2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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St. George Bookstore:

It is still early in the morning when the newspaper boy delivers the daily newspaper on the doorstep of the St. George Bookstore and at the same time Grace Nakimura begins her working day.

Gracie picks up the newspaper and goes inside and cheerfully greets her boss, GabriŽl Knight, who is, still half a sleep, coming out of his bedroom. Grace takes place behind her desk to answer a call from a certain Lolita and she asks if Gabe wants to speak to Lolita, but Gabe doesn't want to speak with Lolita

Gabriel first need a strong coffee to completely wake up and so he gets a coffee from the coffee machine. In the meantime, Grace is chatting happily ... she ask about the nightmares that haunt Gabe for the past 7 nights ... Apparently these nightmares have something to do with the new book that our Gabe is working on ..... a book about the Voodoo murders ..... Grace also reports that she has some messages for Gabe. 

The game then shows you a screen in which the various functions of the game are explained. You get an explanation about the score counter, the menu button, the journal book, the sketchbook, the inventory and about any shortcut keys that you can use to operate various functions.

The Journal, the Inventory and  the sketchbook, are attached to a bar that you can open and close via the button at the bottom center of your screen. It is advisable, if you want to play in full screen, not to have that "Inventory Bar" in sight if you are playing. In the Journal you can read what you have to do each day and you can access the HINT SYSTEM with which you can get HINTS about what you can do at any time. You can also view a large number of sketches in the Journal

The HINTS are available in ascending levels .... A Level 1 Hint will be immediately available, but the following Hints need some time to become available. 

The Hints are quite clear but they do not solve puzzles for you

Ok .... there is no rush ..... just press your spacebar to make all "hotspots" visible in the screen .... there are a lot ...

The "hotspots" remain visible as long as you keep the spacebar pressed. The most important "hotspots" are for now: The Newspaper and the Box on the counter, the Counter, the Register on the desk of Grace, Grace , the Bookshelf behind the ladder, the Painting that hangs on Grace's wall, the bedroom and the front door.

On the counter lies this mornings newspaper ..... every new day starts with the newspaper boy who delivers the morning newspaper of that day ... It is important that Gabe always reads the newspaper as one of the first things he does. Left click on the Newspaper.... the ACTION MENU opens on the newspaper ..... through the Eye you view things ... you will hear the storyteller who says that the newspaper is on the counter ... With the gears, Gabe picks up the newspaper to read through it. 

Click the Gears to pick up the newspaper ..... The main article, from the "Times Picayune" newspaper, reports about the Voodoo Murders and the narrator tells Gabe's Horoscope for today ......... 

The game presses you to read the new newspaper every day. You have scored  your first point. Close the close-up screen via the cross button at the top right. 

Now go talk to Grace, so left click on Grace and then click on the talk icon of the Action Menu. 

You end up in the talk screen and you see Gabriel and the person he is going to talk to, in this case it is Grace. 

The screen will show all talk options that you can use. Which options you get depends on what you have already done in the game. Always use ALL talk options when talking to other characters. You can now talk to Grace about Voodoo, the Voodoo Murders, New Orleans, Grace (Herself), Messages, and you can always request Grace to do research (Request Research). 

Ask Grace about "Voodoo", the "Voodoo Murders", "New Orleans" and also ask Grace about Grace (Herself). When you ask Grace about herself, you will get a whole series of new options that allow Grace to tell extensively about herself. You do not have to do this, but you learn a bit more about Grace. If Grace is repeating herself again, you close this part of the conversation. Finally ask Grace if she has messages for Gabe via the option "Messages" and keep doing this until Grace says she has no new messages. When you ask Grace about "Voodoo" and then about "Voodoo Research" then she says that there are 2 locations in New Orleans where Gabe can learn more about Voodoo and those locations are the "Dixieland Drugstore" and the "Historical Museum of Voodoo" . These two locations will then be available on the MAP and you will earn another point. 

When you ask  Grace about Messages a couple of times then Grace reports that Detective Mosley has phoned with the announcement that Gabe can view the photos of the victims. Grace also reports that Mosley says that the maiden name of his mother is Humphrey. You have earned another point for this. Grace also tells that one Wolfgang Ritter has called, from Germany. This Ritter has asked if Gabe can call him back, but Gabriel doesn't want to do this. Finally, Grace tells that Gabe's grandmother phoned with the request if Gabe could visit her to clean up the belongings of his deceased father.  Grace tells that a box with some of Gabe's father's belongings stand on the counter.  You can ask Grace to do research for Gabe via the option  "Request Research", but Gabe has no reason to ask Grace to do research for him now, so end this conversation now via the "Exit" option, if you have talk with Grace about everything else

The box with the stuff from Gabe's father stand on the counter. Left click on the Box and then choose the Eye option in the Action Menu .... 

The narrator report that the sketchbook of Gabe's father is in the box. 

Click again on the box and  now use the Hand to take the Sketchbook from the box ... 

You see the sketchbook next to Gabe's bag, at bottom right of the screen .... You can click on it to view it further through the Eye and / or the Magnifying Glass that appears above it....do so and...you look at a few of Gabe's father's drawings in the and the narrator tells you something about it and you have earned another point. 

Close the close-up screen. The counter is also a cupboard and the two doors are standing half open. Left click the 2 doors (Counter) and then click the Eye and ..........

.......you then look inside the cupboard. There are books in the counter and some more worthless rubbish. There is also a Tweezers and a Magnifying Glass in the cupboard

Take the Tweezers and the Magnifying glass, via the Hand of the Action Menu screen ... you get 2 points for it, but more importantly you will need these items very soon.

Close the close-up screen Left click on the bookcase, where the ladder is standing against, and then click the Eye .... 

Gabe looks at a shelf in the bookcase and on this shelf we see a World of Snakes book, a "German - English dictionary and a German poetry book

Click the gears on these 3 books to view them and read them. 

In the "Snakes" book, Gabe reads that snakes "feel" their prey through vibration. The Poetry book is the "Drei Drachen" book and it is written by Heinz Ritter. 

Browse the German-English dictionary several times so that Gabe learns the English translation of the German words: Drei, Reise, Spiel, Mittag, Himmel and Drachen. You can do this all later, but if you do it now, it will save you this late. Are you ready with these 3 books then close the close-up screen.

Click, for a bit of fun, on the ladder and then use the gear icon on it and ..... Grace snarls that she is fed up with of Gabe boy always trying to peek into her  dťcolletť. Gabe is not such a nice guy ... actually Gabe is an arrogant sexist bastard and he also has a few racist traits. 

Take a look at the "Three Snakes in a Skull" painting that hangs on the wall above Gracie .... it was painted by Gabe's daddy.

 The cash Register is on Grace's desk. Open the cash register and then take out the Gift Certificate with your hand icon 

Go out of the close-up and enter Gabe's bedroom, behind the red curtain.. Gabe's bedroom is a bit of a mess, but here it is where he fucks with his lady friends, or maybe with himselfWe look into the bathroom ...Above the sink hangs a bathroom cabinet and there is a jar of hair gel in it. At the bed stand a closet with drawers on the wall and on that closet stand the telephone and lies a flashlight.

 Left click on the Bathroom Cabinet and then click the hand icon to take the jar of Hair Gel out of it. Then, in the same way, take the Flashlight from the closet at the bed

You have now scored 14 of the 362 possible points. It's time to get some fresh air, so go back to the store and click on the front door (Exit to Map) and .... 

Gabe puts on his coat and says goodbye to Gracie. Gabe gets on his bike and drive away and ..... You get the "French Quarter" map in your screen.

Via the map you travel to the various locations, in the "French Quarter". Place your cursor on an icon and you will read the name of that location. 

When you click on a location icon you will travel to it. First Gabe wants to go to the Police Station, so click that location icon

Police Station: 

Gabe has arrived at the police station. Notice the alley, to the left of the police station .... that alley will become  important later in the game. For now .... enter the police station. The desk sergeant is called Frick. Behind Frick agent Franks is typing her reports on her computer. Go talk to Frick and talk to him about anything and everything.

Frick does not want to talk about Voodoo, after all   he is a good Catholic. Frick can not discuss the case of the Voodoo Murders with a citizen at all and when you insist Frixie gets a bit pissed off. You can ask Frickel about New Orleans and about himself. But Gabe is here to chat with his friend detective Mosely, so ask Frick about  Mosely and about  Photographs. Fricks reports that he will give Gabe the photo's  as soon as you conclude the conversation with him and he also says that Mosely is not present in the station. Mosely is doing a research at a "Crime Scene" and this is important information and you earn a point for it. Ask Frick about the "Crime Scene", but Frickel does not want to say where it is

Exit this "conversation" and .... Frick hands over the envelope containing the photos of Mosely to Gabe. 

Left click on the Manilla Envelope and then click the magnifying glass to take 2 photos out of it. Left click on the inventory bag to open up the inventory. There were 2 photos in the envelope and both are now in your inventory. Use the magnifying glass to look at the two pictures, 1 by 1 .... Click the magnifying glass and then click with it on the item you want to look at ... 

Now you want to look at the 2 photos in more detail ......One photo is a picture of Mosely (Police Photo) as rookie police officer and the other photo is a Murder Photo ... 

The murder photo shows 1 of the Voodoo Murders victims .... the victim's chest is cut open and feathers and a knife can be seen next to the head. Close the inventory. 

Gabe wants to know where the "Crime Scene" is, that Mosely is now researching. No one wants to tell Gabe this here at the cops office so he has to get this information somewhere else. Click on the Map icon in the lower right corner to open the map and then travel to Jackson Square

Jackson Square:

 A motor cob is listening to the police radio on his motorcycle. 3 musicians sit at the tree to play their music. Gabe would like to listen to the police reports via the radio of the motor cop, but if you try to talk to the cop, or try to touch the radio, the cop sends Gabe away. 

That  annoying cop must  be lured away from his motorcycle so that Gabe can listen to the police reports. 

In this 20th Anniversary Edition of the game, Jackson Square consists of 1 square with a statue in the middle. There are some passersby walking around and some musicians are mistreating their instruments. Ok ...... Walk around the statue ...... At the top left of the statue you will encounter the Mime actor, dressed in black. Also note the Rada Drummer, how sits on the right side of the statue drumming on his drum

The mime actor will always follow someone to do his act for that person. Gabriel must take the Mime actor with him to the motor cop so that the mime actor will annoy the cop. The  motor cop will not be happy with that and will then chase after the Mime Actor and leave his motorcycle unattended for a moment. You have to make sure that the Mime actor follow Gabriel and not one of the other passersby. If you come to close at one of the other persons then the Mime Actor will follow that other person. 

Walk against the Mime Actor. The Mime actor will "attach" himself to Gabriel. Now walk down, to the motorcycle cop, but keep checking whether the Mime actor continues to follow GabriŽl.  If the Mime actor "sticks" himself to one of the other walkers, who pop up here and there, you will have to "pick up" the Mime actor again by running into him again. Those other walkers do not want the Mime to follow them and they always send him away and then the Mime goes back to his starting position. 

To make sure that the Mime keeps following Gabe you have to click with your Walk cursor just in front of Gabe, where you try to avoid other walkers and you should not walk too far away from the Mime Actor.

When you have Gabe and the Mime actor close to the motorcycle cop the Mime will start doing his thing......

......Motor Cop don't like it but the Mime continues to provoke the cop and that pisses him off.......

....The  mime runs away and the cop goes after the Mine ..... both then disappeared from the screen

Quickly now..... .... Click on the Radio of the police motorcycle and then use the "Gears" and .. .......

Gabe listens to the police reports via the Headset and he hears where the Crime scene is where Mosley went to. The cop then comes back and shouts that Gabe has to go away from his motorcycle. 

Click, bottom right, the Map icon to open the map .... The map now has 2 pages because there is now also a map of the area outside of New Orleans. Click 1 of the side buttons to open the next page of the map and then click on the "Lake Pontchartain" location, because that is the "Crime Scene" ...........

Crime Scene: Lake Pontchartain: 

Mosely and his agents are still busy with the investigation when Gabe arrives at the Crime scene. 

Mosely shows Gabe the latest corpse and then ....... one Malia Gedde pops up and she ask what is going on. 

Gabe is instantly horny at the sight of the sultry Malia but Mosley tells him that Malia is way out of his league

Mosely and the other cops leave the Crimes scŤne and of course they take the corpse with them. Gabe is left alone.

 We are at the lake and the lake shore (Bank) consists of clay soil.  Just in front of Gabe a line pattern (Marks) is drawn in the sand. You can still see the big blood stain where the body lay. To the right is a tree, where the yellow police tape is stretched over. Just in front of the tree some Tracks can be seen in the sand.

Look, with your eye, at the Marks drawn in the sand. The "Narrator" reports that there is a pattern to be discovered in those lines.

 Open the Inventory and select the Sketchbook ... The Sketchbook then appears in the inventory bar next to Gabe's bag. 

Close the inventory and left click on the line pattern again and then click on the sketchbook in the function menu and .... Gabe copies the lines patron over in the sketchbook. 

The sketch is then next to Gabe's bag ... Left click on the Lake Pattern and then choose the eye and listen to the Narrator. Gabe has no idea what this line pattern means, but he finds it interesting. Examine the Blood Stain with your Eye. In front of the tree you can see some Tracks in the sand .... Left click on those Tracks and then click the Eye .........

 Gabe says he needs to examine the tracks  further, so left click again and click now click the gears and ....... You come in the close-up of the sand spot where the tracks are located ..... The screen has 4 arrows with which you can scroll up, down, left and right ..... you're looking for a tiny object in the sand ...... Click twice the up arrow  and, ..... in the middle of the screen you'll see a small and greenish "stone" where you get a question mark on .... 

If you click on the "stone" and then try to pick up the "stone, with your hand, then Gabe screams that he can not even see what it is ..... you have to take a closer look, so open the inventory and select the Magnifying Glass so that the magnifying glass is placed next to the bag. Close the inventory and no left click on the "stone" and then use the Magnifying Glass icon to zoom in on it ...You see the "stone" through the magnifying glass and the Narrator reports that it is a scale ..... Open the inventory again and now select the Tweezers, close the inventory and left click again on the "stone" and click the Tweezers and .......... 

Gabe picks the "stone" out of the sand and it turns out to be a scale of a snake skin, but he does not know what kind of a snake the scale came from. 

There is one thing left to do here .......To take a handful of Clay from the bank .... There floats a rowing boat in the lake ... the rowing boat floats against a bit of marshy ground in the water ..... At the point of that you will get the Bank hotspot .... Look at that Bank spot with your Eye ..... the Narrator then report that it is a Clay spot ... Left click again on the Bank spot and now choose your Hand and ..... 

Gabe picks up a handful of Clay and puts it in his bag ....... 

We are done here, for now ..... Open the floor Map and click on the Lanterns , or on 1 of the 2 side buttons ......to switch back to the map of the "French Quarter" and then travel back to the: 

St. George Bookshop: 

Click on Gracie and choose the talk icon to talk to our lovely Japanese side kick and ask Grace now if she good do some research via the "Request Research" option. 

Ask Grace if she can gather information about that Malia Gedde

..... and ...... Day 1 is coming to an end ..... Grace leaves and Gabe goes to bed and has his nightmare of the intro again and then it becomes

Chapter 2: Day 2

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot