2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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It's the morning of Day 3 and Grace is already behind her desk when our hero is coming, yawning, out of his bedroom again. Grace reports that she has some messenges for Gabe. Grace also says that there are a number of Cazaunoux's listed in the phone book and she gives Gabe the relevant page from the phone book. Gabe has to figure out for himself what the correct number is of that Madame Cazaunoux, which he saw in the Dixieland Drug Store. 

Gabe takes his morning coffee and then he has a conversation with Gracie about his feelings for the sensual Creole Malia Gedde. You now have 86 of the 362 points. 

As usual Grace has put the new morning news paper on the counter again, so pick up the newspaper again and ......

..... Mr. Knight brows through the newspaper again and reads that there will be  a lecture on "African Religion" today, at the "Tulane University". The article about the lecture at the Tulane University is interesting information and it gives you another point. The "Tulane University" is now a new  location where Gabe can go.

 Talk to Grace and ask if she has "Messages". That is the case because Mosely has phoned with the announcement that he has arrested up a suspect. Gabe is invited to be at the interrogation. 

Close the conversation screen and go to Gabe's bedroom via the curtain at Grace. If you have followed this walkthrough so far, then in DAY 1 you have already taken the Jar of Hair Gel from Gabe's bathroom.  If you didn't then you grab that Jar of Hair Gel now, because Gabe needs it in this chapter. Also in Day 1 you already have taken the Flashlight, from the cupboard, but if you had not done that then take it now as well. 

The telephone stand on the cupboard. Select, in inventory, the Phonebook Page, which Gabe has just received from Grace.  Left click on the Phone and then click the Phonebook Page and ......

You will enter the close-up of the phone and the Phonebook page. The page from the phone book is the C-page and you see the name Cazaunoux 4 times ....Gabe has to find out which of the 4 Cazaunoux's is the old lady he saw in the Dixie Land Drug Store

So call all four Cazaunoux numbers .... key in the phone number and then click the Dial button and listen to the person who answers .... Start with Cazaunoux B and end with Cazaunoux S 

  • Cazaunoux B 5550127 seems to be a man ...... 

  • Cazaunoux 6660122 turns out to be a young woman ...... 

  • Cazaunoux A 5550128 sounds like an older lady and you can hear her that she talks to her dog Castro.  

  • Cazaunoux S 5550123 is a man.

When you have called all 4 Cazaunoux's then you know that you Cazaunoux A must be the old lady that we have seen in the Dixieland Drug Store with her dog. You also know that the lady denies that she ever set foot in that drug store. You can call the old lady again but she keeps denying that she has made an order at the drug store. Gabe must now find out the address of that old lady ... 

During the telephone conversation you have heard the dog of the old lady barking and you heard her say the name of her dog......Castro ...

On the telephone page you can also see an advertisement and telephone number of the "Cajun Critters Veterinary Clinic", a "dog training clinic" ...... Call that clinic via their number 5550170 ... 

You get Melissa on the phone. Ask Melissa about "Madame Cazaunoux" ........ After Melissa's conformation Gabe asks Melissa for the address of Madame Cazaunoux. Melissa does not want to tell the address, she wants to know who Gabe is. So Gabe has to lie, so say "I'm worried about Castro", and ..... 

Melissa then gives the address of Cazaunoux and this is now a location on the map. Close the close-up screen. 

Grace has told that Mosely has arrested a suspect and that he's going to interrogate him. Gabe wants to be there. So open the map and travel via the "French Quarter" map to the: 

Police station: 

There is now also a Rada Drummer beating his drum in front of  the police station. Go back in again. You do not have to talk to Frick again. Go straight through the swing door and enter Mosely's room and ...... Well ..... Mosely has noticed that Gabe has stolen his badge and he want it back

Mosely then continues with the interrogation of the suspect, a young Junk who is called Crash. Crash is a usual informant of Mosley. Crash, however, is terrified of those who are behind the Voodoo Murders, so he refuses to say anything. Crash realizes that the fact that he is arrested already means a death sentence for him. Crash is then returned to the cell. But Mosely will have to let him go tomorrow. You can talk to Mosely about the "Case status", but this does not bring much either, so leave the police station again and travel to: 

Jackson Square: 

Walk up to the Artist and address him ... Artist has finished the reconstruction of the line patterns and he gives this "Reconstructed Vévé" to Gabe ..... 

The artist is happy to get rid of the drawing because it gave him a very uncomfortable feeling. Look at the reconstruction in inventory ... it is a  "Wheel within a Wheel"

Close the close-up and walk to the left and ..... we meet Madame Lorelei, the fortune-teller, who has now put down her stall here. Madame Lorelei has a real snake, a Boa Constrictor, around her neck. Keep watching and .... Madame Lorelei will get up at a certain moment to perform her dance ..... When Madame Lorelei does her dance you click on her with your hand to express your appreciation for her dance skills ...

Lorelei dances further and Gabe feels that he gets all horny from madame's sensual movements. 

At some point during her dance Lorelei will take her black veil and ..... Lorelei drops her veil and then she goes sit back on her chair

NB: When Lorelei does not start her dance immediately, then leave this screen but return right away to activate Lorelei's dance. When Lorelei has start her dance, you must not wait too long to click on her with your hand. Lorelei's dance lasts only for a few seconds and if you do not quickly click on her she will sit down again, without loosing her veil..... If  this happens then you will have to wait until Lorelei starts dancing again. 

Pick up Lorelei's black Veil and examine the veil in close-up and listen to the Narrator ... In the middle of the veil sticks a Snake Scale ..... 

Left click on the Snake Scale and then click the Hand to take the scale out of the veil. 

Close the close-up screen .... Select the Veil in inventory and return the veil to Madame Lorelei .......... 

Lorelei reads Gabe's hand and ...... Oops .... Gabe's future does not look rosy because Madame Lorelei is shocked by what she sees in Gabe's hand and she runs away in panic. 

Open the inventory. You now have 2 snakes scales in inventory and you have to compare them now. Below the inventory are the "Eye", the "Magnifying Glass" and the "Combine" buttons. Click the "Combine" button and then click on the "Lake Snake Scale" and the "Veil Snake Scale" to combine them and ..... 

The Narrator then tells you that there is no "match" between the two snake scales, so Lorelei's Veil has not been on the crime scene at the lake. 

In today's newspaper, Gabe has read about a Professor Hartridge, who will give a lecture on Voodoo at Tulane University. This Tulane University is now also a location on the map and Gabe is interested in that lecture. So click the map button to open the map .... go to the second screen of the map and click the "Tulane University" to get there now.

Tulane University: 

The lecture of that Hartridge professor starts immediately and Gabe takes place in the lecture hall to listen to the professor .... It's a whole story and Gabe does not keep it up because he falls asleep in the lecture hall and he misses most of what the professor tells us. If I were you then I would just listen to what the professor says ... it is a whole story but I advise you to sit it out ...... Gabe also has a short nightmare. 

When the lecture is over, Gabe is rudely awakened by Hartridge ...... You have scored 100 points now. 

Unlike in the old version of the game, Hartridge stayed behind in the lecture hall and did not go to his office. 

Talk to the professor and ask the professor about anything and everything, but especially about "Cabrit Sans Cor" and about "Human Sacrifice".

 "Cabris Sans Cor" means "Goat without Horns" and this means a Human sacrifice.

When you have asked the professor everything, then Exit the conversation. Then take the Vévé drawing from the inventory and show it to the professor and ........ 

The professor finds the Vévé drawing very interesting and he walks away with it to make a copy of it. The professor then comes back and he's really exited.  Hartridge wants to further investigate this "Vévé" and he shall give Gabe a call to report his findings to Gabe. 

Take the Murder Photo from inventory and show it to the professor and .... The professor reports that the murder ritual is very Voudoun. If you have discussed everything with the professor and you have shown him the Vévé drawing and the murder photo, then you are ready here for today. Click the map button to return to the New Orleans map and now go to Madame Cazaunox

 Madame Cazaunoux

 Knock on the green front door of Madame Cazaunoux's home ..... Madame opens up and asks you want from her

You can now try all options, especially the Voodoo option, but the old hag does not buy anything you say and she throws the door shut again. If you use the Voodoo Article option, Madame denies that she knows anything about voodoo, after all she is a good and devout Catholic ..... So, Gabe is not invited to come in ..... Gabe must come up with a trick .... Madame Cazaunoux has said she is a "good Catholic", so maybe she wants to speak to a Catholic priest? Now travel to the church via the map, so go to the: 

St. Louis Cathedral: 

Gabe arrives in the church hall between the pews. In the left wall are the Confessional boxes . Try to enter the left Confessional ... 

The Narrator screams that the left confessional is occupied. So try to enter the right confessional. The right confessional is not occupied, so Gabe enters it

There's a Knothole in the wooden back wall of the confessional ... Look at that Knothole with your eye ..... the hole is about the size of a quarter ....

 Remember this knothole because in day 10 it becomes very important for Gabe. 

Click on the Kneeler and than click the Gear icon and ..... Hypocrite Gabe kneels and we hear the priest .... Well ... go through the whole confession, so use the "Confession" option and then use the follow up  list of options until the priest has gotten enough of Gabe's childish shit and leaves to go have lunch with the Pope, or to f.....a choir boy

The priest has left, so leave the confessional, via EXIT at the bottom screen and then enter the middle Priest Confessional, where the priest listens to confession. 

Next to the hatch is a wooden bowl .... Open the wooden bowl, via the gears icon .... in the box we find a jar of oil and a white, stiff, priest collar. 

Gabe don't want to steal the Oil, but he needs the priest collar 

So take the Priest Collar and close the close-up screen.  Open the map out and return to the bookshop: 

St. George Bookshop: 

Do not disturb Gracie at her work now .... Go straight to the bedroom. Gabe needs a black shirt to complete his Priest outfit, and as it happens......

.....There's a  clean, ironed, black shirt in his wardrobe closet. So take the black shirt out of the closet. 

Dive into the inventory and combine the black Shirt with the white Priest Collar and then combine it with the jar of  Hair Gel and ..... you have a Priest Disquise ..... Make sure the disguise is selected. Gabe does not wear the disguise yet, so open the Map and go back to: 

Madame Cazaunoux: 

Gabe arrived back at the green front door of Madame Cazaunoux. If you have already selected the Priest Disquise , you will now see the disguise at the bottom right of the inventory bag. Left click on Gabe and then click the Disguise and ..... Gabe discreetly withdraws himself  to disguise himself as a priest. 

When Gabe is back, he looks like a catholic priest. So knock on Madame's front door again and ... Madame Cazaunoux appears again and she wants to know who is knocking on her door. Say "It's Father MacLaughlin to see ye" and ..... Well ... Madame wants to talk to a priest and so Gabe is invited to come in. Go and talk to Madame Cazaunoux and ask the old lady about all the topics, but especially about "Cabrit Sans Cor".

 Madame knows what "Cabris Sans Cor" means but she thinks the good Father does not know it. So say "It means Goat without horns". Then continue to ask Madame Cazaunoux about "Human Sacrifices", "Marie Levenau", Real Voodoo Queens "and about" Voodoo Hounfour "and ........ Madame Cazaunoux then finally shows Gabe a Bracelet, which has been in her family for generations, and she says that it is an "Evil Voodoo" object. Madame Cazaunoux wants Father Gabe to bless her bracelet and that's what Gabe must do now. 

You see the bracelet in a close-up window.......Wait until Gabe is done with the blessings and then quickly open up  the inventory.  

Take the Clay from the inventory and ....... click with the lump of Clay, in the close-up window, on the Bracelet and ......

Gabe makes a clay print of the snake bracelet and then he has to return the bracelet  In Inventory, Gabe now has a clay print of the snake bracelet from Madame Cazaunoux 

Ok ...... that's all here. Click the EXIT to leave Madame, so open the Map and now go back to the: 

Dixieland Drug Store: 

Gabe has automatically got rid of the priest outfit. Watch the Crocodile Mask again and go and talk to Willy about that Mask (Willy Jr.) ..... The price for the crocodile mask is still $ 120, -. Well ....it seems to be a rather useless visit because Gabe doesn't  $ 120, -. Open the Map again and now go back to the cemetery.

St. Louis Cemetery: 

Walk straight through the cemetery to the Gedde Tomb and ......Gabe meets Malia Gedde who just comes out of the tomb of her family. 

There is a rather heated conversation, in which Gabe makes his feelings for Malia very clear ......It ends with sultry Malia running away .... 

Open the map, via the map button, and ........... The Narrator reports that it is already late and ...... 

Gabe is now automatically returning to his book shop. 

George Book Shop: 

Grace leaves the Book Shop and ...... runs into Malia Gedde. Gracie tries desperately to sent away Malia but alas ....... 

Damn it .... Don't you hate it  when an arrogant sexist guy as Gabe gets his way with the ladies? ....... 

Well ....it does not take to much imagination to think about how Gabe and Malia will spend the night together in Gabe's bed. We continue in:

Chaper 4: Day 4

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot