The Escaper part 2.

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw

You are now in an Egyptian room and in front of you is a generator and a lamp on a tripod.


 Click on the generator and then pull the red button to the left, the generator will run and the lamp will light up.

You see that a part of the wall is illuminated, on the wall you see 4 rows with 4 hieroglyphics.


 Turn to the left, you will see a chest on the floor and above that chest is the entrance to a shaft in the wall.

On the table to the left of the chest is a candle and a small pyramid.

 Click on the pyramid, it shows a god, but the drawing is not entirely correct.


The top is fixed but underneath are 3 discs that can rotate. At the top you see a horn, now turn all 3 discs 1 x to the left, then the drawing is correct.


A small drawer slides out, in the drawer is a slide with 4 crosses. Take the slide.


Click right and turn slightly to the left, behind the pillar you will see a sandbag lying on the ground. Take the sandbag.


Turn back to the lamp and generator, click on the lamp and then drag the slide to the lamp.

You will now see 4 crosses on the wall with the hieroglyphics, note the symbols with a cross on them.

 Zoom out and turn to the right and look at the pillar next to the generator.

You will see 4 discs with a symbol, click on the pillar and turn each disc until the correct symbol is under the arrow.


When the symbols are correct, a panel slides open into the wall.

You will then see the back of the chest you put in the elevator downstairs. You can click on it now but you can't do anything with it.


Turn to the right, right next to the door you will see a flat stone.

Click on that stone and then pull that stone back, take the small shovel that is there.

Zoom out and turn a little further to the right and then click on the pillar, turn the pillar and you will find a jug of water.

 Zoom out and you will see a small round plate on the wall between the pillar and the boat.

Click on the plate and slide the plate upwards, take the roll of parchment from the opening.

Right click and turn right then click on the candle next to the little pyramid.

Drag the parchment to the candle, you will see a drawing of a boat with 5 oars. Note the position of the oars.


Click right and then turn left, then click on the rowing boat and position the oars in the correct position.


The cabin of the boat opens, take the handle out.


Turn around and click on the box in the wall, drag the handle to the box.

Turn the handle clockwise, the chest opens and you will find a robot cart with a camera on top.

 Take that robot cart and click on the shaft in the wall above the box. Drag the robot to the shaft.

The image now changes and you look through the camera on the robot.


With the button at the bottom left you drive forward, halfway down the shaft you see a crack in the wall on the right.

With the button at the bottom right you can rotate the camera, turn to the crack in the wall and you will see 2 white rods.


Note the position of the white bars and turn back, driving forward until you can't go further.

There you will see 2 levers on the wall, click on the green button and the grippers grab the levers. You can see that the handle has a thick and a narrow side.

With the buttons above you can rotate the grippers.

You have seen the position of the handles at the crack, make sure the narrow sides are facing out.


 It now goes by itself and you are back in the room and a sunbeam goes through the shaft to the ground.

Zoom out and click where the sunbeam hits the ground. Then drag the small shovel there.


You will see a bowl, then drag the jug of water to the bowl.


The door now slides up.

Go through the door to the other room and the door closes, then look at the door

To the right of the door you will see gears in the wall, if you click on them you will see that a gear is missing.

 Then go to the left next to the door, there is a button in the wall.

Press the button and a panel slides up, you see 5 ropes with 5 circles on each rope. The middle circle of each rope is black.


Turn to the left, there is a sandbag in the corner. Take the sandbag.

 A little further to the left you see a panel in the wall, on the panel you see a coloured triangle.


Click on the panel and then click on the triangle and then hold down your mouse button. Drag the panel upwards. There is a box in the niche.

Click on the box, on the box is an insect with wings. Below and above you see a gem.

 You must now turn the wings outwards, you must not turn 1 wing all the way out and then the other wing.If you slide the wing too far, the wings will close again.

 Slowly slide the right wing to the right until the bottom gem is lit, then the left wing until the top gem is lit.

Then the right wing again until the bottom stone lights up more brightly, do the same again with the left wing.

Then slide the wings a little further outwards until the gems light up brighter.

The stone in the middle also lights up and the lid of the box is now loose.

Open the lid further and you find a knife, take the knife.


 Turn to the left and you will see a pallet hanging on a rope.

Place the 2 sandbags on the pallet and you will see that it is not enough to lift the lid of the sarcophagus.

Turn further to the left and you will see a key on the lid of the sarcophagus, take the key.

Turn further to the left, you will see 5 pots on the floor. Turn past the door and you will see a suitcase on a table.


Click on the suitcase, then drag the key to both locks. Then click on both locks and they will open.

Pull the lid up and you will find a gear and a book there.

 Take the gear and the book. Click on the book and read the text. It contains an clue of the pots on the ground.


In the lid you see a crack, drag the knife to the crack. Now take the paper you see in the crack, look at the paper in your inventory.

It is the hieroglyphic alphabet, you will need it later.


Go to the niche with the gears and drag the gear from the case there. Then go to 5 ropes to the left of the door, you will see the black dots on the ropes.

You have to put those black dots in a pattern, this pattern is different every time.

 Turn to the wall behind the sarcophagus, you will see 6 patterns of points there. Copy the patterns and then you have to try them out one by one.


Set a pattern and press the button, if you have the right pattern the door will open. The ropes are therefore gone. If not then try the next pattern.


Go back to the niche with the gears, if you look closely you will see a piece of a key hanging from a gear.

Go to the button to the left of the door and press the button. Then quickly go back to the gears and you can get the key.

 If you are too late, just press the button again and try again to get the key. If you have the key, open the door with the button.

 Go to the other room and walk to the chest on the floor.


Drag the key to the lock and the lock will open. Pull the lid up and take the sandbag out of the box.  

Then go to the sarcophagus and place the third sandbag on the pallet.


The lid of the sarcophagus goes up and you see a mummy.


Now drag the knife to the mummy and the mummy is cut open. You will see 5 caps, which fit on the pots next to the sarcophagus. 

Now read the book carefully and you read that they used 4 pots when mummifying. 

You must remove the 4 lids depicting a god from the mummy and the fifth, from the heart, must remain in the body.

Go to the 5 pots on the floor, the middle one remains open. Every god belongs to a wind direction, the signs on the pots indicate the wind direction.


In the book you can read which god belongs to which wind direction. Put the correct lid on each jar.

 If correct, a panel slides open above the pots.

You have to translate the text at the top and it says: SYMBOL OF LIFE.


In the book you have read that ANKH is the Symbol of life. With the alphabet you now have to translate ANKH into characters.

Put these signs on the reels and a niche opens, there is an ANKH.


Take the ANKH and go to the door and drag the ANKH to the keyhole.


The door opens, then enter the hallway and you enter the next room.

We go on in: Part 3

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw