2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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George Bookshop: 

The newspaper boy delivers the morning paper again, which Grace takes back in. Gabe comes out of his bedroom again and gets his morning coffee  ..... Grace has that Malia Gedde information for Gabe. ... Grace says that the Gedde family is a powerful and influential family in New Orleans and that Malia Gedde is too high to associate herself with the likes of Gabe ..... Grace gives Gabe the address of that Malia, and this location is put on the map ........ You have earned another point with this, so you start this day with 34 of the 362 points. 

The fresh newspaper lies on the counter, so read the Newspaper to score your 35th point ..... 

The Narrator reads the newspaper again for you ..... the front page article is about Jackson Square but there is also something in it about the Voodoo Murders and we hear Gabe's horoscope for today. 

Put the paper away and talk to Grace and ask her if she has messages for Gabe via "Messages", but that is not the case now, so Exit the talk screen. At the beginning of Day 1 Grace has named 2 Voodoo locations, the "Dixieland Drug Store" and the "Historical Museum of Voodoo". Let's go there now. So leave the bookstore and travel, via the map to the: 

Historical Museum of Voodoo: 

Gabe is welcomed by Dr. John, the owner of this fairly creepy museum. Notice the Rada Drummer, which you see through the window and who is beating his drum in the courtyard. Before you talk to Dr.John, first look around and "Eye" everything you can see with your eye. 

Above the window hangs a Fan, which is now off ..... the Switch for the fan sticks to the wall, right next to the door. If you click on the switch, the fan will switch on, but Dr. John doesn't like that because his snake does not like draft, so Gabe quickly turns off the fan. The Fan switch will become a "Life-saver" for Gabe later in the game, so remember the location of this switch. At the door, so next to Gabe, there is a small sized coffin on the table .... it is a Shrine.... Look at that little coffin with your Eye .......You come in the close-up screen of the coffin.

Right above the coffin hangs a Flyer on the wall .... View that folder .... it is an advertising brochure of "Magentia Moonbeam", a local Voodooienne. Take the Flyer from the wall to get the  "Moonbeam" location on the map. Take a look at the coffin / shrine and then close the close-up screen.  Take a look at the Totem Pole and the Wishing Stump.... Click with your gears on the Whishing Stump and ...... Gabe touches the thing and speaks his wish. 

On the wall, right next to the window, is a painting of a woman and when you look at that painting, the Narrator tells you that it is Marie Leveau. If you have looked at everything and have taken the Moonbeam Flyer, go talk to Dr. John and in this conversation use all options until Dr. John has nothing new to say about it. 

Dr. John has a lot to say about Voodoo. Via the "Voodoo" topic you can ask Dr. John further questions about "Historical Voodoo" and about "Current Voodoo". Via "Historical Voodoo" Gabe get the name of Marie Leveau and this gives you a point. Through the "Current Voodoo" topic, Dr. John explains the difference between Voodoo and Hoodoo and this gives you another point. Ask dr. John further about Marie Leveau because this gives you another point and Gabe will then know that the Marie Leveau is buried on Cemetery #1.........When you're totally done talking with Dr. John then you say goodbye and you leave the museum by clicking with your foot cursor in the doorway. 

The "French Quarter" map now also has the "Moonbeam Residence" location and the "St. Louis Cemetery" location.

 If you click the "Moonbeam Residence" then the Narrator will tell you that Magentia Moonbeam is gone until June 22nd. So now go to the cemetery

St. Louis Cemetery: 

The old attendant of the cemetery is busy on  the grass. Because of the marshy ground on which New Orleans is built, deceased people can not simply be buried in the ground and so Cemetery 1 is full of stone tomb houses, the so-called Tombs. We immediately arrive at the tomb, of that Marie Leveau ....... 

Go talk to the attendant and ask the man about anything and everything but specifically about "Marie Leveau" and then about the "Other Marked" Tombs "

The attendant, Toussaint Gervais, tells us about the Tomb of Marie Leveau and that her admirers write secret messages on her Tomb. Toussaint also reports that there are other tomb houses that also contain those red symbols and he reports that Dr. John, of the Voodoo Museum, recently visited the tomb of Marie Leveau. Through "Other Marked Tombs" Toussaint talks about the tomb of a rich and well-known person from New Orleans, but he does not want to mention the name. You have earned another 2 points by asking Toussaint about Marie Leveau and Other Marked Tombs. Of course you can also talk about all other topics with Toussaint, but it does not yield any points and it is not really important. 

Exit this conversation and examine is the Marie Leveau Tomb, the tomb directly behind Gabe. Old Toussaint Gervais goes to another part of the cemetery. A series of red symbols has been drawn on the Marie Leveau Tomb. When you look at the tomb house, the Narrator reports that this is the tomb of Marie Leveau, the "Voodoo Queen" of New Orleans. Around the Tomb, the worshipers of Marie Leveau have laid their sacrifices, such as vases and flowers. At the side of the tomb lies a red Brick in the grass 

Look at he red Markings that are scratched on the side of the burial house. Select the Sketchbook in inventory and then use the sketchbook on the red Markings  and ........

....... Gabe copies the symbols in his sketchbook and you see the symbols in close-up but you can not do anything with it yet. 

So close the close-up. Now take the red Brick, that lies behind Gabe in the grass ...... 

You now have 48 points. If you have viewed the Marie Leveau Tomb, copied the red symbols and grabbed the red brick, you walk a screen to the right, via "Exit to Tomb" on the right behind and .... Gabe ends up at the burial house of the Gedde family. View everything you can view. Gabe can not do anything here now, but the game knows that you've been here for later. 

If you click the "Exit to Wright Tomb", Gabe will tell that it is his family tomb but he has no need to go there now, so return to the Marie Leveau tomb. Go back to the Maria Leveau tomb, via "Exit to Entrance", where old Toussaint Gervais has returned. Select in inventory the sketch of the Voodoo Code and show the sketch to Toussaint Gervais ..... 

Gabe asks Toussaint if he  knows the meaning of the symbols but Toussaint does not know it.

 Open the map, via the map button, and now go to the: 

Dixieland Drug Store:

This is your first visit to this Drug Store ...... Willie Walker, the owner of the Dixieland Drug Store, stand behind the counter. 

There is also an elderly lady coming in, one Madame Cazaunoux and she has a little dog with her.

Madame Cazaunoux complains to Willie about being a victim of Voodoo practices .... Listen to the conversation between Madame Cazaunoux and Wille. Madame Cazaunoux then leaves the shop. Gabe has listened carefully to the conversation and he now knows about Madame Cazaunoux, so he can ask Willie about her.

On the counter stand a Sign .... Look at it with your eye .... it is a "Special Offer" from Willie .. 

When you spend $ 50, -  get a free bottle of "lover Come Back to me oil" or a bottle of "Master Gamblin 'oil". You earn a point by viewing this sign.

In the corner, to the right of the shop door, stand a mannequin witch is dressed with a robe and a .... Crocodile mask .... Look at the Crocodile mask. Then go talk to Wille ...

You can ask Willie about anything and everything, but the most important thing you should talk to about Willie now is about the "Voodoo Murders" and about "St. John's Eve". Ask Willie about the "Voodoo Murders" and he says ...... "Cabrit sans cor" .... and Gabe is very surprised about that and wants to know what this means. So ask Willie about "Cabrit sans cor" but he denies that he said these words. 

Ask Willie about "St. John's Eve" and ...... Willie says that "St. John's Eve" is the most important day for Voodoo supporters. Also ask about  "Madame Cazaunoux", but Willie does not want to provide information about his customers, so Gabe does not get the address of  Madame from Willie. Also ask about the crocodile mask, via "Willy Jr." ........ Gabe may buy the mask for $ 100, - if you insist then the price rises to $ 120, -. ....... 

Ok ...when you're done talking with Willie and have looked at everything in the store then..... leave the store, or click the Map button, to get back on the map. 

Open the second screen of the map and now travel to the house of Malia Gedde

Gedde Mansion: 

Knock on the front door and ....... the butler appears .... Talk to the butler and say that you want to speak with Malia Gedde .... But no matter what option you use which option you use ... Gabe can not go inside to speak Malia Gedde .... that is only possible if Gabe is someone in an official position and can identify himself as such., so close this conversation

Exit back to the map and go, via the "French Quarter" map, back to the: 

Police station: 

Go back in and go again talk with Desk sergeant Frick  and ask him about  "St. John's Eve" and then "Detective Mosely" and ..... Fricksy now reports that Mosely is in his room. Exit from this conversation and click with the door cursor on the folding door, left in the counter, to go through it to the back of the desk. Do not immediately enter Mosely's room. Between the right window and Mosely's door hangs a Thermostat ...... Left click on the Thermostat and then click the gears and ..... 

You get into the close-up of the thermostat ..... .the thermostat indicates that the room temperature is now 70.1 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Click the red arrow button and keep doing this until the thermostat is at 80.1 ..... 

You deserve a point with it, but more importantly...it saves you the trouble of doing this later. Close the close-up and no enter Mosely's office


Mosely suddenly has got it very warm and that's why he took off his coat and hung it on the coat rack. Mosely's Police Badge is pinned to his coat .......and that was exactly Gabe's intention when he raised the temperature. Mosely and Gabe sit down .... Click on Mosely and talk to him .... Do not ask Mosely about Photographs but ask him only about "Voodoo" and about the "Voodoo Murders" and about "Himself " and keep doing that until Mosely tells nothing new about it. 

Via Voodoo Murders you get a new screen with options ..... use them all ....... Mosely talks about the "Voodoo Murders" and says that there are now 7 victims and that the MO (Modus Operandum) is always the same ........ at least 20 people have been present at each of these murders. The 1st murder took place 8 weeks ago and on every crime scene a piece of Leopard fur was discovered as well as some flower, red and black candle wax, chicken feathers and chicken blood and also goat's blood.  The heart was cut out of every corpse with a long, narrow and serrated knife ... those hearts are not found.

When you have asked about  the "Voodoo Murders" then you ask Mosely about Mosely via "Himself" and then you also exhaust this topic so that we have it out of the way ... If you get the choice between "Anything" and "Never Mind" then click the last option to close this topic and return to the main call screen. Then use the "Coffee" option ...... Gabe asks Mosely to get him a coffee and ..... Mosely stands up and leaves his office to get coffee ....

Be Quick now....As soon as Mosely has left his office left click on Mosely's Coat and then use the Hand to steal Mosely's Police Badge. 

Moseley then comes back with the coffee and we take a seat again and the conversation screen automatically reappears again. Ask Mosely now about the "Patterns around the Corps" ..... Mosely says that on each of the 7 crime scenes the same pattern is found but they have no idea what it means.  Ask if you may see  the Other six patterns..... Those patterns are with agent Franks but Gabe may look at them . Exit the conversation and leave Mosely's office. Agent Franks is sitting at her desk, typing her reports. Click on Franks and then click the talk icon and ask Franks about the "Case File" ......

Franks finds it strange that Mosely has given permission to a citizen to see the case file but she retrieves the case file and gives the map to Gabe. Franks says that when Gabe is finished with the file he must put it in her "In box:  because Gabe can not take it with him and certainly does not make a copy of it. 

The "Voodoo Files" folder is now next to Gabe's bag .... Left click on it and then choose the magnifying glass to view the document in close-up. 

You now see all 6 line patterns from the previous 6 crime scenes. You can not do anything with it, so close the close-up screen. 

Left click on the "Inbox" of Franks and then choose the Folder to deposit the Case File folder in the "Inbox". 

Click again on Mosely's door and ..... Gabe enters Mosely's room. Talk to Mosely again but only use the "Photographs" topic and then say "A cop / Author photo might be nice" and ........ 

Gabe suggest to Mosely to make a photo of them together, for his book, and ..... Mosely thinks this is a great idea and he calls in Franks, because Franks is also the police photographer. Mosely and Franks then come back and Franks takes the photo.

 When the photo is taken, Mosely asks if Gabe want something else and you get a list of options. This is Gabe's chance to keep Franks here in the office, so click on "Check my hair" and ...... Gabe walks out of the office, supposedly to comb his hair. Franks will wait in Mosely's office ....... Quickly ... ... take the "Voodoo Murders" file back from Frank's mail box. Walk to the photocopier and take the "Voodoo Murders" file from inventory and click with it on the Copier and .......

Gabe makes a copy of the file. When the copying is finished, take the original file back from the inventory and put it back in Frank's mailbox. Then go back to Mosely and ....... 

Franks takes another picture and the office disappears again. Mosely and Gabe sit down again. Exit the talk screen. 

Open the inventory and check out the Voodoo Files Photocopy Close the inventory and open the map, via the map button at the bottom right, and travel back to: 

Jackson Square: 

Gabe land again on the square, where in Day 1 the motorcycle cop stood, but now there's a Hotdog vendor who is reading a book. Walk to the Hot Dog vendor and ......You see a Tap Dancer who is tap dancing in front of the hot dog vendor. On the right side of the statue the Rada Drummer is still beating his drum

.Walk to the Rada Drummer and then continue uphill. In the upper right corner of the square an Artist sits on the lawn. The Artist is busy drawing a  drawing of the St. Louis Cathedral but as soon as you see he Artist his drawing is caught by the wind and blows away .... 

The Artist runs after his drawing but unfortunately ...... the drawing lands  behind the fence that's around the statue, right behind the Hotdog vendor and the Tap Dancer. The artist returns, frustrated, back to his easel ...... Go talk to the Artist via the Ask the artist everything you can. 

The Artist is working on a painting of the large church and he uses all kinds of geometric "tools" for this. The Artist is actually an architect and the art painting is a hobby of his. The Artist is a bit pissed because of his drawing that just blew away and so he does not have much appetite to talk. So the conversation ends abruptly. Gabe has the idea that the Artist, who actually is an architect,  could do something with those line patterns, found on the crime scenes. Perhaps Gabe can retrieve that drawing of the Artist and give it back to him. 

Walk back to the Hot Dog vendor. The Sketch lies behind the hotdog vendor, against the pedestal of the statue. 

Try to grab the Sketch, but .... Gabe can not take it ......is too far away. Go talk to the tap-dancing boy and ask "Do you do requests?"

The boy asks for money, or something to eat, and then he will dance a request number. Gabe has no money, so he has to come up with something else to get that boy go fetch the Sketch. The boy also takes something to eat as payment, so maybe he will take a Hotdog. 

So go talk to the Hotdog vendor and ...... Gabe ask for a "Doobie dog" but the guy is reading and does not want to interrupt his book to sell Gabe a "Doobie Dog". Gabe has no money to buy a Hotdog, but he does have the Bookstore Gift Certificate with him. So take the Gift Certificate from inventory and click with it the Hotdog vendor and ....... 

The Hotdog seller  exchange a Hotdog for the gift voucher of $ 20, -. Gabe now has a Hotdog, so left click the Tap Dance boy again and give the Hotdog to the boy and ....... 

The boy eats the Hot Dog and now he wants to do a request number for Gabe. 

So talk to boy again and use the "Special Request" option again and then the "Bars around the statue" option and ...

 the boy crawls through the fence to grab the sketch and gives it to Gabe

So go back to the Artist and give him his Sketch back. 

The Artist is very grateful to Gabe and wants to do something in return. 

So take the Voodoo Files Photocopy ( copy of the line pattern) , from the police station, out of inventory and click it on the Artist and ..... 

Gabe asks if the Artist can reconstruct the whole pattern, starting from this one small piece of the pattern. But the Artist says that he needs more than just this one small piece. 

So open the Inventory again and take out the sketch of the line pattern of the Crime Scene (Lake Pattern) and give this also to the Artist and ..... 

The Artist then says that he can use the 7 drawings to reconstruct the whole pattern. Gabe can collect it tomorrow. You have scored 76 of the 362 points .....

Gabe has to wait until tomorrow to collect reconstructed drawing. Gabe has stolen the Police Badge from Mosley, so he can now pretend to be a policeman, so maybe he now may talk to Malia Gedde. Open the map and then the second page of the map  and go back to the: 

Gedde Mansion: Malia Gedde: 

Gabe is back at the Gedde House. Knock again on the front door  ... The pedantic butler opens and asks who you are and what you want ...... 

Open the inventory and select Mosely's police Badge. Close the inventory, click on the butler and then the police Badge and .... 

Gabe says that he is detective Mosely and the butler takes him to the salon where Gabe patiently waits for Malia Gedde. The sensual Malia Gedde then appears and we sit down. 

Click on Malia and select the talk icon and ask her about anything and everything, and finally use 2 or 3 times the "Flirt with her" option and .... 

Gabe tries his charms on Malia, but Malia has recognized Gabe from the Crime scene, so she knows that he is not a detective. Gabe is thrown out of the house by the butler. 

Click the map button and switch back to the "French Quarter" page and go back to the: 

St. George Book Shop: 

Grace is "trilled" that Gabe is back, but that's not really true. Talk to Grace and ask her to do "Research" about Madame Cazaunoux

Then Exit the conversation and......... Grace says it's closing time and she's going home. 

Gabe goes to bed, alone this time, and he has the usual nightmare, in which now a dagger turns into a snake .........

...... and then we are in:

Chapter 3: Day 3

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot