser beam will shoot from Wheel A to Wheel B ......

....So you now have to go to Wheel B to do the same there, but first you can score your first EXTRA in the game here.

Zoom out of wheel A and turn around and now walk past the lady, to the other end of this path and then turn right and ..

.... in the corner you see a blue whirlwind. Click on it and ...... you have scored your 1st postcard and it ends up in the Extra screen

.....I'm not going to do my best to point out all the postcards in this walkthrough. To be honest I've already overlooked a few

Now go back to the lady and then back over the bridge and then walk on to Wheels B. Stand straight in front of Wheels B and make sure you can turn them

Wheel B consists of 2 wheels. It's trial and error again. You have to turn the middle segment on both wheels again with the correct dots. You have to try this out yourself via Trial and Error. So on the left wheel first place the segment with 1 dot in the middle and then turn the right wheel. If no success, you put the segment with 2 dots as the middle segment on the left wheel and you keep turning the right wheel again and again.

In the end it turns out that on the left wheel you need the segment with 7 dots and on the right wheel the segment with 1 dot

.......the laser beam then continues from wheel B to the central complex and to Wheels C ...So we now have to move on to that Wheel C. 

Walk on to the next bridge ..... at this 2nd bridge stand a Tablet. Stand right in front of the Tabletand click on it and read the text that appears on the Tablet

...You will come across many of these tablets in the game and they will tell the story of Regilus and what is going on here on this planet. If you're not interested in this, then skip these tablets, I don't think that they will earn you extra bonus points or other rewards.......but I maybe wrong about this

  Cross over bridge 2 and.....the path goes down 

...you can follow the path to the "main square" where the elevator is but don't do this. In the bend you can go up the hills via a wooden path. 

Go up via this plank path and ...... Emmanuel then reports again and when this is over you climb further up

At the top of the plank path, turn left and continue to the orange colored trees

On the right is your 2nd tablet near the rock wall. Go to the tablet, click on it and read the text that appears on it again

follow the path along the rock, to the 3rd bridge and to Wheel C

From wheel B the laser beam goes to the central structure and from there to this wheel C. Wheel C has 3 wheels with dot segments. It's trial and error again. 

Try out all combinations of dots on the 3 wheels and eventually the only good combination turns out to be this one ...... 5, 2, 6 and ........

.....the laser beam now goes down from C to the central Wheels at the elevator shaft

Cross the bridge to the building and score your 2nd postcard via the whirlwind in one of the windows.

Go over the next bridge to the rear building and......

..... go behind this building to score your 3rd postcard first

Follow the path down ..... on the right is a pond with a round structure. 

Go left to the elevator and to Wheels D

Walk past wheels D to the crossroads of paths, then turn left and follow the path to the guy who's already waiting for you at the end of the path

Talk to the guy who claims to be a professor

When the conversation has ended turn left and go forwards over the path between the trees. 

You'll come at a dead end but there's a tablet at the end that you can activate to read a  bit about the story

When done go back to Wheels D and now stand right in front of it. Click Wheels D and also solve this puzzle

D has 6 wheels. A has 1 wheel, B has 2 wheels and C has 3 wheels. So D are all wheels of A, B and C together. 

So put from left to right the number of dots here on these wheels of wheel A, wheel B and wheel C and ........

...........the elevator comes down but the elevator has turned to the wrong side. You now have to turn the elevator so that you can get in

Look at the pond ..... you see that a laser beam now goes to 1 of the posts of the round structure of the pond, on the left side of the path......

Go to that round structure with poles. Stand straight in front of the pole where the laser beam is going to

This is pole 1. The beam enters the pole through the top opening and exits the pole again through the bottom opening to a pole on the opposite side. You can now send the bottom beam to another pole. Pole 1 has 2 buttons. Click the left button and ..... the bottom beam moves to the right and now goes to pole 2

Go to pole 2 and stand straight in front of it again. Pole 2 has 4 buttons. Click the bottom right button and ....... a red beam and a blue beam go from pole 2 to pole 3

Go to pole 3 and stand straight in front of it again and click the bottom left button of the pole and .........

...if you have done the right poles and the right buttons, the elevator now also gets a laser beam from the right side of the path and.......

...... the elevator is now turned and Amia can take it up to the next level

So walk back to the elevator and now get in it and ....... Amia goes up with the elevator and we continue with ......

Part 2: Bogard part 1:

2021: Louis Koot