2021:Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and  Louis Koot

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This walkthrough is made while playing this game on NORMAL DIFFICULTY. 

If you play the game on HARD Difficulty then the story is the same but the puzzles and solutions are different

Part 5: Amia: Floating Islands in the Clouds

Amia has landed in the clouds and here several islands float in the sky.

Walk forward and.......... from the large circular central island a cabin will come towards you

Get in the cabin and it will  takego to the large circular  island with the rings.

Get out of the cabin but do not stand on the central plafform with the turning wheels yet. Stay on the outside and walk around and take a good look around, over the railing at the floating rocks. You see the Gate  building on the floating island with 2 small floating islands to the left and right of it. On the 4 islands you see metal spheres on a pedestal, each sphere has a different colour on the front. Those 4 Spheres are the power moduls with witch you must open up the 4 locks of the gate in the gate building. On the two islands, left and right of the gate building, you see the Red power module and the Blue power module and there are also the orange and the green power modules. At the green power module stand a guy

When you've seen enough, step on the round platform in the middle.

You drop down with the platform. In the middle of the platform stand a pole with 4 turning wheels. You can turn every wheel, left and right. Outside you see 4 rings with shelves, rods and lamps, Call the rings 1 to 4, from the inside to outside. In front of the 5 islands, you see a 5th ring, you cannot turn it.

On the 1st ring you see yellow lamps

On the 2nd ring you see green lamps

On the 3rd ring you see red lamps

On the 4th ring you see blue lamps.

Opposite the larger Gate building island you see the only access to the rings, purple/blue lamps, call this access the Starting point of the rings. Turn around to the pole with the turning wheels, call the turning wheels A to D, from top to bottom.

Wheel A rotates rings 1 + 2

Wheel B rotates rings 2 + 3

Wheel C rotates rings 3 + 4

Wheel D rotates rings 1 + 4

Look at the entrance to the rings and then turn ring 1 until you see a hole in front of the purple lamps on ring 1. 

Then walk off the round platform and into the hole in front of the purple/blue lamps....While falling down you will hear that the round wheel platform comes down to.

You have landed on the lower part of this circular  island.You can find  a tablet and a postcard on this level

So find the tablet and read the text on it and then go find and score the postcard

Then go stand on the lift platform again to go up again to the top level

Activate the Red Sphere

You now must go to each of the 4 smaller island to activate the power module that's on those islands. Each of those 4 power modules will then open 1 of the 4 locks on the gate of the gate building. So you have to turn the 4 rings to create a path over those rings to reach those islands. You turn the 4 rings by clicking the 4 turning wheels that stand on the round lift platform

Wheel A rotates rings 1 + 2

Wheel B rotates rings 2 + 3

Wheel C rotates rings 3 + 4

Wheel D rotates rings 1 + 4

We can't tell you exactly witch wheels you must turn and how often you must turn them to first make a path to the red power module but these two screenshots show you how Dick and I did this. As you can see in those screenshots, there are multiple solutions possible. So we start with going to the Red power Sphere, that's at the left side of the gate building. So standing in front of the turning wheels make sure you look at the Gate Building, with the Red Sphere on the left and the Blue Sphere on the right of it. Then click the wheels A, B, C, D until you have created a path in the 4 rings that allows you to cross over the rings to the Red Power Module

You will constandly need to check wheter you have create a path in the rings that allow you to reach the red power module. If you have created such a path then jump from the Wheels platform to the start position on the rings and then follow the path you created over  the rings to the Red Power Module, on the left side of the Gate Building

Zoom in on the Red Power Module and you will get some explanation from Emmanuel and from Amia herself

The module has 2 clock hands, top and bottom. You can move those two hands over the scale from 1 to 13 .

You move the 2 hands by clicking the  arrow buttons when they are light up....you can only click on an arrow t hat lights up

 You must get both hands on the right number of there scales and then one of the 4 locks on the gate will be unlocked. This is  "Trial and Error".....so you must find it out for yourself. When you succeed you'll see that one of the locks goes open. Then note down on witch numbers the hands are. For me this was top hand on 4 and bottom hand on 6

When you have solved this Red Power module then go back to the turning wheels. You go up again with the wheels. Now we'll do the Blue power module.

Activate the Blue Power Module.

Go stand at the Wheels again while looking at the blue sphere, on the right of the Gate Building. Now use the 4 Wheels to create a path, from the start to the blue Power Module sphere. This screenshot shows how Dick has done it, but there are more ways possible. I'm sorry but I didn't took screenshots of the path that I created.

 When you have created the path then jump down again and follow your path to the blue power module sphere and solve that sphere in the same way as you have done with the red sphere, so via trial and error.  When you have solved it you see the second lock on the gate gets unlocked and for me this was with the top hand on 2 and the bottom hand on 9. Note down the positions of the hands.

Go back to the wheels and you go up again. Now we're going to:

Activate the Orange Power Module

This Orange module is on the island to the right of the Blue module. So use the wheels again to create a path to that orange power module. 

This screenshot shows you a possible path but there are other possibilities. 

When you have a path from start to the orange sphere then go there and solve the orange power module.

When you have solved it the 3th lock on the gate gets unlocked and this was for me with the top hand on 4 and the bottom hand on 8. Note this down again.

To the right of the power module you see a walkway to another island. Go to that other island and there you will find a tablet and a postcard.

Okay.....one power module to do, the green / yellow one and this one is to the left of the red module. So back to the center wheels platform and you go up with it again. 

Activate the Green / Yellow Power Module

Stand at the wheels while facing the green / yellow module and then use the wheels to create a path to that module. 

This screenshot shows you a possible path, but again there are more ways to get to that module.

Then walk over your path to the green power module. Talk with the guy who's standing at the green power module......

......and then solve the Power Module puzzle, the same way as you did the other 3 modules, it's again Trial and Error

For me the upper hand must be on 5 and the lower hand on 4 and.....the last lock of the gate goes open and you can now enter the Safe

Note down the position of the hands again and now go to the gate and enter the Safe.

 Because you now have activated all power modules and therefore all locks are open. 

You can now walk across the 5th ring to the island with the safe / gate building 


Enter the building. All 4 Power Modules are on top of eachother in the middle. 

On the left stand the twin brother of that guy you spoke with at the green module. Go talk to that guy.


On the right you can score a postcard and a tablet.  

  In the middle are the 4 power modules on top of each other, they have the same colours.  

You now have to put the hands in the same position on each power module, as on the power modules outside

If you haven't noted down your positions of those hands on all 4 power modules, don't worry because.......

Click on the button in the middle of the power module and you can see in which position the hands should be on this module.


Then set the hands with the arrow buttons in the correct position. You start with the Green Module

There is a pole with 4 buttons to the right of the power module.  

Click on the 2nd button and you go up to the 2nd power module. Solve the red module and then click on the 3th button. 

Solve the blue module and then click the 4th button and solve the orange module

  When all hands are in the correct position you see that the lock on the back door opens. Then click on the bottom button on the pole and you go down again.


Then walk further forward through the door, there you will see another teleporter. Get on the teleporter and you will then go to Water City.

  Part 6: Water City

2021:Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and  Louis Koot